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CherryPops’s latest

Cherrypops | Posted in Photo Gallery on

Many of you have seen my ‘bean bag’ chair/cushions I made for my son’s pre-school. For those who haven’t I have attached a smaller pic here.

I was asked to make another two for a school raffle. Once again they turned out great!

Bought the fabrics on Monday, cut and sewed Tues/Wed and hubby filled them today. All ready for next Tuesday.

They all have a separate enclosed lining, which holds the balls, much safer for little children. The printed fabrics can be removed for washing. All 100% cotton fabrics.

Now I can make my winter clothing.






  1. MaryinColorado | | #1

    Cool beans!  I like the personalized fabrics and that you can take off the designer cover to wash them. 

     We had one for each grandchild when they were little, they really enjoyed having them.  They looked like a soccer ball, basketball, and baseball.  So comfy for watching tv and playing games on the floor.  Mary

    1. Cherrypops | | #7

      Cool Bananas is said a lot by me and my mates down here!

      I have made 'soccer ball'  and 'football' cushions. found a fabric panel which had the designs printed on it, cut it out, sewed it up,and stuffed with fibrefill. No photos of those. great for boy's birthday presents.





      1. MaryinColorado | | #14

        "Back in the day" I remember someone using thier vacuum cleaner to fill the "sit upons"  I can't remember how they did it, but it had to do with putting the tubes in backwards so it would blow out the little balls. 

        Those things have a life of thier own.  I spent many years vacuuming them out of carpeting!  whew  Especially after a particularly wild "pillow fight" with some that were worn.   Fond memories, nonetheless.  It is wonderful that you take the extra time and effort to line them!   Mary

        1. Cherrypops | | #16

          Only for special occasions do I line these as you say 'sit upons'. I most definitley charge extra for that! Hadn't heard the vacuum trick. Reverse cycle I guess.

          I always got pounded with pillow fights. I did get a few back, but no pillows blew open. Born too late. No feathers in mine. just the polyester fibrefill. I've seen the movies where the feathers would fly, and wish.



  2. solosmocker | | #2

    Very cute! That's one handsome young dude you've got there, too.

    That must have taken a ton of little balls to fill all of those. I am sure these will be a big hit at the raffle.

    1. Cherrypops | | #8

      Thank You, yes, Thomas is quite handsome and the girls of all ages love him. His teacher said the other day he is 'gorgeous' and pleased that his personlity shines through while he works hard at school.

      Hubby had the job of filling the bags. The secret : Because the inner fabric is sewn closed, I made lining and turned inside out, left a small hole, hubby then placed a cardboard tube (funnel) in it and tipped up the bag of balls. A few ran astray on the floor. It's funny watching them chase each other due to the static. Then I hand sewed closed. Hubby put that into the outer fabric. He'd rather do that than cut and sew! He can sew his mum taught him, and he did Thomas' bedroom curtains!

      One of my Class mums won them today, we had a Mother's Day Lunch at the school's Hall. She was hoping to win them, and I was pleased it went to her.

  3. bonkers | | #3

    Hi Cherrypops, I love the beanbags. I made some about 20 years ago when my kids were at home. Aren`t those darn little beans a fright to work with? I did them in the winter when the furnace was running all day and boy the static was awful. I had plastic beans all over me and the house!! The dog too!

    Are you getting ready to have winter down there? We are just starting to get some warm spring weather here in Northern Indiana,U.S.  Always wanted to see Australia, but am too old now!  Keep up the good work, Bonkers

    1. Cherrypops | | #9

      The secret to getting the balls into the bags was writtten above in my reply to solosmocker.

      They are easy to make. Straight sewing on the overlocker. 6 side pieces and a top and bottom (done on sewer).

      Word is out that I 'make to order' covers only. a bit of pocket money.

      The weather is becoming cooler. Lovely day today. I've subscribed to newsletters from various overseas websites, it's nice to see what is upcoming for spring. get my patterns/fabrics organised.

      Time to sew for me now!



  4. cynthia2 | | #4

    Those are great Cherrypops!  At the risk of sounding old, I remember having a beanbag chair as a kid back in the 60's.  As an even younger girl I had a white fur rug in the shape of a cat that I just adored.  It seems to me now that it wouldn't be hard to make one in faux fur.  Just cut out the cat shape and bind the edges (or leave them unbound if the fur is long enough to cover them, as mine was).  Could be another item for your school raffles.

    1. Cherrypops | | #10

      Hi cynthia,

      i love hearing you gals talk of your childhood. i'm a 70's baby. the 80's were my fashion thing.

      i do have a pattern for an elephant on my 'to do list'. My son preferred that to a beanbag. having sewn with faux fur before, it isn't difficult. i would probably stuff this with fibrefill rather than polystyrene balls.

      the ideas are endless for raffles. i was pleased one of our class mums won the bean bags.


  5. LindaFaye | | #5

    Oh WONDERFUL!!! I love the bean bag chairs - colorful too!

    1. Cherrypops | | #11

      Thank you Linda, they were easy to make, and loved by all. Might be making and selling a few 'covers only' for birthdays and xmas presents etc.

