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Conversational Threads

Garment Pet peeves

stitchagain | Posted in General Discussion on

My college costume teacher’s pet peeve was hem badly done or not historically acruit. 

The other weekend I was watching a performance live music and dance and I could not help but be distracted.  The dancers where wearing different ready-made garments in white, sometimes layered.  I got thinking about the Threads article showing how one can camoflage facings in white or light colored clothes by interlining the facings (or pockets) with colored fabric that best matches skin tone.  Why hasn’t ready made figured this out?

At a performance it seems like sometimes you might want a layered effect: T-shirt over tank, sarong over pants but not in other cases: the pockets showing thru on baggy pants, bras showing.

What is your peeve de pet?

no longer costume professional



  1. fabricholic | | #1

    I will never get use to bra straps showing. I know young people say that it's o.k. now, and that is why some of them are so fancy, but it drives me nuts.


    1. Gloriasews | | #13

      Not only does it drive me nuts, too, but they are usually dirty, especially if they keep falling down the arm & they keep hitching them up - can't they at least tighten the straps?


      1. fabricholic | | #25

        O.k., here's two more that my daughter is guilty of: stepping on the bottom of her pants and being able to see the thong, when she sits down or bends over. I tell her that I can see her underwear and she says, don't look. The pants thing is because of one time, I hemmed her dance pants and got them a little too short. She has never let me live it down. She has a little girl of her own now, so it won't be long and she will find out what I went through with her. LOLMarcy

        1. Gloriasews | | #29

          Like our mothers always said, "Wait until you have children of your own!"  We ignored that comment at the time because we felt so hard done by, but they were right, eh? 

          About the thong, I've heard so many say, "Don't look."  But how can you not?  Some of those thongs are just screaming for attention by their colour alone.  Also, no matter how many times I've been told otherwise, I can't believe that they are so comfortable.  The kids can have them.

          1. Ralphetta | | #30

            For the last year or so, the H.S. students in this area seem to have either quit wearing thongs or learned to keep them covered (or maybe they're going "commando.")  Maybe things will get better where you live.

            I too, want to alter people's crotch seams.  If you ever watch reruns of Murder She Wrote you will notice that half the time Angela Lansbury's pants  had a wad of excess fabric at the crotch front.  It used to drive me nuts. I couldn't understand why she allowed it.

          2. Gloriasews | | #32

            Commando - yuck!

            I remember Angela Lansbury's pants, too, & you're right about the crotch.  It's funny how we critically watch the clothing in movies & TV - they are usually fitting well.  I watched an old movie recently on TV - Bachelor in Paradise, starring Bob Hope & Lana Turner.  Her clothing was really nice & fit perfectly - I love to see stuff like that. 

            Doris Day always had beautiful clothes, too, that fit perfectly.  Of course, both Lana & Doris were slim & young - guess that makes the difference, eh?  We have to hide things & still look good in what we wear.

          3. fabricholic | | #31

            I think surely, she doesn't know how that really looks. You are right about our mother's saying, just wait. Mine said that I used to hide behind my bangs and they were always in my eyes. It makes me laugh to think about it now. Marcy

          4. Gloriasews | | #33

            The girls with the thongs MUST know how it looks, as all their friends dress the same - & again, how do you not look when someone bends over & their thong shows?

            Yes, mothers did talk about "hiding behind your bangs", didn't they?  Mine were never that long, because I couldn't stand them in my eyes or brushing against my eyebrows or eyelashes, although girls I know say they don't mind them catching in their eyelashes - they don't even notice it, but it drives me nuts - I just want to grab the scissors & hack off an inch.

          5. Josefly | | #34

            This stuff about the thongs showing reminds me of another peeve - men whose pants don't cover their behinds when they bend or sit. Today I passed a man in my neighborhood sitting on the ground with his legs crossed Indian-style as he worked on his car - he might as well've been nekkid from the waist down when viewed from behind, which is the part that faced me as I drove by. A pretty sight it was not.

