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Oh, how I miss the old chums on the old Gatherings……….

Crazy K | Posted in Gather For A Chat on

I keep coming back to look and find it so ‘foreign’ that I leave again without posting.  I have joined another forum which is much easier and more like the old bunch here.  Lots of good-natured joshing and lots of kudos for beautiful projects posted with photos and advice and help with sewing questions……….

Ho Hum……….its been several months and even with all the complaints, it is still new, foreign and hard to navigate……  I know change is part of life but that doesn’t mean we all have to like it!!!

Happy Sewing!




  1. lou19 | | #1

    Love to join you on your new forum...........can you give details, sounds fantastic


    1. sewluving | | #3

      Yes, I too would like to know what website you have found for sewing that is fun like this one used to be. I learned way more then than I do now. 

      Heather in Calgary

      1. Crazy K | | #5

        new forum

        It is SewForum.com.........lots of good info and fun.  Very active.  Give it a whirl............hope to see you there.


        1. Ralphetta | | #6

          Oh, how I miss the old chums on the old Gatherings

          I'm going to check it out.  I used to pick up lots of helpful hints and have some good laughs at the same time.  There were a lot of smart, witty and knowledgeable people.  I'm very puzzled that a site called "Gatherings" would appear to have deliberately made changes to discourage the kind of friendly banter it used to have.  There used to be people from many time zones and countries  that made it possible to go on at any time of day or night and find a discussion in progress.   

          1. woodruff | | #15

            Oh, how I miss the old chums...

            Two more excellent sites where sewing and comradeship are evident in detail are these:


            (this one has a huge membership, with a wide variety of skill levels)


            and this one:


            (serious sewing discussion, smaller membership than the above)

    2. Crazy K | | #4

      my new.........

      The 'other' forum is SewForum.com  You have to join and sign in but it's very active and lots of good info on everything from sewing to quilting to the new cricut stuff (I'm not into that at all!)........machine embroidery.....the whole gamut.  It's fun and lots of commaradarie.......I enjoy it as much as the old Gatherings...........

      I'll look forward to see you.....


  2. User avater
    JunkQueen | | #2

    I miss it too

    CK, I was so excited to see your name ona post and could hardly wait to read it.   This board is really dead, and it's a real shame.  Several of us have given it the old college try, but there is just none of the old enthusiasm.  I've been gone A LOT,  but it takes me just a few minutes to read all the posts when I do get home. 

    I posted a topic a couple of weeks ago "Deliver Me", and back in the day, my comments would have opened up a delightful conversation that would have gone on for days.  Not so this time.  It's a shame. 

    Well, no matter what, it was good seeing you again.  Hope you come arund more often. 

    1. decoratrice | | #7

      jumping ship

      I took a look at SewForum.com, and it will be my first stop from now on.  Sorry to desert the few new sewers who log on with questions that deserve answers, but ..........I'm outta here, folks.  Hope to see you there!

      1. HelgaPataki | | #14

        SewForum.com - is there a fee?

        I'm going to check this out also.  Is there a fee?  I am also new at Threads and all forums.  I am interested in a forum with more activity.  I think this site is hard to navigate.  I browsed through entries over 2 years ago and found the questions interesting and replied.  I forgot which ones I replied to and found it extremely difficult to trace my path.  To date, I can't recall which ones I replied to.  It seems hopeless now. 

  3. sewelegant | | #8

    It seems that we were all spoiled and didn't know it !!!   I too keep checking this forum out hoping it will get "friendlier" and I can't even find the comments I might have made earlier because I cannot remember just exactly where I made them.  I enjoyed seeing all the old familiar names responding to this thread and will definitely check out the other forum.  I'll keep checking... it could change?! Or, maybe, I will just get more proficient.

    1. Crazy K | | #9

      i come back and check occasionally but it's just not the same commaraderie that was here before.  Makes me sad.....it was just a fun group and place before (btc!!)

      I now also belong to another and spend my browsing time there.....more like the old Gatherings.....

      I miss the 'old' (ha ha) bunch here, too.


      1. Meg | | #10

        Came by to see what's going on here...

        but it seems as though it's nearly abandoned.  How sad.  I was actually surprised to find the message board here at all, and there's almost no traffic.  I'll go back to my sewing machine; I do miss the former board members, too.  Perhaps I'll check out the other board as mentioned a few messages up.  I do also check in at Stitcher's Guild.  It's nice there!

  4. Palady | | #11

    Missing gatherings as we knew it.

    Like others, i browse back to "check-things-out" and realice change is necessary, still - - - - -

    Read the posts as to Sew Forum.com.  Need to figure out how to join there.

    if anyone would like to check for a "familiar" message board, try -


    Uncertain if the URL will allow joining.  I've been on delphi so my opening the site was w/o hassle.


  5. Teaf5 | | #12

    Another oldtimer checks in

    Thank you, all, for posting--it is so nice to know that you are all active and out there, just stymied in trying to use this site!

    Like you, I've tried many times to use this new site and though I have finally figured out how to post in order to answer questions, the old give-and-take and extended dialog possibilities just aren't here any more.

    Ever since the change, I've wondered if Taunton was deliberately trying to discourage the use of the forum in order to stimulate more sales of the printed magazine.  While that move might make sense to a business analyst, the change actually has diminished my interest in the printed product!

    I miss all the old faithfuls and the opportunities to meet newcomers.  I will check out the other sites and maybe run into you there!


    1. User avater
      JunkQueen | | #13

      Good to see you

      Taunton's reasoning on this issue is beyond me.  If a business analyst came up with that, I'd suggest he need to quit checking out his colon and read the comments here.  It is good to see you here, and I hope you stay a while.  You've been missed.

      Palady, thank you for that link.  I've joined -- my name was taken, but I chose another -- and a pleasant surprise was in noting the chat/forum platform there is the one that Threads abandoned here, so it was familiar and easy to navigate.  Thanks again.

  6. User avater
    ThreadKoe | | #16

    Hello Old Friends...

    Just checking in to see what is going on...Glad to see some familiar names and faces here...been months since I last checked in.  Life has been pretty busy, but think often of all you dear Gatherings Alumni.  Wish I could chat with you all again.  (((HUGS)))  Cathy

  7. Sancin | | #17

    What do you suppose Jason, the site whizz is doing now?

    1. Ralphetta | | #18

      what do you suppose Jason,

      He probably hasn't given it a second thought because he has no interest in discussing sewing with knowledgeble, friendly people. I don't blame him,  I blame whoever hired him.  It reminds me of the old joke...the operation was a success but the patient died.  This site might be great from a tech standpoint, but it's on life support and just waiting for someone to pull the plug.  I guess I keep checking the site because I believe that some miracle will restore it to its old, vigorous self.  Would adding  Spellcheck have blown their budget?  I didn't pay for the site so I guess I have no right to complain.

      1. HelgaPataki | | #19

        I agree with everybody.  There's nothing much happening here.  I checked out other forums and it seems the same, no activity.  & who is Jason?  Did I miss out on something? 

        1. Ralphetta | | #20

          who is jason

          When the site was changed and a few of the old site members managed to weave their way through the maze they complained about how confusing and  annoying the changes were.  Someone from Threads named Jason chastised the writers and gave a lecture about how much better this was than the old site. Many found him condescending.  He was really into the format with absolutely no interest in whether or not it met the needs of the readers. 

    2. HelgaPataki | | #21

      what Jason is doing now

      It sounds to me that you miss Jason more than the old chums :)

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