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Conversational Threads

New Doll in the Works

rodezzy | Posted in General Discussion on

Last night I sewed the doll body parts of the doll I cut out last week from the book “The Cloth Doll” and started stuffing as indicated by the directions.  I’m very pleased with it so far.  I started late last night around 8:00 p.m. 

Watched the news and some of the political conversations, then went outside to put on the new steering wheel cover I crocheted for my car. 

After a while I said, let’s get this doll sewn and see how it will look.  Actually, I’m finding that putting together the body is a bit intense.  The doll on the cover of this issue is a beautiful clown doll.  For anyone that collects the books, its; The Cloth Doll, The Voice of Cloth Dollmaking Worldwide”, Vol. 14, No. 4.  The doll body I’m using is Peaches & Cream by Diana Baumbauer.  I don’t have the fabric she used, but I have a good fabric.  I won’t be duplicating the cover doll, I am just using the body pattern to create my own doll in the end. 

I know nothing about face sculpture, but I will give it a try.  All I hope for is a better looking doll than I have so far, adding new skills to my new found craft.  I’m very excited and hope to make a lovely doll. 

This issue has an article “Beginning Soft Sculpture with Lisa Lichtenfels”.  I believe I stated that in another thread here, but I will be learning a lot with the making of this doll.  I will not be making the clown outfit the cover doll is wearing, I will be creating a new outfit for this doll as she speaks to me.  giggle…….he he…wish me luck!

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist


  1. damascusannie | | #1

    Good Luck! I think your dolls are great and really reflect YOUR personality.

    1. rodezzy | | #2

      Thank you so much.  But I do want to refine the body of some.  I can always use the original pattern for Miss Monigue to make other dolls in her size and style, with is really a large Raggedy Ann pattern.  I want to learn more and do better.  I have some ideas (as usual) floating around in my head, and that look won't cut it.

      Now, you should know by now from reading my threads that I jump from one thing to another and go back and forth.  I may only make one more doll, or a dozen.  I have to make some labels for my quilts for the show also.  I'm only submitting two lap quilts, a silent auction quilt and maybe a wall hanging.  I loose interest so fast.  I come back to it all eventually.  The Chicago Park District quilt is done. 

      Edited 9/3/2008 4:00 pm ET by rodezzy

      1. damascusannie | | #3

        You sound like me, although I am pretty focused on quilting now, except when I get side-tracked by knitting or writing or making clothes...I had to actually make a promise to myself not to learn any new crafts so that I would get done the things that I have started already!

      2. MaryinColorado | | #32

        You have so many talents, it's no wonder you create so many wonderful things.  It's such a gift to be able to enjoy them. 

        They say "Variety is the spice of life".  I was thinking that's what keeps us young, then remembered the saying "well seasoned" and just had to laugh at the contradiction.  That made me think of "It's a woman's perogative to change her mind".......oh dear, think I'm having a TIA (transient ischemic attack)  (brain fart)  sorry if I offended anyone.  I'm going to shut up now.  I am having a very strange day here....

        1. User avater
          ThreadKoe | | #33

          Mary seems to need a hug today ((())) There, whatever has you in a bit of a cheese head frame of mind will be better, *pooof* Cathy

          1. MaryinColorado | | #34

            THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  I needed that hug, you are very intuitive!  I feel better tonight and am sure tomorrow will be a brighter day.  You are very kind to send that hug my way!!!  Mary 











          2. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #35

            You are very welcome. Cathy

          3. MaryinColorado | | #36

            Sunday my grand daughter decided to go to the Homecoming dance after all.  So we found a pretty dress in her school color, red, yesterday and silver shoes.  Now my grandson wants to go too, so now I hope I can find a sport coat for him before Saturday, luckily he does have everything else that he needs.  Both missed school yesterday due to illness so I was so frazzled.  It's been too long since I've been able to just relax and sew. Need a break from the chaos in my world.  I also hope to get some of those Halloween costumes at least started and a quilt finished?  Hope springs eternal they say.  ha ha  Love those kids, they keep me going, but sometimes they wear me out with all their activities and last minute decisions. 

          4. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #37

            Ahhh, one of those days when you just needed to yell STOP at the world, SLOW DOWN FOR A MINUTE! You must live close with all your grands. I am hoping someday I will. I am in practice mode with the nieces and nephews. I finally got some time in my sewing room yesterday. Am heading there again today. Going to finish my summer projects if it kills me! Tidied everything in order, and got the sewing machine humming. Boy it felt good. Hope to finally tackle those pesky invisible zippers. Wish me luck. Cathy

          5. rodezzy | | #38

            Here's wishing you luck.  Good sewing.  Looking forward to seeing your projects.

          6. MaryinColorado | | #39

            Yes, I have been blessed to live close to them and be extremely involved in their lives.  I am dreading a possible move that will put miles between us.  Today the sun is shining and there is much to be greatful about.

