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prom gowns

dressed2atee | Posted in Photo Gallery on

Some of the pics were too big, here there


  1. User avater
    VKStitcher | | #1

    Styles sure have changed since I went to the prom! :-)   These are beautiful dresses, and they fit perfectly.  Thanks for sharing the photos--I always enjoy seeing your creations.

    1. dressed2atee | | #2

      You are so right...they get more creative every year.  I won't do the very revealing gowns.  I am always surprised/shocked by what parents allow at prom time!

      Thanks for the compliments.

      1. GailAnn | | #40

        Loved your beautiful gowns, expecially liked the gold straps in the back.  Completely agree with your sentiments about immodest gowns.  What are their Moms thinking?  Gail

        1. dressed2atee | | #41

          Well I think that my girls this year were better because their moms were involved.  The really immodest gown was for a grown-up, age 26!  Nothing you can do about her :)

          Thanks for your compliments!

          Happy sewing...

  2. Gloriasews | | #3

    All the gowns are lovely!  Good job!  Was the puffy skirt as easy as they said it would be in Threads?

    You're right about the revealing gowns of today - our party dresses were modest by comparison.  Cleavage is all you see on TV lately (even for office wear), so naturally the girls would think those styles are OK, but, I, too, am surprised at what the parents let their girls wear (especially really young girls) - some just look too trashy.  That's just my opinion, though :)


    1. dressed2atee | | #4

      Hi Gloria

      Yes, it was very easy.  You just kind of haphazardly tuck and sew!  Thanks

      1. Gloriasews | | #5

        It turned out very nicely!  BTW, how did the girl manage to not trip on her train?  You'd think that, with such a short skirt, the train would be a nuisance & in the way & get stepped on by others, especially when she's dancing.  I'm just curious :)


        1. dressed2atee | | #6

          Good question, as I didn't really know this girl...unless she contacts me with a professional prom pic I won't get to ask :)

          1. Gloriasews | | #7

            Too bad you couldn't find out.  She was probably very happy with the dress - it was probably so different from anything that anyone else wore, that she would have received many compliments - probably a lot of them envious that they hadn't thought of that style, eh?


          2. dressed2atee | | #8

            I know...she didn't have to worry about anyone coming to the prom dressed like her for sure!


          3. Gloriasews | | #9

            No kidding - her dress was definitely an original.  The main thing is that she's happy with it & it fit her nicely.


    2. kaitydid | | #20

      you aren't the only one with that opinion. i think many teenage girls are tired of the trashy styles but aren't bold enough to do something about it.

      1. Gloriasews | | #21

        You may be right, Kaity - but somebody will start something new & they'll all follow like a flock of sheep, eh?  That's what the fad is all about - but some clothing, then, only lasts a season.  Some teens (usually not the 'in' crowd) do wear what they feel comfortable in, as they think they'll look ridiculous or trashy if they wear what's popular at the moment (bare stomachs & midriffs, very low-cut tops, very low-cut pants with their thongs showing, etc.) - or, their parents won't let them or refuse to give them the $ to buy them :).  O well, eventually they'll be showing pics of themselves to their grandchildren - & the kids will probably laugh & say, "Your mother let you wear THAT?"  :) - or, even more funny, they'll be in their seniors homes with permanent makeup, tattoos & piercings!


        1. kaitydid | | #22

          lol that probably explains why i'm not in the "in" crowd. but whatever, i kinda like it.

          and what you were saying about permanent makeup, tattoos, and piercings, is exactly why i think they're so disgusting. when you're 90 years old and you get all saggy, are you really gonna want tattoos everywhere? and i've heard cartilage piercings make your ears flop over when you're old, but it's just a rumor.

          1. Gloriasews | | #23

            Too funny, Kaity!  The residents of the old folks homes will be quite a sight somewhere down the road, eh?  Actually, the ears will be floppy, anyway, as your ears & nose keep growing as you age, so now you know :)  My mental picture of your comment about the tattoos on saggy skin is delicious - (I don't wish to offend people by being politically incorrect, but, what the heck - I'm aging, too) people will have to hold their skin out taut so that others can see the picture (like show & tell?), otherwise it may be lost in the folds, depending upon where the tattoos are :).  This comes from my just receiving a very funny e-mail from a friend today that stated what is appropriate & inappropriate for old people to wear (the tattoos were included, along with piercings, thongs, Speedos, etc. - my laugh for the day).

            Anyway (back to serious stuff :), I ask again, how did your first sewing lesson go?


          2. kaitydid | | #24

            hahahahaha. i guess politically correct is one phrase that has never been in my vocabulary. i give my opinion readily.

          3. Gloriasews | | #28

            Good for you giving your opinion readily.  As for politically correct not being in your vocabulary, I suspect that it is (unbeknownst to you yet), as you are always tactful, probably especially around old people :)


          4. kaitydid | | #31

            well thank you very much! and as for elderly people, i really do enjoy them. i think they have a lot to offer if you get to know them.

