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Get Your Body Scanned for the Perfect Fit

Jun 30, 2010


For those who are looking for the perfect fit without a lot of labor, Unique Body Prints may be for you. Unique offers a whole new shopping experience that includes a high-tech body scan. With locations across the country, you may be close to one today.

First, customers browse the looks available on the website and then step into the scanning machine. The machine scans your entire body capturing more than 200,000 measurements. The company then drafts a pattern to fit you specifically and creates a garment perfectly made for you. Dresses range from $100 to $300 and men’s shirts start at $95.

At the Boston location, a local sewing club has starting meeting at the Unique Boutique for group meetings and they offer classes. The Unique Boutique clientel was perfect for recruiting sewers since everyone was looking for personalized fit.

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  1. User avater mizliz December 5th

    It may have been a good system for some people but others had very unsuccessful experiences with the company. It very unfortunate that the Unique Boutique in Billerica MA had to close. The women who ran it were knowledgeable, delightful and very helpful to their clients. However, they evidently closed because of a lack of backup, support and follow through from the company. It is something I'd investigate carefully before I invested in a scan and patterns. If you have a figure issue be careful. I can also say I saw several outfits from the patterns which were lovely but they were executed by very well seasoned and or professional level sewers.

  2. User avater Rabia September 26th

    Howcum they don't offer SLOPERS? It would be nice to have a PERFECTLY FITTED insta-sloper! And WHY do they offer only ONE boutique in Canada, AND out in NOVA SCOTIA, fer cry-sake! How about a nice MAJOR CENTRE like "Toronto", f'r instance? Y'know, the FASHION CAPITAL?

  3. User avater novice16 July 31st

    Hi all,
    I am a skeptic either way, so until I am confident about the benefits outweigh the potential risks, I'll avoid it. Hard to make an informed decision without doing some research into it.

  4. Certia July 10th

    I would love to be "irradiated" ahem, scanned for measurements, but don't know of a company who will do this for me without buying the patterns. I use computer drafting software and so just need the set of measurements. Anyone know?

  5. Skymom July 7th

    Thanks for the reply, DesignerDiva. I'd love to know how the patterns turn out for you. But I'm afraid the process would be like when I made a custom dress form of my body and discovered that my large backside was accompanied by a saggy tummy that I had conveniently overlooked (through the process of "auto-tummy-suck-in that automatically kicks in when confronted with a full=length mirror). Not to mention dreadful posture. In my case, a body scan might be asking for too much information!!

  6. KyraSands July 6th

    I do wish that Unique would truck one of these around the country to the major sewing expos. I think it would increase their business as well as their exposure.

  7. User avater AHH July 6th

    B-squares, Lady Jaydee and everyone else who doesn't know:
    "LASER" is an acronym for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation"

    What you do to your body is your responsibility.

    Having studied and earned a degree in the health field, I make my choices accordingly, and I choose a measuring tape - has worked just fine for hundreds of years with absolutely no potential health problems.

    Just because the lamstream (oops, I mean mainstream) media doesn't tell you something exists, like hazardous air wave pollution, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. In case you haven't figured it out yet, most people care more about $$ going into their pocket than they do about your health and well being - and that includes corporate-run government agencies that acquiesce to their desires. You may not know about it, but there is a growing concern by some in the medical/health field about all the invisible radiation modern society is exposed to via all the "modern conveniences". We are already seeing and expecting an increase in cancers, brain tumors, leukemia, depressed immune system, etc.

    Snide remarks reflect a lack of that knowledge, and a lack of concern for personal health, which is a personal choice, of course, but then when you go to a physician to help you with your health problems, your choices by then will be much more limited.

  8. designerdiva July 5th

    To Skymom: I just completed a scan at Unique Boutique Boston with the express purpose of purchasing custom made patterns so that I can control and enjoy the whole design process. One caveat; your scan will be exact; I found I can't really deny the results of high carbs and low exercise!

  9. mspodek July 5th

    Asking same questions as Skymom and GingerInk: is this really helpful? As one professional, when I was asking for help re: making pants: she said when she looked at me front and back, you have two body types for pant, and I am not sure how you join them together at the side seams!

