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Conversational Threads

Let’s actually chat

JeanM | Posted in Gather For A Chat on

Some sites have an area built in where the members can actually chat; this one does not.  There are so many wonderful, knowledgeable, fun people here that I would like to interact with.  Thus, I have an idea.  How about an actually chat, where we could do it “real time” instead of having to wait for responses on this board.  Not that chatting here isn’t good, because it is.  I just think that it would be fun for several of us to be in “the same room together” at the same time and exchange ideas, or whatever.

I noticed that here topics easily getted morphed, amazingly easily.  LOL.

It would also be nice to be able to IM (Instant Message) people whenever we can’t sleep or just feel like doing it.  Lots of nightowls here I notice.

As a starting point I was thinking of Sat, 5PM (Pacific).  (8PM Eastern, 1 AM London–ouch—and Austrailia ??).  As it seems that a lot of people have Yahoo Messenger, I thought that would be a good place.

Is anyone here remotely interested in this?  (I can’t be the only one who likes to chat).  I am getting back into sewing after several years of “just mending” and a group of us talking about sewing just might get me into a sewing frenzy.  LOL.



  1. starzoe | | #1

    What a good idea, Pacific time is good for me.

    1. JeanM | | #2

      That's great.  The reason I went ahead and set a day and time is because I have been in situations where everyone tries to figure out the "perfect time" and we spend an hour and a half with that!  I found out a long time ago that no matter what time is set, for anything, it will always be an inconvenient time for someone.  That's the way things go!

  2. mucci | | #3

    Sounds like fun to me.  I live in Alton, Illinois, that is midwest time.


    Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas



    1. JeanM | | #4

      I was thinking that the next Chat could be on Thursday, New Year's Day at 2 PM (Pacific).  This would be 4 Central, 5 Eastern, 10 in London, and I still don't know what time that would be in Austrailia.  One day I should make an effort to find out.

      1. jatman | | #5

        Hi JeanM,

        I think that's going to be about 11 a.m. on January 2nd for Australia.  I have no idea if Australia is on one time zone or more than one. 

        I have never been able to figure out how to use the chat feature without loading a bunch of software to do it!  So, if I can figure it out I will probably join in, if not - well, maybe next time!


        1. JeanM | | #6

          That sounds fairly close for the time in Austrailia, and I do believe they have more than one time zone.  What made us laugh is that China, as large as it is, has only one time zone.  During the Olympics they said that in a part of China the sun set at midnight.

          To use Yahoo Messenger with the chat feature you do need a Yahoo account, but I believe if you have MSN, it will work also, but I'm not familiar with this.  It takes only a few minutes to download Messenger.

      2. mucci | | #7

        I  have a son who lives in New Zealand, so the time would be  the

        next day (7 hours ahead).  So New Year's day to them would be the day

        after ours.


        Shirley from Alton Il

        1. MaryinColorado | | #9

          where do we "meet"?  This will be fun, please let me know how to access it.  I have both MSN and Yahoo

      3. mucci | | #8

        Sorry forgot I would be available.  Sounds like fun


        Shirley in Alton Il

      4. MaryinColorado | | #10

        that would be 3 in Colorado, tell me where to go please?

        1. JeanM | | #11

          Hi Mary,

          In order for this to work I need to know screennames (I already have some) and we must accept each other as Contacts/Friends at Yahoo Messenger.  I will then open a Chat room at the appointed time.  Everyone does not need to know each other's screennames to get in the Chat; that can be done while in the Chat, if desired, but I need to know them.  Then when I see people come online at Yahoo, I can invite them to the Chat.  (When someone here posts a desire to chat, I send them an e-mail.)

          There are chat rooms where anyone on Yahoo can get in and Chat, but I have heard horror stories about those.  YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).  Thus, I prefer a "private" chat where a person must be invited in.  (It keeps out those who get into chat rooms just to disrupt them)

          I will be on Messenger several times during the day, because it might be a good idea to practice IMing first.  In no way am I an expert on Yahoo Messenger, but they do have a fairly good Help area to acquaint people on how it works (with sketches as to what the "boxes" look like which you will see when you open Messenger.)

          Hope this answers your questions and hope to see you there. :)




          1. MaryinColorado | | #12

            My screen name at Yahoo is Maryincolorado too.  I will sign up for IM there, have only used MSN's IM so far and it is fun.  One of my friends has video and no sound, I have sound and no video camera, another has video and sound.  It makes for interesting interactions!  I have an old video feed but it doesn't work with this computer (confuser).  Mary

          2. JeanM | | #13

            OK, now I'm confused (which can happen quite easily LOL).  You had already told me your screenname at Yahoo and that you had IM there; now you say you will download it.  Did I mis-interpret something?  No matter---getting there is the important thing.  :)

          3. MaryinColorado | | #14

            No, I have email there and am a member of several groups so I thought I could just use their IM.  (groups related to sewing/embroidery/4D software.).  I was going to do the IM there, but did you say that I can use my MSN if you invite me into the chat room?  That would be preferable.

            I am a bit afraid of viruses from Yahoo because it said I have to download their information, I don't like that idea.  I use this computer for my embroidery machine and am worried about getting a bug in that.  So now I am rethinking the whole thing.  Sorry, but my 4D Suite was thousands of dollars and it scares the heck out of me to risk it. 

            I just figured this out today about having to download their program for IM.

          4. JeanM | | #15

            Oops, sorry, the MSN won't work for a Chat.  Well, darn.

          5. MaryinColorado | | #16

            doubble darn!!

      5. janissews | | #17

        Jean, I have a Yahoo account but have never used IM or entered chat rooms.  My Yahoo email address is [email protected].  I will try to get on at 2 (I'm pacific time zone) on new years and hopefully figure out how to participate on the fly.  Thanks for coming up with this idea!


        1. JeanM | | #18

          An interest has been expressed for another Chat.  How about Saturday, Jan. 3, at 5 PM (Pacific), which would be 6 Mountain, 7 Central, 8 Eastern, 9 Atlantic and 1 AM Sunday in London.  In the future the times can vary so those who cannot join us at a particular time may be able to at a different time.

          1. JeanM | | #19

            How about another Chat?  Let's make it Tuesday at 4 PM (Pacific).  That would be 7 PM Eastern.  Hope to see you there.

          2. JeanM | | #20

            Let's chat again---about sewing or anything else.  How about Thursdays at 5 PM PST?  That would be 6 Mountain, 7 Central, 8 Eastern.  Hope to see you there.

          3. JeanM | | #21

            The Chats are still on.  It will be Friday at 5 PM, Pacific (8 PM Eastern).  There is a lot of flexibility in the time, especially on my part.  :)   For info see post #12 in this thread (9353.12).

            I am always up for a chat or IMing.  How about you?

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