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Conversational Threads

Do you like instructional sewing DVDs?

AmberE | Posted in Talk With Us on

Hi Gatherings Pals: I’d like to do an informal survey to see what sorts of DVD products you’d like to see made available. I’d appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions below:

–Do you currently buy instructional sewing DVDs. Which ones do you purchase?

–Would you be interested in an instructional video DVD from Threads? What topics should they cover?

–Would you be interested in DVDs that have a collection of articles covering a specific topic, i.e. fitting.

Thanks in advance for your time,
Amber Eden
Editor, Threads/Sew Stylish


  1. solosmocker | | #1

    I haven't purchased any DVDs on sewing but I record all the sewing programs on TV and love to watch and re watch them. I learn so much from them. If I were going to purchase a DVD, I would say Fit, Fit, and more Fit. It's an ongoing challenge for all of us.

    I do enjoy particularly the tapes I have of Sandra Betzina. She's a little "all over the map" but her info is spot on and her techniques make it all seem so easy. She just needs better program organization. Nancy Zieman is a superb, clear, easy to understand teacher. When she teaches pivot and slide it is so easy to understand. Susan Kalje has tremendous couture knowledge but there is something about her voice that makes me strain to keep interest. I have many Martha Pullen tapes which I really enjoy from an inspiration standpoint. Her camera work can be frustrating. It is a program on heirloom sewing and the camera shots rarely match what she is saying and the closeups are rare and poorly timed. The substance of her programs is very good however. Sue Hausemann is just downright wonderful. I don't think I have ever seen a program of hers that didn't inspire and inform, A LOT! I seem to want to try everything she presents. I feel like she is looking at things thru my own eyes.

    Amber, that is my review of what I tape and keep. I would certainly be interested in Threads dvds. I mentioned all of the above to give you an idea of what might work in producing your dvds. JMHO. I think clarity and teaching skill are critical. I have friends who sew beautifully but could never teach anyone else to do the same. Perhaps interviewing on tape for the honor of doing these videos would also be a good idea. Just a few thoughts...


    Edited 6/1/2007 7:43 pm ET by solosmocker

    1. AmberE | | #12

      Thanks! This is very helpful!

  2. User avater
    Becky-book | | #2

    Haven't bought any yet.

    Might buy if Solo said it was worth the $.

    Fit, Fit, Fit... for my mature body and all the others I sew for!

    Thanks for asking,


    1. AmberE | | #13

      Good to know. Thanks!

  3. Ralphetta | | #3

    I have a Sandra Betzina video on pants that i just love.  I would definitely buy good DVDs.  Some things are just easier to understand when you see them rather than read them. 

    Although I haven't seen a lot of the shows the other writer mentioned, they make a good point about how important the production values are. 

    I'm not intereseted in little "projects," like how to make a poncho, etc.  I would be interested in the kind, (a series?) that would act more like reference material.  Fitting would certainly fit into that.

    1. AmberE | | #14

      Thanks Ralphetta!

  4. SewFit | | #4

    I would definitely be interested in Threads DVDs.   I believe there are many of us who would benefit from a fitting DVD detailing the steps on how to adjust for C,D,DD cups in garments, both for personal sewing and in sewing for others. 

    To reiterate what the others have said....a series on fitting.  

    1. user-217847 | | #5

      Hi Amber, I have several directional DVD's on quilting, overlocking and 2 rather exceptional DVD's on what you can do with machine feet, none on sewing. we are'nt privy too sewing shows on tele either. I'd jump at the chance of Threads doing DVD's. I've heard good things about some of sewing shows It is a great shame we don't get them I do agree with all the other ladies on a concise fitting DVD. nothing petty or waste of timeish. We want good quality material. Perhaps some of the others could choose content I'm a total blank at the moment.



      Edited 6/3/2007 10:32 am ET by wally wombat

      1. AmberE | | #16

        Thank you!

    2. AmberE | | #15

      Good to know---thank you!

  5. Crazy K | | #6

    Ditto to what Sewfit had to say.  I, too, am short and have that 'mature figure'.  I am also full-busted and short waisted.  Due to that, if things don't fit properly, it appears that I have no torso at all!  Not a pretty picture. 