    Embellish writes that she continues to use Unique, even after body changed shape. Embellish, are you a skilled professional who can fit just about anything?

    I am a reasonably skilled home sewer who used to make Vogue patterns with no adjustments. Now, 40-50 years later, as gravity has set in, I am resigned to quilting, not sewing garments... and shoping at consignment stores and hoping that someone else has had the garment tailored.

    So, should I jump in and get scanned, and buy a couple of special patterns? Let me know...

  10. Lady_Jaydee July 5th

    Ditto b-squared! AHH - you need to add a couple more things to your "list". Did you know that the earth is bombarded by tons of debris from outer space every day and that one might hit you and that we have been bombarded by "Waves" forever? Also, at the smallest of the smallest level,"quarks", known (and studied) to man, they're sometimes a particle and sometimes a "wave" and that sometimes they can be seen and sometime NOT! WE ARE MADE UP OF WAVES MY DEAR - Lasers are safe, I promise you - just as safe (almost) as you are. If you spend as much time trusting and letting your light waves shine as you do worrying, you would get a whole lot of sewing done and if you really DID try the laser everything would fit perfectly and you would have something to be really happy about!!

    b-squared, I'd love to be your seat-mate on an airplane!

  11. GingerInk July 5th

    I could wish for a custom "sloper" which I could then use to tweak the patterns by which I sew. If a body scan could produce one for me, I'd be willing to pay a chunk.

  12. b_squared July 5th

    AHH should read the article before launching an anti-technology rant. The scanners use lasers, not radiation. As for the evils of MRI's, CAT scans, and xrays. I am very thankful to have beeen able to take advantage of them to find my breast cancer at an early stage...caused by my body's estrogen, not a foreign substance.

    And thanks for not flying. A conversation about science with a seatmate who researches conspiracies more carefully than peer-reviewed science would be the plane ride from hell.

    I think the scanners a great idea. I just wsh that there was one closer to me.

  13. User avater AHH July 5th

    What "technology" are they using to scan your body? Are they using some sort of "microwave" or "radiation"? I, for one, will NEVER submit to such an assault on my body - which is why I won't be taking any flights as I refuse to submit to airport "body scans" (which do show "private" parts").

    People need to wake up and wise up. Not all "new technology" is good for you. Cell phones being the classic case - those things send radiation waves right into your brain. Please look into recent studies. The increase in brain tumors and cancers doesn't look very healthy. People are trying to get legislation passed that will at least tell consumers how much radiation their cell phone, blue tooth device emits, but even that seems to be a difficult task (don't you, as a consumer, wonder why?)

    We now have cell phone towers that emit radiation waves 24/7 and can't be turned "off". Any "wireless" device emits radiation waves as long as it's plugged in, as does the converter for laptop computers. Then on top of that, we have all the utility companies that now want to install their "smart" meters that also emit radiation 24/7 and can't be turned "off".

    The amount of "invisible" air pollution is increasing with very little public awareness. So let's just blast each other and ourselves with radiation and then wonder why we end up with poor health.

    Sorry, but I just can't go along with the "trend" to think everything "new" and "convenient" is just "wonderful" - NOT!!

    It's about making $$ off you - without regard to your health! In fact, FCC telecommunications regulations FORBID any health claims against any of the telephone companies! So I guess we know who wrote that law, don't we?

    Wake up, people, and stop being so easily led to slaughter. None of these companies, be it phone, utility, airport scanners, sewing scanners, etc., are going to pay you a dime to cover your medical costs. YOU are responsible for protecting your own health and your own pocketbook.

    THINK before jumping into any scanning booth!

    Take the battery out of your cell phone when not in use, unplug all electrical devices when not in use,

    and - Keep your measuring tape!

  14. embelish July 5th

    I had a Unique Bodyscan probably 15years ago and I am still using the patterns made for me. Even when I gained weight I was able to continue to use my pants pattern with very little alteration. Hoorah for this technology.

  15. Skymom June 30th

    I'm glad to see that this technology is coming back--I recall a few years ago a body-scanning thing that was supposed to produce custom-fit patterns, but it didn't seem to go anywhere. What I wonder is how this works for sewers. Is it possible to obtain a pattern that corresponds to your body scan, or only made-to-measure garments?

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