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experience with embroidery only machine?

mem1 | Posted in General Discussion on

Hello I have asked this question before but does anyone have any experience with embroidery only machines???


  1. Elisabeth | | #1

    You might try the Creative Machine Discussion group. There is a link at the Threads page - http://www.taunton.com/threads/

    1. User avater
      bevaau | | #2

      I visited the Creative Machine forum but found it very hard to read. It does not seem to be set up like this one! Am I missing something? Is it because I was just 'visiting'? I read a message then when I tried to 'back up' it gave me the "this page cannot be displayed" error message and I had to start again. Fairly tiresome to read a lot of messages.     BevA

      1. FitnessNut | | #3

        I've tried several times to check out the Creative Machine forum, but you're right in that it isn't set up like this one. It isn't user friendly at all. I'm sticking to Gatherings unless something changes!

        1. kayl | | #4

          The Creative Machine is actually set up to be an email list, not a web-access list (though you can read the archives via a web browser).As I understand it, there are at least 1000 people (Carol? do you knowoffhand?) on the list, and it has a guest host every other week. One of the machine embroidery people who has guested in the past is Bobbi Bullard (http://www.bullarddesigns.com/) -- and we've had many other interesting guests in the past. Lots of expertise on that list and a very wide breadth of experiences in sewing and fiber arts. It is not, however, a only machine embroidery group -- we talk about design, patternmaking, pattern alterations, fabric, sewing techniques, dollmaking, creativity -- and much, much more.If you'd like to sign up for it via email, go here: http://lyris.quiltropolis.com/scripts/lyris.pl?enter=thecreativemachineThere are also several embroidery lists also hosted with quiltropolis: http://www.quiltropolis.net/maillists/maillistsdetail.asp?catid=Embroidery
          as well as wearable art:
          http://www.quiltropolis.net/maillists/maillistsdetail.asp?catid=Wearable+ArtKay Lancaster [email protected] who's been a member of the Creative Machine email list since its inception, and wouldn't dream of missing it.

          1. carolfresia | | #11

            Kay, I don't know off-hand how many people subscribe to the CMN, but it's more than I would have guessed. It is a good place for support and just general chat with other avid sewing enthusiasts, although I'm partial to the Gatherings format. Still, I'd recommend to anyone to take a look--you can learn a lot from these people!

            Re: the stand-alone embroidery machine: I've always thought it was a great idea, esp. if you already have a sewing machine that you like to use. Most of the embroidery-only machines have fewer built-in editing features than the TOL combination machines, but I think most embroiderers find that they need (or is it want?!) more options eventually, and end up purchasing editing or digitizing software. With the software, it hardly matters what machine you have, as long as you can convert the files you create on your computer into a format readable by your embroidery machine. Sounds complicated, but it's not all that tricky. And your dealer should provide classes and support to help you out with this.


          2. dayflower | | #12

            I have a Brother PE8500 and love it....its a regular sewing machine which converts to an embroidery machine.  The problem with all these machines is they are like computers, they become outdated so quickly....mine is a 2.0 and would you believe my husband just purchased a new computer which now made my PE Design box not compatiable to the new comuter....therefor I have to either get the old computer back or go purchas a new software program which I was told by my sewing company that the software hasn't come onto the market yet, but will be later this month to the tune of around $400.  (therefore, I'm working on gettinig someones old laptop) .....so you have to keep all this in mind when you purchase all this new technology....Now here is a web site I wanted to tell you all about if you don't know about it already, its GREAT....for free designs....http://www.annthegran.com   I never purchase any cards. I just go to this web site and pull down all my design I want onto a floppy and unzip them with winzip and then they are ready to transfer to my sewing card via my PE Design writer box.  Ellen

  2. DianaU | | #5

    Yes I have an embroidery only machine, the PE150 by brother and I have software  that lets me digitize and the amazing box to put designs on the card that goes into the machine.

