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kayrosie | Posted in General Discussion on

I thought I had already added this new post but it has not shown up and I did it early  this morning so will try again.

I am looking for Crinoline.  And would like to know if anybody out there knows if that is what I want to make a flower girl dress stand out.  Is that what you buy to make like can cans.  That we used to have.  Anybody out there know.  Thanks



  1. User avater
    Becky-book | | #1

    I did a Google search for crinoline fabric definition.  The old petticoats were made out of a fabric made of horsehair and flax or cotton. None of the sites I visited gave any indication it is still being manufactured. One mentioned nylon net as its successor.

    I wonder.....If you sewed rings of 'horsehair' braid around the slips (rather like the old hoop skirt idea) could you get enough lift to hold the skirt out without creating the usual difficulties of a hoop skirt?

    Just an idea,


    1. kayrosie | | #2

      I actually found the fabric at Joanns yesterday.  They also have it on there on line store.  I just took an off chance of lookign at Joanns yesteday and there they had it. It is not with their bridal stuff but by their cutting tables with some stiff interfacing that they have. It is on big rolls.  I was happy to find it.


      1. User avater
        Becky-book | | #6

        Way cool!!!

        After my usual morning session on the computer I went to sewing and a piece of craft weight interfacing caught my eye; half a thought went through my brain about its possible use.  Sorry I did not follow through on that thought!

        What is the 'stuff' you bought like?  Could you please describe it?  I am very curious!



        1. kayrosie | | #7

          It is white creamy looking and real stiff. Almost looks like a heavy weight interfacing which I thought of using too.   I have some that is sew in and they use for brim of hats and stuff like that. It is realy stiff.  They had this stuff on a big roll, and it was at the cutting table so when I asked they just pulled it out.  It was with this really stiff heavy weight interfacing.


          Dresses are only play dresses now, but making two flower girl dresses so they woun't be worn much either.  So I am not going to worry about them loosing their stiffness.  Mom's can do that.


        2. mygaley | | #9

          This brought to mind the way we use to make "silk"flowers stiffening fabrics with elmer's glue. I think it's on lazygirlz site that she has recently discussed how the military use carpenter's wood glue to iron a crease that can withstand washing. If my test showed the crinoline would get floppy, I'd try this for the border. I can't wait to try this. God bless you Galey

    2. mygaley | | #3

      I think horsehair braid in this use would collapse on the part that is fabric, though if you have all horsehair it would make a stiff, flexible slip. I have used the kind of boning called rigalene(?) successfully. You can sew through it so it doesn't require a casing or you can put it in a casing. It's a very agreeable thing to wear--you can sit down in it and it doesn't fly up, walk through doors, etc. Also, I found this very interesting: on a site for civil war clothes, instructions to stiffen petticoats for little girls by using cording in the hem. I plan to try this as I think it would give just enough body to keep the skirt from twisting around the feet and ankles. Thanks, Becky-book, for bringing this up; this is just the kind of ideas I enjoy. God bless you Galey

      1. kayrosie | | #4

        What were you supposed to do with the cording. Make a casing and thread it through is that the way they did that. That would keep it out for sure and not tangle around their legs.  Might have to try that.  I am anxious to use this crinilion that I got.  

        1. mygaley | | #8

          Yes, the cording was threaded through a casing, and would never need to be removed. Remember these were Civil War patterns and little girl's dresses had to withstand washing in a boiling washpot... On a more recent note, I have noticed some tiny rtw dresses with permanent stiffening of some kind, perhaps a stiff monofilament, that could not be removed. Galey

    3. Ralphetta | | #5

      I really like your idea of using horsehair! 

       If the petticoats are to be worn very much, crinoline is a real pain to keep stiff.  You have to starch it.  Some girls used Jello...I don't remember if it really worked. I remember in the 50's I wore them and keeping them stiff was a nuisance. 

      Your idea might cost a little more..but I bet it would take much less upkeep.  I'm going to try that sometime.

      1. nisee | | #23

         I think my older cousins used to but their net petticoats in sugar water and dry them upside down hems spread out.    I made a prom dress for my neice several years ago with a full net underskirt. It worked well . The skirt was silky fabric.

  2. ctirish | | #10

    hi, I was in a store this evening that carried crinoline - it is Fabric Place. the one I was in - is in Connecticut and is going out of business. They have more stores in Massachusetts. As for what goes in Flower Girl dresses - it certainly can be used as one of the layers. You would want to add another layer to it to keep it from scratching her skin.  Have you looked at any Bridal sites to see what they say they use in the flower girl dresses?


