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Get a behind-the-scenes look at how professionals construct fine clothing worthy of designer labels. Threads editors, along with nationally recognized sewing maven Louise Cutting, will show you how to improve your skills as you learn techniques for French bias binding, clipping curves to produce graded seam allowances, and a mitering method that's key to sewing neat, flat, sharp corners.

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Episodes in this Series

Meet Louise Cutting

Author Louise Cutting shares a little about her sewing background.

Fuse and Interface a Hem

Use fusible interfacing to sew a clean hem.

Hem Sheers with Ease

Learn to weight a hem for a lightweight fabric.

Mold the Smoothest Darts

Learn Louise's secret for sewing smooth darts.

Draft and Sew a Perfect Collar

Eliminate bulk when sewing a collar.

Miter an Asymmetrical Corner

Two methods for sewing an uneven mitered hem.

Create Bulk Free Facings

Replicate the seam manipulations found in the garments of Georgio Armani.

Serge Quick French Seams

Get a clean and professional look with this technique.


Constructing the beautiful clothing from top designers and manufacturers.