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Conversational Threads

New Coat Patterns for Fall/Winter

rodezzy | Posted in General Sewing Info on

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These are the Vogue Patterns I purchased during JoAnn’s sale this past Friday.

Pattern #’s 8605, 8607 and 8549 respectively.

Granted I didn’t make coats from the patterns I purchased last season, but I didn’t make any coats last year.  A few jackets.  Oh, I did make that Blue Jean Coat, but I never got to wear it.  Made too late in the season.  but I will be making coats this season.  Which ones, I don’t know.  But these new patterns were a must have, especially at $3.99 each.  Don’t you agree.  Giggle!

I especially like the first one. 

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

Edited 9/9/2009 2:57 pm ET by rodezzy


  1. sewluving | | #1

    I LOVE the red one.  Classy and elegant.

    Heather in Calgary

    p.s.  I like the others too but the 3rd style strikes my fancy.  I've never made a coat.  Just a tailored blazer in Grade 11. 

    1. rodezzy | | #2

      shhhhhhhh I'll tell you my secret.  I never make lined coats.  Don't tell nobody....O.K. Double faced fleece, fake fur, double faced wool.  I hate to line stuff.  But don't tell anybody, people frown on my short cuts.  giggle.

      1. sewluving | | #3

        Shhhhhhhhhhhhh I won't tell if you won't...........LOL  However..........I think a LOT of people read this forum so perhaps your secret is not so safe when displayed here............{{Hugs}}  You must live somewhere warmer since lined coats are a necessity for winter anyway here in Calgary.  I do plan to make an unlined coat 'sometime'..........but I am a great procrastinator.   Since joining this forum though I'm beginning to think there is a lot of fun people here with great ideas and hopefully I will get into a rythm of sewing again especially this winter.

        Nice to meet you and all the others on here.  You sound like a really fun person. 

        Heather in Calgary

        p.s. I looked at your profile and realize you live in the windy & chilly city of Chicago.  You must wear a really warm sweater under unlined coats in the winter.  Brrr.   

        Edited 9/10/2009 1:42 am by sewluving

        1. rodezzy | | #4

          I realize that everyone is seeing the messages here that I sent, it was a joke.  he he he 

          No I don't wear many sweaters at all.  I can't wear wool sweaters, they itch me and the sweaters I do have (very few) are acrylic.  And we could get in a long debate about the quality of wool I'm wearing, but I won't.  It's just not worth the time to me.  I'm happy with how I do things, and I'm not going to debate it.  I'm happy for how others do what they do. 

          I'm in my car all the time when outdoors, and never in the weather much to make lined coats a necessity.  But I do use percentages of wool in the yarns for my crochet sweater coats I've made, and I can only wear those in extremely cold weather or, not for long.  I must also wear something under them that won't let the wool itch me.  I also get too hot.  Its a personal preference, I don't feel I have to do what is expected, and I don't normally. Everyone has the right to do what they want. 

          When using faux fur for a coat, I don't need a lining, double faced fleece keeps me toasty and warm and I layer my clothing if I have too if it goes down to minus double digits.  I just don't need all that.  So smiles all around, while everybody does their own thang!!!!! giggle. 

          I am fun!!!!!!  Come on over and play my Wii game with me, its loads of fun.  I have a Playstation too.  Although I'm thinking of upgrading that too.  What I really need to do is work with my Wii Fit board everyday.  Talk about money in the wind.....whew.....I need the workout.  giggle.

          1. Tootsiebelle | | #24

            Hi Rodezzy. It's obvious you love what you do!  

            You mentioned that wool makes you itch.  Skimmed the rest of the messages and didn't find the following.  Recently read that it's the lanolin in sheep wool (that the animal secretes) that causes the itching for some people.  It seems that Alpaca does not have the lanolin in it, and so is used for those folks that usually find sheep wool intolerant, and Alpaca is used for baby items, too!  Research turned up Alpaca farms all over the U.S.  Was fortunate enough to drive by one and see the adorable animals!  (Seeing them makes you want to just say "Awwwwww!" (tee hee!))  Wanted to hug 'em!  The yarn is hard to find locally, but there are sources; one I found is http://www.thealpacayarnco.com/Retailers.htm

             Hope this is of help to you.   Have fun!

