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Conversational Threads

What’s on your spring sewing list?

Deana | Posted in Talk With Us on

Spring has officially sprung (although it may not feel like it yet). What types of garments or other projects do you plan on sewing to celebrate the return of sunny days and warmer weather?<!—-><!—-> <!—->

Deana Tierney, Assistant Editor, Threads


  1. Crazy K | | #1

    I have several things on my 'wish to do' list....we are doing a partial kitchen remodel so I have high hopes of embroidering some designs suitable for framing and coodinating towels, maybe placemats, etc.  I also have a new t-shirt pattern...Pamela's perfect T...and I hope to tweak that enough to make myself some t-shirts that actually fit!  Also probably some kids duds for the many growing grands.

    That should keep me out of trouble for a bit........


  2. rodezzy | | #2

    I will make new curtains in May.  Something airy and romantic.

  3. Teaf5 | | #3

    Longer tops with short sleeves, some shirt-like unlined jackets, and a nightshirt to replace the one that is finally falling apart from wear. I've also started reworking my older, shorter tees by combining two into one, giving them a more modern, layered look. I cut the bottom and sleeve hems off one tee (a stained or shrunken one) and attach them under a second (better fitting/color) tee, leaving about three inches showing at the bottom and a 1/2" -1" at the sleeves. The finished shirt is cooler than a double tee, but has those nice contrast bands and longer length that is popular now. The remaining fabric from the first tee can be used on a third one by attaching a width and hemming in with a double row of top-stitching.

  4. scrubble4 | | #4

    Hi Deana:  I absolutely must finish the Papa San chair cushion before I do anything for myself.  Then I think a couple of pairs of cotton pants, another long gored skirt in rayone knit if I can find it and maybe a cotton jacket that somehow works for all of them.


  5. starzoe | | #5

    I really need a few camisoles, several different colours. I have some beautiful fine corduroy for some sort of jacket, need (no, let's not say need, let's say "want") a few more cotton/linen pants. It's still raining here on the west coast even though the daffs are up, trees are in bloom, rhodos in bloom and magnolias ready to pop, a good excuse to stay inside and sew.

  6. DesignandSew | | #6

    I'll be making several things...first a taffeta prom dress with embroidery, soft cornices from silk dupioni for four windows, valances for a set of triple doors, and two sets of double windows, and slipcovers for a set of bar stools.  Somewhere in there I would like to make some type of clothing for me!

  7. NY2NZ | | #7

    Hi Deana,

    For those of us down under its Autumn time now.....and of course, being I just moved to this side of the planet, I'm still adjusting to that concept (cos I have all sorts of spring-y ideas in my head for garments)...oh well.  The way I see it, I'll go ahead with the spring-y and summer-y ideas and be ready for next summer. (and its a joy to plan for "seasons" after living in the tropics for 13 years)

    I've got a wardrobe plan in place and it involves a lot of linen and rayon, very flowing but fitted where it counts.  Not really boho, but more 30's inspired.    I don't really follow "trends" so much as try new things that I find attractive.

    I'm also working on a couple of pairs of hollywood pants that are saddle season items (for me), in rayon/spandex.   Blouses, in rayon, similar in cut and style to punjabi suit tops; Crossover/Wrap tops in sandwashed silk and linen/rayon.

    The colours I am working with are what I am jazzed about.  Lots of warm cream, blush, chocolate brown, medium blue, eggshell and sage green (more gray than yellow).



    1. scrubble4 | | #20

      Nancy:  "I don't really follow "trends" so much as try new things that I find attractive."

      I so agree.  One of the neat things about my age or this age is that the whole spectrum of styles seems "in" with minor adjustments.  I am becoming more and more comfortable and knowledgeable about my shape, outline, colouring etc.  This helps me see the "me" or "not for me" in styles through the decades.  I have always been cautious of "trends" and have just developed my own style. 

      I get what works and doesn't work for me best from pictures.  I think I do a visual fill in when I am in front of the mirror.  That fill in can be for what I want to see, or in some cases what I think is there and isn't. 

      "The colours I am working with are what I am jazzed about"

      I love colours and I think the colours I love are very similar to what you have chosen.  I love peaches, corals, tawny creams, butter yellows, moss greens, Christmas reds and occasions dabs of turquoise blue.  I also love texture and fluidity in fabrics.  These are the reasons I sew as well as enjoying it. 

      Thanks so much for your post.  It was heartening.  Scrubble4


      1. NY2NZ | | #21

        Thank YOU for your sweet response!  A smile is always welcome



  8. 2tallct | | #8

    Hi Deana,

    I am new to the boards here and am just beginning to sew again for myself.  I have mostly sewn for my 2 daughters, nieces and nephew and friends.  My lack of sewing for myself is because, you guessed it, fitting problems!!!

    I have some very cheerful cotton fabric that I am going to make a shorter style nightgown out of (should not be too hard to fit!), I am going to make one of those breezy long sleeved pullover tops with maybe some embroidery around the neck and front, and a long summer dress.  If those go well, then I will tackle some pieces with more fitting issues.

    For the house, some cheery spring placemats and re-decorating my bedroom (well, it was never REALLY decorated in the first place!) with new curtains and a duvet cover.

    I think I have enough to do!!!


    1. User avater
      JunkQueen | | #9

      I am monogramming some bed and bath linens for my oldest granddaughter who is getting married in June. That project is first and foremost.Then for myself, I will be making two jackets one using black and white prints in a bargello pattern. The other will be using beige(ish) prints in a crazy quilt pattern Neither of them will be quilted to batting. Then other than that I'll be salvaging some t-shirts that have become stained.

  9. MaryinColorado | | #10

    After a sabbatical from making clothing for myself due to fitting issues, I'm back in the swing of things.  This past week, I've made two sundresses with just the hems left to do.  One is an aqua multi geometric knee lenth with spaghetti straps.  The other is dark olive with beige/green leaves Bali batik, ankle length with wide straps.  Iam cutting out another today from a wild Hawaiian print, all are drapey rayon. 

    I have an aqua crinkle cotton long sleeved tunic done except for adding some embroidery or embellishments. 

    One spaghetti strap sweetheart tunic and one button front sleeveless buttonfront waist length blouse, both out of crinkle denim cotton. 

    I am so pleased to be successfully sewing for myself again!  Creating garments is  my first love so taking a break and learning to make quilts was just what the "doctor" ordered! 

    My grand daughter is making a skirt with godets in a bright blue and white as soon as she gets time from her busy schedule.   Mary


    1. rodezzy | | #11

      Wow, Mary you've been on a roll.  Can you send pictures?  Would love to see those dresses.  Ms. Hot mama!

      1. MaryinColorado | | #12

        I hate to have my picture taken, but will see if I can get up the nerve to.  I don't know how to use the photo program on this computer either so will have to get my grandson or someone to help me figure it out.  But first, I have to hem everything.  You inspired me to go go go. Mary

    2. 2tallct | | #15

      Hi Mary,

      How did you resolve your fitting issues?  I am at that point as well.  Have not sewn for myself in years because I am very tall, narrow shoulders, narrow back, sway back, everything has to be adjusted!  It just seems too hard...  But I am desperate for some pretty clothes and not just what shows up in the very expensive tall catalogs.  I cannot buy off the rack. 