    1. kayrosie | | #12

      and Saam:   I did find the crinilion and I did put it on the slip yesterday. I had the dress all done the practice one but didn't like the way it looked so made a layer of the crinilion and added it to the slip.  Yes you would have to have a slip on underneath or it would itch like crazy.  It still might bother the.  You know how little girls are.

      I was looking at some vintage clothes too and they have it.  My next thing was to look in the old formals I have saved from my kids and see if any of them had netting and crinilion on them.  But I didn't have too. It really looks good.  I am going to try and attach a picture.  Will see if I can figure out how to do that.


      1. ctirish | | #13

        Oh... a picture would be great. A question - is this a long dress? I was wondering if you wear a slip under the dress will it show if she twirls or any of the other activities a 7 yr old does.

        My daughter had a 10 yr old in her wedding and when she tried the dress on, it just bothered her everywhere, so we had where the underskirt(scratchy) attached at the waist trimmed and covered in cotton fabric. She wanted to wear a slip so we an extra (cotton) slip layer attached to the dress because she would pick up the dress and you would see her slip - it just looked funny. I was glad we did because - when she danced and played the dress was always being pulled up.  You might want to think about pictures - not the formal ones, it is the candids that will get you every time.

        Congratulations - making clothes for a wedding is stressful.

        Edited 10/6/2006 10:45 am ET by ctirish

        1. kayrosie | | #14

          I actually made a whole cotton slip, then it called for net to be put on at this one place about half way down on the slip. I did that. It didn't make the dress stand out enough so I got this crinilion and put it about half way up the slip.  It seemed to work.  She is going to wear this practice dress for halloween so will see if it has a problem scratchy, pictures and all that. That is why I made it early enough for her to wear and play in.  Wedding is in March.  So I have a while.  But nine dresses is alot. 


          1. thehat | | #19

            this time of the year children grow  I am having to stop this out fit for my grand daughters they started growing this fall after school started so I stopped making the knickers and shirt it is so cute it is black and brown hounds tooth and a cream colored shirt with puffy sleeves and a bell at the bottom of the sleeve and with a tamm that is made out of the same fabric  they were the onen that picked it out  what fun

          2. SAAM | | #20

            The dress looks beautiful! You're right, nine dresses is a lot. I made three outfits for my daughters for a wedding plus the bride's dress and petticoat last spring, and that was more than enough for me. I wish you many pleasant, rip-free hours at your sewing machine. I'd love to see pictures when you finish the other dresses.

          3. kayrosie | | #21

            Thanks I know. I hope I don't have to rip out, the material is satin, and you know how that is.  The dresses are all different.  If they were all alike it would have been simplier but they are all built different so dresses different. My daughter that has had four kids (caeseran) is number Butterick 3843 and view CE, my other dauther (who wears a pump for diabetes) is doing Simplicity 9466, and then the sister of the bride who is matron of honor is doing Butterick 3520 B or A not sure which yet, and then the other one right now is doing Butterick 5542 view B.  One of the other girls has not picked her for sure since I told her the one she picked out would not work.   The junior bridesmaid dresses are Butterick E.  they should all look real pretty.  I sure hope so. I want to have them done and sent to the cleaners to press by the first of March.  That is what I am shooting for anyway.

            I thought maybe you would like to look at the dresses.  They will be choc. brown and the junior bridesmaid are Champaign and the little flower girls are white of course.





          4. SAAM | | #24

            What a beautiful wedding this is going to be. The patterns look like they will go very well together. The dresses I made for my daughters were also all different. The bride wanted all of the bridesmaids to be happy with what they would be wearing. It was good because my daughters range in size from a pattern 6 to 26+ They were all able to choose dresses that suited their shapes. I'll be thinking about you on your sewing odessy.

          5. kayrosie | | #25

            I am so glad you thought they all went together.  I have been so worried about the different styles and all.  That is good for somebody else to tell me they look good together.  Thank you very much.  I was beginning to think I was crazy for taking on this job.  I just want them to be beautiful and everyone to be happy with them.  I have been really worried about this. I don't dare say anything to my daughters, or soon to be daughter-in-law because my daughters say well mom why did you consent to do them.  They have all the faith in the world in me. So I don't say anything.  My sister thinks I am nuts for taking this on. But I say I can do this.  It is not like I have not done dresses before. I have done  a lot of bridesmaid dresses.  I have just gotten worried and scared.   Are we not our own worse critics.