            Don't forget to post pics of your new coat!


          2. rodezzy | | #25

            Thanks for that interesting information.  I'll look into it.  But can lanolin feel prickly?

          3. woodruff | | #26

            No, lanolin does not feel prickly. It used to be possible to buy pure lanolin in tubes as a moisturizer, and it felt like Aquaphor or any other thick ointment that is quite stiff at room temperature, but when it warmed on your skin, it was also as even textured as any skin cream.Your use of the word 'prickly' makes me think you are simply one of those folks who respond to the fact that a wool fiber is made of tiny scales which physically irritate very delicate skin. A true wool allergy would show itself in allergic symptoms such as a stuffy nose, watering eyes, or itchy hives. Lanolin allergy produces these same symptoms.Alpaca is said to be a smoother fiber. I have knitted several garments of it, and it is indeed incredibly soft and smooth. There is no itch factor I can feel--but then I can wear most wools right next to my skin. However, alpaca is a protein fiber and it is perfectly possible to be allergic to it, as to wool.

      2. User avater
        ThreadKoe | | #5

        It is not a shortcut my Friend. It is personal preference! Otherwise, why would so many patterns be UNLINED? tee hee hee.
        Besides, your STYLE is not one that calls for a serious lined type of jacket. It is more of the looser, fun and funky, unlined type.
        I applaud those who do, and those that do not line their jackets. They still do great work. Cathy

        1. rodezzy | | #6

          Thank you dear Lady, I've been scorned many times for my footloose and carefree ways with sewing, but I move on.  I'm happy with my end results.  They work for me. 

          I love the wonderful coats, jackets and suits people make with all the details they take time to do, they are wonderful works of art.  I love the dresses, skirts and all the beautiful details I've seen here and everywhere in couture clothing and bow deeply in reverence to those that make such beautiful items. 

          It's just not my thang!!!!!!  giggle!


          1. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #7

            It is wonderful to see the work and effort and skill that goes into some of those beautiful jackets, coats, and suits. It takes a lot of time, effort and skill. Not everyone has the time or skill to produce work like that every time. Sometime it is nice to just blast off a quick item in a great looking fabric, that is meant to be worn for only one or two years (or more maybe) but is not meant to be tailored.
            It is still well sewn. It still looks great.
            A beginning sewer should not be discouraged by feeling they have to line something if they feel it is quite beyond them still. Skills have to be worked up to. It is hard enough just getting a collar to turn properly without the lining sometimes. When someone wants to move ahead, they will choose when they want to. Cathy

          2. sewluving | | #8

            Footloose and carefree works for me too.  I will need to look at my coat patterns and fleece again.  Maybe that should be my first project in Oct.  I'd love to see photos of your coat when finished. 

            Heather in Calgary

          3. rodezzy | | #10

            I sure will send photos, you too O.K. ?

      3. woodruff | | #9

        In France last winter I bought several beautiful boiled wool coats and jackets in various weights. Each had a gorgeous line and was plenty warm for December. Not one was lined.

        1. rodezzy | | #11

          Awesome, see all coats don't need a lining.  giggle

    2. rodezzy | | #12

      No time like the present, if you get the itchy fingers to sew one.

  2. gailete | | #13

    >>Thank you dear Lady, I've been scorned many times for my footloose and carefree ways with sewing, but I move on.  I'm happy with my end results.  They work for me.  <<


    According to your signature line, YOU are a fabric artist. That means you get to do what you want and everyone should ooh and aah as you are an artist remember. I especially like the red coat probably because red is my favorite color! And it looks comfy.