    Along with fitting, I would say some  intermediate to advanced but basic sewing skills.  Not into the tailoring or couture........just sewing and finishing garments to eliminate that 'homemade' look.  I know many of your readers are into the more advanced things but I know there are plenty of us who just enjoy sewing garments that aren't so tailored or structured.  I think there is room here for both issues.

    Respectfully submitted,


    1. Sunshine | | #7

      Ditto on the comments from Sewfit and Crazy K.  I like the idea of showing techniques rather than specific garments, since one technique can obviously be applied to many different projects.  And it seems that fitting is always a big problem for everyone - look at all the books and articles on the subject, not to mention the questions here! 

      The comment on production values is spot on also.  What good is a video/DVD if you can't see exactly how a technique is done?????  I want to feel that I have a great view over the shoulder of the sewing instructor - or better yet, to feel that it's MY HANDS that are doing this wonderful sewing!!

      I have the P/P "Creative Serging" DVD with Marta Alto and Pati Palmer.  It's a combination of an older and a newer video that was transfered to DVD.  It's interesting to see the changes in hair/clothing styles and Marta and Pati's appearance between the two sections, but I'm sure I could say the same about myself over the years...........LOL !     Anyway, I like this DVD for the clear explanations, good "over -the-shoulder" views and excellent examples of how to correct problems.  They also discuss various thread types, show creative techniques and creative ways to use various techniques/threads/edge finishes, etc.  It was definitely worth the $20 price, especially since I can go back and review certain sections as I need them.

      Two more suggestions, Amber.  First, if you want to sell more copies of any Threads DVD, get advance copies out to knowledgeable (but not expert) sewists, the ones whose names you frequently see on Gatherings giving great advice to others, so they can review and critique it.  If they like it, it's bound to be a best seller!  After all, many of the comments here, on PatternReview.com and your own initial question are requests for feedback.  Secondly, many many people, including myself, absolutely LOVE FREE SHIPPING!!! At the very least, there should be a promotional period that features free shipping on any DVD's.  Taunton Press already is well aware of this marketing technique - that's why I bought several books when they were on sale earlier in the year.  I bought the P/P serging DVD because 2 videos were combined into one DVD and had a free shipping promo. 

      Thanks for soliciting our input!


      1. Stillsewing | | #8

        I think the idea of DVDs is a great one. Over here we do not have the benefit of any sewing programs and I find that oral method of teaching is far better for me than any amount of reading. DVDs are easier to store and access than mags and the audience that you are talking to are all computer literate. I would love to see a dvd on fitting -- with words of wisdom to tell us how an alteration in one part of a garment would effect the fit/hang elsewhere. I would also like to see advice on types of fabric to use in different styles of garments.
        One thing though please, please, make the DVDs Apple friendly!

        1. AmberE | | #19

          Thank you!

      2. AmberE | | #18

        Great ideas, Sunshine! Thank you!

    2. AmberE | | #17

      Thanks so much, Kay!

  6. amapola | | #9

    Yes,yes  I find that seeing helps me understand better how to do things. I would like to see a Threads DVD on fitting, how to sew beautiful underwear, and how to change neck lines from other patterns. Thanks Amapola

    1. AmberE | | #20

      Great ideas---thank you, Amapola

  7. ctirish | | #10

    Amber, I really enjoy watching sewing videos or shows I have recorded and saved.  I have several videos from  Cynthia Guffey. They are very basic and do one thing at a time. They aren't glitzy and most of the time she is in jeans. but when you watch her video, you get the information clearly without any extra stuff. I do like that, initially I thought they came across as home made and I thought they were expensive for that option. But after you watch them you realize basic is better.  I also have a couple of Nancys Notions CD that run on the computer like a DVD and those are very similar to her presentations on her show.  I know John Deer has a new set of DVDs out on how to digitize designs however they are very expensive and you have to purchase  a series of them I believe.

    If Threads were to offer instructional DVDs I would hope the subject matter would be very specific and presented in a teaching manner where they tend to present the same information in several different ways to ensure everyone understands the content.  You should check out the Cynthia Guffey videos on fitting, I would love to hear your staff's and your view of how she presents information. 

    If you want to do some usability testing or a focus group, I am sure we could get enough people in CT to make a field trip to Threads to watch some of the videos/DVDs out there and voice opinions for you. 

    Good luck, jane

    1. AmberE | | #21

      Sounds good, Jane, and I like that field trip idea!