      Looking for some inspiration!


      1. Ralphetta | | #16

        If you take the time to figure out exactly how you need to change a pattern to fit you, you know ahead of time what you need to do. Otherwise you have to repeatedly go through the frustration of having to redo something that doesn't fit and sometimes it just can't be done. Most of us pretend to ourselves that "this" garment can be fixed as we sew it together. Eventually, we all realize that in the long run it's more time efficient to just set aside a chunk of time and make a sloper. I think we all procrastinate because a sloper isn't cute and you can't wear it, well, usually you can't.

        1. 2tallct | | #17

          I did pay someone recently (well, maybe a year ago!) to help me make a sloper, which now sits on my dressform (that I have  never used), but it has not been padded and filled in, etc. because I am not sure how to do that.  Any suggestions? 

          1. Ralphetta | | #18

            Have you tried the sloper? I don't usually use a form so I can't help you with that. I wasn't happy with the one I had. There have been a lot of discussions about forms and you could get a lot of info if you search. Maybe your sloper will make things easy enough that you can take your time with the form.

            Edited 3/26/2008 1:42 pm ET by Ralphetta

          2. Cityoflostsouls | | #40

            Years ago when I had a dress form I never fit clothes on it but it was great for thowing articles over to put in linings.etc.  I used it for all thse things which don't work well on your lap.  The one I have now needs some screws and I can't handle screws.  Hopefuilly someone will come by to help mer fix it.  Of course it's not a new dress form!

          3. User avater
            miss_kodama_loli | | #67


            My staple book that I like to work from is: "Designing Apparel Through The Flat Pattern"(multiple authors)... a huge salmon-colored hard cover brick.

            My copy is the Revised 5th Edition... it's musty and old from a used book store, but it's fantastic. It takes you from the point of a basic sloper, through dozens and dozens of possible style elements. It's not a completely novice level book, but it's instructions are very detailed and there are sketches for every step of the way. Very worth it.

            You might be able to hunt down a copy of it online...

          4. Palady | | #69

            On your treasure book that is >> ...  musty and old from a used book store ...<<       Consider placing some dryer sheets within every 12/15 pages.  Replace the dryer sheets after 5 or so days.  Try setting the sheets so they are in various positions on the apges(s).  You can use the unscented.  MO, these are the better.

            Also, If you have a sunny spot. partly shaded on a porch or the like, lay the book out there and leaf the pages.  Bring it indoors at evening & night, setting it out again the next day.

            It will take some time for the musty order to abate, but it very likley will.



          5. User avater
            miss_kodama_loli | | #70


            -kodama  ✌(^_^)


          6. goodwife | | #82

            Hello again,  I found the tips on caring for musty old books really useful.  I have quite a LOT of books, along with textiles and threads I find them very hard to resist.  A favourite day out is a visit to the Welsh Book Town, Hay-on-Wye.  It is a town full of second hand and/or new bookshops.  They even have bookshelves on the pavements with "honesty boxes" . 

            I have to go now, have a request for  me to make a Tyrranosaurous Rex from my grandson.  Not even sure what they looked like.   Have a good day .e

          7. Palady | | #83

            >> ... make a Tyrranosaurous Rex from my grandson ... <<

            Is your project completed?  I've been off line since April 10.

            If you decide to try the dryer sheets to take away the musty of books, please post your results.  I've found it worked for me.  Though I'd guess much would depend on the degree each book was affected.


          8. goodwife | | #84

            Hello,  How good to hear from you.  I hope everything is ok with you. I  too have been off line too for a couple of weeks, and  then I couldn't think of anything to write.  I haven't made the Tyrranosaurous Rex yet.  I have been dyeing and repairing my settee and chair covers, and making some cushion covers from material I dyed last year.  And I have been dyeing some silk with dock leaves and dandelions flowers.  I got a pleasant mustardy yellow from the dock leaves, but the dandelion heads are still soaking so that is a surprize to come. Probably another yellow or green.  And I am stitching some cotton for tie dyeing.  Oh, I do love playing.  When did I ever find time to go out to work.....being retired is so wonderful.

            Has anyone used a "material" named TYVEK.  It is used to make protective clothing.  It looks like white plastic, but you can paint on it, stitch into it and shrink it with heat to distort it. I have been playing with it.  I need to find out how to post pictures. 

            What are you doing, stitch wise? Is it summer dress weather where you are?  bye for now.     

          9. Palady | | #85

            >> ... Is it summer dress weather where you are? ... <<

            Temperatures here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA, are variable.  Some younger people are wandering about in shorts.  Me - I gave up wearing those years ago.


          10. goodwife | | #87

            Same here.  One day it is beautiful, sunny and warm, next  day there is a cold wind and rain.  But at least we always have something to talk about as well as stitching.......

            I have found some  black fleece and purple furry stuff for the Tyrranosaurous so I have started it a last.  eva

          11. Palady | | #88

            I seem to recall hearing? reading? the - global warming issue - is what is affecting the seemingly extreme weather changes.    MO, it's fair to say changes in the "globe" has been going on for centuries.  Wonder what it was called before the term as we know it was coined.  Forever  an unknown of course.

            >> ... found some  black fleece and purple furry stuff ... <<   In your stash or a purchase?  Trust the construction of the T- rous will go easily.



          12. goodwife | | #89

            Hi,  I agree, weather changes have been going on forever.  There was a mini ice age in the 16th/17th centuries. In the 1950's and 60's we had a lot more snow in  winter than we ever get now.  It is changing all the time.  Today has been beautiful.  I have been making bags, just easy "shoe bags" with a draw string top.  And doing some more dying.  I stitched the material  first to get a tie dye pattern, but I didn't pull the stitches tight enough so it didn't stop the dye penetrating and the colour wasnt very successful either, a bit blotchy and dull.  So not very successful but I do enjoy it  so much.  The anticipation is half the fun and I will still find something to do with the dull blotchy piece of material one day.  (Probably in the T Rex.....)  hope you are having fun..eva

          13. Palady | | #90

            >> ... dyeing ... I do enjoy it  so much ... <<   I salute your effort.  My few attempts resulted in having to clean up a mess after unsatisfactory results.  Decided I'd forego trying any further.

            Shoe bags are a great gift.  Especially since most folks fall short of realizing they exist.  And certainly less costly to make than to purchase.  If one can find them.  In my experience the bags were included in the price of upper scale men's shoe's.  those I use now were my husband's.  When he left the living, his shoe collection was passed along, but I kept the shoe bags.

            On my having fun - dare say I long ago learned my response to anything was my province alone.  And yes, some days are better than others.  But again it's all up to me.




          14. Teaf5 | | #71

            Another way to remove musty smells from books is to put the book in an open bowl or dish, then place that in a larger, covered bin or canister with an absorbent in it--baking soda, kitty litter, or charcoal w/o lighter fluid--but don't let the material touch the book. Cover the larger bin and let it sit.

      2. MaryinColorado | | #19

        I see that you have a sloper, maybe a video instruction from someone like Palmer Pletsch would help, they have several on fitting specifics that I don't own yet, but they look helpful. Mary

        1. Cityoflostsouls | | #44

          I am an "antique" seamstress so would someone describe a sloper to me.  Exactly what is it and how do you use it.  Thanks!.

