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Hello everyone!!

Gabbie | Posted in General Discussion on


I just found this forum after getting my first email.   This is great!!  I used to sew all my clothes (well, most) and haven’t sewn for about 15 years!  I’m a knit-wit, going crazy with sock yarn lately, but just bought a new Brother machine and can’t wait to start again. I feel like a beginner with all of the new features on the machine, but it’s going to be so much fun.

This seems like a great place, with folks from around the globe.  I belong to 2 knit forums also, so I know how important these forums are. 

I’m 58, feel 28, petite (untall-wise), plus-size (build), live in Michigan USA, retired and can’t wait to go shopping Friday for fabric!!! I love casual, comfy clothes, haven’t had to ‘dress for work’ in a couple years.  I’m a member of the Red Hat Society and want to get, maybe, some red linen for a blouse.  We usually wear purple clothes and red hats, but birthday months, we wear red clothes and purple hats!!  I hope I’m not boring you younger gals.  I know there are chapters all over the world, even in Australia!!  Do you know of any?

Does anyone have this type of machine?  It’s a Brother CS-6000i, sewing and quilting machine?  I’d like to hear from anyone and if you like or dislike it.

Can’t wait to visit with you all again.  Take care and keep on stitchin’!!!






  1. mygaley | | #1

    Welcome to gatherings.  You and I are close to the same age, we both obviously love doing more than one kind of fabric art, but you live in Michigan and I live in Louisiana, the home of the heat and humidity.  With humidity and temperatures of 90-99, going outside is like being boiled.  My current project is some bias batiste half slips for my granddaughters' gypsy skirts.  Next, 12 foot long draperies for my daughter's new sunroom.  Let us know what you are doing.  God bless you, Galey

  2. tzipi | | #2

    I'd like to hear more about the Red Hat Society. What is that?

  3. Kiley | | #3

    Hi Gabby. I believe the Brother 6000 that you are inquiring about is reviewed by owners on PatternReview.

  4. SewistKitty | | #4

    You and I are in the same age range. I also stopped working for pay a few years ago. I was a teacher and always wore dresses to school. The reason was that I am tall and most pants don't fit. I am currently working on pants that do fit. Many others are working on the same elusive quest whether they are tall, petite, plus-sized, average, etc.

    I am from Michigan and go back to the Detroit area in August for our family reunion every year. While Michigan is hot and humid, Las Vegas is in the 100s range for four or five months. We are supposed to have a temperature of 106 today. The whole past week has been hot.

    In Royal Oaks is a great fabric store called Habermans. My sisters and I make a trip there every year in the midst of our family reunion. If you ever get the chance I strongly recommend it.

    Keep on sewing.

  5. Angels | | #5

    Hi, How are you?  I hadn't sewn in awhile and then got back into it.  I also knit and crochet.  I also enjoy how people from all over can communicate about their common interests and one can learn from others in this manner.   Locally (NY, Long Island) I don't have sewing friends so this is a pleasure.  Marie

    1. Gabbie | | #6

      Hi Marie,

      I know, I love the internet, too.  I'm hearing impaired, so my computer is my phone.  It is truly amazing how we can now keep in touch with people all over the world....I love it.  If my computer goes down........I lose my mind!!!

       Yesterday my best friend came into town and we went shopping fabric and yarn stores alllllllll day!  We trekked all over for almost 8 hours.  I can almost move today!!

      I bought 3 lengths of fabric...all Red Hat, of course, I have an overnight event coming up in August.  I also got a new PJ pattern for one of the fabrics.  We had such an awesome day, she's a school bus driver and received a gift cert. for Ucellos restaurant so we had lunch.....then proceeded to shop until we dropped.

      Have a great weekend!!


      1. Angels | | #7

        Hi Gabbie - I just saw your reply.  I only log in about once a week, because I have a very long work day, the weekends (or a day off) are the only time I can email.   You must have had a wonderful time shopping, especially with a 'co-conspirator' who loves fabric as well.  I am off today and catching up.  I will probably start sewing later and that will tend to mean no major housework will get done.  Oh well!  I bought a ribbon yarn cardigan the other day which goes really well with a wrap skirt I made years ago, so now I can wear that to work, I did not have a suitable coordinate that was fresh looking.  The ribbon yarn cardigan pulls it together.  I don't have enough time to sew and knit everything I wear, but someday!  I hope all is well with you.  Marie

        1. Gabbie | | #8

          Hi Marie,

          I hope you're enjoying your holiday. I brought my knitting to pet-sit for my Sis, but haven't even taken it out of the bag!!  That's no way to finish my socks or shawl. 

