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new sewing room

Berniece | Posted in General Discussion on

My husband is adding a new room onto our house, just for my sewing.It will be 14x15ft, I’m trying to work out different layout of my sewing “furniture” to find the best postable lay-out.sewimg machine ,computure,overlocker.iron, large cutout table thats is on castors.There will be a 10’x8′ wardrobe, fitted with selves,for all my fabric, as I’m also a quilter,plus a chair to relax in.
Has anyone any suggestions on the best way to lay this room out?
After 36 years of dinning room tables to family rooms I will have a room I can call my own. I can’t wait till it is finished.


  1. sewpat | | #1

    On "Simply Quilts" with Alex Anderson this past week a guest's sewing room was shown that had the neatest sliding panels from the ceiling that facilitated four design 'work-in-progress'  panels on the same wall, that could be rolled from side to side.  In a room custom made for a quilter, this would be wonderful design wall to have, and easier to design into the initial plans for the room than trying to retrofit.

    I hope I have conjured up a picture in your mind of what I briefly saw on TV.



    1. Berniece | | #7

      I have the idea, it sound wonderful if you have the room.

  2. User avater
    Becky-book | | #2

    When the third daughter married and moved out, I was given the extra bedroom (10x11) for my sewing room!  I used graph paper and scaled down outlines of my furniture to work out where to put everything, some what like a blueprint floorplan.  I put my sewing table on the wall with north facing windows for the sake of the light and hung a lamp overhead for night time light. My machine and serger sit on the same table which is really an old oak desk (7 drawers!) so I can use one or the other without changing or moving chairs.  I put the iron and its board a little ways away so that I must get up and stretch or else I get really stiff sitting in one position too long!  I hung pegboard on the wall behind the door to make use of the space.  I can hang all sorts of things there! In plain sight but not under foot!

    Since you are building a new room you can do it "right" from the beginning!  Things I wish I could change in my room:

    1. power outlets higher up on the wall than standard bedroom ones. Maybe even wired to a switch by the door so that I knew all the power was off (not good if you want to plug in a clock or something that needs power all the time.)

    2. Wood flooring - carpet may be quiet but I hate vacuuming all those little threads.

    3. Light source, and lots of options

    It is very nice to be able to just close the door and leave the project/mess all spread out and waiting for the next "free" minute to work on it!

    Happy planning,



    1. Berniece | | #5

      Thanks Becky-book, I have added your suggestions to my list.

      1. mem | | #16

        I have  sewing room too and I would suggest that if you have a family at home that you have some rules as I fight the idea that "if it needs to be tidied away cause someone is coming over put it mums sewing room syndrome . "  I often hav eto clear my sewing room before i get started grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! 

  3. MaryinColorado | | #3

    How exciting for you!  I would have dedicated circuits put in with serge protectors for each machine.  The iron especially, really pulls the amps.  I would have lots of windows to see outside and for natural light,  and that could be opened for fresh air.

    Things I love about my sewing room:  great windows,  a steam generator iron,  a very adjustable ironing board height that is 48 x 18, folding cutting table with a drafting type chair that raises up so I don't have to stand so I use the cutting table for planning and layouts alot more.  The chair was ten dollars at a used office supply store.  My adjustable secretary type chairs, one at the computer which is in the walk in closet which we removed the doors from.  An L shape design for serging, sewing, embroidering on 2 different tables that are built in, one kind of in the middle of the room facing the window and I can sit on either side of it. 

     Lots of shelves and things hung on walls.  A three drawer cabinet next to the most frequently used machine full of thread and machine accessories and stabilizers, needles, snippers. 

    A large bulletin board for inspiration.  Shelves for books and magazines, tv, vcr for insructional videos or for dear hubby to watch if he wants to be with me while I am sewing. 

    Adjustable track lighting helps alot, over the machines and the cutting and planning areas.

    I wish I had a flannel covered wall for a design board for quilts, etc.  More storage space, a hard floor instead of carpet,  fairies and elves to finish my UFO's....

    Full lenth mirrors would be nice if you do clothing.  I would do neutral colors and simple design as the fabrics can be busy enough and colorful enough. 

    You are really blessed to have someone so special to create your very own place.

