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Latest kids’ duds

Crazy K | Posted in Photo Gallery on

Hi all,

My latest……I did the dresses and shirt yesterday and today. They are for little Elle who is 2.5 years old.   The others are hooded bath/beach towels made with a large bath towel and one hand towel.  They are for 3 of the the grandkids that live near me.

The design is one from Emb. Library and I think it turned out really cute.  It turned the blue and white check knit into something a bit more ‘special’. The designs on the towels are from an Emb. Lib. collection as well.





  1. MaryinColorado | | #1

    How adorable!  I really like the elephant on the check, it is very unique.  Those hooded towels are wonderful,  my grandkids were such towheads when they were little that thier heads got sunburned easily even with strong sunscreen, the hoods saved my daughter some sleepless nights.  Thanks for reminding me of them, they will make nice gifts for summer birthdays.

    1. Crazy K | | #2

      Thanks!  I really do enjoy sewing for kids.  They aren't faced with all the fitting issues so I just make the things, hand them over and everyone is happy!  The most I deal with is hem length and with the really little ones, even that isn't an issue.....the patterns are usually close enough.  After all, once you put anything on a toddler, no one can tell if its right, wrong or inside out!!  We do have a bunch of active toddlers in our midst!

      After I posted those pix, I made another dress and am heading back to make another t-shirt.  We're going to deliver them tomorrow afternoon.   They live in the southern part of the state.  I hope the storms bypass us!  Today has been very interesting.  We've had nothing terribly severe but the sky has looked very threatening more than once.

      1. solosmocker | | #3

        These are wonderful! What great gifts they make!

        1. Crazy K | | #4

          Thanks!  The kids like to have something made just for them........even the little guys seem to know that its made with lots of love.  I really outdid myself after my last post.  I now have a total of 4 little knit a-line dresses, 3 pull-over shirts and 1 tank to take for little Elle.  She likes dresses so they should be a hit. 

          1. User avater
            VKStitcher | | #5

            Wow, you've been very productive!  I love the little dresses.  Your grandkids are so lucky to have you to sew special things for them.

            Vickie  :-)

          2. Crazy K | | #6

            They would really be lucky if grandma knew what size to make!! LOL  I ended up with 4 little dresses and 4 shirts......... and the dresses are too short!  At least there is another granddaughter coming up that can wear them and I'm back to the drawing board for Elle!  She is so tall for her age.  I'm glad its such an easy pattern (Kwik Sew) and they're so quick to put together.

            We all had a good laugh after all the whining (just me doing that) was done!  Maybe its just another lesson learned...........do NOT make multiples of anything until you know it will fit!! 


          3. User avater
            VKStitcher | | #8

            Do you have any fabric left over to make matching shorts? 

          4. Crazy K | | #9

            Yes, actually I do........and I have enough of each fabric to make another dress and then some!  I'm checking with 'mom' to see if she would rather have the shorts or a new longer dress.

            Thanks for the idea...............


          5. mustsew | | #10

            You make the neatest things!  Did you assemble the knits on your Viking or do you have a serger?

            Because of you - I have become a BIG Kwik-Sew fan.  Just got the first one I ordered (Scrub, remember?).  Was amazed at the paper used for pattern.  Am now waiting on three more.  LOL

            Have fun!

          6. Crazy K | | #11

            Thanks!  I do most of my sewing of knits on one of my sergers.....actually two of them.  I have my Elna set for regular 4 thread overlock and my Babylock is set for the coverhem.  Those dresses didn't see a sewing machine!!!  Amazing, isn't it?

            I'm glad you like the Kwik Sew.  To save the pattern and thus, many dollars (I have a large collection of the KS patterns for men, women and kids) I transfer the size I want to use to cheap pattern making fabric that I buy on a roll at a fabric outlet locally.  I do this by laying the entire pattern paper on a table and lay the lightweight stabilizer-type material over it and trace.  I then mark the pieces with the pertinent info off the pattern and I'm good to go!  Then I file the pattern away and store the 'new' copy of the pattern in a manila envelope on which I write the number of the pattern and the sizes that are included.  Works great for me.  I started that when I started sewing for the numerous grandkids of all various sizes.  That enabled me to use the same pattern in different sizes.  Making them unique was by using different colors, prints, etc.  The kids loved their duds and I enjoy making them.

            Thanks again for your kind words!!  Good luck with the scrubs.  If you are ever looking for more traditional scrub fabrics, try Denver Fabrics.  They're on-line and I think it's just http://www.denverfabrics.com  but if that doesn't work try a search engine to find them.  I ordered some fabric for my step-son and the fabric is very good quality and their service was great.  The prices were reasonable as well.  I haven't checked their site recently but I think they have a section for 'scrub fabrics' on their homepage.  I ran into the same problem there as elsewhere......more feminine prints available and not much for males!

            Crazy K

          7. mustsew | | #12

            Oh, durn, I don't have a serger.  Years ago, DH wanted to get me one but since I was into dolls and teddies at that time, not clothing, didn't feel the need.  They do such a superior job on knits as your wee dresses show.  Regular machine just couldn't compare.

             Now, I mostly do quilting with a very few clothes thrown in now and again for a break.  Love making totes and purses, too.  Fun to do and kids seem to like them.

