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Text In All Capitals

Cherrypops | Posted in Gather For A Chat on

For information only:

Not only is Typing within Discussions or Emails in all Capital Letters very hard to read, it is also considered that you are “Shouting” at the message recipient.

If you wish to make a point within your message please use the Italics symbol or change font size or colour of text.

Thanks, regards, Anna-maree


  1. HeartFire2 | | #1

    CherryPops, I found this from you after I wrote to Dionna about her shouting!! You and I think a lot alike. People also should not use text messaging abbreviation's on forums like this.

    1. Cherrypops | | #2

      Heartfire, I did not realize you had addressed this issue today..I am not going to go looking for it. Yes we do think alike..Thank you.

      I confess I use text abbreviations only when speaking of husband or mother-in-law. I will use names from now on. It is more polite.

      I don't understand many of the sewing terms when abbreviated. but i manage, i think. Some ladies have asked for clarification which helps me.

      Thanks for your thoughts -- CherryP:)




  2. User avater
    blondie2sew | | #3

    Ok so help me out I don't know I have tried so please help me in changing the color of my words and italics and such...I don't see anything here...but I know it is out there as others do this...

    Please Advise missy!!

    Thanks big hugs to you


    1. Cherrypops | | #4

      If you cannot see anything go into your My Forums and check your settings. Open My Preferences . Scroll down till you find Message Formatting Editor and make sure there is a 'tick' in the "yes" box. Then click Submit  at the very bottom of screen under My Optional Preferences.

      Once you have done that:

      Click to reply to this message. and play around.

      where you start to type in the blank area....look up .

      do you see 'paragraph' 'font' 'size' 'color' (american spelling!)

      click on the arrows (look like a 'V') drop menu, scroll down and click individually to change them.

      highlight your text. right click at the beginning of the word, then drag to the end.

      line B I U these are bold italics underline  then click B I U all three or just one,

      next to that is left, centre, right alignment.

      See words are now at the right hand side.

      Now they are in the middle.

      back to the left again.

      I only use the 'extra' when i feel its needed. I try to keep my text size to a minimum I have read posts which are huge. too small and i need my glasses...lol..gettin old.

      Hope I haven't confused you!

      I know you will let me know loud and clear in blondies kind of way if i have.

      Big hugs back! CherryP


      1. User avater
        blondie2sew | | #5

        Ya know Ms CherryPI am using Firefox and not Internet Explorer so that is my issue!!I went and did all you had written down and guess what all was checked and such but then I read that it only works with IE So what I see at the bottom of my posts is just "Options" not my optional preferences..does that make sense to you...so I can't do all the fun stuff..which I do normally!! Oh well

        1. Cherrypops | | #6

          Sorry Blondie,

          Hubby nor I can't help with Firefox.

          Send a quick email to [email protected] and see if they can help.


        2. fabricholic | | #7

          I ran into the same problem.Marcy

          1. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #8

            Really?! Well I am glad we can commiserate together!!!!Glad to hear of another Firefox user..My brother who is a Computer geek turned me on to this..well I didn't have a choice..I say that with a smile...He wants to keep me safe... But the bummer is that we can't take advantage of the cool fonts and such around here!!Big smiles to you chickie

          2. fabricholic | | #9

            This what we use at work. Computer tech says the other has too many viruses. I have no clue.Marcy

          3. HeartFire2 | | #11

            I too use FireFox, no wonder I was never able to figure out how to underline words etc!

          4. JanF | | #27

            Glad u mentioning this difficulty - I didnt know capital letters was considered a form of shouting - I can see it is for emphasis and I too have tried to alter my text to no avail as it seems impossible for me to format my text at all on this posting - presumeably cos I'm using Firefox??
            Actually i will own up to thinking how petty it was to complain about capital letters being used - but I suppose I didnt know the form!
            Oh b...r another thing that some of us elder ones might not appreciate.

        3. samsmomma | | #10

          there is a formatting editor that one of the people on delphi forums devised for Firefox, and since this platform is the same as theirs, you might want to try it.. can't hurt..

          go to http://forums.delphiforums.com/gofirefox and that should get you there.. WhiteMare is the one who created the formatting editor. Hope that helps..

          1. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #12

            Thanks for the heads up I will give it a look, when I get the chance, who knows maybe I can have fun with my text now!!

          2. samsmomma | | #13

            Hope it works for you. I haven't yet tried Firefox. I know I am foolish for staying with IE but some things I am too comfortable with to change...