  6. fabricholic | | #6

    These are so adorable and very useful. I know that has to be a lot of work. I don't think I would want to tackle it. Great job.


    1. Cherrypops | | #12

      It was a lot of time. Cutting out easy, but i don't like cutting.

      each bag took 2.6mtrs fabric

      Hubby helped fill them and then placed the inner inside the outer fabric.

      After seeing the pins and scissor work, hubby said he will buy me a piece of thin wood to use as a cutting board (place on dining table), my cardboard one is breaking, and buy me some weights (no more pins) and then use my rotary cutter.

      i use my rotary cutter for cutting out the tissue patterns and fabrics anyway so that idea wasn't new. but he likes to help out.

      The bags were a huge success today at the Mother's Day Lunch and one of my class mums won them.



      1. fabricholic | | #13

        Hi Cherrypops,That's great that one of the class moms won them. Your husband is sweet to help with the project and get you a board to cut from. Maybe I should let my husband sew on my machine and then he might think up something to help me. He wants to sew something on it, but I am afraid he will start pushing buttons and mess it up. I got this car with this feature you use in case of emergency and they will call for help. Hubby decided to push buttons, when I had told him not to and emergency came on the line and I had to tell them that I was sorry, but husband was playing with the buttons and there was no emergency. I think that taught him to not hit just any button. I don't know that I want to chance it with sewing machine. Marcy

        1. Cherrypops | | #15

          Oh how I laughed reading this. SShhhh don't tell your hubby.

          It's usually me that's pushing all the buttons and having my hubby fix it!

          I'm going out Friday to shop for the Janome 350E. Thomas is at school, Fireman Day, the FireEngine is coming, his classmate's dad is a fireman.

          If thomas came with me to the shop he'd be pushing the buttons and working all the display models. He did some sewing at the Craft Fair last year. The ladies were quite happy for him to use the start/stop button and guide the quilted fabric square. It's in a cupboard somewhere.

          His teacher gave me some leftover fabrics from her mum's stash. Her mum doesn't sew now. Fabric is just beautiful. Long lengths, kept very well, mostly printed woven, many years old, quality is fantastic.

          I can make skirts, tops, one piece I'm thinking of making a quilted table runner, placemat and coaster set for teacher for xmas. Nice to give something back and remind her of her mum too.

          I should take photos, give you a better idea.


          1. fabricholic | | #17

            Please take pictures. Have a great time shopping for your machine. How exciting. Let us know how it goes. I know Thomas will have a great time with a fire truck. That's wonderful. Everytime I watch Thomas the Train on television, I think of him. Have you seen the cartoon Jakers? It is so cute. Last week he wanted a fancy sled and his father kept telling him they couldn't get it and he was going to be disappointed. He told his friends that his family always said that and ended up getting what he wanted. His friends told him that they thought his father was serious. His father made him a sled. Instead of him going postal when he didn't get the fancy one in the store, he tells his dad that it is wonderful and his dad is shocked by his attitude. He is in awe because his dad built it for him. It is so cute.Marcy

          2. Cherrypops | | #19

            It's an awful grey rainy day today. perfect excuse to hide in my sewing room. hubby is painting the bathroom ceiling.

            Thomas' Nanna finished her first single bed quilt. When the weather fines up I will hang it from the clothesline and take a photo. I was impressed. The quilting ladies were so pleased for her. It took her much longer than anticipated. she unpicked a lot and re-started.

            Isn't it great to see the kid's programs with meaning. We still love Thomas the Tank Engine. Jakers was cute. Sometimes I feel like watching them even while Thomas isn't here.

            I spent a little longer in class yesterday. The boy with Celebral Palsy, his aide hadn't arrived so I was asked by his mum if I would stay an extra half hour. One-one time with him. He and I haven't spent any learning time together, but he was quite comfortable with me. Being my first time with him my aim was to keep him quiet and not scream for mummy. I succeeded.

            I go in early each Wed for prep-work. This week the boys are making mother's day cards. Their handprint on the front and their writings inside. Thomas thinks it good that mummy helps draw the lines on the cards for them to write on. The parents walking past the classroom window, give a surprised look and wave, cause I sit at Teachers' desk.

            The hour goes so fast. Teacher loves me and my offer to help. I'm a hands on mum, with childcare experience, allowing her to view me as not just the mum who sews. Which will help me when I pass my resume over to the Senior Teacher at the Pre-school. I will be put in the system. Part time/relief assistant.

            Making small lavender pillows today as gifts for a few mums. photos when finished.

            Have a great day. Hope work is going well for you.



          3. fabricholic | | #21

            I knew a girl with cerebral palsy and, maybe because she had been in the hospital off and on, she was very friendly with everyone. She had a great personality and everyone who met her, liked her. I am glad the boy was good for you. My daughter would go into a panic, if I wasn't right there picking her up from dance class. I remember there was a tornado warning and everyone left with their children. I had run to the library and when I arrived back, I found her crying with her teacher waiting for me. I don't know why she had this panic. I'm glad you are getting in with the school system. That's great. Work is busy for me, because they still have not replaced co-worker.Marcy

          4. User avater
            VKStitcher | | #18

            Hi CherryPops!

