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White Satin and Black Lace wedding gown

Satin and black lace wedding gown

Satin and black lace wedding gown

Photo: family friend

This dress was seen on the internet only in a very short style. My granddaughter wanted it long, so this dress was done on a dress form with her measurements. Basicly it was pretty easy except the lace was sewn on by hand and it took quite a bit of time. The dress is white satin, lined, with boneing in strapless top. The lace was trimmed around the edges for design appeal, as seen by the bodice and over the shoulder strap. The strap is not for support, it has some ecru tulle in a double layer stitched under the lace only for show, and to make it look see-through. It has a right side zipper. The finishing touch was a pleated black satin cumberbun. With red roses as a compliment it was very striking.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Marilyn Oliver

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manigoldgirl manigoldgirl writes: As you can see, I'm not very computer literate. Sorry that you have to tilt sideways to see them. Appreciate a glance tho.
Posted: 2:43 pm on July 27th

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