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Conversational Threads

Dear Threads…Address on Back Cover????

FitnessNut | Posted in Feedback on Threads on

I just received the new issue of Threads (#111) in this morning’s mail. The new format changes look impressive and I’m eagerly anticipating sitting down with it and a cup of coffee later today.

However, there is one change I’m less than thrilled about. After taking my magazine out of its envelope, the first thing I look at is that back cover. It is a constant source of amazement and inspiration for me. Imagine my dismay to see a significant portion of the text obliterated with a printed version of my mailing label! Please reconsider doing this. Go back to including a separate sheet of paper with the name and address printed on it. Don’t ruin the back cover of my magazine.

Sandra Jager
Sherwood Park, Alberta


  1. carolfresia | | #1

    Dear Sandy,

    Thanks for your message. I have no idea what the subscription copies look like that go to Canada (or to the US, for that matter, since I now get my copies at the office), but I'll be sure to find out who to pass your comments on to. I'm sorry the text was covered by the mailing label, but of course, better the text than the photos!


    1. FitnessNut | | #2

      Thanks, Carol. I had no idea who to write to, but wanted to do it immediately before I forgot. FYI....each issue arrives in a sealed opaque gray plastic bag with the "mailing label" printed directly onto the plastic. Normally there is a paper insert with the same label printed on it and an address change form. For this issue, however, the insert was gone and the address information printed directly onto the magazine cover.

      I agree....better the text than those delicious photos covered with printing. I'd just be so sad if it were the other way around.....and the only way to try to prevent that is to speak up!

      Looks like a very inspiring issue....can't wait to get the work out of the way!


      1. MarshaK | | #3

        Hey Sandy --- who do you know to have received your copy of Threads? I'm still waiting for mine, and reading everyones comments about what they like in it is making me all the more anxious for mine.


        1. FitnessNut | | #4

          And here I'd been feeling rather left out.....

          My copy usually arrives around the 15th or so of every second month, frequently after it appears it the stores. That drives me crazy. And I've noticed a difference based on where in the country I live. (My husband is in the Canadian military, so we move around a fair bit.) In Eastern Canada, my magazine always arrived before it was in stores, but not here in Alberta. Where do you live? That may well impact when you receive your magazine in the mail.

          You have my sympathies....hopefully you'll get your copy really soon.


          1. MarshaK | | #5

            Hi Sandy,

            I live just down the highway from you, well about 90 miles or so. I'd posted a message to you in the Amazing Machine Embroidery section and mentioned this. A couple of years ago Threads used to come before it hit the stores, as did a lot of the other magazines I subscribed to, but now they are all later. I think it may have something to do with the distribution point they're sent out from. Aren't magazines brought in to Canada in bulk to someplace in Windsor then mailed out to us from there? Maybe Carol has the answer. If I've stayed out of Edmonton and not seen the latest issue on the news stands, I didn't realize mine hadn't arrived in my mailbox yet. And, if I hadn't read your posts about the back cover, I wouldn't have thought about my issue not being here. Is that a sign I should mind my own business?

            Catch you all later, Matty.

            Edited 1/20/2004 12:22:52 PM ET by Matty

          2. carolfresia | | #6

            I'm not sure how the magazines are delivered to Canada, though I know that in the US they are shipped directly from the printer in geographically divided subgroups. These groups are sent to different areas of the country, where they are then separated and sent out to individual subscribers. I don't know how distribution works for retail merchants. I've been trying to get a call in to our distribution person, but haven't been able to reach her. Will post again once I've gotten to her!


          3. FitnessNut | | #7

            Sorry, Matty.....I guess I've been a bit preoccupied and didn't recognize your name on yesterday's post. I would have thought that your copy of Threads should be in your hands by now, as I received mine on Friday. Canada Post works in mysterious ways. No doubt you will get it any day. If its any consolation, the local Chapters store didn't have it or Fine Cooking on its shelves last evening.

            I used to enjoy the fact that my subscriptions arrived before the stores had their copies out. Kinda made me feel special. Not so any more. We subscribe to at least half a dozen publications and I can think of only one that arrives prior to retail availabilty.


            PS Hope the weather is as gorgeous there as it is here today :-)

          4. MarshaK | | #8

            Just checked the post office box and still no sign of my issue. Maybe I should check my subscription, but I'm sure it's up to date. Back to playing the waiting game, I guess.