          6. Gloriasews | | #35

            Exactly - another of my pet peeves - thanks for reminding me.  Those men drive me nuts - I wish they would buy jeans (usually this happens with jeans, not dress pants) that fit their waists, rather than sitting below their stomachs.  I think they actually think the smaller jeans make them look younger & slimmer - not!  They would be way more comfortable wearing pants that fit their waists & they wouldn't be forever hitching them up or showing too much when they bend over.  You'd think their wives would tell them!

          7. Tatsy | | #36

            I don't think it's that simple.  Our youngest son is shaped like a bowling ball with legs.  If he bought pants that fit exactly at the waist, they would fall down.  I used to make all his shirts so they were long enough to hide everything matter how far forward he bent.  Now he shops at a store that carries shirts that are both extra large and extra tall.  No more "Crack kills."

          8. Gloriasews | | #39

            My son also buys his clothes at the a big & tall shop - finally getting things that fit better.  I've copied a couple of his shirts & make him shirts & vests all the time that are long enough (he's 6' 4" & hefty).  I'm now considering trying jeans for a change, as his jeans are $95 each & they're not designer jeans.  Glad you also found a solution for your son.

  2. BernaWeaves | | #2

    Pockets that show through the fabric or bunch up.   When I just bought my new sewing machine, Mom wanted to try it out and the first thing she did was sew the pockets shut on a pair of white capri pants and cut the pocket linings out.

    I also don't like bras that show.

    And I really hate boxers (guys) or thongs (girls) that show.  EW.

    Armscyes that don't fit.



    1. Stillsewing | | #3

      Low cut jeans or skirts with a muffin top!

      1. Gloriasews | | #15

        I agree - there are WAY too many like that out there - besides, they have to keep hitching up those very low cut pants all the time - talk about plumber's crack!  How can they possibly be comfortable?

        I think those girls really think they look "cool" (it's the fashion!) & don't realize how badly the muffin tops really look.

        1. Minnie63 | | #54

          O.K., what's a muffin top?

          1. Ralphetta | | #55

            All that loose, flabby flesh that spews out above the too tight low rider jeans.

          2. Gloriasews | | #57

            See Ralphetta's answer to "muffin top".  Thanks, Ralphetta - exactly what I would have said!


            Edited 8/8/2007 4:28 pm by Gloriasews

          3. Cherrypops | | #63

            I bought a pair of skinny hipster jeans - Levis. The sales girl was wearing a similar pair at the time of my try on and purchase. She saw me in them and said they looked good on me. I am slim and can wear these types of clothes. I needed an Australian size 8. She was size 14. She had the muffin top. My son (5) walked in and she felt very uncomfortable. 'you're a mother too!" she asked. Yes and I'm 36yrs old, I answered. Slim runs in my family..She said I was the best looking mum she'd seen! She was very sweet.

            She then said the store manager has the staff wear what is in current fashion whether or not they feel comfortable in the jeans. She was such a pretty young girl and would have looked great in a looser fit pant.


          4. Gloriasews | | #76

            Too bad about the salesgirl - & worse, the store manager.  That's not a very good sales tactic when the clothes on the sales people aren't flattering.  You'd think the managers would know better, with all the marketing information around.  Guess some people never learn.


    2. Gloriasews | | #14

      Your mom could have lined the pocket on the pants side with beige fabric & the pocket wouldn't have shown so much, but I know what you mean about anything showing through white pants.

      As for your other pet peeves, I agree with them all.  Young people today just show more than we need to see or want to, especially the pregnant women with their whole bare stomachs showing (am I a prude?).

      I think, because we sew & are so concerned with proper fit, that we notice all the uneven hems, badly fitting whatevers, etc., that it rankles us.  When I see things like that, I want to grab the people & start pinning the mistakes!


