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Conversational Threads

Yet to Receive Mag. #145

victoria0001 | Posted in Feedback on Threads on

I am completely depressed as I have yet to receive my Threads Mag. #145.  I hope I’m not the only Canadian who hasn’t yet received it.  It sounds like it’s another wonderful issue.


  1. starzoe | | #1

    I haven't received mine either. I'm guessing you are on the island, if so, I am just north of you nearer the ferries. Oddly enough, if I catch the mailperson (not always the same one) and ask about the magazine, magically it appears either the next day or very soon. I rather suspect they leave the magazines behind to limit the weight of their deliveries.

    1. sewluving | | #2

      I don't get my Threads by mail but buy from the store.  I have not seen it in any of the stores here yet either.  Maybe it is because they take longer to send them to Canada?  I wondered about it too since everyone has been chatting about the new magazine on line here.

      Heather in Calgary

      1. Gloriasews | | #3

        We usually get ours 2 weeks later (or so) than the States.  Also, they usually show up in the stores here before we get them in the mail.  Only once, a few months ago, did we Canadians get our issues before the States - & there was much celebration! :)   Unfortunately, it didn't happen again.  Australians also wait ages for theirs, too.

        1. regatta | | #4

          I live in Australia  and have not received my copy either -  I usually get mine within a week after it shows up on the website, which was early last week.  Has anyone else in Oz (Qld in particular) received theirs.

          Perhaps someone from Threads could comment?  Is there a hold up?

            Hope they haven't changed the method of dispatch as last time that caused all sorts of problems and they ended up going back to the previous method which was spot on. 

          I so look forward to receiving my copy - It is very frustrating when it is this late.

          1. Gloriasews | | #6

            It is frustrating waiting, but we have to be patient.  You'd think that Threads would send them at the same time they sent them to the distributors, but then, they are mailed to us, but trucked to the stores, so no wonder they receive them first.  Ours in Canada have always been 2-3 wks. late, except for that one time.  Hopefully, we'll both receive our in the next week.

          2. sewluving | | #8

            Hallelujah,  I found Threads #145 at the Safeway store on Saturday the 12th.  It was the only one there.  Not sure how long it has been in the store but I did look last Saturday when there and no magazine at that time.  Good to read it.  Am savouring it.

            Heather in Calgary

          3. Gloriasews | | #10

            Lucky you, Heather, to get the last copy of Threads at Safeway.  (Lucky you to even have a Safeway!  I really miss that store!  We don't have one here - it left after the strike in 1996 & never returned).  Anyway, I rush to the mailbox every day, eagerly hoping my Threads has arrived - no luck so far, but any day now . . . maybe tomorrow.


          4. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #11

            I got mine in the mail on Monday, so yours should arrive shortly! And for me it was worth the wait... Cathy

          5. jane4878 | | #12

            Ahhhh, so there's hope for me! I've just learned to be VERY patient while waiting for Threads.Jane

          6. Gloriasews | | #16

            Cathy, I received mine yesterday, so all is well with my world :).  I've been so busy, though, that I haven't even had time to peek at it, except for the Table of Contents, (usually, I sit right down & read it as soon as it comes) but it looks like it's great!  Maybe tonight.  It's nice to have a treat to look forward to, now that it's actually here.


          7. sewluving | | #13

            Hope you get it soon.  It IS worth the wait.  I'm still savouring mine.  I keep forgetting that the Chapter's store near us or even the Michael's store probably have more copies and maybe even sooner.  It is just that Safeway is where I go at least once a week.



          8. Gloriasews | | #14

            I  finally received my copy yesterday.  Yay!  I haven't even had time to look at it yet (not like me at all), but I had other things that just had to be done, so, maybe tomorrow :).  I enjoy the treat more, it seems, when it's sitting there tempting me :), so I do more a bit faster so that I can enjoy it.


          9. starzoe | | #15

            I got my copy yesterday, there wasn't much in it for me at first read but down the road I am bound to refer to it.

          10. Gloriasews | | #17

            I got my copy yesterday, too, but I've been too busy to look through it, which usually doesn't happen to me.  I'm looking forward to it, though.

          11. Gloriasews | | #18

            I'm sure to find something I'll like in it.  I always do :).  They have to please everyone, so there's always something of interest to me - I hope. :)

          12. victoria0001 | | #19

            Happy Days!!

            My Threads magazine arrived today so there is hope for everyone!!!  I've yet to read it but it looks inspiring just leafing through the pages.  Now is a wonderful time to look for more ideas and I'm bursting to start sewing once again as there seems to be a collection of interesting fabrics in my stash just wishing I'd do something with them.  I think one of the articles is about pleating fabrics and using decorative stitches perhaps on a blouse front or dress.  I'm ready!

            Hope everyone has their latest Threads too.


          13. regatta | | #20

            Poor old me is still waiting.

          14. victoria0001 | | #22

            I wonder if you and Moira shouldn't e-mail Threads Customer Service to find out if this length of time is normal or if your copy has gone missing.

          15. regatta | | #23

            Usual time for me to get Threads is within a week after it shows up on the website, as no other Australians appear to be squealing I shall be getting in touch with Threads tomorrow.

             I did ask just on this thread if someone from the magazine could respond regarding the delay - but no one has.  I really really REALLY look forward to getting my Threads.


          16. Gloriasews | | #24

            Did you send an e-mail to Customer Service at Threads?  Usually they are quick to respond.  I'm in Canada & my issue arrived at the end of last week, so yours may still be another week or so.

