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My Beautiful Wolf Fairy Serenity

This is my 8 year old daughter Serenity she has made up stories about Wolf Faries and wanted a costume for Halloween to go with the stories that I hope to one day to be books. She told me what she looked like in her land and what color wolf she was and picked every thing out so between the fabric, craft, and hardware stores this is what we made. the only pieces that were not made from scratch is the tights and the t-shirt however we did add fur to a rip in the knee of the pants to look like she was fur under them and painted the shirt to say Wolf Faires Forever. It was a lot of fun but most of all I enjoyed making her imagination come to life!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Pamela Morris

Comments (2)

DreamyDahlia DreamyDahlia writes: What a creative imagination this little girl has! Mom is wonderfully craft creative too. Love it.
Posted: 9:45 pm on November 5th

macchasina macchasina writes: I thought this was absolutely adorable :-) and the idea of wolf fairies is fascinating and very creatively interesting.
Posted: 11:36 pm on November 4th

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