          5. MarshaK | | #9

            Hi again. I've solved the mystery of the missing Threads. My subscription had ended with 110. I hadn't received a renewnal notice, I wonder why? All is taken care of and now I just have to wait a few weeks until the new subscription kicks in.


          6. FitnessNut | | #10

            Glad to hear you've solved the mystery. I'm surprised, though, that you haven't received a renewal notice. Usually you receive it so far in advance that you forget about it ; )

            So you have to cool your heels and wait......unless you give in to temptation next time you're in Edmonton and grab a copy to read at the nearest bookstore. (Yes, I know, I shouldn't suggest such things!)


          7. MarshaK | | #11


            The last two times I received a renewal notice it came from someplace in Ontario, and I was able to pay for my subscription by personal cheque, in Canadian funds. On Tuesday the gal I spoke with in Customer Service at Taunton told me they still accept personal cheques, but US Funds would have to be written on it. Have you ever had your renewal notice come to you like this? Anyone else in Canada have this happen to them?


          8. FitnessNut | | #12

            You know, I can't remember. I believe I may have put my subscription on my credit card, as its easier than the hassle connected with paying by cheque in another currency. I do know that last year I subscribed to Vogue from a solicitation in Ontario by personal cheque in Canadian funds. When my subscription notice came recently, however, they wanted it in US dollars for more than double the price. I questioned it and was told that if I wanted to subscribe that was the way it would be. I'll buy my magazine at the grocery store instead....and have it before the subscribers do (and cheaper by about $20 annually!).


          9. rjf | | #13

            That's amazing!  I hope someone at Vogue reads your message but you would think they could figure it out for themselves.      rjf

          10. FitnessNut | | #14

            You'd think!!! However, judging by their response to my email, they aren't interested. Oh, well, its cheaper and more convenient for me in some respects to just pick it up when I'm getting my groceries ; )


          11. MarshaK | | #15

            We here in Canada really do have to keep our attention on our subscriptions, don't we? Some magazines are less expensive to buy at the newstands, some are not. I always check the totals, by subscription versus newstands. With the CDN. dollar stronger, I'm tempted to renew all my subscriptions now, rather than wait until they come up. But nah -- there's so many other things to buy, like more fabric for my stash, which in this 40 below weather is doubling as insulation in the basement.


          12. FitnessNut | | #16

            Ain't that the truth!!!

            I have plenty of insulation in my basement too. Unfortunately, not enough upstairs where in some rooms we have ice on the baseboards, lower walls and carpeting near the baseboards. Most of our windows are also iced up. Why, oh why, do they not take the weather into account when they build houses? I hear this cold snap is supposed to last the week : ( Even my dogs don't want to go out....


          13. MarshaK | | #17

            We're all iced up too. The outer window panes are all lacy with ice, is this how it's to live in an igloo, I wonder? Had a new furnace installed at the beginning of the month, can't imagine how the old one would have coped with this weather.  Just heard on the radio it's -54 just 20 miles east of us. That is cold!!! Stay warm,


          14. FitnessNut | | #18


            I'm going to spend some of the day going through my stash, as my last project headed out the door the other day and I'm now officially on "holiday". Not that there is ever a holiday when you're mother to two teenage boys and an army guy. And the two dogs, who still don't want to go out except for necessities ; )

            I see from your other post that you have a Bond. So do I except I haven't had it out of the box in 7 or 8 years. Perhaps its time?

            You stay warm too.


          15. MarshaK | | #19

            My Bond is still in the box, I bought it Thanksgiving weekend at an auction sale, for $52. The previous owner hadn't taken it out either, so it's never been used. I had purchased a Bond in the '80's but after trying it out once, I put it away, then sold it, got my money back for it. I've noticed that Wal-Mart is selling them now, but they are now called 'The Ultimate Sweater Machine'. I'm kind of an auction sale junkie, and have found lots of 'treasures', I mainly look for buttons, sometimes coming home with quart and gallon size jars full.


