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Video: Miter Corners on Striped Trim

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Video Length: 2:37
Produced by: Evamarie Gomez, Judith Neukam and Carol Fresia; Videographer: Jeff Roos

Striped Fabric as Fabric: How to Miter the Corners

Striped trim is especially effective as a design element when it's mitered at corners. Follow along as Threads contributing editor Judith Neukam shows one method for creating this look.

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Comments (1)

LuvThreadsMagazine LuvThreadsMagazine writes: Evmez,

Great topic, mitering is an art and a science.

Ideal choices for casting - Fresia is the dependable studio staple, and "Judith" IS the living legend.

Here's a treatment proposal (could take you to Sundance), "All about Stephanie".

A sewing diva is paired with a seemingly green upstart, but as the story unfolds, someone is crowded off the video shorts sound stage (it's perfect for 2017!).

An ever helpful fan
Posted: 9:24 am on November 11th

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