            Okay I hope you don't care I unloaded all of this on you.   Darn that was not nice was it. 

          6. fabricholic | | #26

            Hi Kayrosie,I think it is great that you have agreed to do this, (and you know you are able, even if it is a little scarey). Just think of the satisfaction you will feel after this is over and the memories of this undertaking. I always regret when I don't do for my family. You go girl!Marcy

          7. kayrosie | | #27

            Love your name. We could all be named that I bet. I have a stash that I am tryiing to get rid of.  Making things up and going to give them away.  Table runners, napkins, I have alot of Xmas Material.

            Thanks again for your vote of confidence. Yes it will be funny but nerve racking probably.


          8. SAAM | | #28

            I agree with Fabricholic, you can do it. When I was in the middle of the bride's dresswith a month to go and still had the bridesmaids' dresses to do, I thought I was crazy to have said yes, but it all got done and all of the girls looked beautiful. It's amazing what we can accomplish when we have to. It's great that you're doing this for your family. After all, that's what weddings are all about. Don't worry about what your sister thinks; just recruit her to help with the last minute stuff.

          9. kayrosie | | #29

            So you have done this before too.  Great. Somebody I can write and relate too.  Any pictures. Love to see them.  Even the wedding dress huh. You are brave. How many have you made. I made one so far for my daughter. 

          10. ctirish | | #31

            You can do this.... keep reminding yourself you have done dresses like this before... Can you get some poster size pics of the dresses you have made and put them up?  Then you will be reminded what great work you do on a regular basis. 

          11. ctirish | | #32

            I looked at the patterns they are going to look very good together.  Are you going to put the same flowing back on the skirts of all of them. I love that look of a virtual train by making the backs centers a little longer.  It looks very sharp going down the aisle.  I think Chocolate brown and champagne is going to look awesome. Are the flower girls dresses white white or that white they call natural white?   jane

          12. kayrosie | | #33

            Have not really decided on the flowing back skirt yet.  Waiting on them to make up their minds.  I kinda like that idea also.  Will see.  The flower girl dress or not stark white just white.  I think they will look very good with her dress (white) and the champaigne and choc. brown. We are still trying to decided rather to put choc. around the middle of the flower girl dresses. We are trying to figure that out. 

          13. kayrosie | | #34

            I like the idea of the pictures posted so I can remind myself I can do this.  I will have to see if I can find some pic.  I know I have some.


          14. ctirish | | #35

            I think the chocolate around the waist is a great idea.  I can't wait to see what they look like. I had stopped sewing for a while and when I was looking for wedding dresses with my oldest daughter I could not believe the variety of white fabrics and the many shades of white. I had not dealt with a ot of white since I had done first communion dresses for each of my girls and ech of my brothers girls.  

             I have to find some costume pictures from the past few years to hang up to put me in the costume making mood. I am making a dalmatian and maybe Tigger but I haen't heard much on that one. She needs to decide soon. I just realized it is the middle of October - I need to start soon.  And I just signed up for a embroidery on jeans class for this Saturday.

            wow, jane


          15. kayrosie | | #36

            I did a purple practice dress yesterday and was not happy how it turned out.  First of all I made a size 8 for the girl (I hope that fits looks big but she is bigger than my granddaughter so it will surely work.  I messed up on the band around, but we are thinking we will have detached bands anyway, and then have them long enough so they hang down in back.  I think that would be better.  I am not fond of the way the band lays.  Then I put the crinilion on the slip but made it from the waist down instead of 3/4 down because thought it would be easier and it was but to much bulk at the waist.  Live and learn.  I am definetly learning a lot. I haven't tried the piping around the neck and armholes yet.  Went to the store and the boughten dress did not have any piping around the arms and neck and the band was loose. I am thinking I might try that. Tear this one apart after she tries it on. 

            Costumes sound good. I have not made any of those yet. The class really sounds like fun. I wish I had time and the opportunity to do that. 


          16. kayrosie | | #37

            Okay are you the Jane that sent me an email about the dresses.  I could not get an email to go back to you so hope this it. 

            Aren't the pattterns neet. I love them all. We are going to have so much fun making them. I am itching to get in there and do them.  The junior bridesmaid dresses we are going to put a sash around the waist in Choc. Brown also and that will kinda tie them all together.  After I get them all done, and taken to the cleaners to press I will be so happy. 

            It is going to be a very busy winter-holiday season for us.  With the holidays, showers, and wedding coming up. I know how it was when our daughter got married and then wham it is over.  You are kinda let down.  But I am sure there wil be more exciting things for us in the future.  Hope so anyway.