  3. tmorris1 | | #4


    I agree, muffin tops are gross. The thing that gets me the most, however, is a garment tag sticking out. I know that it sounds ridiculous, but I have literally stalked people through the grocery store in order to tuck their shirt tags in!! I makes the hair on my neck stand up, just thinking about it. Is that nuts???


    1. wlric | | #5

      Was that you? You left so quickly I didn't get to thank you for tucking in my tags! :)
      Seriously, I find uneven hems on circle skirts to be my pet peeve.

      1. tmorris1 | | #6

        Yes!!!! That was me!!! LOL I sure am sneaky, aren't I?

    2. MargieT | | #7

      Gosh - you must be fun to go shopping with.

      1. tmorris1 | | #8

        Lol, that is what they all tell me. I used to be a waitress, and you should have seen all the tags hanging out at that job!!!

        1. Ralphetta | | #9

          I often tell them their tags are sticking out! (nicely)  However, I don't have the courage to do that to people who don't know they are supposed to remove the stitches that hold a coat vent in place during shipping.  Riding an escalator and staring at the back of a well-worn coat with the vent still tacked together I ache to explain things to them, but don't.

          Okay, this is going to sound nutty but one of my big peeves is about nightgowns.  Why on earth do they make long flannel gowns that have long sleeves..with a scoop or low neckline?  The only part of my body that sticks out when I am under the covers is my neck and I want it covered.  Why do they think I want another layer of fabric under the covers on a cold night and nothing around my neck and chest?  I am amazed at the large percentage that are made that way.

          1. sewingkmulkey | | #10

            I understand what you say about low cut necklines on nightgowns but speaking as a mature woman who has occasional "hot flashes" I really prefer to not have a lot of fabric around my neck.  It's odd, I know, as I want long gowns that cover my legs and at least 3/4 sleeves but my head and neck area must be out of the covers!  Of course I still flap the covers on and off my body during the night...oh to be young again!


          2. Ralphetta | | #11

            I would think hot or cold would effect the whole top of the body, that's why I'm puzzled about the strange combination.  I obviously am in the minority or I wouldn't have trouble finding something that buttons to the neck during really cold weather.

          3. Gloriasews | | #12

            Ralphetta, those low-cut flannel nighties are supposed to look "sexy"!  (Not like the ones worn by women in the 1800s).  I agree with you, though - when I want to be warm, I want to be completely covered - that's why I make my own.  I also hate the long sleeves on the flannel gowns, as they never stay down around my wrists.

            Do you remember in the 50s there was such a piece of lingerie that was a "shoulder warmer" (for those women who slept in the nude, but their shoulders kept getting cold?  They were just an 8" tube style (like a very small cape) with elastic around the neck.  Ridiculous, eh?


          4. Ralphetta | | #17

            No, I hadn't ever heard of those!  That's hysterical.  I guess what I need is a coordinating "neck warmer" to wear with my "sexy" flannel gowns.

            It didn't used to be such a problem, but when my heating bill was almost $300 one month I had to learn to turn my thermostat  way, way down.

          5. Josefly | | #19

            I'm with you, Ralphetta...my husband and I like it cold when we sleep - not so many colds or sinus problems when the heat's turned way down at night - but I want my neck and shoulders warm, so why so many bare necked nightgowns?! Ditto sweaters - who wants a scoop-necked wool sweater in the winter? Guess we have to make our own.

          6. starzoe | | #21

            Speaking of scoop necked wool sweaters, who would want to wear a bulky knit sleeveless, cowl-necked tank in summer? For some reason (get a life!) I started noticing tv personalities' breast darts - and am surprised to find that they rarely are in the right place. And the cleavage thing gets to me as well, very bad taste to have half your top anatomy hanging out.

