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The Most Important Button Position Is the One on the Bust Point Line

Submitted by Louise Cutting
from Threads #104

Mark the buttonhole and button positions when the garment is close to being finished, right before sewing the buttonholes.

To decide exactly where your bust point is, drop a measuring tape from where the shoulder seamline and neck edge meet, letting it fall over your bust. The point where the tape falls away from the body is your bust point. A buttonhole should be placed perpendicular to this point at the center front. (If you prefer vertical buttonholes, place the top of the buttonhole 1/8 inch above the bust point level.) Equally space the rest of the buttonholes above and below this location.

You will be able to unbutton your blouse or jacket down to this point and not look risqué! The turn of the cloth at the left and right of the garment will be high enough to cover the front of your bra, and this line is always flattering to the face.


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