          17. ctirish | | #38

            Yes, I am the jane that sent you the email about the dresses. make sure you tell everyone to take lots of pictures of the dresses you are making.

             I think everyone has a let down after the Holidays. And this year with all of the events you may be so tired you will sleep through January and February.  Where are you located - are you in for snow this winter. It doesn't usually start smowing here until after Jan. 1.

          18. kayrosie | | #39

            I live in Iowa. We have not had any snow here yet.  I have not started on the dresses yet.  I have done practice ones.  I have to kinda refine the patterns for one of my daughters.  I am working on it.  Why do they make patterns so big some places and little others. Dumb.  Oh well I will have to do my own fitting.


          19. ctirish | | #40

            Hi, I just received a notice that you had replied to my note. We must be slowing down their computers.  My sister had a B-day party for her youngest son - age 35 on Turkey day because his birthday was on Turkey day this year. He was born in the middle of a blizzard in 1971. We haven't had snow any real  snow before Christmas in years. Do you have snow for Christmas? I love snow for Christmas, it is so pretty and peaceful.

            I finished all my costumes for Halloween, they are actually in the photo area. I just finished a 2 piece outfit I have been working on for months. It wasn't a hard outfit, I just kept having little problems with it and and my serger. My serger needs to go in for a tune-up as soon as I get everything made for Christmas. I have a long list of things to make before Christmas Eve.  I am focusing on the big items (4 fleece pullover jackets for the adults and 3 for the kids) and then if the little ones(embroider onesies, bibs, turtlenecks and fleece pants and tops for the little ones)  get done too, that will be a bonus. I have toys for the kids to go with their clothes so I am not worried about them and there are always gift cards on the morning before Christmas for the adults.  I would like to finish up earlier so I can do the cookie thing before Christmas. My wonderful children in their thoughtfulness told me to make all of their presents.  I agreed and then realized they assumed it would be cheaper and easier for me than shopping...lol...we know that is rarely true. Now when I sew I want to use good fabric and do a good job with embellishments.  Try to do better job each time I make something. I didn't do anything to the outfit I made because I wanted to be able to wear jewelry with it, but it looks plain. Only time will tell what is next for an outfit. Take care, jane


          20. kayrosie | | #41

            I didn't get back to you until today. Everybody is busy so understand. I have been sewing like crazy. Trying to get Xmas outfits done, Xmas shopping done, and then baking also. Oh well, this too will pass.

            I am planning on starting on the flower girl dresses and junior bridesmaid dresses the first week of January.  Hopefully.  Then on the 20 of January, I am going to plan on cutting out the dresses for the bridesmaid.  I have to do some more fitting before I do that.  Hopefully everybody will be ready for me to sew their dresses. Done dieting, and ready to go. 

            Hope you have a good week and aget your sewing done and can relax some.  I need to do that too.


          21. kayrosie | | #22

            Jane52, I tried to send an email to you did you end up getting it. Said an error happened. 


          22. ctirish | | #30

            I didn't receive a message, I had network and cable modem problems last night.

        2. kayrosie | | #15

          I tried to attach pictures let me know if it worked.  Thanks.


          1. Teaf5 | | #16

            Yep, they came through nice and clear.  A very pretty blue, and I'm impressed by anyone who succeeds in posting photos online!

             For a little more flattering shape, though, you might want to try tapering/flaring the skirt a bit so that it doesn't have that awkward squarish shape with a tightly gathered top.  Little girls are very straight up and down, and the boxy shape of the skirt won't help much.

          2. kayrosie | | #17

            I really don't want to change the skirt, remember it is going to have flower floating in the tulle.  The picture on the pattern is real fluffy and stands out like it is.  I know what you mean, but not sure I want to mess with the pattern at this stage. Everything goes together nicely and works.  I think I will stick with it like it is.


  3. SAAM | | #11

    I was in an antique store yesterday that had a large collection of vintage clothing. I found a crinoline petticoat that was made out of what looked like the hair canvas that you would use in tailoring. I don't know how far back it dated, but it looked very old. It was also still very stiff. Unfortunately, it was squashed in with a lot of other clothes and had hard creases pressed into it. It certainly didn't look comfortable. I wonder if they wore another slip-type garment in a softer cotton underneath to protect their legs from the harsh canvas.

    1. thehat | | #18

      they had thoes long pantalooms  that were down to the mid calf and that was also to keep you warm or so my gr grandmother told me and they were made of cotton and lace  some were very pretty

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