          1. Cityoflostsouls | | #66

            I'm an antique too-did you recieve an answer to yor sloper question?  I need to know too.  Sue in Southeastern Colorado

          2. sewelegant | | #73

            I'll tell you what a sloper is if you will enlighten me to why you are called city of lost souls.  That sounds so forlorn and there's got to be a story behind it.

            A sloper is kind of antique too because they have been around a long time, but unless you have studied with the pros you probably are as unfamiliar with it as I was... it was not mentioned in home ec classes.  http://www.vintagesewing.info/1940s/42-mpd/mpd-02.html 

            However, you are probably more familiar with it now than you think you are!  So many on this forum mentio them.  I am not a professional, just a very enthusiastic seamstress who would rather read sewing books than anything else.  It is made by drafting a pattern using your body measurements.  You need a guide to tell you how to go about doing this, but there are lots of books on the subject.  I first made one when my daughter was learning dress design in college and she was experimenting with me.   I enrolled in a Coni Crawford seminar when she came to town a few years ago and ended up buying her pattern making book.  It was easy to follow her instructions so I made an up to date bodice sloper.  When you have finished it is a flat pattern without seams that should fit you like a second skin (it may include a basic ease of 1/2" or so).

            It is your body double.  Your shoulder length.  Your bust position.  Your girth.  Etc.  So when you lay this "sloper" over the pattern piece you want to make you can see if it will fit you as is or need lots of adjusting.  They are a great tool.

          3. Cityoflostsouls | | #74

            Highway 50 a short distance in front of me is the old Santa Fe Trail and we are near Bents Old Fort and Boggsville the home of Kit Carson.  There is a lot of history here.  A band of Mexicans (in Denver you do not dare say anything but Hispanics but people here are from Mexico originally and they are very proud of it and this is what they wish to be called.  They are not from Spain,etc.)  came through here in the early days and I do not know the details but all of them died here.  Thus my town Las Animas translated is The City of Lost Souls.  I use it because I get so tired of having my passwords etc already used and this always works!   Sorry for the lines I wish someone would tell me how to get rid of them.

            Thank you for explaining sloper to me.  I think people just assume all sewing people are familiar with it.

            I suppose it was silly at this stage of my life but I ordered a dress form and it came today.  Actually its the absolutely last thing I needed or wanted for my sewing room.  I had one years ago and it was great for tailoring to work on.  Bending for any length of time is a problem and now I can stand for some of this work.  Now all I need is a "co-comspirator" to help me get it adjusted to my size.   I'm going to do a muslin and get this fitting thing figured out.  I didn't sew for a long time.  Now if I can just get the antiques out of my sewing room I'll be OK.  An antique Wurlitzer organ takes up an immense amount of space-and its large volume cabinet (?).  I also have a large glass antique store cabinet taking up space.  Why do I get this stuff?

            I have some beautiful fabric and don't want to have it end up a UFO and discarded.

            I always loved sewing and it was so soothing to sew when things got stressful.  I spent hours at it and especially loved tailoring.  I never liked practical sewing.  I bought my daughters playclothes and made her school and Sunday clothes.  I liked the things that were more difficult whether it was the fabric or the patterns.  Life gets in the way and now that I'm retired I'm raising my 8 year old adopted son.

            I do machine embroidery but have given everything away for gifts!  I'd love to spread out in my dining room but a Saint Bernard, a boxer and an 8 year old sends me to my sewing room.

            Thanks for your help.         Sue



          4. User avater
            JunkQueen | | #75

            To get rid of the underline..... note that you accidentally, or maybe on purpose, used these three characters <U> preceding the word "already" in your post. That is an HTML character that tells the computer to "turn on" the underline function. You can just delete those three characters OR to "turn OFF" that function, use these characters </U>. As a further note, down below the area where you type your message there is a phrase "check here if HTML tags are in the message (not including signature), with a check box. You must also have that box checked in order for the HTML to work on this board. (That explains why those symbols did not turn on and off in my message -- I did not check that box)I hope that is clear. It's easier to talk this one through than to give written instructions, I think....

          5. sewelegant | | #76

            Thanks for the enlightenment!  I looked up Las Animas on the google maps and tried Az and NM before finally finding you in CO.  Actually, I was expecting to find you south of Tucson.  What an interesting area.  I am an old Louis L'Amour fan and read every one of his books over the years.  His characters did a lot of roaming around in your part of the world!  So... now I can read Cityoflostsouls and not feel so depressed!  I have a new appreciation for where you are coming from.  I remember reading a biography of Kit Carson when I was in 6th grade, maybe that is when I first heard the term, City of Lost Souls.

  10. MarieCurie | | #13

    If Spring means the 15 foot pile of snow in my yard, I'm making a new winter coat for my 5 year old daughter in pink velveteen.  It's the little girl Vogue pattern with double breasted front, pleated skirt, covered buttons. and bows on the belt.  I'm using fleece for the interlining to keep her warm in the zero degrees we had for Easter. 

    1. rodezzy | | #14

      That was so cute and funny.  I know that coat will be adorable and much needed.  Where do you live.  In Canada?

      1. MarieCurie | | #22

        I live in upstate NY, about 20 miles from the Canadian border.  The wind chill is sub zero today.  Note today's date.  Progress on the coat is slow, since Her Imperial Highness (age 5) and His Royal Majesty (age 2.5) have significantly different priorities from Mommy's sewing.  Also, I'm trying really hard to learn by doing all the little extra things, thread tracing etc. on this project. 

  11. MarieCurie | | #23

    Besides my daughter's coat, she'll get several new summer dresses, an outfit for the beach, and for myself--an evening gown in midnight blue for an upcoming military ball.  My husband's uniform is so splendid that I don't try to compete with it, and go for a simple clean line.  It's the Simplicity pattern that was the featured dress in the second issue of Sew Stylish last summer. 

  12. Alicia | | #24

    Hello Deana:

    I have not been active for some time.  Many reasons, one being that my beautiful daughter passed away this year.  I cannot remember my pass word.

    I went under the name Alicia for the chat room.I am having a problem with my subscription.  I have notified the Customer Service at Taunton (4 times) by phone and email.  They confirm that my subscription does not expire until March 08,2009, but I still receive notices that my subscription expires March 08,2008.    My last letter arrived today, April 4, 2008 from Publisher Elizabeth Agren.  I don't want to miss an issue.  Would you look into this from your end.

    Taunton keeps saying it is fine.  But I don't feel confident.

    Thank you.

    Pat or Patricia Hickman Acct:000045122028  [email protected]

    1. rodezzy | | #32

      I am so sorry for the loss of your child, your heart is surely broken.  But it will mend with time.  I have no idea when, because I don't think we ever get over the loss of an immediate family member like a child.  All loss is heart breaking.  I loss my mother in 1971 and father in 1974 I still cry for them. 

      I also hope you will be able to straighten out the subscription stuff too.

