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And the Winner of Embroidered Textiles is...

Congratulations to the Threads online member who was randomly selected in our current giveaway. Skyemom will receive a copy of the book Embroidered Textiles. This beautifully illustrated book by Sheila Paine examines the history of embroidery around the world. She explores traditional patterns and motifs, and includes a glossary, dictionary of stitches, and information about public collections. For anyone interested in textiles, costumes, or the craft of embroidery, this is a must-have book. 

Congratulations again Skyemom!

Look for more book giveaways coming soon.


Comments (4)

seanbell3 seanbell3 writes: Wonderful work!
Posted: 1:27 am on October 30th

Robzikshi Robzikshi writes: Like this
Posted: 7:51 am on May 22nd

Robzikshi Robzikshi writes: This is wonderful
Posted: 7:51 am on May 22nd

Barblak Barblak writes: I agree with the "slow sewing" approach, so I'm always a little disappointed when an article on "embroidery" turns out to involve a machine. I'd like to see more articles on traditional hand sewing, and how to revive new techniques and apply them to up-to-the-minute designs.
Posted: 1:47 pm on January 25th

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