            I have ordered from Denver Fabrics but they went out of quilting fabrics so didn't go back 'til this am.  WOW, what great prices and wonderful selection.  Like the fact that some of the Scrub fabs are poly/cotton, too.  I have been looking for some Dupioni silk and they have just what I need.  I feel an order coming on!  LOL

            Thanks again for the info.


          8. Crazy K | | #13

            You're welcome!  Glad it helped.  As for the serger..........I don't know what I would do without mine now.  I got my first in 1997 when I started in with the sewing again.  I wasn't sure I would like or us it but funny thing happened........once I got the hang of it, I wouldn't trade it for anything! 

            Have fun placing that order!! LOL


          9. stilltheone | | #23

            I bought a serger and it came last week. I've been cleaning out the garage as our town is having bulk trash pickup next week. I'm anxious to get started with it but am a bit timid with all the tension adjustments and such. I had no idea how to use one. I was looking for the bobbin case, LOL!

          10. Crazy K | | #24

            Thanks for the kind words!  I'm sure you'll love your serger once you figure it all out.  By the way......no bobbin case included!!! ha  I have found that if you set the tensions in the recommended area (usually shaded on the dial) its a good place to start and then you can adjust a bit from there.  Several of my sergers are auto tension so I rarely have to mess with it.......I'm sure some of the other readers out there have better instructions for you than I do!!

            Happy Sewing!


          11. stilltheone | | #26

            I've got to get it running one of these days, LOL. The more I read, the worse it sounds, all the settings, threads, etc., but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I saw the most adorable pillow pattern in Sewing Savvy. It is round and looks like a flower. It said to use the serger for the edges or turn them in twice with a regular machine. That's what finally pushed me into buying a serger, LOL.

          12. solosmocker | | #25

            When the stitches were perfectly set for the stitch I use the most, a four thread safety stitch, I took a fine permanent marker and put a dot right on the dial of each. This way if I change tensions for a different fabric/stitch, I can always go back to what works for me most of the time without fiddling with the dials.

          13. stilltheone | | #27

            That's a great tip! Thanks so much.

          14. MaryinColorado | | #17

            http://www.equilter.com has great fabrics, they are in Boulder,Co.  I love thier Rayon batiks.  If you do a search under "scrubs" they have two cute angel fabrics.  If you get thier newsletter, you are in on the weekly sales.

            I do the same thing with my patterns, using the cheap interfacing when it is on sale.  It sticks to the fabric so less pinning too.  Love Kwiksew patterns for kids, crafts, and for coats.  They really are quick and easy.  Great for beginners.

          15. Crazy K | | #18

            Hi Mary,

            I love Kwik Sew.......in fact I use them almost exclusively.  I don't make things that are complicated or really structured anyway.  I like to finish things quickly.......instant gratification thing, you know!! LOL  I have made some more involved things.........two first communion dresses (both were quite elaborate and turned out great), a bridesmaid dress for myself years ago and a pendleton style jacket for mom back in the early 60's and a lined jacket for myself.  I guess I've gotten lazy..........I like the easy to sew and easy care fabrics that are out there today.

            As for the scrub fabric.......thanks I will check it out.  I don't know that my step-son nurse would care for angels though!  I made a top once that looked to me like puzzle pieces but when you stood back and looked, it was hearts!!!!!  He wore it to work once (probably dressed in the dark!) and was accused of being something he isn't!!  He got ribbed quite a bit and I don't think he ever wore it again.................huge waste of time and energy on my part - not to mention the cost of the fabric!!!!!!!  After that he got pretty fussy about what he wore. 

          16. MaryinColorado | | #19

            oops!  Guess I had a TIA...transient ischemic attack!  (lack of oxygen to my brain)  ha ha...I missed that the scrub fabric is for your step son, so sorry!  My son likes Hawaiian shirts, I wonder if your guy would like scrub shirts made of that type of fabric?  Also, equilter has some cool prints if you click on search and choose classic cars, motorcycles, wildlife, etc...don't know how much of it will be poly/cotton but the cottons I have bought from them are wash and wear.  I always enjoyed working with the male nurses at the hospital! 

          17. Crazy K | | #20

            No, Mary.........not TIA ........that's called a 'senior moment' around these parts!  Not sure if Robb would like Hawaiian but he might...........better than hearts and angels perhaps!  I am going to check their site.  With fewer shops around, online shopping will have to take over.  Maybe that's part of the problem........??????  I like to 'touch' the fabric but guess we have to do what we have to do!


          18. MaryinColorado | | #21

            I know what you mean about touching the fabrics, that's so important.  It is really difficult to order online but it does expand the possibilities.  The story about the scrubs was hysterical, he was a brave soul to stick it out!  Mary

  2. jatman | | #7

    How adorable!  Nice work!  Thank you for sharing your pictures.  I always like seeing what other people are working on and this makes me want an embroidery machine really badly!




  3. fabricholic | | #14

    They are very cute. I like the white one. Can't see what design it is, though. Is it little bugs?

    1. Crazy K | | #15

      The white tank has ladybugs on it..........printed not embroidered however. 

      1. fabricholic | | #16

        It's adorable. They all are.

  4. stilltheone | | #22

    Aw...how absolutely adorable! Great job!

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