    The book Dream Sewing  Spaces or other books on the subject were very helpful to me. I asked at sewing shops, fabric shops, etc what worked for others and then figured out my own working space.  There is lots of info on sewing dynamics and ergonomics that is very helpful...

    Have fun designing your dream sewing space you lucky gal. 


    1. Berniece | | #6

      thank you for your help.

  4. user-163194 | | #4

    What a wonderful gift!  I have missed my sewing room and rarely have time anymore - I think because I cannot start something and work for 5 minutes here and an hour there.  But I still drag it around with me -

  5. knother | | #8

    Congratulations on your own sewing room.

    I have been trying to rearrange my sewing room to handle a disabiltiy.

    Love the Dream Sewing Spaces by Lynette Ranney Black mentioned before.

    Also have used Better Homes and Gardens Arrange-a-Room at http://www.bhg.com

    Nice for figuring out furniture arrangement without moving the heavy stuff.

    I used office furniture to plan sewing room.

    Good Luck


  6. MaryinColorado | | #9

    Berniece, hi!  My husband cut a board the shape of the room.  He filled in the measurements of each wall and the closet and windows.  He then made paper cutouts the size of my desk, tables, twin bed,  cabinets,ironing board, cutting table opened out as I want to leave it opened most of the time.  I spent several days moving around the pieces and thinking about it.  I ended up buying plastic bins for under the bed in our master bedroom to make it work for me. 

    It was very difficult to figure out how to set up the room even with the board but it sure saved alot of problems once I decided what to do.  I wanted to look out the window but not sit right in front of it from one machine.  I wanted to have my chair on the right side of each table so there is room for fabric on the left.  I prefer my thread cabinet to the left of the embroidery machine, the steam iron/generator sits on top of the thread cabinet so it is safe and won't be knocked off.  The ironing board stays set up most of the time partially under one end of the cutting table but is easy enough to move and adjust the height. 

    I like to hang nicer fabrics on rods in the closet on one side of the computer desk and shelves are on the other side.  This is inside the walk in closet without doors. 

    Another consideration is if you use a tv/vcr for instructional videos can you see it from the machine? 

    Are you claustrophobic?  Do you need to have everything close by and handy?  I thought I would love that, then decided I preferred to move around more and set things up in a way that fit the way I work.  It is alot of work to move things once you set it up. 

    I am blessed with a wonderful hubby too, luckily he had the patience to help me finally set up my sewing room in a way that works best for me.

    God bless you and guide you in this wonderful gift you are recieving!  I am happy that you are also blessed with such a considerate man! 

    Good luck and enjoy the process.  How exciting for you.


    1. Berniece | | #10

      We are certainly blessed with good Husbands.I usuallly try and have the iron and cutting table so I have to get up and not sit in the one place for hours on end.We made cut out shapes of the furniture,scaled down, but it is still hard to get it all right.I have windows on the north/west corner and also on the south /east corner. I most likly put my machine on the south/east corner as the other one is too hot for the summer.(we live in Australia),But it all coming together now.Thank you for yoyr help

  7. flytootall | | #11

    Hi Berniece, 


    You might want to check out this web site.  I haven't entered my picture in there yet, but my wonderful husband put up a wall in our 3-car garage, so I have a one-car sewing room (10' x 22').  It has no windows, but ten 8-ft. florescent lights.  I also did the graph paper thing, and cut out little pieces for tables, sewing machines, pattern file cabinet, etc. to figure out how everything would fit.  I put pegboard on one wall and hang a lot of notions.  Also, there is pegboard next to my sewing machine, where I try to put all my scissors.  I have the old countertop (from the kitchen of a previous house) with cabinets below for my cutting table and I put that in the center of the room, so I can walk all around it.   My future son-in-law put cable TV in there, so HGTV is on constantly.  The floor is a Pergo-type and I will never have anything else.  As soon as I get my sewing motif border up, I'll submit the picture.  This sewing room is temporary, as we are building a new house with an 800 s.f. sewing room.  I have a lot of "stuff."  Linda 


    1. MaryinColorado | | #17

      Just wanted to thank you for that website!  Lots of great ideas there!  My sewing room is again in a state of flux with re organizing and purging.  I am also going through all the family paperwork...whew!  How is your room and home progressing? Mary