    I have never made a coat or a jacket. I am considering making something in fleece though if I can get to it this year. I pretty am done sorting through my stash. All except the summer weight/patterned fabric sitting on my cutting table. Now I have to go through figure out what I want to make and prioritize what I want to make vs. what I have time and energy to make. I'm trying to stick with easy to make patterns so that I don't get bogged down in the actual sewing and have time to do a good job and perhaps embellish a bit. For me to work on an advanced type pattern could stop me dead in the water and nothing will get down.

    So many variables for me when sewing. Something that is easy to get on and off (in case I flare up while dressed and hubby has to help me out of my clothes), no back zippers since I can't do them, comfortable, something for around the house as I'm a stay at home person or else I'm at the grocery store, doctor office or church, etc.. Not a real busy life outside of what I do at home.  Well it will be interesting to see what I can come up with and can figure out to make. Hoping to make quite a few pieces.

    1. rodezzy | | #14

      Thanks for your understanding of my personality.  I hope you stay healthy and I look forward to seeing a "red" coat from you.

      1. User avater
        ThreadKoe | | #15

        Gailete got it right, Fiber artists are allowed to take artistic license with their projects. It is the form that matters, and the embellishments. It can be very freeing to just sew up a garment for the fun of it, and not worry about anything but the creativity it unleashes. Cathy

        1. rodezzy | | #16

          Thanks for your support because under the challenge thread I started, I've done just that.....giggle.  I wore to work today and it is toasty and warm.  And looks good with my long blue jean skirt and a light weight sweater.  Just enough.  Its fleece.

          1. Ceeayche | | #17

            Hi Rodezzy,

            So I'm not the only one "collecting" coat patterns?  I have a swath of rich chocolate cashmere I bought in 2003 to make a coat.  I've bought three patterns and have yet to lay it out!

            Regarding your "ways,"  you are the one who GETS to wear it... if you're going to do all that work, it makes sense to do what works for you?  Never thought to check out whether someone's coat was lined/or not lined.... wonder just how intimate I'd have to get with them to do so. 

            That's not to say I haven't enjoyed admiring a snazzy lining treatment on occaision..... I remember the liquid gold lame lining used in one of the successful Project Runway challenges.  I was thinking that would be a cool thing to do in an unexpected color like fushia lining for a grey coat, or a bold sassy print. 

            As for personal preference, I was born and raised in LA and now living in the East (US).... give me my lining!  LOL  to each her own!

          2. rodezzy | | #18

            Thanks for your support.  Glad you are well and back with us.  I am purchasing coat fabric too....lol.

            I have made only one fleece jacket/shawl.  I am putting together halloween costumes now.  I have three parties.  Two Oct. 24, 25 and one Oct. 30.

            I just finished making the overlay coat for the "Spider Queen" outfit I'm putting together.  Just going to make this coat and the mask.  Trying to win the prize for best costume.  giggle.  Really though.  I must say I did a good job.  I really took my time.  I will post pictures later.  It has to be hemmed and the trim whipped stitched on, oh and the buttons.  Its spider web costume fabric with red spiders all over.  Making a mardi gras type black and red feathered mask.

            My second costume will be a Hippie.  Wearing frayed and worn jeans with matching jacket, tie dyed t-shirt and moccasin boots.  Making a masks from this new flexible foam cutouts of flowers glued to a headband of which I will cut eye holes and decorate.

            My third costume is still undecided.  I might just wear the Hippie costume again on the one on the 30 since no one will be there from the other two parties.  Totally unrelated growd.  The first two will overlap with the same people to a certain degree.  So I have to have two costumes minimum.

            Welcomed back.  Will be looking for something FAbulous from you!

          3. sewluving | | #19


            You are such a busy lady.  I wonder if you ever sleep.  LOL Your costumes, quilts and coats, knitted vests etc and working too.  Do you have a special formula for energy?  LOL  Look forward to seeing pictures of your costumes, coats etc.