    2. User avater
      Deana | | #35

      I’ve forwarded your email to customer service, so you may receive a separate reply from them.  Editorial (where I work) is in a totally different building from customer service, and we don’t have access to each other’s records, so I can’t check their records.  I can tell you, however, that the renewal reminder letters are processed well in advance, and it’s very, very possible that the envelopes were stuffed well before you talked to customer service.  There are thousands of letters that go out, so it’s not possible to look through all of them to pull out the letters for people who have renewed since the letters were prepared.  If the customer service folks tell you you’re all set, I’m sure you are.<!----><!----><!---->

      I’m so terribly sorry to hear of your daughter’s death.  I can’t think of anything worse than loosing a child in that way.  My sincerest sympathies.<!----><!---->

      1. Alicia | | #36



  13. LarkWren | | #25

    Skirts! Lots of skirts! Cotton shifts (kinda sixties) and pulling out my old Calvin Klein jeans pattern, thanks to you and a segment on Martha Stewart about Earnest Sewn Jeans.

  14. mimi310 | | #26

    I have a new grandson on the way, so I'll be making him a quilt among other things.  He has two older sisters that always think of something for Mimi to make, so who knows.  I want to finish some of my UFO's; but, doesn't everyone?  For Christmas '07, I made mini quilts to use as cards.  I enjoyed making them that I hope to make some this summer to get a head start.

  15. User avater
    LLaMona | | #27

    I am currently working on a Kwik Sew cardigan and tank top using a lovely ivory knit fabric that is a somewhat lace and floral knit look.  It is hard to describe but here is a link to how it looks.  Your article on sewing on white fabrics was very helpful.  I am being very careful with this. 

    I just made a skirt, using a Burda pattern.  It was a pale aqua and I like the style so  much that I cut out another one in a RPL in a beige/khaki color.  The cardigan and tank top will go with both skirts.

    I have lots of other garment sewing projects percolating in my brain again using some fabrics that will work with both skirts.

    1. bonnie1man | | #28

      I've made a geometric printed skirts with some fabulous knit fabric from gorgeous fabrics.com Use the bottom of a knit dress i had loved many years ago and just converted it to a skirt. Next is a knit top from another geometric print.

  16. Ckbklady | | #29

    Sandra Betzina debuted an upcoming pattern at the Sew Expo in Puyallup in February - it's a lovely swingy pant with an inverted side pleat. When the pattern is released (she said it would be in April) I plan to sew up a good chunk of my stash with this pattern. The pants are slimming and swing elegantly when one walks (or at least when gazelle-slim runway models walk that swingy model strut that they do). I think that the pattern number is expected to be 1050 (Vogue Patterns, of course) but I may be mistaken. I haven't been so excited about a pattern in ages.

    I also plan to make several of her goes-with-everything long-sleeved knit shirt (8151, I think?) to use up a whack of silk knit that I'm no longer afraid to cut into.

    But enough about me - what do YOU plan to sew this spring? Do you sew on your time off, or is that too much of a busman's holiday?

    :) Mary

  17. 1949 | | #30

    Hi,first time here.Enjoyed reading everyones plans. Ive already made 6 springtime outfits for my granddaughters, and now going to make some fresh pillows for my sofa. This is a wonderful site for us sewing lovers. Thank you.

  18. Singer1976 | | #31

    Hello everyone, I am new to forums and this is my first to post to. I have enjoyed reading the postings and look foward to learning from and sharing with others.

    I have always loved spring - the "newness" of everything - especially new clothes for myself and my children before they were grown. My spring project list includes a new suit for myself. I am in the job hunt and have lost weight so a new well-fitted suit is a must. Also I want to get out of the standard oversized t-shirt and jean uniform for working around the house and running errands in town so I am planning some comfortable tops and a dress or two.

    My most important and exciting projects will be for my first grandchild which is due in September. I have started sewing and crocheting layette items for the new grandbaby. I have to wait a while before finding out whether it will be a boy or girl so most of my projects are in mint greens, yellows and/or whites for now. I have warned my daughter that if the baby is a girl to expect a lot of pinks, ruffles, and lace which I love to sew.

    Edited 4/6/2008 5:47 pm ET by Singer1976

    1. rodezzy | | #33

      That sounds so sweet.  I hope it's a girl too, you are so excited I can hear it in your script.  Good Luck with the job hunt.  Double that!!!

      1. Singer1976 | | #37

        Thank you.

    2. Lazybug | | #42

      Hello everyone:
      Like Singer 1976 I am new to this forum and this is my first post. It was interesting reading what everyone is sewing for spring. So many choices, its inspiring!I live in Tucson, AZ; our spring is about over and our desert heat begins soon. The fabric I love for summer is gauze in bright colors for tops, with denim shorts, plus cotton dresses for going out, church, etc. I've a bright pink gauze top to begin soon, Butterick B4133 and although the long-sleeved version is attractive I'll shorten them to just above the elbow. My upper arms are not as attractive as they used to be. Its a loose-flowing pattern, which I enjoy. Isn't it terrific we can custom-alter our garments when we sew?

      1. Cityoflostsouls | | #43

        I haven't worked with gauze.  What types of seam finishes do you use and how deep and narrow are your hems?  I'm doing a sheer swim suit coverup and have gone back to old fashioned French seams but if I were not so lazy I'd get my serger out and thread it.  Are you using bright colored gauze or the softer, neutral  shades so prevalent now.  I'm much older so can't make anything too frothy!!!  I'm so slow about getting sewing done I should work on next seasons clothes.

        1. Lazybug | | #45

          On gauze I use the serger for seams -- it works very well on that fabric. A fabric store was going out of business this winter and I bought up yards of beautiful medium pink for summer sewing. I've even made a tailored blouse from a pattern I've used before, but that fabric is probably better for looser designs.
          All gauze is not alike -- some can get way too thin. if you have a decent fabric store in your area I'd go there for a good medium weight that can barely be seen through.
          Neutrals are lovely but I do love color in the summer, pinks, yellow, carribean blue, green, hot pink, turquoise, etc.
          PS -- I'm a slow sewer, too.

          1. dollmarm | | #46

            Welcome to the group - there is so much to learn and share with all in these postings.   I love my Serger  and  congrats on the sale.  OH, I love a good fabric find.  I have found too many though, but I will go back and look at my stack to see what I can use.  It is so nice to find a piece of fabric you have and have a whole new idea for its use.   I have been given a lot of cloth too from family members that didn't want that piece any more.  That's great! HELLO TO ALL :

            I do not think we just slow at sewing - we just have too files open.  As you grow wiser and better  we have too many things going on at once and we forget to close the file. I had a friend tell me that we are not losing our minds - there are just have too clutter with too many files left open.  WE, as women can do more at one time. All of a sudden you hear the children call out, the door bell ring or the phone and then you remember the beginnings of dinner is still simmering (you hope) Then hubby walks looking around with that look 'of what happen to your day?'  :~/ IT is hard to stop and re-group - for  we are needed and wanted in so many different directions and then there is this little voice saying, me - "where is me at and where did I go?"I made all my clothes until I married and he wanted all my free time so I didn't sew as much then the children came and there is family time and etc.... Sewing takes time and we pride ourselves in our crafts - very few of us have that wonderful free time of just sitting at the machine from start to finish.  I love to take my time with any of my projects. I love to hem and do finger work - usually it is Cross stitching while I watch (listen) to tv.  There is always something or someone to distract us.  My hubby's dad works close to home and will pop in use their bathroom, get a drink, a snack and for lunch - mom is always up and down getting what he needs.  I teased my hubby when he was retiring - no job close at home to just drop in during the day and he had to go back to work !  :~)  I love to sew and love the finished projects I make.  TOO I think I am like most of you all out there too; WE have many 'craft loves' ! WE are just diverse and other interest can and does distract us.  IN sewing we like to keep a different focus on it cause when shown it reflects back on our talent.    ENJOY how ever long it takes it and enjoy that finished project, I hope to make me something once I finish with my 1st grandbabys birth announcement  :~) 

