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Conversational Threads

Abbreviations in messages

Alice in Atlanta | Posted in General Discussion on

Since I’m new here and……. I’m not familiar with all the abbreviations which are other than those associated with sewing references.  Would it be too much trouble to simply spell out the words so I and others can make sense of your writings?

For instance, what’s NM or DH etc, etc.??



  1. stitchintime | | #1

    Welcome aboard.

    Try http://www.acronymdictionary.co.uk or http://www.gaarde.org/acronyms

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Most of the acronyms on this site are fairly simple and repetitive so you'll get the hang of it soon. (This is not an invitation for everyone to start using acronyms instead of English!)

    Edited 1/23/2007 3:10 pm ET by stitchintime

    Edited 1/23/2007 3:15 pm ET by stitchintime

    1. fabricholic | | #3

      Thanks for the website!Marcy

      1. stitchintime | | #6

        You're welcome. But I'm with you... when in doubt, make it up. (Actually I learned that from DH).

    2. Cherrypops | | #15

      Thank you for this link..Now i understand the teenagers of today.


  2. fabricholic | | #2

    Hi Alice,I thought DH was darling husband and DD as darling daughter. I am learning this stuff myself. If I can't figure it out, I just make it up. I heard that LOL is laugh out loud, or laugh on line. Who knows?Marcy

    1. Alice in Atlanta | | #4

      Thanks for the info.  I think it's pretty silly, especially since I've not had a "darling husband'!!  I guess everyone would understand if I called him my BXH, lol.

      1. stitchintime | | #5

        See, I told you it wouldn't take long. Happy sewing and happy computering.

      2. samsmomma | | #7

        The D can be anything you want it to be.. "darling" isn't the only adjective to describe husbands (or ex's) that begins with D.. that's the beauty of using that D... <grin>

        NAYY means "not affiliated, yada yada" for when someone endorses a product or company but wants you to know they aren't being paid to say so.

        TY is thank you.  gggg is giggling, <g> is grinning, <vbg> is very big grin, <weg> is wicked evil grin...

        Those are some of the more common ones. Some of us have been online so long we forget that others don't know the acronyms, but the reason they are used is because many folks still type by "hunt and peck" and it makes it faster to share our thoughts using them.

      3. fabricholic | | #8

        Oh, that one is pretty easy. I can imagine, anyway. I have typed since junior high, so I don't have to hunt and peck. If they come to you naturally, I guess it would save time. I don't think I would call my husband, "darling husband", even though, I love him very much. We are more like "honey POT" and "sugar LUMP".Marcy

        1. Alice in Atlanta | | #9

          I think you just may have my sense of humor....at least you understood my abbreviations. 

          In my opinion it's cloying to say, "my darling daughter", "my darling son".  Why is it they never tell the other truths, such as, my tatooed son/daughter, my pot-head relative etc?  Maybe those are the loggers who don't use the girly abbreviations. You get the point.  Who're they trying to impressed?  We don 't care about your relationships, this is a sewing site!! I

          I never see "my DW" or "my DH"on stock market message boards which.... I read each day....men aren't this nutty/ insecure.  BTW, what does your  "H" OR your family have to do with a sewing site?  You need to edit your messages and just stick with the facts, edit, edit, edit.  Glad I could get this off my chest. 

          1. User avater
            Becky-book | | #10

            Dear Alice,

            You are right about the stock market message boards, and perhaps men in general, but this is a message board for people who like to sew, knit, etc... Most of us are not professionals.  Most of us seem to enjoy the 'folksy' nature of the discussions. We DO care about you and your relationships. We take a "wholistic" approach to sewing (involving our whole person, including spouse and other relatives and friends).  There may be a board out there for 'sewing-just the facts', I don't think this is it.

            Yes, some husbands are rarely Dear or Darling or Devoted, but look at how much character, patience, virtue, wisdom, etc. we can learn as we  relate to them as a loving wife.

            Welcome to Gatherings,


          2. Betakin | | #11

            Well, what the abbrevs. have to do with a sewing site..I think most of us sew or have sewn for a DH, DD, DS or helped a DDIL with sewing etc. but Alice perhaps you haven't. Many men frequent the sewing forums and yes they do post about their DW or SO's. Some men are expert techs and help sewing forum members with machine problems. Some men ask opinions on what machines to purchase for themseleves or for gifts for their DW's and DD's and some men quilt or just sew for themselves and they speak of their family members.

            I don't think it is "nutty or insecure" to care about the DW's joy or reaction on a newly purchased sewing machine given as a gift from her DH that got the info on what to purchase for her from the forums and if DD's prom dress turned out nice. I think abbreviating shortens the posts instead of typing the full words and why should we "have"  to edit our abbrevs concerning family, I do enough of that for typo's.

          3. Alice in Atlanta | | #12

            I'm sorry you missed the point.

  3. NovaSkills | | #13

    I'm with you. Just type the words. It's faster to do that than to mess with the shift, etc., anyway--unless you are really a "Columbus" typer; plus, it's easier to read.