          17. regatta | | #25

            Yes - I sent an e-mail today - going by the last 5 years or so I should have had it ages ago.  There weren 't any other Australians saying theirs hadn't arrived, so maybe there was a glitch with just mine.

            Strange that someone from the magazine hasn't said something on this thread seeing that so many were late arriving.

            Ever hopeful   


          18. regatta | | #26

            Have received a prompt reply and a replacement is on the way.

             Now 146 will come sooner after 145 and I will get greedy and want one every month.  Naughty naughty me.  I'm getting exited already - I do love my Threads.


          19. jei | | #27

            I, in rural Alberta, am still waiting for issue #145.  Customer Service, Missing Issue, will only let me ask for issue #143 or #144.  So I continue to drive 10 miles to town, checking my mail box.  Perhaps today.

          20. regatta | | #28

            Hope you get it soon. 

            My sewing machine is in to have a service and I thought it was to be back last Wednesday - as repair man was not busy.  Now that has turned into probably next Saturday - as repair man is very busy.  Even though I have not particularly planned on sewing anything I have discovered that I do not like waiting.

            Missing both a magazine and a sewing machine (I do have a spare machine - that doesn't count) only people on this forum probably understand.

            Hope yours does come tomorrow. Marika


          21. moira | | #29

            At last today I picked up issue 145 from my newsagent, where I have Threads on regular order. However I now realise from this issue, that I've never received 144. I've emailed Customer services - anyone know if I should be hopeful about getting a replacement copy sent to me in the UK?

            Edited 9/26/2009 6:43 am ET by moira

          22. jei | | #32

            Got a reply from Customer Service letting me know that a magazine is on its way.  Unfortunately by snail mail, but at least I know I am getting one.  Am glad my machine is working and don't have to be without that, too.  It is a 4 hour trip to take mine to my dealer, so it is a major down time for me when that happens.

          23. regatta | | #35

            My replacement Threads (post marked 25th Sept) arrived today.  Hope you have yours by now as well.


          24. jei | | #38

            Still no magazine.  It has only been a week since it was sent, and will probably take another week to get here.  At this rate, issue #146 might arrive before this lost one!

            Fall is definitely in the air.  That dreaded S word was mentioned as a possiblity this week-end.  I most definitely am NOT ready for snow and was wearing shorts last week.


          25. sewluving | | #39

            Joan, not sure just where in Alberta you are but you are right.  I was in shorts yesterday around the house and getting rid of the plants that got frost.  Then a few more today.  But today it was cool and tonight it is really cool and there is rain and talk of snow flurries by morning.............Yuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk.  Winter does 'nothing' for my medical condition.  (Transverse Myelitis....does not like the change to cooler or cold weather).  Fall/early winter.........yuck.  Thanksgiving next weekend already.  Guess we were spoiled with a nice long fall.

            Now is the time to snuggle in with sewing/crochet/knitting/crafts

            Heather in chilly Calgary

          26. regatta | | #41

            You would think that by now they would send you a replacement 145. It seems obvious that your original should arrive before a replacement can make it to Australia.

            It has been about 5 years, I think, since it was cold enough to wear a coat here. Even in winter mostly I can wear just jeans and a T shirt or a jumper.  It would be quite nice to have really seasonal clothes.

            Hope you are reading your Threads even as I send this.


          27. jei | | #42

            Wow, no coat.  Where I live it can, and usually, dips down to -40.  Two years ago it registered a bitter -52C, but we were holidaying in California so I missed it (boo-hoo).

            Am really, really looking forward to getting a look at this issue.  Seems they are having a bit of a problem getting it to everyone.


          28. Gloriasews | | #30

            So many of us would like Threads to be a monthly mag, but it is what it is.  We all await it eagerly, so that's the main thing.

            I'm glad you received a reply from them & that your current issue is on the way.  I'm also surprised that the Australian readers didn't mention receiving theirs, either, because, at least, you would have know that theirs arrived.  Oh, well, you can look forward to the mail now.  I hope you receive yours soon.


          29. regatta | | #31

            Mine was dispatched by first class mail on the 24th will let all know when it arrives.


          30. Gloriasews | | #33

            That's good that they let you know when it was sent.  Something for you to look forward to.

          31. MarikaD | | #34

            Yes, at last I am on a countdown.


          32. Gloriasews | | #36

            Be patient, hang in there & it'll soon ge there. 

          33. regatta | | #37

            Thanks for your concern, I have now received mine.  Hope every one else has theirs as well


          34. Gloriasews | | #40

            That was sure a fast delivery - good for you!


          35. moira | | #21

            I've been wondering for some weeks now where my latest edition of Threads is. As I read these posts I'm beginning to think this one has got lost somewhere, but I see I'm not the only lady-in-waiting! Anyone else in the UK got/not got theirs?

          36. Ckbklady | | #7

            It's possible that the holiday weekend slowed down the mail here. We had Labor Day quite late this year, on Monday Sept 7th. In my experience, even though that only means one day shut, it backs everything up because of the flood of pent-up postings right after.

            I live near Seattle, and got mine the day it debuted online - very unusual in my experience. It'll be worth the wait, I promise you!

            :) Ckbklady

  2. User avater
    ThreadKoe | | #5

    Hmmmm, Here in Ontario, I have not received mine either. Was getting it in good time for the last couple of issues, with great celebration! Now it seems we are back to the wait and wait forever game. :( I was starting to wonder if I had to ask if I had been missed. Cathy

  3. lou19 | | #9

    Have not received my copy either.

    Subscribe from UK

    Frustrating isn't it?

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