          I have a new machine, lots of fabric, gobs of patterns.....now I want to get a folding table for my craft room to cut patterns on.  I have a Red Hat trip the end of August and I want to make a few outfits for that. 

          I'm retired, on disability, so I'm on this 'puter all times of the day and night.  Sometimes it doesn't even get turned off overnight.....unless it storms!!

          Sometimes, we just don't have the 'feel' to craft. You know, you knit or sew and all of a sudden you have to just stop....take a breather...or maybe just step away for a while.  That's the way I feel right now.  I want to, I think, but then....just don't.  I want to start something new, yet I know I have to finish what I've started.   OH, well...such is life!!

          So thanks for writing, enjoy your time off.  I know how precious that is.  Keep on crafting and please keep in touch!!

          Smiles, Lauren

  6. IndyJoni | | #9

    Hi:  I'm new to this forum, too, and got back into sewing clothes again last summer after many years away from it. I bought a Brother 6000t which I love and have reviewed on Patternreview.com. It's a great machine and the first computerized one I've ever used. My only negative about it is the machine's light, so I just supplement it with an extra lamp and an Ott Light for my poor eyesight. I also discovered sewing knits this time around, which is all I sew these days (less pattern alteration!), so I use the stretch stitches a lot. Brother offers many additional feet for this machine, too, and the overcast foot I purchased works like a charm. Check out the Ebay store, Sewing Supply Company, for the best price on bobbins for this machine.

  7. user-167104 | | #10

    Hi and welcome. Hope you keep your enthusiasm for sewing (and obviously everything else) up and tell us how your sewing comes along.

    I'm a bit, (tiny bit) younger, but we have lots in common and I even know what the "red hat society" is. I hope you enjoy your new machine. They are so awesome! I am working on an (machine) embroidered baby quilt. I am NOT going to have it ready by mid-month in time for the baby, but hopefully soon.

    I am also working on a couple items of clothing. Finishing a skirt, working on a dress, and hoping to start after the quilt on a purse for a gift. Found the cutest fabric (old fashioned shoe ads).

    I am really frustrated. One of my favorite things is to just walk through fabric stores and (buy a bit of it too), but I love fabrics and JoAnn Fabrics just left our city. It's a reasonably good sized city (30 thousand +) and has NO fabric stores! Can you believe it! We do have small quilt shops, but for fabric to  make clothes with, NONE! I cannot believe it!

    ...good sewing! Keep us up on what you're sewing.



    1. Gabbie | | #11

      NO fabric stores whatsoever?!?!?  That's downright UNAmerican!!  I think there should be a law against things like that....the more farbric, yarn and craft stores, the better the city is!!!!     I think if I couldn't get my hands on material, yarn or fiber.....I'd move. 

      Have you tried Hancock's online??  I found them just a while ago, (after forgetting about them) and you can order anything from them.  That's when I found that the store that moved (and I thought altogether) had just moved down the road on the other side!!  I'm glad I found them again, but I do order lots of yarn and stuff from KnitPicks online.   There's also Herschenners and lots of others.

      I want to do so much, knit, spin, sew...but my Sister is on vacation until next Thursday so I don't see myself getting much of anything done until then.  We just love to run around together. 

      I did get 3 different types of Red Hat material, so I should have a few new things to wear to our Amish Acres trip the end of August.    Our Field's Fabric store had bunches of it.  I went crazy, didn't know which ones I wanted!

      It's so nice to hear from everyone here, you're a great bunch and I hope we all benefit from each others inspiration!!

      Happy sewing!!!


      1. user-167104 | | #13

        Yep, the city's breaking the law I do believe. We live in a city where I know people sew, so I do don't know why a fabric store doesn't want to be here. I know of people that called Hancock's and they said the city needs to be at least 50 thousand, where we live is well over 30 thousand, especially including the surrounding towns.

        I will be buying fabrics on line, but do you ever just want to go in and touch them? and hold them up imagining the finished product? Lots and lots of quilting stores (which I love also), so if I want to make a quilt, no problem, but fabrics for clothing, not. Strange and like you said, I am really not sure if I'm in America!

        Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try Nancy's on line. I like the things she does. I am sure she would have lovely, quality fabrics.



        1. user-172042 | | #14

          My favorite website for buying garment fabrics is Fashion Fabrics Club. It is reasonably priced and have a good selection. Good luck finding your fabrics. I do love to feel the fabrics, so I know what you mean. I also, like to browse our local fabric store on my lunch hour. I go back to work and dream of the next project. It's a great way to pass the time.

          1. user-167104 | | #15

            agree. a theraputic past time, but I don't have that luxury. When traveling I always go to at least one fabric store. They are different depending on where you are. Interesting differences in tastes and textiles.

            I'll try fashion fabric club. I do need reasonable since saving money is not really the reason to sew any more.

            Years ago I lived in San Diego, worked in an awesome fabric store that spared nothing on fabrics and selection of them. Silks, lots of nice knits, every kind of fabric that I ever knew of. But now I live in Kentucky. Limited selection to say the least. Especially within driving distance, like I said NONE, (unless your making a quilt or other items that you don't wear.

            I am getting desparate now. I'm finishing a skirt out of fabric I bought probably 5 yrs ago or more, I suppose it was on sale is why I got it and stashed it away.

          2. Angels | | #21

            The Fashion Fabrics Club is good.  I have bought alot of their fabric.  On line you can only 'see' the clearance fabric and bargain bin.  I have bought alot of fabric for $3.00 a yard, and it has been very good fabric.  Sometimes they have fabric from designers as well.  Another Web site is Emma One Sock, everyone raves about her fabric, http://www.emmaonesock.com.   There is also Michael's Fabrics (I don't have website address handy).  He has lovely fabric, alot of high end, but priced fairly.  He and his wife run the business.  Very nice people.  Best wishes.

          3. user-167104 | | #22

            Thanks to all for your input. Looks like this is the way to go for me, and I think I was forced into looking at these options, because I live in a town that probably has more sewers per capita, but the fabric stores haven't figured that out.

            Thanks, I think even though I am frustrated that we don't have fabric stores it will work for me.

            As long as there are those bargain bins, and good selections for special projects, I'm happy. I am just more of a impulse buyer, and like to buy it at take it home now, but I can work with it.




          4. user-167104 | | #16

            Fashion Fabrics Club? I don't know if I went to the right place. Please attach link if you don't mind. It looked like a site that just had links to all kinds of places.


          5. user-172042 | | #17

            Hello,Sorry about that. Here's the link http://www.fashionfabricsclub.com/
            Check it out.

          6. nisee | | #18

            I feel pretty lucky, we have quite a lot of fabric stores in the San Francisco area. It just takes some planning for me. Traffic considerations and then there is parking, but I won't complain, they are in the area.  I did a little adventure when I went to NY last spring and used the internet to find stores local to where I stayed.  I saw an ad not to long after that in threads showing booklets specializing in fabric store locations in various big cities.  Online is great but being in a fabric store is special.  I love reading all the discussions on this site, I've gotten so many good tips. Thanks.

          7. user-167104 | | #19

            Awesome! It looks really cool. I think I can browse there like I'm at a fabric store! Just can't touch them, but they have good pictures, I think I'll use it. Thanks again.

    2. MaryinColorado | | #12

      there are lots of places online to buy fabric.  I have been very happy with Rayon and others from Equilter.com and Nancy's Notions(as in Nancy Zeiman from Sewing with Nancy on PBS)  Hope this helps.

    3. designdiva | | #20

      Hi!  I live in a large city (Austin, Texas) and even though there are some nice fabric stores here who carry fine fabric I do most of my fabric shopping on line.  Have you looked into doing this?  I have never been disappointed in my choice and it is so nice to have something come in the mail occasionally -- sort of like receiving a gift.

  8. AmberE | | #23

    Hi Gabbie: Great to have you in the Gatherings community. I'm the editor of Threads and always love to see new, enthusiastic members!

    1. Gabbie | | #24

      Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

      I've received quite a few notes from other sewers, too.  This is a great place.  I've been so busy with my Sis lately, I haven't even been able to use my new machine yet!!  I have a few outfits/things I want to make before the end of August, so I'd better get busy.

      Thanks again for the welcome, I hope to get on more and visit.



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