      1. ctirish | | #28

        Amber, In reading the comments on camera close ups and angles. I have seen a show called Knitty-gritty on DIY.  They do closeups and do an excellent job of showing them.   FYI,  jane

        1. AmberE | | #45


  8. pinkit | | #11

    Like some of the other responders, when I was working during the TV hours, I have recorded some of the Nancy Notion shows and often rerun them.  I also have purchased some of her shows originaly on tape but now on DVD.  I do like her presentations because of the good camera work which actually shows her hands working as she explains things.  She also uses guests on her shows and spotlights their work and later those shows are offered for purchase. I have a couple of her tapes with books included.  Two on knits and a couple on fleece.  I also have her book on fitting.  I use to watch Shirley Adams and have a couple of her tapes, one on Jackets.  Shirley retired from the TV circuit.  I do not get Sandra Betzina on TV so therefore do not subscribe to her DVD's.  Nancy does her shows in series of three subjects.  Each part of the subject increases in skill level.  The DVD's have all three shows on them. 

    1. AmberE | | #22

      Thanks, Pinkit!

  9. Teaf5 | | #23

    I like the short videos online at Threads for specific techniques like inserting invisible zippers, but DVDs would be good for longer, more complex topics like fitting and altering patterns or the entire process of making a single garment.

    Besides good production values, a sewing DVD would need well-indexed, marked chapters so that viewers could skip forward/back and review certain parts without having to view or scan the whole program. A well-designed DVD could be a powerful visual reference for the very visual process of sewing.

    1. AmberE | | #24

      Thanks Teaf5!

    2. ottonpantherbaby | | #41

      I did not know there were online dvd on Threads showing how to sew invisible zippers. Could you please tell me were.

      Thank You


      1. Pattiann42 | | #53

        I could not find the invisible zipper technique, but there are some other interesting video tips at Threads.  At the top of this screen, click on current issue and to the left there is a list where you will find video tips.   There are a lot of good things to view online!



        Edited 6/19/2007 11:18 am ET by spicegirl1

  10. Cherrypops | | #25

    Hello Amber,

    I have read and am in agreement with all previous posts.

    A brief introduction at the beginning of the DVD on what the viewers will see and learn, spoken by you would be great. I would love to see you included!

    You all do a marvellous job with the Magazine, I believe a DVD will serve us well.

    Kind regards,


    1. Linda03052 | | #26

      At one of the Sewing Expo's I went to, there was a video available for re-upholstering furniture, step by step.  I wasn't able to afford it that day, but it really intrigued me.  Cynthia Guffey, at the time, only had videos available.  I don't know if they're available yet in DVD, but I'd be surprised if they weren't.  It would be great to see some of the things that they were teaching that day over and over until I got it right!  I have one of the Islander Sewing videos, and I like it very much.  When they went from video to DVD, they offered everyone who had a video a DVD, so they would have up-to-date technology.  I thought that was GREAT customer service!

      Linda 03052

      1. Crazy K | | #27

        This is the first mention (that I have seen!) of the Islander sewing DVD.  I have looked at that many times and wondered if it is worth the price.  I have seen her on TV when Sandra Betzina had her show.  I thought then the Islander system looked appealing.  Do you think its worth it?  I keep seeing the package in Nancy's Notions catalog and have been oh-so tempted.....it is rather expensive but if it really is good, it may well be worth the money. 

        Hope you can share your thoughts with me........

        Crazy K


        1. Linda03052 | | #29

          Crazy K,

          I can do better than that--I'll lend it to you, and you can see for yourself!  Email me off-forum at [email protected].

          Linda 03052

    2. AmberE | | #44

      thanks Cherrypops!

  11. MarshaK | | #30

    Hi AmberE,

    I wonder if anyone else remembers years and years ago when Threads had a couple of VHS tapes available for sale, the one I purchased was 'Threads Video Takes'   Diane Ericson: Creative Pin Weaving. Threads Issue No. 51. It is 23 minutes long. I don't remember what the other one was as it didn't catch my interest, as far as I can recall, there were only the two tapes produced. Diane Ericson is a good teacher, but the production of the tape wasn't the best quality, rather dark and the cameraman moved about, making it difficult to concentrate on what Diane was doing. About 'modern day' DVD's I've purchased several of the Nancy's Notions, they're exactly what you see on her TV show. I am tempted to order the set that Peggy Sagers  from Silhouette Patterns is offering, reviewers on patternreview all like them and say they are very useful. Yes, I think sewing instruction DVD's are a great idea, it's so much easier to understand how something is done if you can see it actually being done by a professional--this way if they sew a slightly wobbly seam the rest of us can feel good about our sometimes less than perfect ones! One way Threads will find out how much interest there is in Instructional Sewing DVD's is to produce some and get them out to those of us who sew.