          7. fabricholic | | #24

            I just want to tell them, cover up, please. Have some respect for yourself. Marcy

          8. Gloriasews | | #20

            You could make a high necked nightgown - a flannel frill around the neck would keep your neck warm (rather than a scarf!!!).   I once had a blouse pattern that was like a pirate shirt  that was a pullover - it had a square yoke over the shoulder & front, then fully gathered below.  The neck opening had a tie closure (ties were about 1" wide & 12" long), which were attached to a collar band, with the frill sewn into the top like a collar would be - it made an excellent warm nightgown, & I didn't have to bother with buttons.  That would work for you, too, unless you also needed ear warmers!

            Too bad about the cost of your heating - yikes!  Here in a winter city, we have budget plans for heating where it's averaged out over the year & we pay the same amount each month, which is easier to budget.  It's reviewed every fall & adjusted.  Some people here still prefer to pay the high cost in the winter, then hardly anything in the summer months.  As for me, if it's really cold, besides the flannel nightgown, I put socks on, too, & a quilt.  If my feet are warm, I warm up all over quickly.  Of course, I have flannelette sheets, too.  (We turn our furnace down to 15C [about 60F] when it's -20C outside). 

          9. Ralphetta | | #22

            Yep, I could...but I usually have so many other things I'd rather spend my time on that it's easier to hunt and gripe.

          10. Gloriasews | | #27

            I know what you mean - I, too, hunt & gripe (& find I waste more time doing that than if I'd actually made the garment).

          11. Ralphetta | | #23

            Or, I could sleep in a ski mask.

          12. Gloriasews | | #28

            You are a hoot, Ralphetta!  Actually, the ski mask would serve two purposes - it would scare any burglars to death, AND it would smooth out any wrinkles overnight!  But then, you'd have to deal with the imprint of the knit stitches on your face for hours.  Maybe it would be better to wear earmuffs!

          13. User avater
            matzahari | | #37

            this remonds me of the woody allen movie Bananas where it was a law to change your underwear daily and it should be  worn on the outside so people can check.


            ( someone who wears lacy bra straps in case the show)

    3. Gloriasews | | #16

      Yes - tags showing are terrible!  I always check mine (if I haven't already cut them off, as most of them itch) before I go out.   I think some people leave them out deliberately  if it's a label they are proud of, just to impress others.

      Speaking of uneven hems, there is a photo in Barbara Deckert's Sewing For Plus Sizes of a lady in a suit (I think it's a green plaid) with the front of the skirt hanging way down - that drives me nuts every time I look at it, as it shouldn't look like that, especially for the photo.

      1. Stillsewing | | #18

        While I can take or leave tags sticking out what really annoys me are the tags that stick into me and scratch me!! I think it is old age making the skin more sensitive but labels nowadays all seem to have metallic thread in them. So like you I usually cut them off when I remember to. A garment should not need a label to demonstrate how well made it is or its style, it should be able to stand on its own merits, so I also dislike all these stitched on labels.

  4. Tatsy | | #26

    My pet peeve is pants with badly fitting crotches.  When I see a woman with 6 or 8 folds emanating from the center seam I just want to say, "Come here, Honey.  I can fix that in two minutes with my serger!"  I don't though.  It's not quite like tags.

  5. solosmocker | | #38

    I have two major peeves. First and foremost are women of all ages and sizes who are in ill fitting bras. The worst example is the back strap being about 4 or 5 inches below the neckbone. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE EVEN ALL AROUND LADIES! Then there is the too small bra where flesh is bubbling over and flesh is bubbling out under from a too tight band. How do you breath without crying? Have you misfits not been watching Oprah and learned the importance of a good fitting bra? How can you adjust fitting issues in the garments you sew if the your bra doesn't even fit? Can you tell this bothers me?

    Which brings me to peeve number two - too tight clothing. I don't know anyone, even young and firm, who really looks good in sprayed on clothing. Yet I see it over and over again. I wonder if the " tight one" has any idea how they look. And if you combine the tight clothing peeve with the strangulating bra peeve,,, Oy......

    Forgive me for not holding back.


    1. Gloriasews | | #40

      I forgive you - you're right on both points.  To sound like an old curmudgeon (I'm not a geezer yet), what is the world coming to???  I, too, am fascinated by the tight clothing - how can they move comfortably? 