          3. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #14

            Hey Deb,I totally agree with you, however as you saw in my post to Marcy aka Fabriholic, I didn't have a choice..when my brother cleaned out my computer as he does like once a year or so...He informed me he switched us to firefox!! ha ha ha...of course told us why and so I just let him take care of us with the computer stuff..but I agree we had some glitches at first and he told us a way to get around them..actually he has IE (for emergency's only) still on our computer for us to access just incase...like at one time there was a certain bill I pay on line that I couldn't do with firefox so I had to go in the IE way..now with all the updates firefox makes I havn't had anymore issues..and I tell you what it has cut down on alot of the crap we get on our computer like spyware!! Just food for thought for yaOh yeah I better add some sewing in here too well let me see..We do use our computers for sewing so if it crashes or really slow because of the spyware then we can't be efficient in our craft..there my plug on the sewing part ha ha ha

          4. Cherrypops | | #15

            Thank you for helping the girls out . I use Internet Explorer 6 . I have no clue with firefox.  CherryPops

          5. solosmocker | | #16

            Firefox is a web browser that has antispam and anti virus capabilities beyond IE. It will keep you much safer as you cruise the net. My brilliant family geek and sweet nephew put me on to this. We have never gone back to IE and don't plan to. It's not worth it.

          6. Cherrypops | | #17

            Thanks! I will read more about firefox version 2 and ask the IT guys at work. I have had no security issues using IE6. (I don't like the look of IE7. Creature of Habit i guess). No viruses, hackers, hijackers etc. I am happy with my current software protection. but good to know there is something else out there.


          7. samsmomma | | #20

            No problem. Thank YOU for being the hostess of this forum. We seem to need someone to keep us out of trouble.. ;-)

          8. Cherrypops | | #21

            What a lovely comment.

            Thank You!


    2. autumn | | #22

      You also need to use punctuation. A period or comma here and there would be a big help in understanding your message.

      1. Cherrypops | | #23

        You are the first person to have mentioned this. And this forum has been around for  a number of years. 

        I read the post which you were referring to. The message was a reply to me. Which is also available to be read by everyone. I had no troubles reading her message, i guess after reading many posts one 'understands' the writer.



        Edited 3/27/2007 9:59 pm by Cherrypops

      2. MargieT | | #30

        Was this comment really necessary?

  3. User avater
    TwilaTee | | #18

    Hi Cherrypops,
    I saw this post and must admit that I am guilty of doing the cap-lock thing. I have a Mac and don't have any options for changing fonts etc. I noticed the use of HTML code is allowed in messages. If HTML tags are included in the message the HTML check box needs to be filled in though.
    It seems like a lot of trouble to go to though.... If anyone wants to learn some HTML here's a link.

    1. Cherrypops | | #19

      Thank You! Thank You!

      Yes I too noticed the HTML check box, and i agree it does seem to be a long process.

      Like most things, HTML code is another learning curve. I don't use it with my Ebay descriptions. Apparently it is the easier method of typing item descriptions.

      I will look at the link so I can use it elsewhere.


    2. fabricholic | | #24

      Hi Twila,How do you use all of these codes and where do you use them? Is it a link to make the typed message do something different? I am so stupid about this. Please help.Marcy

      1. User avater
        TwilaTee | | #25

        Hi fabricholic,
        Wow! that's a pretty lengthy answer! The best way I can describe HTML is..... umm... :)
        HTML is the (basic) language used to make web pages. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It's pretty basic as far as computer languages go.
        As far as the forum goes, I was only commenting on the use of HTML to change the look of our text. Some people who don't use the required software to access the internet, (IE, Internet Explorer) or are working with a windows based machine, (I use a Mac) don't have access to the different fonts and text color, italics, bold Yada Yada...
        The only other option for folks like me who insist on changing the look of text would be to use HTML. A bit of a learning curve I know but some things just aren't fair in life, and this is one of those things!
        Soooo, do you want a lessen in HTML? 1. HTML uses Tags (not unusual for computer languages!)
        2. The beginning of a Tag looks like this: <>
        3. The person writing the code will add inside the <> whatever he wants done such as font color or line break or font size or place a picture here, or make this font a link. etc etc
        4. The end of the Tag looks like this </>for example if I wanted to add a link to my resume it would look like this:
        <A HREF="resumepage.html">my resume</A>
        The Tag <A HREF> names the page that will be the object of the link. the = lets the computer know the destination, the pages name, resumepage.html (the .html is the language that the page is written in. The words that are NOT included in the Tag "my resume" denotes the words that will be seen by the end user (you) those words will be "clickable" The </A> ends the Tag. Probably totally confusing! Most people now-a-days don't bother with writing their own HTML. I personally use iweb to make my website. It's much easier and less time consuming. But sometimes, as in cases like this forum, HTML is a necessary evil.I hope this helped- Twila

        1. fabricholic | | #26

          That is so sweet of you to explain all of that to me. Thank you so much. So this is how people make their own web pages. Now, I wonder if I can copy your explaination for further use. Thanks, again.Marcy

        2. foxygrannie | | #28

          Your message was quite lengthy, but I understood it.  I am going to print it and play with your info.  I have the capability to change fonts and colors, but  trying something new is fun.  I have use a pc with Windows XP Professional.  Thanks for the info.

          1. User avater
            TwilaTee | | #29

            I'm glad that you understood it! You really don't need to worry about it if you are using windows. You have the ability to change your fonts and things already. I agree that it is fun to learn new things just for the heck of it!
            *I'm Loving your screen name* too cute!