    1. Linda03052 | | #31

      Oh!  I didn't know Peggy Sagers put out any DVD's!  Every time I'm going to go to the Sewing Expo, I look for her classes.  But something always happens, and I don't end up being able to go!  I understand her patterns accomodate busty-er women!  LOL!  I've been to her website, and she was taking a group of people to the New York garment district!  Oh!  To be able to do all those fun things!!!

      Linda 03052

      1. MarshaK | | #32

        If you go to Peggy Sagers' website and click on Books and Videos, you'll see the DVD's she has. There's a description of each one, I'd like to have all of them! I wonder if watching them would be just as good as being in a class with her.   Marsha.

        1. Linda03052 | | #33

          What if we all pooled our available DVD's in one place, and rented them out to each other for the cost of shipping?  I wonder if Nexflix has ever thought of "How-to" DVD's, with different categories?  Sewing, golfing, self-improvement, etc.   It would take an amazing inventory to get started, but I think it would fly!  Whaddya think?

          Linda 03052

          1. SewFit | | #34

            Check out the following website....


            I've never rented any...found the site by "googling"

          2. MarshaK | | #35

            I checked out the website---great place to get information on the different DVD's, especially those that have been reviewed. I still prefer to have my own so I could be able to go back and watch a segment any time I wished to do so. Being in Canada would also be a bit of a hassle with high postage and having to fill out Customs forms when the DVD's go back. Thanks, Marsha.

          3. Linda03052 | | #36

            SewFit, you're sew smart also!  I never thought to google it!!!  And Marsha, you're right--I prefer to have my own, also, but this looks like a great way to preview before you buy!  Thank you so much for the info!

            Linda 03052

    2. AmberE | | #46


  12. dionna | | #37

    I think this will be a great idea I whould like to see a dvd on bra construction and fittings I like to match everything that I wear. I also whould like to see dvds on fittings. I tape sewing progams on tv I tape Nancy Zieman,Linda MacPhee,Sue Hausman I also have a tape with Sandra Betzina I whould love dvd's from threds.

    1. MarshaK | | #38

      Sandra Betzina has several DVD's available, the title is 'Sandra Betzina's Power Sewing Skill Series DVD's'. The catalog I'm looking at is from Joanne's Creative Notions Plus, it's a Canadian mail-order company, and there are eight different topics listed. I haven't ordered any of them, but I was thinking of getting 'Linings A-Z'.  'Sewing Today's  Vogue Patterns' magazine offers several of these DVD's in the Shop Vogue section. Hope this helps. Marsha.

    2. AmberE | | #47


  13. rsew | | #39

    Yes, Yes and Yes to all survey questions


  14. MaryinColorado | | #40

    I agree with Solosmocker's input.  I think Bonnie Lynn McCaffery's podcasts and instructions are about as perfect as it gets.  She really holds my attention and is clear, concise, to the point.  No wasted time, except waiting for them to download into my player, but you can minimize it and go to other areas online.  Check out her instructions on bobbinwork or tinzel, I would love to see something like this from Threads!!!  Thanks for asking!  Mary

  15. lovemyelna | | #42

    I would like to have a DVD that walks you through the speed tailoring
    techniques from start to finish on one jacket. I'm from the old school
    of tailoring (and out of practice) and would like to update my techniques. I find it more encouraging and easier to complete a project
    if the presentation is as-if you were there with a personal tutor.

    1. AmberE | | #43


    2. AmberE | | #48

      thanks---that would be great!

  16. tobusy2cook | | #49

    Hi Amber,

    - I have 2 from Sandra Betzina, 3 from Marta Alto and Pati Palmer.

    - Yes, I would be interested in instructional DVD's.  
         - Fitting down to what you need to do with the pattern for your body type
         - Machine feet how to use, decorative purpose
         - Trouble shooting - ex. CB zipper as you sew zipper down looks very nice as you turn and go up the other side you get pulling and little puckers.  Why?  I am currently haveing this problem.  (If anyone knows the solution please let me know)

    - Yes - similer to your video tips I love those - possibly an instant download with password so the user could search the topic and then buy / download on the spot - who wants to wait! 



