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Threads December/January 2013

Threads December/January 2013

Congratulations to the Threads online member who was randomly selected in our current giveaway. JillyBe will receive a copy of Threads December/January 2013 magazine. This issue is packed with new, fun projects and tips to learn. Enjoy and congratulations again!


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DivineHammer DivineHammer writes: Hi. I am OBSESSED with a dress that I saw in one of the advertisments in this issue of Threads. I don't remember what the ad was for, but it had to do with oriental fabrics and featured a woman reclined on a couch who was wearing the most incredible cream colored wrap dress with abstract black cranes flying across it. I have been searching the internet high and low, trying to find that fabric. can anyone here remember what the ad was for or know where I can find it...? Thanks!
Posted: 5:43 pm on December 21st

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