            Good luck with your zippers!  If you go to the Threads heading Tips and Tricks, there is a search box, enter "invisible zippers" if you like.  There is info that may be helpful.  Take your time and enjoy the process  Mary

  2. Josefly | | #4

    I'm delighted to read that another rodezzy creation is on the way. I may have to jump on the bandwagon here. But I'm way behind on know-how.

    1. rodezzy | | #5

      I'm sure you have all the know-how you need!  Ha!  I'm the one struggling to get it better.  I bet you have some really great creations.  Have you ever made a doll?  I hadn't until Miss Monique.  Now look..... 

      Here's the new doll in different stages of completion.  I just had to share, I'm so excited about how she turned out.  Her face and head look nothing like the picture, but I cut out the pattern just as instructed.  Her face is long and narrow, but it fits her body.  The fun part tonight will be completing the body, finding hair, deciding on clothes.....whew, I can't wait to get home.  I have to work for now though.  So let me know what you guys think and suggestions for clothing will be pondered.  Thanks for your support on this journey.  You guys have really inspired me.



      1. User avater
        ThreadKoe | | #6

        Rodezzy, your dolly is looking mighty fine. The body and head will tell you who she is when they come together. You can see a real progression in the fineness of your sewing with the dolls as your confidence goes up. I think she looks like a fancy party doll. Cathy

        1. rodezzy | | #7

          Thanks, she is pretty.  I just came back from purchasing the fabric painting medium I needed.  I had problems with the acrylic paints last night.  I also didn't have a good small paint brush which I acquired today also.  Just a few small supplies for the dolls that were much needed.  I believe I will go on to make other dolls.  I want to try different kinds.  I'm also yearning to make a beaded doll.  I have lots of seed beads and other types of beads.  I've spent the last two years acquiring lots of "stuff" to play with in my crafting studio.  I'm so please to be able to just work and not say "Oh I don't have this, I don't have that."  I'm pretty well stocked right now.  Just need to make whatever I have time for.  giggle. 

          1. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #8

            Beaded dolls. Beads on fabric, or Bead Construction? Cathy

          2. rodezzy | | #9

            Beads on fabric I believe, I haven't done the actual research yet, but I saw some mermaids with beaded tails and torso's.  I saw some beaded dolls from Africa and others.  This was while doing my research on soft cloth dolls that I stumbled upon the beaded treasures.  Their is a mermaid in one of my Soft Doll & Animals books that has a sprinkling of beads over her painted body and a beaded bra.  Just beautiful.

          3. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #10

            Some of my beading books have beaded figures. I will have to do some looking around later and pass the sites on to you. I am trying to remember the name of the artist and which site I saw some beaded dolls on. Cathy

          4. rodezzy | | #11

            All right!

      2. Gloriasews | | #17

        Wow, Rodezzy - your new doll looks so professional, like you really know what you're doing!  Impressive!  She has a beautiful face & body.  You're doing great with this doll-making!  Can't wait to see how she turns out.  (You're obviously not a novice anymore).


  3. rodezzy | | #12

    Well, here's Cherl....I had a practice piece for knitting cables that I turned into a poncho sweater for her.  The jeans are a stretch jean fabric.  Her before hair pictures show that I tried to get rid of the pointed chin and forehead.  I didn't like the head pattern at all.  The hair is from an old wig of mine.  I cut out the wefts and hot clued it on.  I'm not crazy about it either.  But it was an interesting project.  She needs earrings, I didn't have anything to fit her.  And I was too sleepy to think of how to make them.  She also needs shoes.  I may redo the hair.  It's not cute.  I think the hot clue with peel off and I will use yarn when I research how to apply it better than the other dolls. 


    1. User avater
      ThreadKoe | | #13

      I love her hair style. Can you hand stitch the hair rows down? Lay each row down forward, toward her face, couch it down, not too tightly. Lay the next piece in and stitch the same way. Once all her hair is sewn down, gently brush or comb it into place. To remove the hot glue, aim a hair dryer set on hot at the base of the hair and as it warms up the glue, it should just peel off. Protect the actual hair with a towel or piece of fabric. You should be able to scrape any excess glue off the head the same way with the dryer and a sharp knife. Cheryl is beautiful. I think you were tired and looking too closely at your lovely doll last night. Cathy

      1. rodezzy | | #14

        Thanks ThreadKoe for the suggestions on how to get it off.  I really don't like it.  The hair is synthetic and the curls are permanent.  Even sewing it in, the curls would go their own way.  So, I'll remove it.  I'll come up with something else.  I have a certain impatient streak when I want to finish something "right now".  giggle.  I'll get it right when I get back to her. 

        1. User avater
          ThreadKoe | | #15

          Only Dolly Mamma know best! She does look better without the pointy head. :) If it ain't right it ain't right. Am up to my eyeball making jam today. Talk to ya later. Cathy

    2. Josefly | | #16

      Amazed again. It just tickles me so to imagine her "speaking" to you. What fun.