    1. SewFit | | #50

      When doing zippers, I always stitch both sides in the same direction-top to bottom. I also interface in the area of the zipper with a soft fusible interfacing. 

      Edited 6/18/2007 10:59 pm ET by SewFit

      Edited 6/18/2007 10:59 pm ET by SewFit

      1. tobusy2cook | | #51

        Great - I will do that! 

        What do you do across the bottom?  and is the interfacing against the pant or on seam allowance?


        1. SewFit | | #56

          See answer under new thread....Directional sewing on Zippers

          1. Cherrypops | | #57

            Thank you for redirecting us! It is a big help..Took me a while to find it though you did not state the actual Discussion Title "General Sewing Info".

             :) CherryPops ( I answered Amber's question re; DVD's earlier)

          2. SewFit | | #58

            Thanks for the correction..I'm still trying working on maneuvering the discussions myself, but I love reading everyone's comments and sharing from my years of experience when I can!

          3. Cherrypops | | #59

            You're welcome...We are all in the same boat here.. CherryPops

    2. AmberE | | #64

      Great ideas! Thank you!

  17. ineedaserger329 | | #52

       The DVD that cam with my Babylock was soooooo boring, but really helpful......It's the only one I've seen, so if all are like this, I would buy.

  18. User avater
    Nik-ki | | #54

    Yes, to all of your questions.  I especially would like instructional DVDs that show Threads topics, as well as couture techniques; such as seam finishes, hand linings, making thread closures, etc.

  19. myca99 | | #55

    Hi Amber,

    I just love that you make yourself so accessible to the Threads readers.

    Would you be at all interested in running a library of sewing video rentals? I learn a lot from the sewing videos, but I usually balk at the $40 cost if there is a chance I won't like it. I've paid an online service $10/video, but their sewing selection is limited and somewhat dated. I estimate I might splurge on 1 $40 video for every 10 I rent at $10. Just food for thought.

    I couldn't agree more about the importance of the camera shots on hand, fabric, and needle placement when working a particular technique. I find that videos that focus on technique are much more informative than the short 1/2 hour shows on HGTV. The Margaret Islander sewing videos are great -- that is where I learned to twist my wrist to sew a concave dart, how to hold the top layer of fabric to feed fabric evenly without a presser foot, and how to cut fabric between paper without the layers shifting.


    1. AmberE | | #65

      Thanks so much! All great ideas and comments!

  20. Tatsy | | #60

    The only sewing DVD I've purchased is the one that comes with the Lutterloh pattern system. It took me awhile to get used to the process, but now I love it. Not having to mess with fitting patterns is such a boon! I can draft a whole new pattern in less time than I used to spend fussing with alterations.

    I love Threads and your new Sew Stylish. I miss the designer challenges you use to do where you gave four different designers the same fabric and told them to make garments for three events. That was really fun.

    As for a DVD, it might be nice to have one that gave really detailed instructions on some of the basic things that make or break a garment. I have a page from an old issue tacked up in front of my sewing machine so I can see exactly how to put a zipper in a fly. Now I'm fussing with an invisible zipper and managed to get it in inside out. That's the sort of thing I would like to see

    1. SewFit | | #61

      I recently purchased "Fit for Real People" Basics featuring Marta Alto from the Palmer series of DVD's.   (By the way, I ordered it from Nancy's Notions on-line and received it in 6 days)  I've watched only the first section but I am very pleased with the step by step approach and the close up shots as Marta shows the pattern alteration steps. I think the fact that the Palmer  Pletsch team has more than 25 years experience in fitting AND they've gone through the same figures changes as WE have gives them great insite to the needs of the consumer. 

  21. From my Stash.... | | #62


    Great questions.  Before I bought my first couple (Sandra Betzina's on pant fitting and jacket construction), I would not have believed how useful I found them.  I have a small portable DVD player that I keep beside my sewing machine if I am doing something new and need to keep referring to it.