          5. Gloriasews | | #33

            What a smart young woman you are!  Unfortunately, some elders are really hard to get to know, as they are grouchy, bitter & unsociable (their loss).  Of course, all of us are quite sociable :)


          6. bluefurs4 | | #34

            Hey there, Just a crazy feeling that I get...... You don't happen to stay in Va, do you?

            There was a girl that just moved to my neighborhood and I was thinking it could be you...  Write back ok?!!!!

          7. kaitydid | | #36

            no i am in SJ. for all you peeps that aren't from the northeast that's south jersey. we never say new jersey. thats one way to distinguish us from the north jersey folks.

          8. kaitydid | | #35

            it is my opinion that anyone's heart can be softened if you just take the time to be with them and get to know them.

          9. Gloriasews | | #37

            Your mom must be very proud of you.  I still can't believe you're only 13 - obviously a very mature 13.  You're amazing.


          10. kaitydid | | #38

            i'd like to think that she is. i try. and about the whole mature thing- theres still a whole lot of life to live and a whole lot of lessons to learn.

          11. Gloriasews | | #39

            I still say you're an amazing teen, acknowledging that you have lessons to learn & accepting the fact.  Some lessons will be harder than others, but you'll learn from them nevertheless.  So many teens (me included, in my time) thought we knew more than our parents (they were SO old-fashioned, of course).  It was quite a learning experience when we got older & realized they were right all along, if we'd only listened (& paid attention).  Especially the part of 'wait until you have your own kids!'   hahaha!  Live & learn, & laugh along the way.


          12. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #25

            It isn't just the Youngun's that have the tattoos my dear! Some of our oldsters were pretty wild in their day too. Quite a few women from the 20's were known to sport them as well! My sister-in-law worked in a home and there were a few ladies who you would never have guessed had quite a few tats. And S-I-L said that you would have to spread the skin out to see what it was. She was quite young at the time. Said she would never ever have a tat because of it.

          13. Gloriasews | | #29

            See?  I told you that you'd have to spread the skin :)   Actually, I'm really surprised that ladies from that time period would have tattoos - they must have had a 'reputation' in their day, eh?  (as that would have been shocking then).  Your SIL was probably shocked, too, as she certainly wasn't expecting that!  I'm like you - I would never have one, either.  I guess I just don't have a statement to make :)  The wrinkles & sags are enough of a statement.


          14. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #30

            Yes, I too prefer the "markings" I have "earned". And you don't get crow's feet and laugh lines by being grouchy either! tee hee :) Cathy

          15. Gloriasews | | #32

            But you DO get frown lines from being grouchy.    There was a cute cartoon in the paper the other day:  the woman was examining herself in the mirror & said, "Somewhere, there is a crow flying around without feet."


  3. rodezzy | | #10

    I don't know what days they are talking about, but prom dresses (and evening gowns) have traditionally had bare shoulders, cleavage and bare backs.  All of the dresses you've shown here were appropriate and flattering.

    If you look at dresses through out the ages women have done something to show off cleavage.  Even during the days of Queen Victoria.  They had boobs bubbling out the front of most of the women's dresses in the court.

    Check out this site for vintage gowns 1930's and others



    Edited 5/20/2008 1:48 pm ET by rodezzy

    Edited 5/20/2008 1:48 pm ET by rodezzy

    1. dressed2atee | | #11

      I meant proms are for girls not women....that site is great for designing ideas!

    2. sewelegant | | #13

      I enjoyed looking at this site, rodezzy, thanks for sharing.  The dresses (on the right)do not look vintage to me... more like timeless classic!  When I hear people talking about liking vintage clothing and then see the shoulder padded 40's dresses displayed I just ignore the whole scene and hope it will soon pass!  I guess I like classic clothing instead of fads which, thankfully, do not stay around long.

      Edited 6/27/2008 12:10 pm by sewelegant

      1. rodezzy | | #14

        No problem, I love sharing.  But like the poodle skirt, nothing goes away.  We just pick and choose on an individual basis what we like and don't like. 

        There's room for us all!

    3. bluefurs4 | | #26

      Hi,  I checked out the web site you posted, It was wonderful! Lots of beautiful dress... Hopefully I'll be sewing like a pro and my stuff will look like that. I know it will take some time of course. So far all that I have played with, is some pillows and curtains but they came out pretty good for the first time at it. Well, write more later...

      1. rodezzy | | #27

        Great, look forward to hearing from you.

  4. sewelegant | | #12

    Your dresses are beautiful and I like your view on modesty!  It just goes to show one can be very elegant and modern without having to expose everything.  No one would ever say your dresses look "homemade".

    1. dressed2atee | | #15

      Thanks so much!

      1. Ceeayche | | #16

        The dresses were fabulous!  I'm sure the girls loved them.  I hope they appreciated how well they fit them.  They looked hip and alluring yet were modest.   You are very talented.  I'd bet you did the unthinkable..... pleased the both young ladies and their mamas!

        1. dressed2atee | | #17

          Hi, thanks for your remarks...yes both the parents and girls were pleased.

          1. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #18

            Your dresses were amazing, and they fit the girls so beautifully.  Really professional work.  Cathy

          2. dressed2atee | | #19


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