      On the other hand, I also hate the huge, hangy-down pants that young men wear - the crotch is at the knees, so they have trouble getting on the bus, & they are constantly grabbing the waist so they don't fall down.  They look so sloppy (at least the girls haven't gone for that fad)!  On the bright side, they are at least wearing undershorts (but who knows how clean they are)?  I've known many teen boys (not mine, of course) who refuse to change their shorts every day & they don't shower often enough, either - aaagh!!!  Really bad when you're sitting next to them on a hot bus!  Gross!

      1. Ralphetta | | #44

        At first I thought the baggy pants were just dumb.  After watching them day after day I've become increasing aware of something I've never heard anyone address.  Has anyone else noticed that they all chose to hold up their pants by putting their hands in their crotch.?  No one holds them at the side or at the back. 

        1. Tatsy | | #45

          I teach junior high and they wouldn't dare pull them up by the crotch, at least at school.  When the craze first started, one of the boys lost his drawers--all of them! At least it was embarrassing to him then.  I'm not sure it would be anymore.

          1. Ralphetta | | #46

            I told some of the kids that I thought it was very interesting that women fought for years to get out of dangerously long, cumbersome clothing that they had to lift and here we now have men unable to run without holding their pants up. Duh! One of the tall skinny guys had has jeans so low that I could see daylight between his shorts crotch and  the waist of his jeans!  I keep thinking the fad will die. 

          2. Tatsy | | #47

            Yeah, the way things go we'll be back to the Four Preps! 

          3. loomchick | | #48

            My garment pet peeves mostly have to do with two things:

            Clothes that don't fit right . . . such as too big and hanging off the body . . . or clothes stretching at the seams without ripping

            Taste, or lack of taste . . . this includes huge amounts of cleavage hanging out, super short skirts, exposing too much skin by accident or on purpose, sloppy dressing, etc. 

    2. Gloriasews | | #41

      As for the bras, most of the ones that ride up at the back are losing their elasticity, & probably didn't fit properly to begin with.  Some people just can't afford a good, well-fitting bra - those start at $85 here & go up from there.  Too bad a lot of those ladies can't sew either, so can't make their own.

    3. starzoe | | #42

      One day, while wasting time at the computer, I looked up as many bra brand names as I could find. Sure, everyone has a "how to fit" chart. BUT every one measured differently, which leaves me exactly where I was - with a drawer full of ill-fitting bras. Some of them are very expensive and are no better than the run-of-the-mill type.I have gone to the point of buying bras that fit at the front and alter the back and sometimes the angle of the straps. I have been known to buy a boned bra because it was a knit and had no seams, and then take the boning out. Nice bra, now.

      1. solosmocker | | #43

        I have done the same! As far as a good fitting bra it is more an issue of proper measuring than price. I buy my bras at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, both of which are discount stores but I know the proper size. I have never paid more than 7.99 for a bra. Also, Macy's has great bra sales as well and they do have trained bra fitters. Just an aside, but some years back my oldest daughter was in high school. She was very buxom. I am not kidding, she had a 19 inch waist and ended up with a double D bra. She also was very shy about anything like this. She insisted on buying her own bras and there were up near her neck in the back and down to her waist almost in the front. One day I told her we were going school shopping and we went to JC Pennys. I brought my tape in my pocketbook. We straddled over to the bra dept. and I asked the clerk to measure her and got a blank stare. I pulled out my tape and measured her. She couldn't argue with me in a public store. I told her she needed a 32 DD and asked the clerk for a couple of styles. She tried them on and her bosom didn't seem half as big and she did not have the back band riding up near her neck. Her bosom was lifted and looked much more the way it should have for a 16 yr old young lady. We proceeded to buy her several bras in the proper size, none of which were very expensive. So that brings me back to the concept of fit, not price, for a good bra. solo

        1. proegge | | #49

          I can't believe that!  I used to work in the lingerie dept at JCPenney's-we were all trained in how to properly measure and fit a bra.  I wonder if you got a part time or fill in person.  How disappointing!  At least you knew what to do!