    My sewing is clothing for myself, home and linens and ritual judaica and I am very very happy with my basic machine.  I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

    1. edgy | | #6

      kay,i have found it impossible to get on the Creative Machine list. I must have signed up a long time ago and forgotten my password. Now, all I get are error messages, and no one answers my emails.Any ideas?Thanks,

      1. kayl | | #7

        What happens when you try to sign up again for a new subscription?
        What sort of an error message do you get? I'm wondering if your isp might be filtering bulk mail for you...Otherwise, you might check with [email protected]Kay

    2. mem1 | | #8

      Thanks Dianna, I am interested in these machines as a means of having the embroidery option without the price of a whole new machine. i am interested in being able to download from the internet and being able to rotate or mirror image a design.

      I would also like to be able to edit out elements of a design .

       I am also  interested in being able to do simple things like draw a scatter of polka dots and be able to scan them in and reproduce them in machine embroidery. I am not sure how that works so have you had any experience? Thanks mem

      1. edgy | | #9

        Kay,I get something like "not the correct password -- email us". So, I do, and get no replies. I've probably tried this 20 times..................&^%($%^@#No, it's not my ISP. I keep close watch on that. Do you have something to do w the running of the list? Can you help?nancy

      2. DianaU | | #10

        the basic machine is only the beginning. to download and use designs from the internet you will need a converter box like the amazing box to put those designs on a card ( in your machines format) for use in your embroidery machine.

        then to edit designs you will need a digitizing program that cuts pastes  adds lettering etc. Amazing designs sells those as does a brother proogram PE design. 

        All these additions add up but still don't equal what a sewing/embroidery machine costs.  And then there are the threads, stabilizers hoops... it's not a cheap proposition no matter how you look at it, but it does allow you to customize things.

        My first project with my machine was to embroidery white squiggles and x's acttered randomly over white linen and then make a pair of trousers. Everyone still comments on what a wonderful garment these summer pants are.

        I am only familiar with the brother stand alone machine which accepts designs in a .pes format- thats a very common format and is easily obtained. maybe there are other basic machines that accept small floppy computer disks.

        I bought a stand alone because i didn't want to spend a fortune on another machine, I love my primary machine and saw no reason to replace it. plus I wouldn't want to have to convert a machine from sewing to embroidery every time i wanted to do a project. Now i can be embroidering something and sewing something else.

        the brother PE150 lets you rotate and change size of designs and there are cards made by brother that go directly into the machine but they are expensive and not exactly what i want. So I buy alphabets and designs ona CD or download from the web and put them on an empty small card for insertion to the machine.

        I hope this helps and let me know what you end up doing.


  3. kjp | | #13

    I was recently drooling over the new bernina deco (330?) embroidery only machine.  It retails for around 1400.  Far less expensive than the artista line of combo machines.  I spent about 1/2 hour with the sales rep at our local store & absolutely loved the machine.  Now...I need the $1400 to buy one.  (LOL!) 


    1. mem1 | | #14

      I have ended up with a Janome300 and it seems great. I am having my first lesson tomorrow.

      1. carolfresia | | #15

        Please let us know how it goes. That machine looked pretty impressive to me when I saw it. Have fun!


      2. Chatelaine03 | | #16

        I've got a Janome 300 and I love it.  I've had it about a year.  For editing, resizing, etc, I downloaded Embird (http://www.secretsof.com) - no affiliation.  The program is less expensive than most of the other programs and allows you to convert any design to your own format without having to purchase a Magic Box.  It also has editing, designing & stitch layout capabilities.  There are add ons for digitizing, etc. 


        Lisa S.

        1. she_stitches | | #17


          I agree that Janome 300E is an excellent stand alone emboridery machine, especially if you get one on special.

          To get designs from your PC to machine you use a compact flash card like in digital cameras..don't load too many designs in though as they take forever to appear.

          With the recent upgrade to the 300E you can now use Janomes Giga Hoop.  To convert designs for free from most other formats I use a free download from http://www.pulsemicro.com 

          For resizing and editing Embird is great..cheapest place I ve seen to buy it is http://www.stitchshow.com for $94US  you can get a free 30 day download to play and learn and excellent tutorials on Embird site.  Embird is also good for adjusting density in designs..thi sis very very important if you want designs to look great,..there is an article about density in one of the Threads magazines.

          If you need more detailed info on Janome please say.  I use them at work with Pfaff and Elnas but at home I have a Pfaff 2124..mid range embroidery/sewing machine..yes I am totally addicted to using embroidery software, embroidery , quilting and dressmaking as well .

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