          2. Crazy K | | #47

            I just read your post about 'having too many files open'.........and all the distractions.  Boy!  I can relate to that.  We're empty nesters and retired altho I do help my daughter with her daycare, caring for her 5 yr. old and also helping out with her side line business. All of those things keep me busy but perhaps the most perplexing is having DH with no hobbies of his own.  Yesterday I had planned (secretly of course) an afternoon of playing with a new pattern for some pants for myself and maybe a few other little things.  Well, we ended up in search of an antique clock repairman, searching for a light fixture and then baking bread since my afternoon was shot anyway!  I get complaints when my time is spoken for by others since we can't 'go' or 'do' so when I have a totally free day.........it usually ends up 'his' rather than mine.  I try not to get resentful........thinking that life is short and it should be enjoyed..........  However, my creative urges get de-railed much too easily and then its hard to get 'back on track'.  Does anyone else have such issues????  Well, that's a dumb question...........

            My new pattern awaits.............and will continue for another day and time.........while life (and a migraine) get in the way!  I know it will be waiting for me when the time is right.


            P.S. - Sorry........I guess I just needed to 'dump'..........what better place than where others have probably experienced much the same.........

          3. dollmarm | | #49

            WOW - you sound like me  some of those days - esp when my man is at home.  He talks of staying home and me getting a job since he has already done this.  I wouldn't mind a part time but nothing full time. TOO I think after a couple of months of taking over what I do all day and working with our son - he will want to be at work.  He has to travel and that is getting tiring for him. He thought when he retired it be better.  It is and he doesn't go as much but he teaches and at times has to travel.  TOO If you had some one to be here as a helper for our son -  I could go on some of the trips.  I am so so tired of the flying we did it for over 10 years.  I loved living overseas and in most of all the places we lived.  But packing and unpacking and cleaning and clearing for another move does wear one out.  We bought 32 acres after we came back in the states many years ago and a developer bought in behind and landlocked us in when we wouldn't sell him some of the back property so we sold it all to another and moved back in. We lived in a house that was over 100yrs. old with such character and we were to build on the hill over looking a pond, but....  Then we bought this place with 5 acres.  I am so so ready to move closer in.  Not sure where that is.  We live out in the country and we really need to live closer in to a town/city where we can walk to places.  Our son enjoys this.  Right here is the best place to dump - we all have had most of each ones experiences and it is as if moms are always to be moms and be there............  Most of the times we do mind it and enjoy being needed - we just have to have the 'ME" that calls out to have her time.  This seems to hard for us to grab and at times - our men just do not grasp that concept.  WOW what avenues we do travel down ! OH it's Spring cleaning time !  O U C H  !!!!!!!!!!! I have been cleaning out the closets.  I have a closet downstairs that I swap out with each season.  SO I have been going through and checking the clothes and taking the winters down and bring up the spring and summer.  OH were are my 'special powers to just twinkle my nose and it is done.  Oh wow LADIES just think of how much we could get done and have so much time left over for our sewing and crafts -  I know I need to come back to reality- :~) 

          4. Crazy K | | #50

            Boy!  Am I glad I'm not the only one.......well, I honestly didn't think I was.  I was reading other posts and am ashamed of myself for whining over something so trivial.  I read of some of your health issues (at least I think it was you) and the son you have to care for........and then I whine!  Shame one me!  I should also explain that this hubby with no hobbies is the one that talked me into buying not one but TWO Viking SEs so I could sew and embroider at the same time.......he has also been the pushing force when I bought all of my different sergers, etc.  He is truly one in a million that way.........I only wish he had hobbies that he could enjoy.  During the summer months he does enjoy working in the yard and has planted and babies many bushes and flowers..........I like that too but have stepped back and to allow him to just take care of that........which in turn gives me time to pursue some of my sewing projects.  Winter is the bad time.........he has little to entertain himself.

            So, that being said.........I guess I really need to put my life into perspective.  I am retired and healthy........a few aches and pains but other than an occasional migraine and hearing that is nearly gone, I enjoy great health.  I am truly blessed.............


          5. dollmarm | | #54

            OH my friend we are all blessed in so many different ways. Some have another chance while others need more and we all have been given with what we can handle some a little less and some more - which makes us no better nor no less than another - just different paths HEY....  we all need a time to just 'whine' as you say - I think it's a filter - it keeps it from storing and causing an explosion - that's what leads to further health damage. The hardest part is to find the best group of ones to share with or you can be perceived wrong and you ain't here at these postings.  WE all be different and we need different = we all have times of need. Whether we are sewing something great or it is the planning stage.  I know one stated she dreams of more time to sew and looks at all the different sites and magazines and see what she can do when she can some day soon. WE all have different times to sew.   I so appreciate this site for it gives me a broader friendship base for I am in so much with my son.    I am reading a book by a 'Messy' and she talks about the disorganization of our mind and thoughts and these are the most creative individual ever created.  There's a blessing in there some where ! (teeheehee)  :~) 

            Sewing, creating, drawing and or paint is a grand extension of who we really are inside and this forum just sheds more light for each of us.  We are a blessing to each other and it is so much fun to see and hear what we are making and doing - whether it is sewing or not.  I so appreciate you all and how much I have learn in many areas from and with you all.  SO I look forward to seeing and hearing what this spring will hold for all.  I will have a new grandbaby soon.  (end of May- so they think-not sure)I still have so much stitching left to do.......So what's your next spring thing?  :~)

          6. Crazy K | | #58

            Thanks for your kind words of inspiration.  My mom was a very humble soul and one of her pet sayings was "it would be a very dull world if we were all  made alike".  Guess there is much truth to that.

            My spring projects are many (mentally anyway!).  I got a new pants pattern for myself and hope to make some great casual pants for warm weather when my standard jeans are just too heavy.  I also have some ideas for embroidered things for gifts.  A chinook design on a t-shirt for a s-i-l who is soon to retire from 22 yrs. in the Army and is in charge of chinooks.  I have to make the shirt as well.........I can't seem to find a t-shirt in tall with out a placket or pocket!!  Guess it's faster to sew than to run all over creation looking in stores.......and with the price of gas, it will be less expensive to boot!  We're making a trip down the first part of June (graduation time) so I need to get hopping on that one!  I will undoubtedly wait until the last minute.........I do that way too often! ha  I also have a few ideas for machine embroidered gifts here and there...........but that list just continues to grow.  Since most are 'just because' gifts there is no time limit. 

            Happy May Day and Happy Stitching! 



