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Costume for "All Hallows Eve"

Saint Therese of The Child Jesus
Sketch of the costume construction.
Saint Therese Costume
Saint Therese Close up
Saint Therese of The Child Jesus

Saint Therese' of The Child Jesus

Photo: Taken by Ann Michel (Grandmother)

This was my granddaughter Rachel's idea. She wanted a costume to remind people that Halloween is also known as "All Hallows Eve.", and the very next day is All Saints Day. My granddaughter is homeschooled. and as a sewing project we looked up pictures of St. Therese' and figured out how to make a simple costume from some inexpensive cotton fabric. 

The basic robe pattern was drawn by tracing my granddaughter laying on top of the brown, cotton fabric on the floor, folded in half (salvage edges on the sides). I cut an opening in the top for the head, traced out the sleeves, and the length of the robe made an "A-line" shape from under the arms to the bottom. There are only two seams, on each side you stitch from the hemline to the end of trhe sleeve.  The neckline is finished with a serged edge. A long strip of the brown fabric is used for the sach to tie the robe at the waist. This robe could also be used as a base for other costumes too. 

The white headpiece, called a Wimple, was made from a white T-shirt pulled over the head so the face shows through the neck opening, then it's tucked into the robe. Over the robe is worn a Scapular or Apron. I used a long piece of the same brown fabric, serged the edges, cut and serged the opening in the neck. 

The cape is a square of off-white fabric gathered at the top, and a wide piece of binding is sewn at the top with long ties for a bow. 

Finally, the vail is made from a large square of black fabric. A portion of one corner is folded under, and a dart is sewn at the center top (the length of the top front of the head to the back crown of the head) to make a place for the head so it won't silp off, then pinned in place to secure.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - St. Therese' Costume

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