      1. rodezzy | | #20

        Yes, I have ESP with my creations.  giggle.  Cherl told me to take off that awful hair, and I did this weekend.  It's like she was just so dissappointed in the hair choice.  Now, she's bald again.  I searched my thoughts for a new hair idea and nothing came up.  So, I'll leave her be right now until the "light" goes off in my head, or she comes up with a solution.....giggle!

        1. Josefly | | #21

          Hmmmm. A turban maybe?

          1. rodezzy | | #22

            Maybe I should knit her a hat!  After all winter is just a skip and hop away!  Right?  giggle.

          2. Josefly | | #23

            Sounds like a solution to me. A few wisps of hair sticking out?

    3. Gloriasews | | #18

      She's beautiful, Rodezzy!  Her hair is great, her clothing is, too - everything fits perfectly.  You could make earrings with beads.  Good work!


      1. rodezzy | | #19

        Thanks, but not professional.....giggle.  Just following instructions, it's easier than I thought it would be.  The face is the hardest part.  The pattern for the body is not hard at all.  Making clothing and getting the face decent is hard.  Cherl's mouth is too high, but works.  I took off that hair this weekend.  I just don't like it. 

        I didn't do much but spin my heels this weekend.  I just couldn't focus.  I'm going over to the quilting threads and discuss my quilt stuff for the weekend.

        Thanks again for your advice and suggestions.  You always comfort me with your words and give me something to think about with your advice.  Thanks so much for being you. 

        1. Gloriasews | | #24

          I thought her face looks fine (& normal), as most of us have uneven features (long chins, long upper lips, etc.), so don't worry about it.  Have you considered using very fine felt fabric pens for the features?  That might be easier.

          Good for you not doing much on the weekend.  You need a break once in awhile, too.  Besides, you spent all that lovely time looking at paper piecing patterns, so you did focus after all!

          I like you, too, Rodezzy!  You always provide such positive thoughts - like a ray of sunshine :)


          1. rodezzy | | #25

            Thanks.  Guess what, on that same night I was watching a talk show and the lady at the table had a long pointed chin just like my doll.  It was very noticeable because she was muslem and had on the head wrap that covers her whole head, neck and upper chest, and a her chin was almost the same as my doll.  I laughed to myself, looked up at Cherl and said, "You were right after all my dear".  giggle. 

            So, you are right.  I'm going to stop being so hard on myself with these dolls.  Let them be what they are going to be when I finish their faces.  Let the chins fall where they may!!!! giggle.  Ha Ha Ha!

          2. Gloriasews | | #26

            How many chins were you expecting to fall???? hahahaha!  Seriously, even if her nose is crooked, it's natural-looking - nobody's perfect (even though we never give up trying :)


          3. Ceeayche | | #27

            absolutely fabulous!!!  I've been working on my "paying job" a couple of days and had to catch up on the progress you've made.  what a treat to be a guest through your creative process. 

            "Miz thing" is fabulous!  I think you're too hard on the whole hair thing and the chins.  At worst it looks like one of my former choir directors.  She was loveable, impeccably dressed (never wore pants in the sanctuary even for rehearsal) and meticulous in deportment.  The sister could play beautifully and could arrange a hymn like nobody's business.  She was a real taskmaster about us getting the notes formed perfectly.  Yet, her wigs never sat "quite right" on her head!  But, I wouldn't have known her any other way and she was most loveable. The odd hair sort of softened her some how and gave a peep into the woman behind the chords.  She also wore a lot of hats perched on top of her wigs, with the wisps sticking out.  Some of them fantastic "Sunday go to meeting concoctions" others just knit "ditties" quickly jammed over those improbable curls as she faced the elements on her way to the church.  Just added to her zany appearance.  Mattel give us perfection, what you've made has touched us!  Miz Cherl has a story to tell, it's too important to worry about her hair!

          4. rodezzy | | #28

            Wow, you are such a good story teller.  I loved that bit of life history.  Thanks for your kind words.  Yes, I guess I am a bit fussy.  But I'll stop obsessing over it and get it done.  She has to have something on her head for her debut at the Quilt Show in Oct.  I've got to get her a perch so she can show off those skin tight jeans. giggle

          5. MaryinColorado | | #30

            Okay, so now I read that you removed her hair.  Maybe a Fedora tipped to the side with a feather in it?  Or a cowgirl hat, but fancy with a lacy band and feather and high heel boots?  I think we are having as much fun "playing" with your dolls as you are having creating them!  Thanks for sharing your adventure!  Mary

    4. MaryinColorado | | #29

      OOOooooooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeee!  She looks fantastic!  You did excellent painting on her face!  You are quite the artist, lady!  Her poncho is perfect!  Those jeans are great!  I even like her feet, maybe instead of making shoes, you could paint sandals onto them.  Way to go, girl!  Her hair looks good too, why aren't you happy with it?  She reminds me of my Aunt Gladys with that hair.  Mary

      1. rodezzy | | #31

        Oh Mary, I'm so glad you like Cherl, since you are a doll maker yourself.  Thank you.  I really read through how to paint the face and did my best.  I just don't like the hair.  I took it off already and will be making something else for hair as soon as it speaks to me.  giggle.

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