          7. dollmarm | | #60

            your man sound like mine w/ the pocket - all must have a pocket or it's worthless.  He goes every wk'end to wk' on a townhouse to sell and he has a have a T-shirt with a pocket.  I keep his paintclothes in one stack so he has his T-shirt so not to ruin another shirt.  He says you always need a pocket for a card, a paper and or a pen to write something down esp. a measurement and or a notations when you up on a ladder.   SO we must see to it they have what they need !  :~) My hubby orders from Duluth - they have longer shirts in all different sizes and types - plus he usually brings home a shirt from a conference - he still travels after he retired from a gov't job but ........  he still needs to travel - most of time he loves his job and now he teaches and loves it.  IT is the preparation that he doesn't like - At times it does interferer but so has the job too but such is life.  It is has been so so different having him more and now he talks more and more of staying home more - eeekkkkk..............  teeheeeheeeheee  :~)  I do not think he will like it.  I have too many ideas I wanna' do just no time for now.  He has been in and out and theres' the grandbaby coming and my sons paperwork I am still working on.  TOO there is a lull in a way - I am still cross-stitching the baby announcement and will complete it once we know what the baby is.   I have much I wanna work on but have other requirement I need to accomplish first. I am  in the midst of Spring clearing !!   I have an extra closet in the guess room where I put all my seasonal clothes and I swap them out with each fall and spring.  This is major for there is shoes too.  I am a boot fan and love them and have too many for winter but ...  Oh well  I am taking them all out of boxes and placing them in plastic see-thru containers.  I need to get a really long big one for my boots to lie in and be okay when stored.   I have to hem some pants and work on my sons summer pants - he has such long legs and small waist - (girls would kill for his size)  He is in-between the boys and mans size and that is a problem for so many.  He needs the boys waist size and the mans length in pants....    Well I am one of those late ones too....  I would love to nip that in the bud, but that buds hides behind the bushel ......& that bushel is hiding too (teeheeheeheee...  )  :~)   

          8. Cityoflostsouls | | #52

            My third try.  I am a 76 year old widow (22 years) with a 7 1/2 year old adopted son.  My other 6 children are way past childhood (3 natural, 3 adopted).  I set up this wonderful, fully equipped sewing room so I could sew after I quit working.  I quit at 72 but even when my little boy is in school I have so much to do as I have no help at all.  My children live around the country and we are on our own.  Oh for some uninterrupted time or an occasional baby sitter! I've had my little boy since he was 6 months old and to me he's a miracle.  I want to sew but cannot cope with "dribs and drabs" of time.  I also am chauffeuring some friends around who can no longer drive.  I love this site and it is so neat that they post right away.  I am supposed to be making rock carving tool bags for my son and a swim suit cover-up.  It's a good thing I don't need a shop as they are miles away.  I'd really like to make a Spring dress for myself so I could have bragging rights.  See what I finally made!  Theres also just so many machine embroidered gifts you can make to give away.  The embroidery machine I probably didn't need.  No little girls and my grandchildren are graduating from High School and College.

          9. Crazy K | | #53

            God Bless you for taking care of a child alone during your golden years.  I am only 60 but having grandkids around is enough.  I don't think I have the 'constitution' to handle an active child 24/7.

            I fully understand your inability to be creative in just fragments and snippets of time.  I am the same.........and it is frustrating at times.  The mind conjures up all sorts of projects but time doesn't avail itself and then the ideas fly away...............

            Such is life.........


          10. dollmarm | | #56

            OH wow - how interesting to adopt this little one. We had wanted to adopt if we ever got a chance to go to Korea & or China.  Never did and I know it was for the best - our sons autism got worse and we had a lot of work a head of us. I see those precious kids that are needing home in TX.   My heart wants to run out and scoop up as many as I can and my head knows I can not - so I pray ! You both are  blessed to have each other.   I know what you mean of needing a sitter.   I pray us both find that blessing ! I find it hard at times to grab that brief time to sew when that is all you have.  That's when I go through my fabric and gain new insight for what I can make. We live in the country and there are no fabric shops close - even in our town - they are atleast 45 minutes away; esp. since Walmart took their fabric out! So glad you have found this group to be a part of.  What is your son like ?  Seven is a wonderful inquisitive age.  :~) 

          11. Cityoflostsouls | | #57

            My son was born drug addicted and premature.  I first saw him when he was 2 days old never dreaming that I would ever be considered for the privilege of being his mom.  He was 6 months old when I took him home.  He was i n the home of a registered nurse and it took that long to get his medication ironed out and make it safe for a permanent placement.  We have had all kinds of medical care and treatments and he was late at every stage but he is now on ADHD med only and doing well in all areas.  He is dyslectic so reading has been slow but he is reading now and he is good at math.  He wears glasses and always will.  I have a private tutor for him. tutoring at school and special class sessions.  I am so very proud of him and I expect the very best in the future.  He will be in the second grade next year.  Two of my other adopted childen had early problems and everything has turned out fine and I am very experienced when it comes to dealing with these children!  Never give up and ignore all the people who think success with these kids is not possible and just too much to cope with.  I've been told more than once that I was crazy.  Pooh on them!  It was hard the first 3 years as I worked nights and went around half dead all the time for lack of sleep!  Now I'm retired but wish I had hours to sew!

          12. dollmarm | | #59

            WOW and PTL for the steps and leaps he has endured and you with him.  We wanted to adopt but never at a place long enough and then wanted to adopt a Korean or one from China - if we were to be stationed there.  Those tours were changed and we went to India, instead.  I am glad we did not for many reason w/ our son.  A is now 24 and it has been an interesting to say the least dealing w/ all the 'professional' and their well meaning advice.  I still hear alot of it from family but I have backed off sharing much so they have little to say on the hows, what, whys and wherefores'.  Sad but life is full of interesting routes and we have to chose what is best and we alone will stand before GOD and give an account of how we handle what we were given.  Our son had many health issues along the way and he also has a form of dyslexia disadetic - which he can always tell the difference which is the letter C is )  too he can see them backwards but ...................    we used a program called the BALL, STICK,BIRD and it greatly helped.  Each letter is a shape of some sort - each one is made of one of these shapes.  We also used clay to form the letters so to feel it's shape.  We know he can read but do not know as to what level.  He loves books. His room is full of them.  We tired the library and that was too much. We brought many home and to take them back was too hard for him.  SO we go to Goodwill and Salvation Army and great sales for him a book atleast once or twice a month.  WE have this big bookshelf right outside his room and he has one in his room and he takes turns going through them.  There is always an open book or 2 or 3 on his bed - floor and computer table and top of dogs cage in his room.  When we go to these places and take things he will add a book or two to give away.

