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Industry Insider Techniques DVD, Vol. 5

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In Volume 5 of this amazing series, renowned sewing instructor Louise Cutting continues to share insider knowledge, couture tips and techniques that can help you advance from amateur to accomplished seamstress. In this 12-part series, you'll learn how sew details such as darts and pintucks, finish a curved hem, attach cuffs, make smart pattern alterations, and more. With Louise Cutting's pro-secrets you'll be able to sew garments that are expertly constructed from the inside out.

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Episodes in this Series


Judith Neukam introduces Louise Cutting.

Interfacing 101

Interfacing with Louise Cutting

Interfacing Secrets

Exploring different types of interfacing.

Draft and Vent a Two-Piece Sleeve

An easy way to do a placket.

Attach a Sleeve Cuff

How to put a cuff on a sleeve.

Sewing Starts and Finishes

Stitching into the edge of a seam.

One-Thread Stitching

How to sew with one thread.

Front Hem Finish

How to create a pretty corner without showing the seam.

Make Short Sleeves Long

How to make a long sleeve out of a short sleeve.

Finish a Curved Hem

A tight-curved hem with a clean finish.

Remove Excess Pant Fabric

How to remove excess fabric under the waist.

Shorten the Rise

How to measure and sew an appropriate crotch depth.