    While the one's I have are very specific subjects, I think that a compilation of techniques would be very useful.  It (or they if more than one DVD) would be similar to a multi-day seminar with different teachers showing us different techniques.  Threads also has access to many great teachers and since there can be several ways to do something, it could be interesting to see how they approach things slightly differently.  Overall, I may not need or be interested in a specific thing today, but I know it's there and can go back to it when I need it later. Doesn't that sound just like back issues of Threads and how we value them? 

    But I definitely have to say that the production values have to be top-notch. Other people have mentioned poor sight-lines and I know that my personal peeve is poor sound quality. With the technology available today, there should be a higher standard.

    Hope this helps,

    1. AmberE | | #63

      Thanks! Great comments!

  22. SewNancy | | #66

    I have several DVDs currently. Palmer Pletsch on serging, tailoring and making a shirt. I also have David Page Coffin's shirt making video and book. I like seeing how experts handle the fabric and machine, especially for tricky or advanced techniques.
    I think that a comprehensive pants fitting video would probably help a lot of people, especially how to read those wrinkles. There is a lot of information out there, and I have a lot of it, but a comprehensive DVD and companion book would be great.

    1. AmberE | | #67


      1. SewNancy | | #68

        I should add that many years ago, when I resumed sewing after some years away, I was able to rent Sandra Betzina's videos from the sewing store. What a great resource. I would love to see her do an updated series she is so great to watch. Her silk sewing clip on Threads is terrific.

        1. AmberE | | #69

          Good to know--she is a fabulous author/instructor!

          1. solosmocker | | #70

            I agree with SewNancy. I think the most needed DVD would be a comprehensive pants video, with everything from installing the fly, pants stays, and fit, fit, fit. It would be great to show the wrinkles on different figures and how to adjust the fit for them. Part of fitting yourself certainly is knowing how to read the wrinkles and folds. Years back Threads did a wonderful article on fitting pants on about 5 brave ladies in their leotards, all of different shapes and sizes. It addressed all sorts of fitting issues. Something like that would be great.

          2. SewNancy | | #71

            i remember that article. Updating as a DVD and book would be really beneficial to anyone who sews. Pants fitting is the most difficult of all fitting, particularly as we age.

          3. AmberE | | #73



          4. ctirish | | #74

            Amber, did the DVD's I sent to you ever show up?  I  did a USPS check and they have not shown up in the lost mail as yet.  I had my daughter mail them and not knowing what was in the box she didn't think to send them with a return receipt requested. So, there isn't really a way to trace where they may have gone.   I am sure they will turn up eventually but it defeats the purpose of sending them when you were asking about viewing DVD's.



          5. AmberE | | #72

            Sounds good!

  23. rodezzy | | #75

    I would buy DVD's on fitting clothes to suit your body.  I would like it in sections: How to measure your body, how the adjust patterns before cutting, how to adjust store boughts, what tools are best for whatever your are doing, how to sew stretchy fabrics, slinky slippery fabrics, leather, faux fur and all of the hard to do stuff. 

    I think, just as in my DVD on knitting, I learn good from a book and better when I can see it.  The knitting DVD has a sock knit along and automatically pauses for you to do that section being explained and worked.  Then you continue when you are finished and start the video for the next instruction.  It does crochet too.


    1. nutsew | | #76

      I enjoy them, even if I'm not making the same thing the dvd demonstrates.  They just get me "in the mood."


    2. Phoebe3 | | #77

      Generally, I prefer books, because it's so much faster when I just need to refresh my memory on one thing. However, there are some techniques I like to see done. So I really like DVDs when there is an accompanying book. 

      1. MercedesViking | | #78

        I like DVDs, but you're right, books are quick.  My new favorite one right now is MORE Fabric Savvy, by Sandra Betzina.  I'm quite the novice about fabric and this book gives detailed, but brief descriptions about the fabric's character, what stitches to use, what foot is best, how to cut it, what it's suitable for, what needle to use, stitch lengths, which hem is best, seam finishing, and so on.  It truly is a reference book that includes 100 fabrics from A to W, some stain removal and various info and is laid out in binder fashion so it opens nicely.  One of my best purchases!

  24. GailAnn | | #79

    I wouldn't purchase a DVD.  If I had a problem I MIGHT borrow one that addressed my particular problem, from the Public Library.

    I prefer books and have a needlework library of my own. I add to it every year.

    I enjoy each book when I first get it.  I love paging through them at my leisure after that.  To be honest I don't have the patience for DVD's or even TV sewing programs.  Gail

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