          I think the lingerie dept people at all Department stoers should be trained in how to do that.  Even if you don't end up buying a bra there, you will be able to buy the corret size from then on.  It's a really nice service.


          1. Josefly | | #50

            I don't know what it's like anywhere else, but at our local Penney's stores, as well as Sears and even Macy's, there are no salespeople to help with fitting or choosing the right style in the lingerie department or anywhere else. There are only clerks guarding their cash registers in centralized locations and waiting for customers to bring their purchases to them. What a boring job that must be!

          2. susanna | | #51

            These are all so funny and true, and I have another thing to add: lack of pockets in women's clothing. I mean, I don't sew ALL my own clothes, but when I do, I put pockets in them because I need and like them. I don't know if anyone else feels this way, though. But when I look for garments with my Pocket Criteria, there sure aren't many with useful pockets. I like to put secret interior pockets in my handmade garments too. I just don't like lugging around a purse or bag all the time, is why.

            I did notice some ball gowns with pockets in the past year or so. As soon as I'm up for an Academy Award, I will buy one of those. No, no, I mean sew one! 

          3. Stillsewing | | #52

            I was lucky enough to visit the Seville fair earlier this year where all the "ladies of Seville" attend dressed in their finery. They do not carry either handbag or purse - not obviously, but tucked under the many frills and flounces of their flamenco dresses is a built in pocket for their money and their mobiles.I was so curious about this that I visited the local dept store to check out this pocket! I think that this is such a great idea.

          4. solosmocker | | #53

            OK, I have another one. This is something that has bothered me for years and I just dealt with it this morning. I love white shirts and wear and make a fair amount. I have decided recently that from now on the facings will be cut on and folded and topstitched. I AM TIRED OF THOSE BALLS OF LINT GETTING CAUGHT BETWEEN THE EDGE OF THE BLOUSE AND THE BUTTONHOLE OR BUTTON. I go to iron my shirt and have to get some sort of poking instrument to push the lint out and it seems to take forever. I also hate looking at these nasty little lint balls in other peoples shirts as well. Pill, aren't I? Does this drive anyone else insane as it does me? Oh, I do clean my washer and dryer and only wash and dry whites with whites so heaven only knows where this stuff comes from!solo

            Edited 8/7/2007 8:42 pm ET by solosmocker

          5. BernaWeaves | | #66



            I'm with you on that one.  Drives me nuts, too.



          6. fabricholic | | #67

            When ironing my husband's shirt the other day, I saw this blue lint under neath. I got out the scotch tape and began removing it that way. It did look terrible before I got it out. It was kind of dirty looking and not what you want on a white shirt.

          7. solosmocker | | #68

            I am so glad I am not alone on this one, I thought I might be!solo

          8. fabricholic | | #56

            I noticed this at Macy's the other day. Holding two bags, I had to squat down to the bottom rack, to look for my size in a bra, while the saleswomen were chatting away at the cash register. At least help us old, fat people by putting the big sizes up higher. Oh my goodness, I finally got myself up from that squatting position. Now, this bra that I bought doesn't fit, correctly. I needed more width, and the same cup size. When you go up in width, the cup size is bigger. It doesn't matter if it still says C cup.

          9. Gloriasews | | #58

            I've had that same problem.  As well, some bras are so wide across the front (if I have chosen the correct size by measuring), that my boobs are almost at my armpits!  I have had to alter that by taking a tuck in the middle front to bring the cups closer together.  I have also found that cup sizes are different, too, which is so annoying (especially when they are in the same brands).  Most times a DD fits perfectly, other times it's huge.

          10. Josefly | | #59

            "When you go up in width, the cup size is bigger." Is that true? So if you go up a numerical size, you should go down one size in cup? Sometimes I think the manufacturers are deliberately confusing and confounding us!

