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Primitive Patchwork Table- Runner

My newest sewing project-23x55 Table Runner.
Made from 60 9-Patch Blocks.
Its lined with cream-colored cotton.
It has 540 2 squres.
My newest sewing project-23x55 Table Runner.

My newest sewing project-23"x55" Table Runner.

One thing that all people who sew have in common is fabric scraps!  I'm always looking for projects that put them to good use.  Which is why I love patchwork, there are so many possiblities.  I just finished this scrappy, 9-Patch table runner, and I'm very proud of it!  I made 2" scrap squares into 9-Patch Blocks, a total of 60 blocks & 540 squares: 

For complete instructions, visit my blog, The Smiling

The link is:


Pattern or design used: My own design - Carole May @SmilingCatDesigns

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