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Thread Painting

This is my first attempt at thread painting (aka free motion embroidery). This was all done on the sewing machine using a straight stitch, and a modified zig-zag stitch. I completed most of the hat on 2 layers of medium cut-away backing, then trimmed off the excess, and finished it on the jacket to attach it. The face was done directly on the jacket.

Pattern or design used: Not specified

Comments (17)

Miley Stuart Miley Stuart writes: Great One
Posted: 4:06 am on August 10th

roywong20 roywong20 writes: Good work.
Posted: 2:25 am on August 10th

Fredbutler Fredbutler writes: Brilliant
Posted: 2:04 am on October 13th

helenwise helenwise writes: Brilliant
Posted: 1:23 am on September 24th

howardcharl2 howardcharl2 writes: Incredible work
Posted: 4:03 am on February 12th

Carldiaz5 Carldiaz5 writes: Well Done..
Posted: 5:34 am on January 23rd

keithlopez5 keithlopez5 writes: Love it
Posted: 7:29 am on January 14th

tobyelliott tobyelliott writes: nice painting... great work. well done.
Posted: 2:47 am on November 24th

jackpiter jackpiter writes: Very creative work.. Really good
Posted: 7:54 am on May 14th

earlcollins earlcollins writes: Beautiful!
Posted: 5:32 am on March 31st

juanbell juanbell writes: Wow...Nice work
Posted: 5:00 am on March 27th

philipmcnabb philipmcnabb writes: Awesome....Beautiful work
Posted: 12:46 am on March 16th

mickervine mickervine writes: woww super stuff
Posted: 1:56 am on March 13th

sophronia sophronia writes: Beautiful work!
Posted: 9:58 am on April 15th

hookedonsewing hookedonsewing writes: That's outstanding!How did you learn the technique? I've been wanting to learn free form embroidery for some time now but couldn't find a good book to refer to. Any suggestions?
Posted: 9:36 am on September 14th

kwtxn kwtxn writes: WOW -simply outstanding.
Posted: 10:03 am on August 3rd

lauraflo lauraflo writes: Beautiful! You have really mastered thread painting if this is your first attempt.
Posted: 11:38 pm on July 20th

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