          11. fabricholic | | #60

            I will tell you that on this bra, the cup size is bigger on the top of the cups. I could stuff tissue in the top. I don't know about going down a cup size. I think after you go above a size 38, it changes. I know they wouldn't have a 42B for me. I got a 42C and the cup was bigger.

          12. Josefly | | #61

            I know that's frustrating...sounds like you're better off using those extender things in the back! I've been paying attention to how my bras ride up in the back, and all the other fitting issues since I've been reading this thread and the other one on making bras. I never paid much attention before, with the exception of the infuriating slipping straps.Are you burning up in our lovely South? I took my grandson to the zoo today, and found when I took him home afterward that the temperature was 103 degrees! But we saw every single animal there. Fun.

          13. fabricholic | | #64

            Yes, it was 103 degrees here, also. Because of the drought, we are on water restrictions. My plants are all about dead anyway, but my car is so nasty and I don't want to take it to a car wash. I like to wash it myself. I am ready to sneak around and wash it. Which zoo did you see?

          14. Josefly | | #69

            Atlanta Zoo. The Pandas are a favorite.I know what you mean about the yard drying up...I'm watching things get crisp, too, and wondering if my hydrangeas will come back next year! It is soooooo tempting to sneak out in the middle of the night to water.I guess we'll survive this....all the more reason to stay inside and sew, huh?Are you considering making your own bras to get around the impossible fit problem?

          15. fabricholic | | #72

            When I saw the beautiful fabric at that website from the Netherlands, I was tempted, but I can't even get time to finish a shirt.

          16. jatman | | #78

            Hi Fabricholic!  I've been away for a few days and I may have missed something - could you direct me to the fabric website from The Netherlands?


          17. fabricholic | | #79

            Hi JT,I was talking about this shop http://www.kantje-boord.info/ that I learned about from someone on sewing.patternreview. They have beautiful
            fabrics for lingerie.Marcy

          18. jatman | | #81

            Thank you Fabricholic!


          19. fabricholic | | #75

            My daughter gave me hydrangeas for Mother's Day. I hope mine will bloom next year. Maybe they will.

          20. Tatsy | | #71

            Be patient.  Cool weather is on the way.  We haven't hit the century mark in a week and it usually runs about 105F. this time of year.  Eighty feels like 60 at this time of year.

          21. fabricholic | | #74

            We haven't had this constant 100's in a long time. I just can't stand it. Sitting in air conditioning all day and then going out, is terrible. I'm going to a two year old's birthday this afternoon. They said that they will have fans in the yard, but I don't know if it will help much.

          22. Tatsy | | #77

            Hundreds are horrible when you're not used to them, especially with high humidity. It's all a matter of what you're used to.  Years ago one of my sisters lived in Alaska.  We both had our thermostats set at 65F.  That's where our heat came on and her air conditioner.  The weather last week was chilly.  So just hang in.

          23. fabricholic | | #80

            It was chilly in California? I can't wait for it to be fall like weather.

          24. Tatsy | | #82

            It was in the low 80's last week, 25F. less than our normal temp at this time of the year.  It felt chilly.

          25. Cherrypops | | #62

            I'm a 12b ..need to go to 14a or 10c...Just like dress size (could be an 8 could be a 12) I try to ignore numbers and go with what is comfortable.

          26. fabricholic | | #65

            I would ignore numbers, but I don't think they make them in the size I really need, cup size small, width is big.

          27. Cherrypops | | #70

            Have you ever attempted making your own bra? I haven't.

            I forgot to add that at my stores the larger sizes are on the top racks, I have to bend down to find mine. Come on over ( i wish you could) and we'll go shopping together.


          28. fabricholic | | #73

            That sounds like fun. I'll catch the next plane. LOL Wish I could see your beautiful country. I haven't attempted making a bra. I wanted to make underwear in something pretty, but have not, yet.

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