            Your bean bag cushions are so cute!  Almost makes me wish I had little ones to sew for.  Almost.

            I think that making a quilted table runner set for your son's teacher is a wonderful idea.  I used to teach 5 & 6 year-olds, and it was always special when I got a handmade gift.  And so much more dear for her if it's from her mum's fabric.  So sweet of you to think of that!  Do post pictures when you get them done.

            Have fun shopping for your embroidery machine.  I look forward to seeing more of your creations!

            Vickie  :-)

          5. Cherrypops | | #20

            Hi Vickie,

            Thanks for your comments.

            I spoke with Dylan, my son's classmate, he loves having the pirate bean bag at his house.

            I agree, Teachers and the mums love special made gifts. Last year, I made 2 very little bags and dropped a cake of soap in each one, tied a ribbon round the top. Very quick and easy. The pre-school teachers thought they were gorgeous. Gives a personal touch. One teacher said 'Every Class needs a mum like you'. That makes me feel even more special :)

            I will let you and the other gals know how I go with my Embroidery Machine.



  7. dionna | | #22

    I love the bean bag chairs I just have one question how long did that take? I whould like to make one for my son but I do not have a lot of time I have a lot of other sewing to do for myself for summer and vacation I want to make 3 weeks of cloths I whould like to finsh them in about 3 to 5 weeks every thing will be very simple I whould like to know how to post pictures can anyone help  Thank you  

    1. Cherrypops | | #23

      Hi dionna,

      Firstly: Posting pictures. When you reply to a message, at the bottom of the box you will see "attach files" . clicking this will open a new window asking you to browse for files on your computer. Attach your file ( i  use size 640x480 - so photo does not look to large on screen and does not take to long to download. Click done. Then continue with your post the normal way. photos should then be visible within your post.

      Bean bags: Bought the fabrics on Monday, cut and sewed Tues/Wed and hubby filled them today, Thursday.

      For One bag there are 6 side pieces, 1 top, 1 bottom piece. What you see in the pictures are 4 separate bags. Insides have the bottoms hand sewn closed, filled with balls. Outsides have snaps.

      Cutting out : Half hour per bag. 2 Hours for 4 bags.

      Sewing time: Half hour per bag. Add extra time if using zips in outer covers.

      Filling time: Half hour ( 2 bags)

      Attaching Snaps: Half hour (hubby did them)

      If you work solid and don't have interruptions you can make them ( all 4 ) in one day.


      These were made specially for the school raffle. I will be making covers only from now on!

      Hope you find time to make your son one.



      1. dionna | | #24

        Hi Cherrypops I will try to post some pictures again

  8. ineedaserger329 | | #25

    Did you make the liner filled with balls or buy it....I was thinking about making an over-sized one a while back, but wanted to make sure it will have a washable cover. Someone may have already asked, sorry. I didn't know if you can buy the Styrofoam balls or if you had to get something else....and I know they make great pillows with the mini styrofoam balls, but i didn't know where to look....

    1. Cherrypops | | #26

      Yes, I made the liner from the same pattern.

      Serged all sides. Machine sewed top and bottom pieces. Turned it rightside out and hand stitched opening closed after balls were funnelled in by hubby.

      I needed two bags of 500g little balls.

      I have been told some are made very large and are very expensive.

      Junior size  - I am happy with.

      A similar pattern layout can be found on http://www.sewing.org in the Sewing Enthusiast Section.

      http://www.sewing.org/enthusiast/html/e_teen.html Past Projects BeanBag chair.



      1. ineedaserger329 | | #27

        Thank you! I'm not sure if I will make one for myself, but I had a friend that had a very large one and my brother had asked about one that size some time back....as I recall, they were very very expensive. I find that Any large pillow/bean bag is very expensive. I have a papason couch and recently bought an overstuffed pillow for it online...I shopped around and it was over $200.00 plus shipping...I think it weighed enough to make shipping ridiculous. I just didn't have the time to sew at the time.....never again. but your chair are great, I'm sure the kids love them....I have fond childhood memories....of jumping from the arm of the couch into a pile of beanbags....hopefully the kids you made them for are just a bit more relaxed than my brothers and I.....

        1. Cherrypops | | #28


          This year the kids aren't as rough with them.

          Last year, I made rectangular shaped ones for the pre-school reading corner. "Little Beds" they were called. The little ones would lie flat out on their tummys/backs to read in their reading corner. The leftover fabric were the small pillows.

          They were fully lined too, with a stronger fabric ( duck).

          Glad you liked them. They are fun!


          1. ineedaserger329 | | #29

               HMMM.... That is an idea if I ever heard them....please don't mind if I do....

          2. Cherrypops | | #30

            Go right ahead!

            Just determine the length and width.

            So easy, sew three sides, turn inside out, and fill. Sew opening closed with a zipper. if lining sew full closed after balls are in.

            My friend had one , cylindrical, made with "Coca Cola Logo" Large red letters on calico fabric. Upright it looked like the soft drink can!

            Shapes too, hearts, ovals, hexagons etc make them look different too.

            Have fun!

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