            Heather in Calgary

          4. rodezzy | | #20

            My secret is....I do what ever is most pressing first.  I've dropped the knitting of the vest pretty much and confined it to when I go to open knitting.  There's not time limit on getting that done. 

            The Halloween stuff is "right now" stuff to get done. giggle. So I'm only making the three pieces for the costumes, the coat and two masks.  One mask is for my Hippie costume.  I want to at least be considered for a best costume prize at two of the parties.  I'm a little competitive. he he I don't think the other two will have any considerations for that.  Never know tho! 

            I do stay up late most nights, but I recoup at the end of the week.  Like last Friday night, I came home and was in bed by 7:30 and slept almost through the night.  giggle.  Nodded until about 6 a.m. and was up and at'em again.  he he.  When I'm enjoying what I'm doing, I'm none stop, and right now this is all fun to me.

            Oh, and I've designed the quilt, I have until November 20 to finish that, I've already started putting the blocks together in the final design.  It's on the side waiting too!  I have options there too!  I'll finish as much as possible and take it with and work on at my girlfriends house over the time I'm there on the Thanksgiving weekend.  I won't be bringing it back home, I'm going to finish that quilt.  I'm just blessed to have time to do whatever I want, when I want.  That is truly a blessing.  Its never been like this for me before.  So I'm doing it like I want.

            Edited 10/16/2009 2:17 pm ET by rodezzy

          5. sewluving | | #21

            Your are truly an inspiration.  And thanks for writing.

            Heather in Calgary

          6. KharminJ | | #27

            What sewluving said! ...And your time management skills are amazing to lil-ole-ADD-me! (I've just started recognizing some of the issues I've been having since, oh - grade school? - !) Anyway, back to the topic at hand ... I'm so jealous that you can wear unlined coats here - I'm always looking for ways to 'stay warmer', even most of the summer!Looking forward to photos of your latest creations, too! (Love the red one ~) Bright Blessings! Kharmin

          7. rodezzy | | #28

            Got to get back to the quilt as of tonight.  Nothing more for me until after Thanksgiving, I suppose.  I don't think I'm finish this quilt that fast.  I washed last night, got things back in order somewhat.  Now I have to sew this quilt. I'm such a scatter brain, I have to get back my motivation for making it.  O.K. hummmmm, hummmm, OH YEA, it was a design I want to see to the end because I designed it.  Oh, yes and its for my bestest, longest life friend.  There! That's my motivation.  giggle.  It's on!

            Edited 11/3/2009 9:05 am ET by rodezzy

          8. decoratrice | | #29

            Hi, Rodezzy,

            Ebay has lots and lots of alpaca yarn at unbelievable prices--cheap enough to experiment.  Haven't looked for alpaca fabric, but I'll bet they have that, too.  I hope it doesn't make you itch, as it's heavenly to wear.  A Peruvian friend says you can always tell alpaca because it's cool to the touch.

          9. rodezzy | | #30

            Sounds great, I'll look next week.  Bought more coat fabric Saturday (light green fleece) and just came back from JoAnn Fabrics for an early lunch break and got more fabric.  Pre-quilted (Navy Blue embroidered) fabric that was on a terrific sale.  Got some patterns for possibly making my outfit for the 40yr reunion next Oct. 2010.  Only spent $35.00.  Awesome shopping.  Patterns were $1.00. Bought 4.  And Blizzard Fleece was 4.99yd.  3.75yds. and I had not seen any patterns I liked untill today.  So I got it, and that was all of it.

  3. mucci | | #22

    All three very stylish, maybe someday I can pursue sewing a coat.

    Thanks for the info Its good to see new styles helps and inspires.


    Shirley Mucci

    Aspiring sewing Artist

    1. rodezzy | | #23

      I love the new syles.  I bought some more fabric this weekend for a coat.  As soon as I finish my Halloween stuff, it's on!

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