    Yeah, I know everyone won't agree with this, but I'm tired of the lowest common denominator being the driver for standards.

    1. Alice in Atlanta | | #14

      Thank God for some sanity



























      I hope you were able to read all my letters regarding this sickeningly sweet stuff.  The argument had nothing to do with whether husbands were involved or not.  It's those dopey D's that get to me....,and it adds another letter for the hunt and peckers to have to type (their argument, not mine)  One can only imagine two women coming together in any setting and referring to their husbands or relatives as "my darling husband" or my dear/darling daughter".  It's just plain goofy! I believe I used the word "cloying". 

      Maybe I should refer to my former husband as my XBH or BXH  Now that would fit!! He was a lawyer who wouldn't pay child support (four kids) without me taking him to court every other month but he had money for his girl friend who he had while we were marriied.  For him it was free, for me it meant paying for an attorney.  I'm glad he's dead.

      BTW, he was from Columbus, lol.  Many thanks for your letter, guess this was a lot more than you wanted to know.









    2. Alice in Atlanta | | #17

      Dear NS,  someone edited my reply to you.  You only received the first sentence.  Ah, ha, and they said this was for anything you needed to say.  Guess those "higher" powers" didn't like that much being said.  Too bad, it was a long letter explaining myself to a sympathetic ear.  I also asked, what's with the Columubs remark?  Never heard that one before  not even when I lived there.  Thanks, good to hear from you.

      1. NovaSkills | | #18

        "Columbus" typists are those who discover and land (hunt and peck, in other words.) A moldy oldie from my high school typing teacher.

        Did you live in Columbus, OH? I used to live in Mt. Vernon, OH, about 40 miles away.

        As for editing, who is the person doing that? I find it hard to believe your message was x-rated...

        1. Alice in Atlanta | | #19

          Good to hear from another Buckeye, yes I lived in a Columbus suburb for most of my growing up years, it's Worthington.  Of course I've heard of Mt. Vernon, a nice place to live, when I was a little girl we had a neighbor from there so I heard of it very early on.

          I was somewhat surprised that my letter to you was edited especially when one of the people who wrote back said this was a place to express ourselves about anything.  See, it just goes to show you can't win when you're up against a bunch of idiots.  Let's see if that's censored too.

          Where are you now? Does the Nove have anything to do with Miami as in Nova U. or are you up there freezing in Nova Scotia with the rest of the Canadians?


          1. NovaSkills | | #20

            I'm in Florida, after living many other places.

            The name is my business name, since I've done alot of training ("new/nova" skills...)

          2. Josefly | | #21

            Alice, I don't think your message was edited. I see the entire message, I believe, but there is a long, long blank space between the first sentence and the remainder of the message. Go back and look at your message again, and scroll down through the several inches of white space, and see if it's all there. The first sentence is repeated after all that white space, in all capital letters, and then there are a couple of paragraphs, then some more white space. Unless you're saying that all that white space contained deleted text?By the way, the message is # 6205.16, for easier searching. Edited 2/6/2007 9:12 pm ET by Josefly

            Edited 2/6/2007 9:18 pm ET by Josefly

          3. Alice in Atlanta | | #22

            I hate to belabour a point since in the scheme of things it's not that important BUT...it was definetely edited unless.........you read about my ex having been an attorney in Columbus, Ohio etc.  and about other things regarding the same.  I'm really curious to know (for both of us) if it was edited.  Those empty spaces would indicate where the editing took place....it was a pretty long letter I wrote to you.

            Thanks for corresponding, I get lonely here.


          4. Josefly | | #24

            Belabouring the point further: yes, the stuff about your ex-husband, and his being from Columbus, is all still there in your message. Did you go back to see if you can read it? It would be nice, as you said, to be sure.Edited 2/10/2007 3:58 pm ET by Josefly

            Edited 2/10/2007 4:00 pm ET by Josefly

          5. Alice in Atlanta | | #25

            Boy, if somebody told me I needed to get a life, I'd have to agree, lol.

            Yes, I did go back and check it and you are right...it's pretty much all there.  I see that long empty space and it's where I was having a problem with my pc.  As I would try to make a correction it was replacing each proceeding letter as I typed in a new one.  Ever have that happen to you?  I now recall that it was so messed up that I just started the whole thing again AND made sure I was careful about phrasing and spelling.  That damned thing took forever to write!!!  chuckles.  It took almost as long as that marriage, lol.  Hey, I guess you know I'm just trying to be less tense.  Life's too short to sweat the small stuff.

            Great to have another soul to talk with, it's pretty lonely here with just the two cats...my choice.  My DD, ha, ha, ha, see now I can do it too, died around this time two years ago.  She was found in her car in the parking garage at the Philly airiport.  My life also stopped on that day, she was my best friend and the reason I left Boca Raton, Fla. for Atlanta where she had a home in the town where the famous "run away bride" was from,  Duluth, Ga.   Now with all this information about Anna Nicole it reopens that wound again.  Guess this is more information than you needed.  But thanks anyway for writing, I do enjoy it so much.  Alice

  4. Alice in Atlanta | | #16

    That wasn't my post, it was from someone who wrote to me about my post on the those silly abreviations.  You have to go up to the top to see who wrote it.