            For years he had no taste buds and would eat anything - it took some time working with many to get his system somewhat back to par.  IN the midst of this all his immune system took ahit and he developed a lot of allergies to so so much.  He is allergic to over 80 different drugs, dye, chemical,etc....  Just about all that he eats and uses has to be organic and no preservatives.  He is allergic to fluoride in toothpaste, milk, wheat yellow corn and anything w/ gluten.  He can have white corn products.  ALmost all  our products are in their natural forms and or we know what they are made from.  He has what is called leaky gut syndrome - which is similar to Celiac Disease but so much more intense.  We have to juice alot and make smoothy for the foods to digest properly.  I keep certain products for him always - we have a special natural antibiotic - he is allergic to all on the market.   I make up soups bases and I keep snacks and foods with us where-ever we go incase we can not find something compatable for him to eat.  His system is pretty good most of the time but it does take work ! I so totally know what you mean in not having enough time to just sew. Friends are hard to come by for we live in a hurried world w/ the fast food mentality. Out world and means of doing is slow and it takes time so we do not get the same opportunities to making friends.   We use to have many when the kids were little but they grew up - his mental growth is slow - we are in the teen years at times and then sometimes back in the boy stages and then all of sudden a light shines and he is in the moment.  Those are blessing! ALL are but when that light shine for that time you know there is progress.  It took me 2 years to get him to totally get the comcept of tying his shoes.  We had a party and his dad made him a certificate for him to display.  He loves attention but not a lot and does not like big crowds.   ALL in all he keeps us in check in what is really important and when others are too busy and too rushed and rude - we step back.   I have many of encounters w/ shop owners and then when told they apologize and watch and most the next time I come in are welcoming and helpful.   Our children as difficult are true blessing and had a special place in the heart of GOD.  WOW I yaked too much - sorrie - I grab what ever time possible for me to do what ever craft I can and try to bring him in.  A loves color and pictures, glue and cloth so the next project I will share a photo with you.  Thanks for sharing and the opportunity for me as well. Take care my friend,  :~)

          13. Cityoflostsouls | | #61

            Ypur difficulties with your son and all that you do make mine pale by comparison but each child is a special life and we do what we can.  I do not take my son to therapists for emotional development because I feel I know as much as they do and find from listening to other people that a lot of these therapists are not trained enough and make problems where there are none.  My son does not ask about a Dad altho he had one at one time (worthless).  It is not a problem and when he brings it up to me I will give him the needed answers.  I do not want a therapist digging into him about this.  When the time comes I will handle it.  Now it is not an emotional problem for him.  He knows about his natural mother and that his family is our family.  I did have to decide what to put on his family tree for school and I am his mother and I entered my husband (dead) as his father.  He accepted this and asked no questions.  I explained why I put his name down.  He has always "known" him from the pictures I have of him in my house.  He's our family altho no longer here.  My son is dyslectic and would appreciate input on this.  It has made learning to read difficult.  Since this is about sewing my email address is [email protected]. if you would like to use it.

            I went to Pueblo yesterday as my sewing store has moved to a fantastic new location.  The store is great and much easier for me to get to.  I do find the special instructors to lack indepth instruction and are more interested in selling the latest equipment.  I was not too helpful when I said I had the smaller serger plus a freestanding cover machine.  Much easier and less expensive than the upgraded model she was selling. That was the beginning and end of the conversation!  However she showed a lot of things she had made with the serger and that was interesting.  She was doing serger crochet but I don't think it would hold up to many washings.  I had a bad bout of Bronchitis this winter (chronic) and was feeling better but the trip was long and today my eyesight is bothering me (oxygen problem).  I wanted to work on my son's tool bags for rock carving equipment (not hammers!).

            Maybe tomorrow!

          14. dollmarm | | #62

            Thanks for the email my friend I will email you tonight and share more on the program I used.  I have to look it up.  I am still going through boxes - we have been here 3years and we had major stuff that the man left.  His wife died here and he was not cleaning man and we had spiders and all sorts of bugs to clear out and clean up and etc...  Plus I want to get rid of all cardboard boxes - they breed bugs and we live in the country so we get mice and all sorts of GOD creatures.  :~0 Plus he left cabinets and old dresser full of some of her craft items. 

            I think you are doing fine with what you have shared about your son.   I find that too when I share in some stores - how old some of my sewing equipment is.  I would love to be to buy a Embroidery Machine, but ........   I am lucky to have what I have and to be able to be a stay at home mom.   I miss others being at home so much but I am slowly finding my way here, although we are talking of moving back near family.   For all my crochet pieces from my grandmother -  I wash them in those large zip up delicate wash bags - that would be the only way they hold up.  MY washer has a delicate cycle and I only wash in cold and do not dry.  I am a wash but with soils and even have 6 separate laundry compartments for colors textures and etc.. My hubby made me signs above each one to state what goes in what holder and this has really helped.  When my kids were little I would charge them a nickle for each sock that rolled and if they left things in their pockets they would pay me get them back.  This taught them to empty their pockets and unroll the socks and soon after my daughter learned to do her own.   We traveled so much and lived in so many different places - we home-schooled the kids and traveled as much as we could when hubby would go out this was fun when they were little and we would learn about the place we were.  I am not traveled out and never really like flying but knew it was the only way to get some places. NOW we have a big van with a mini-frig, t.v., and vcr and on we go.   This has been great for long days and being stuck in traffic.  Many of times I have worked on finger craft work and watch a movie with our son while hubby is driving us.   Rock carving sounds like a neat craft - share more.   :~) 

            P.S. just tried to send you an email and it stated it is invalid - not sure what happened email me and I will ck' to see what I did in-correct. 

            Edited 5/6/2008 7:03 pm ET by dollmarm

            Edited 5/6/2008 7:03 pm ET by dollmarm

          15. dollmarm | | #63

            Just email sent you an email that finally went through - do not know what happen the previous of times.  I look forward to hearing back from you.   :~) I am still on the Cross stitch Grand-Baby Announcement - I want so so so so much to finish so I can make this little one a quilt....  - but we have to wait to see what we will be blessed with.  The hardest is that we live in different states.  I try not to think of that.  I already have 2 many ideas for the quilt and of course materials included.  Many think it is a boy but you never know until you see !   :~) We are waiting on what size of clothes to buy - Dr. is already stating this will not be a small baby :~0  Take care my friend,  :~)

          16. Crazy K | | #64

            Reading your post regarding the size of that expected grandbaby brought back a memory.  I was pregnant (very) with my last......having had 3 fairly good sized babies previously (9#12 3/4 oz; 8#12 3/4 oz; 8#8 1/2 oz) and I was having some of those quirky late pregnancy contractions. My Dr. told me to go home and take it easy (yeah, right.......3 boys and a part-time job......sure, o.k, uh-huh!!)........as he said the baby was still too small to make it..........well......5 days (not weeks or months) later I delivered a very healthy 8#8 1/4 oz baby girl....................  The Doc. was a man.......I felt that baby was large enough to survive.......not sure where he got his idea from.  I carried her way differently than the boys..........boys, I stuck way out front and looked as those I would tip over............with DD I spread out to be 4 ax-handles wide through the hips but didn't stick out so much in front.............strange, huh?

            Thanks for the memories.......... just goes to show that mom's sometimes know best!