          16. FitnessNut | | #20

            I bought my Bond when my youngest son (now 15) was only a month or two old and spent several years happily knitting away for the kids. I made myself a couple of sweaters and also some for my husband. The Canadian head office was located in Calgary when I lived there and I was able to pick up a ribber for a song (under $100, I think) as well as loads of accessories. But then we moved and I didn't have room for it. I found that since it was hidden away in a box in the basement, the opportunity never seemed to present itself to get knitting. Another move and I went back to school and I didn't have time for much else. But now I have a lovely large studio to work in and it could be out all the time. One more thing to be creative with ; ) Thanks for reminding me.


          17. MarshaK | | #21

            Glad I could help. I had a subscription to the Bond magazine that was sent out from the Calgary office. They're still around here someplace, I never throw anything away. Lucky you, having a studio to work in, I've taken over most of the basement, and two bedrooms. Cut fabric out downstairs, on my custom-made table--- a sheet of plywood set on top of two sawhorses built to suit my height, (5'11"), then it's upstairs to the sewing machine in one room and the sergers and ironing board in the other. Having to get up and walk to another room to the iron is helpful to keep from getting a sore back, or so I've been told.

            Did you get enough snow? Today is almost tropical, compared to a few days ago when it was -40. You bet I stayed indoors and cut out fabric!


          18. FitnessNut | | #22

            Silly me, I went out to run some errands. The roads here are nasty as it has been snowing heavily since last night and they don't plow them.....I'm still not used to that (it is our third winter here). The cars slide all over the place....I'm so glad its warmer, though....mind you, the windchill made it feel like -32°C this afternoon.

            My studio is part of the finished basement family room. It is completely done up, with carpeting and good lighting, so you don't feel like its the dungeon or anything. I have a huge space with a large table, desk, bookcases, sewing machine and serger, ironing board etc. I have room for a drafting table as well for my artwork so I can have several things going at once. This is the first time I've ever had so much space to myself and I'm really enjoying it.

            So....what did you cut out?


          19. MarshaK | | #23

            I cut out a shirt pattern in a striped Linen fabric for myself, and prepared a couple of other patterns. Ironed them then cut out my size. I've quite a few new patterns, from Fabricland when they've had their sales, I especially like their 'buy one get two free' deals. Several weeks ago they had Vogue patterns on, I checked the Fabricland website 'What's on Sale Now" which is when I first saw the 'buy one get two free' and the store at Londonderry mall had a sign saying the same thing. I bought three Vogue Patterns there for $9.99, then tried the store in Coronation Park. They were selling them as 'buy one get one free' and insisted the Londonderry store was wrong. I got the patterns I really wanted at Londonderry, so it didn't matter to me what the price was after that. Two days later the website still had the same get two free deal.

            I shall be sewing several shirts, for myself, and for my husband, until I get bored with the repetition and sameness, then I need to decide what I will make to wear to the Creative Stitches show in April. I always say if you're going to a sewing show, you should wear something you've sewn. I've worn my crazy quilted vest, pin woven ribbon vest and the crazy quilted collar too often, it's time for something new. Just have no idea what it should be.


          20. FitnessNut | | #24

            I was just at the Sherwood Park Fabricland an hour ago. They have the "buy one, get two free" Vogue deal and the same for Burda patterns. The other brands are also on sale, but I didn't pay attention to them as I don't use them. I bought the Sandra Betzina jean pattern that was in Threads this month for myself....faster than drafting something similar. Its regularly $22.50, but their special brought it down to $9.99, and that included two freebies. That's because they are moving shortly and are clearing out as much as possible. All notions are 50% off and much of the fabric is on sale as well. So if you are up to a trip to the Park, its worth checking out the sale.

            So I'm going to be cutting out some jeans tomorrow, I hope =;-)


          21. MarshaK | | #25

            I like the Kwik Sew jeans pattern, I've used it for years, it's got more patches on it that original paper! I'll have to trace it off one day soon, I don't think it available any longer. I don't think I'll be able to get into Sherwood Park, we go through Fort Sask. whenever we head into the city. There used to be a great Fabricland store there, but it closed several years ago, a real disappointment, the women who worked there were the most pleasant and helpful I've ever met. That store had better 'Manager's specials' than the others in the city do. I do like the 50% off Notions whenever it's on, that's when I stock up on needles, zippers and Guttermann Rayon Decor thread.

            My linen shirt is finished, not quite what I'd thought it would be, the pattern had a notched lapel, a collar and neckband would have worked better, I think. That's how we learn, right?


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