    1. Cherrypops | | #23

      Alice, I did as you suggested and went up to the top of the page to re-read .

      your screen name is at post number 1 : "6205.01". Your message was to "all".

      within your message before your name "alice" reads: For instance, what's NM or DH etc, etc.?? Which is why i said thank you in my reply, #18, for asking the question. I would not have known otherwise what these abbreviations meant if the next poster hadn't posted the websites for perusal. (Just noticed and I don't know why my message #18 was deleted.)

      You then say in your reply #19, for me to go up to the top because you did not write those words.

      Because I read those words in your message #1, i assumed you typed those words. I had no reason to believe another person wrote them.

      I also did not think your message #16 was edited, however, only you know what you wrote, looks like what i read is the edited version? and if you are adamant it was deleted/edited, my guess is the forum admin, who are free to edit, delete, etc any post, which is part of the house rules may have. Normally when you edit your message yourself you see 'edited by ..... and the time stated".

      That's it from me. I'm going to catch up with the gals in the other discussions and make more valuable notes.


      1. Alice in Atlanta | | #26

        Thanks for your note.  As I said to another here, I need to get a life!  The heck with small stuff, I'm going to try to be more positive from now on.

        I just read a bunch of letters back and forth and had to laugh to myself. it was like listening in on "party line" phone.  These gals on here are pretty darned sharp and not just a bunch of bored haus fraus needing TLC. 

        By the way..... something I just learned on Sewing with Nancy.  When making numbers or letters on my sewing machine I can use two threads through an embroidery needle to obtain a fuller look.  Now that's the answer I was looking for and I'll be sure and try it asap. It's a good thing, (famous quote) ha, ha

        1. Cherrypops | | #27

          Thank you so much for clearing things up.

          I read your post to josefly, lucky for me i did, because I am having the same problems you are.>>>>>I see that long empty space and it's where I was having a problem with my pc.  As I would try to make a correction it was replacing each proceeding letter as I typed in a new one.  Ever have that happen to you?<<<<<

          I find as i type, the cursor 'jumps' all over the place. before i realise i am typing halfway down the page within another paragraph. annoys me!

          my hubby suggested i send an email off to forum admin.

          do you watch the sewing with nancy shows? I am in Australia, i do not have pay tv. but i watch the http://www.qnntv.com on the pc. No housework gets done now!

          :) CherryP


          1. Alice in Atlanta | | #28

            Hi Cherry (or whatever your real name is)

            Isn't it annoying when things don't go right?  I'm using a different (borrowed)  pc, and those things never happened on my own.  But I remember when I first started using a computer the same thing happened for some time and then it stopped.  It was really upsetting when I sent that letter, I was in a hurry to get it off so that I could snuggle into a warm bed and watch a bit of TV.  But nooooooooooo!! Nothing ever can be that simple!  There I was, pounding out a letter of no particular consequense which ran into the TV time and surely cut into that bath I planned on taking.  By the time I was finished I was too tired for a bath and all the good programs were over.  Thank goodnes for the electric mattress pad.  By the time I got upstairs my feet were almost numb and my behind was almost that way too.  Now I remember why it was I didn't want a computer....but what would I do without it.

            I do love Nancy, she comes on here on Saturday at 6:30 AM.  When I lived in Florida it was on at a different time, I think at ! PM.  I was crestfallen when I didn't find it here in the newspaper programming.  Then I went to her website and put in where I live and that's how I found it again.  I'll bet not many people even know she's on here.  I've taped many, many of her shows and refer back to them when needed.  Too bad they'll probably get tossed in the trash when I die...my daughter doesn't sew...or want to. I'll check out that website you mentioned, anxious to see what it's all about.  Go to http://www.sewingwithnancy.com and see if she might be in your part of the world, you might be surprised.


          2. Cherrypops | | #29

            I am a frequent visitor to the Nancys Notions website.

            I cannot afford foxtel tv or the other pay tv channels on offer here in australia.

            I am happy with my broadband internet connection which allows me to view the programs via the quilter's news network website.

            There is an online store in Australia which sells Nancy's videos and books. I have so many books, i haven't needed to purchase more.

            It is unfortunate that your daughter may not be a sewer and not need your videos. I am sure you will find a good home for them, you could always donate them to the local library.

          3. Alice in Atlanta | | #30

            I'm so sorry you have to pay to watch some programs.  Here it is free and comes through Public Broadcasting System ( PBS).  Perhaps you could make or have a friend in the US who would tape these shows for you  for the cost of $1.00 for a 6 hour tape and the postage.  No big money or mark up, just whatever the REAL cost.


          4. Cherrypops | | #31

            Thanks Alice I had not thought of that.

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