          17. dollmarm | | #65

            Thanks taking me down your memory lane w/ vivid explanations of each.  I was very sick when I conceived the first time and right as I was feeling the baby move I lost him.   Doctors stated he would have had many complications if he lived.  SO he was spared on to Heaven -where I will see him one day.  With the next pregnancy it was a miracle.  Doctors all said I would have a hard time and I did but surprisely(hubby was in college and I was working for JohnF Kennedy School for the Mental Retarded and Handicap in Ca. and loved it)  thinking I had the FLU !!   WOW that was a shock !  I only gained 12 pounds and our baby girl was 7lbs and 13 oz.  2and1/2 years later (faithfully on the pill) I got pregnant with our son - only gained 14lbs and he was 8lbs and 1 oz My daughter was trying to guess with the amount of weight she gained as to what size the baby will be......  and when........Well as much as they (doctors and test) believe they can tell - only GOD knows for sure how much that little one will be.  I was told so many different things and the doctors were very concerned at my small amount of weight gain.  I even had to list all that I ate and drank to prove I was eating enough.  I sat alot too and even made a light quilt top for the baby crib. We lived in very sunny CA and never needed any winter clothing where we were.  When she was born I made a matching doll crib top for her baby doll.   That was fun.  IT is grand to go back thru memory lane.  It goes by so so fast, we never think so when we are living it 24/7.   :~) 

            MY grandmother made many clothes, crocheted booties, blankets, throws.  I miss those little clothing projects and that extra time we had when there was only one.  I use to have more time to sew too.   Oh well some day soon.  :~) 

            I do hope to make me something soon, just now sure - too many ideas  :~/

          18. sewingkmulkey | | #77

            Crazy K- my DH plans to retire next year and I, too, fear that I won't have my "creative" time to myself as he has no outside hobbies other than traveling which involves me.  He does do all the cooking and grocery shopping so maybe he can busy himself in the kitchen while I sew.


          19. Crazy K | | #78

            Oh......that would be great.  My DH works in the yard but isn't too terribly energetic about the house.  He can cook and clean but rarely does.  Frozen pizza is his specialty so when I'm really busy, that's what we get for supper..........or run out for a quick bite.  It's often faster to eat at home so sometimes going out isn't so fast either.  He does do all the bill paying, etc. so at least I don't have to do that.  That helps.

            My DD is getting married again this August.   That means running around looking for dresses.  Not her first marriage but her first 'real' wedding/reception.  She found hers........I'm looking.  I'm so hard to fit that sewing doesn't really appeal either.........I hate trying to make alterations!!  Not so bad on a casual garment but I want my dress to look good and fit o.k.  May have to bite the bullet and sew but I'm holding out!  Losing weight would help but that's like asking for world peace!!!!!!!!

            Have a great spring.......'


          20. sewslow67 | | #79

            >>>Losing weight would help but that's like asking for world peace!!!!!!!!<<<

            Giggle ...giggle.  Oh dear Kay; you really crack me up!  If you don't mind, I'm going to borrow your phrase - but on another issue than weight loss. That is just too funny!  Thanks for a good belly laugh.

            I wish we lived closer, as it would be fun to make your dress together.  When I lived in Denver, my friend Marilyn and I would spend "sewing weekends" at her home once in awhile and it was great fun.  She hated cutting things out, so I most always did that and then we both would sew and help one another with fitting.

          21. Crazy K | | #80

            Well, I'm glad I made your day.........we all need a good laugh, don't we??  Yes, it would be fun to be able to fit and sew.  I have a neighbor that sews but she's more into quilts than garments and I am more into quick and easy than fitted or tailored.  I have made a bridesmaid dress (eons ago) for myself, jackets and all sorts of fun things but the weight change has made for more of a challenge........and the gravity thing doesn't help either!! ha


          22. Cityoflostsouls | | #81

            My friend and I had ironing visits since we were so busy.  We sewed at home.  Thank goodness-I had an antique house (big & beautiful tho) but one day a third of my dining room ceiling plopped down.  Thank goodness we jumped but it would have been terrible if it had been our prized possessions underneath-our sewing machines!!  My Necchi and her Singer both were our pride and joy.  To heck with the ironing equipment!

          23. Cityoflostsouls | | #86

            When my son was married his wife wanted "the wedding" and I advised him to let her have the wedding she wanted.  She had had a very early marriage almost in name only as they did not live together but a few months altho they were married for several years and had a child.  My son had never been married.  She was still lovely and it was a perfect wedding and they both deserved it.  She had always been a hard working single mom.  We all loved the wedding and the bride was gorgeous in her beautiful white wedding dress.  Her first husband had been a complete no-show. I think that wedding made up to my DIL for a lot of pain in the past.  They have been married almost 20 years now.  And she's still lovely.

          24. Lazybug | | #48

            Thanks for the welcome! This site looks wonderful -- so many experienced sewers willing to share. I learn more from all of you than many of the classes I have taken -- this is almost like the old sewing circles our grandmothers enjoyed. Or at least my grandmother did -- living on a remote ranch she told me she always looked forward to getting together with other women for sewing circle.I've had that piece of medium pink gauze in mind for a long time, but sewing it will have to be on hold for a while as we go to Phoenix for my husband's Dr. appointment. He loves this Dr., trusts him and won't give him up even though we live in another city 90 miles away.
            Loved the too many files story. I can re-eally relate to that one.My big sewing season is coming up -- summer. I know, I know, the opposite of most of you reading this. But Tucson summers are fierce, and air conditioning keeps me inside for about 3 months. This is maybe not unlike your winter season, where the cold keeps you inside for a while. So soon I can sew to my heart's content -- hardly any visitors come during the summer and I can be sloppy in the sewing room -- and I'm usually in there in shorts, barefooted, and happy.

  19. poetlalala | | #34

    i have just graduated to 'advanced beginner' and am experimenting with knit fabric. i'll be making t shirts as well as some pants and tote bags - a little bit of everything! i especially want to make some wide brimmed hats to protect from the sun while gardening. i enjoy sewing while listening to the birdies outside.

  20. dressed2atee | | #38

    Hello everyone, for me spring means prom dresses and weddings.  I currently have 5 proms and one wedding gown in progress.  I'll be posting pics very soon!

    Happy sewing.

    1. Ocrafty1 | | #68

      Can't wait to see the pix.  I just finished altering a wedding gown...pix are up under Couture Wedding Gown.....

      I bought lots of fabric at Walmart and am going to make several new tops.  I've started designing my own, and may try to sell a few at our local Harley Davidson dealership.  DH and I are planning to ride from Indiana to Alaska this summer, so I need a wardrobe that will be wrinkle resistant and tiny when packed.  Jeans are essential, as are my 'leathers', so tops are going to be the only gear that I have much of a choice with. 

      I'm hoping to get a few formals and weddings this summer as well.


      1. Ceeayche | | #72

        Lucky you, the Walmart's in our area discontinued the sale of fabrics.  I'm so bummmmed.

  21. Hansi | | #39

    I'm making my first jacket.  I'm trying to take my time and do a good job.  I'm in the muslin stage and have a question in the Fitting section of the discussion group.



  22. kaitydid | | #41

    alright, i know this is silly. i wanna memorize "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" this summer. haha. i also want to get a lot of sewing done! i especially love making dresses. i have recently started designing my own clothes so i need to keep practicing.

  23. dressed2atee | | #51

    Hi everyone,

    In between the 5 proms and 3 weddings that I am sewing for...I hope to get some flirty new dresses.  I have so much fabric and so many patterns to chose from.  I managed to squeeze in a dress to wear to a wedding Saturday.  I will post pics soon...computer down at home.

    1. dollmarm | | #55

      wow busy and fun - looking forward to seeing the pictures :~)

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