  8. mimi | | #12

    Congratulations!  Having a room of one's own makes such a difference, doesn't it?  This is what we did after my daughter moved out a few years ago:

    • We took a large piece of plywood, put half round molding over the edges to prevent snagging.  I then went to the hardware store and purchased 4 iron pipes to use as legs and four screw-in mounting plates to fit the legs.  The plates are attached under the table and the pipes are screwed into the legs.  End Caps are screwed onto the legs to protect the carpet.  The finished table is 36W x 60L x 39H, which is the perfect height to stand at for me!
    • I already had an antique sewing table with a modern machine on it.  We found another antique singer base at a flea market, refinished it and put another piece of plywood on top, screwing it to the base.  The original table holds all the accessories/notions for whatever project I am working on, and my machine sits on the new surface.  The new table surface is wider and longer, making it ideal for large projects (finishing my daughters wedding dress last year without worrying about the drag on the fabric was a big relief!).
    • I picked up one of the drawer bins on wheels at a discount store.  Without the wheels it is just the right height to sit under the new sewing machine table and is big enough to hold all of my "stuff", including the manuals for my new Viking.
    • I hung a thread rack on the wall near the machines, and a full length mirror on the wall next to it.
    • We have two hanging lights over the machine area for night time sewing.  The machine faces north/west and there are windows in front and to the left for natural light, expecially in the afternoon when I am most likely to sew.
    • I have a mini stereo wired for music.

    Things I would change (will change later!):  move the machines into the corner.  This involves evicting my husbands antique tool collection and must be approached diplomatically!

    Presently the cutting table is against one wall and I would love to move it out at right angle to to wall.  Maybe after I hire a diplomat to take care of the tools...

    I'm betting your husband had a place for all his little tinkering projects long before you had a sewing room, just like mine did!



  9. Katcleland | | #13

    How Lucky for you, a room to call your own, I have enjoyed my sewing area for many years. My very first sewing station that my husband made for me was with plywood and a wide flat surfaced door. He made drawers from the plywood and a support panel for the other side laid the door in-between with the ability to completely flip the door over and in one position it was a sewing table and flip over it became a higher cutting surface.  I used that for upwards of 20 years thrilled to death every time I used it and thought of my caring man.  Later when I got hooked on the rotary cutter he purchased some product that he glued to the cutting side and I could lay out the full dress or curtains and use my rotary cutter and never have to move the fabric at all.  When we added to the tiny bathroom next to my sewing area I lost the large work surface and now have a 9 foot counter that holds my machines and cutting area.  He also looked ahead and purchased an ironing board that when folded up gets closed behind a full length mirror and that opens up the sewing area so much more especially when I am doing the wash.  Then when needed the ironing board is simply let down. All in all over the years I have had a wonderful caring husband who was as interested in making my surrounds pleasant for me while I worked away at my "hobby" that saved us thousands of dollars while we clothed three growing children, as I was in having a workable corner to call my work area.

    I hope you have a wonderful time arranging your new room and remember to thank you husband for making it all possible we are so blessed with such caring men aren't we.



  10. mainestitcher | | #14

    My DH made a sewing room for me, too. Here are some things to consider.

    He covered the studs with plywood, and then put up the sheet rock. A shelf can go anywhere.

    The iron outlet is on a separate circuit, with a switch next to the door, It can be switched off as I leave the room. We didn't plan this, but it is also just to the right of my most used sewing machine, so I can flip hte switch on after I've sewn for a while, and I'm getting ready to press.

    Carpets tend to get messy. They attract thread. That also keeps more of it off your projects. A toilet bowl brush will pick up the longest, and keep the beater bar from getting encased in thread so quickly. (I guess this falls under the "We report. You decide." philosophy) The rug I have is 5' x 7'. It's a good place for yoga/pilates, too.

    Since I do business out of my home, I wish I'd given more thought as to hiding/covering the work area when customers come by. I'm considering curtains on tracks from the ceiling to curtain off the machines and such.

    1. Berniece | | #15

      Thank you for your suggestions. I'm keeping a note book on all of them.It all helps to get the "perfect Sewing room"

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