            Edited 3/28/2007 7:03 pm by TwilaTee

          2. ctirish | | #31

            Hi all, I don't know where this thread (a thread in message board language in computers is following a message and its responses) started but in reading it through I wanted to make some comments. First of all, we need to be flexible when it comes to posted messages. Don't assume because a message is bold or is in a larger size that it means anything specific. Most of the people posting here are not computer geeks who know all the ins and outs of computing. Capitals, italics and such may be just a factor in using the computer. I have to write in a larger size than I like to post so I can see what I am writing. That may be the case with capitals. Bold type or italics may be just to make a point so you don't miss it; do not consider it anything more than that. This hasn't been that type of message board.
            Second, Firefox was developed to be a "clean" browser and they encourage people to write code or programs that work with the browser without being part of the browser. In that way, Foxfire is less susceptible to virus, and worms (worse than a virus). Firefox is the browser part of Mozilla. There are several types of systems your PC can run under; the top three are DOS, UNIX, and Windows. Mozilla and Firefox both run under Windows(98,ME,XP-Home, XP-Pro). The neat part of Firefox is you can open tabs instead of a new window each time you want to look up something, in that way it uses less PC resources(memory etc). IE7(internet Explorer) has that option but I wouldn't download or use the new IE yet. There has been numerous problems with it. If you are using IE6 you should be fine. Microsoft is know for selling and having users upgrade to software they know has bugs(problems) in it. I would give them another 6-12 months before you download IE7 to your PCs. I learned about the problems with IE7 after I downloaded it to my PC and tried to use it. I had to delete it off my system and then find IE 6 to reload on my PC. These days I am using Firefox most of the time.
            As far as HTML and other codes to dress up your message postings, anything extra you do may slow your system down; this is not a given just a possibility.
            This is my opinion and of course you are free to do whatever you choose. Please though, lets keep it friendly; remember we are just trying to chat about sewing and textile arts.
            ** I meant to send this to everyone but somehow it reverted back to where I hit reply. I tried to change it but I can only edit the message so here it is. **Edited 3/28/2007 6:55 pm ET by ctirish

            Edited 3/28/2007 7:04 pm ET by ctirish

          3. Cherrypops | | #32

            your comments are appreciated thank you.


          4. User avater
            TwilaTee | | #34

            I agree with you on the point that capitalized text should not necessarily be considered shouting. I think that if only a word or phrase, in all caps, should be considered as an emphasis not as something derogatory, or angry.
            I have to disagree with you about the use of HTML slowing down your system. HTML is the base language for everything you see on the web. Although I am not adding my own HTML Tags to this message, the forum software is taking my type and integrating it in it's HTML. So regardless if I use my own or let the forum do it for me what you are actually seeing is in fact HTML.
            All of that is mute anyway, the simple fact is that HTML is too complicated and tedious to make it practical to use in every message.
            As far as Text in all capitals goes, for me, I think that a word or phase written in all caps is not a problem, but I have seen many message written entirely in caps, which is hard to read... and looks like shouting. -Twila

          5. Cherrypops | | #36

            Thank you twilatee. CherryPops

          6. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #37

            Thanks for explaning further on the Firefox...you said it just as I was thinking..and Of course my post may of not came out that way!!You Rock and thank you for taking your time I totally agree with you

          7. ctirish | | #38

            Thank you...

          8. dorothyjoan | | #39

            Hi all, I believe this thread ( you explained what a thread is) and other threads begin at post #1. which you found obviously as you say you read through it. since you seem to be a computer geek, that is obvious to me by your knowledge, then you will not be offended when i think you hijacked this topic. most of what you write in your message here is previously written by members above. i have read and i feel this is a good topic. people need to be aware of forum etiquette. everyone knows how to speak, read and type. do this in a nice way and members will be more responsive. this is still a forum, forums have rules, these are listed on the site. everyone is learning.

          9. ctirish | | #40

            DorothyJoan, It is unfortunate you feel I hijacked this topic, my comments were because several posters had questions or confusion about how Firefox worked. I am not a computer geek, though I have worked in computers for many years.  My comments were meant to encourage old posters to offer new people some time to adjust to the forum. If the first time you post a message someone reprimands you for using all capitals or colors or whatever you are not going to believe this is a friendly forum.  Many people are not proficient in typing and they use all capitals because it is easier when you are using the hunt and peck method.  I am sorry you feel that my opinion was not as valuable as yours.

          10. solosmocker | | #42

            Beautifully said. I agree with you also. If I were having a heated discussion with someone in a thread and then put my post in caps, well, then I think I would have a problem. But as you said, we are just talking sewing here and helping each other out. So if someone just posts in caps because they are playing with their fonts or don't want to post the same old looking text it's fine with me.

          11. foxygrannie | | #33

            Thanks! ;o)

          12. User avater
            TwilaTee | | #35

            No problem!- Twila

  4. Cherrypops | | #41

    Dear All Members,

    Thank you all for reading and adding your comments to this discussion. Thank you to those members who have read all posts but not felt a reply was needed.

    As I was the member to begin the Topic I would like to Close this Discussion. Please do not post further comment.

    Let's continue with our friendly discussions within the other discussion topics. We have been and will keep learning from our peers.

    Again, thank you all for your input.


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