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Threads Essential Techniques

Threads comes to life with Threads Essential Techniques. In this web-only video series, we show you how to execute some of the must-know techniques, methods, and skills seen in our pages.

Episodes in this Series

Create a Vintage Cuff Design

In this web extra from Threads #191 (June/July 2017), we show you the first steps in creating the S-shape cuff seen in the "How Did they Sew That" department. This vintage-inspired cuff has a delicate S-curved seamline.

Shape Bias Tape with an Iron

One of bias tapes greatest quality is its flexibility. This versatile material can easily follow any curve and that's why it's so useful for finishing armholes, necklines, and other shaped edges. The secret is to pre-shape the bias tape.

Using a Bias Tape Maker

Single-fold bias tape is a sewing staple. You can use it to enclose seam allowances or as a decorative element. It can be purchased at a local fabric store or make your own with a bias tape maker. Watch to learn how to make your own bias tape.

Create a Slashed Opening With an Underlay

In Threads issue #189 (February/March 2017), contributing editor Louise Cutting shares two elegant adaptations for upgrading a placket on a blouse. We've brought one of her techniques to life with this Threads Essential Techniques video tutorial.

An Alternative to Clipping Seam Allowances

To make a smooth edge seam along a curved edge such as a neckline or armhole, you need to control the seam allowances. Here is one way to keep them flat without compromising the curve.

Disappearing Flat Piping

Flat piping gives a crisp accent to a garment edge or seam. In this Threads video tutorial, we show you how to taper a piping's end for an attractive, bulk-free finish.

Miter Corners on Striped Trim

Striped trim is especially effective as a design element when it's mitered at corners. Follow along as Threads contributing editor Judith Neukam shows one method for creating this look.

Sew a Single-Welt Pocket

A single-welt pocket can be added to almost any garment or accessory. In this video, Threads Senior Technical Editor Carol J. Fresia demonstrates how to sew a single-welt pocket using designer Terry Fox's technique.

Bobbinwork Stitching: How to Wind and Install a Bobbin

Bobbinwork is a decorative technique that lets you create beautiful stitched designs on garments using thicker threads than you would use for standard sewing. Watch to learn how to wind your bobbin for this embellishment technique.

Better Piping: Grade to Reduce Bulk

Piped edges add an interesting detail to any garment. Watch this Threads Essential Techniques video for a great tip on how to reduce seam allowance bulk in piping.

Better Piping: Offset Stitching for Smooth Results

Threads has published lots of great advice on how to get great results for piping. Here is a tip for sewing a ripple-free piped edge.

Better Piping: Sew Piping to a Curve

Watch to learn a great tip for sewing a better piped edge.

Embroidery Stitches 101: Chainstitch

Hand embroidery is a traditional embellishment technique that is within the reach of any sewer. Watch to learn how to create one of the five basic embroidery stitches - the chainstitch.

Embroidery Stitches 101: Fly Stitch

The fly stitch is one of the basic embroidery stitches. Learn how to create and then experiment with creating borders and medallion patterns.

Embroidery Stitches 101: Blanket Stitch

Hand embroidery can elevate the style of any garment. Watch now to learn how to create one of the five basic embroidery stitches - the blanket stitch.

Embroidery Stitches 101: Couching Stitch

The couching stitch is one of the basic hand embroidery stitches. Watch to learn how to create this stitch.

Embroidery Stitches 101: Web Stitch

The web stitch is one of the basic hand embroidery stitches. This embellishment can make any garment feel special. Follow along as we demonstrate how to sew a web stitch.

How to Press Shaped Edges

You can make any garment special by adding a unique shaped edge. The key to making these edges look great is in the pressing.

Install an All-in-One Facing

An all-in-one facing is a clean, simple finish for a sleeveless garment. It provides a smooth and supportive edge at the neckline and armhole.

How to Straighten a Fabric's Grain

Before you begin any sewing project, it is important to straighten the fabric's grain. This process is done by manipulating the fabric so its lengthwise yarns (warp yarns) run perpendicular to its crosswise yarns (weft yarns.) Watch to learn how!

How to Make Pleated Trim from Petersham

Petersham ribbon has many sewing uses, and one of them is as an embellishment. It would make a beautiful trim on an garment edge, such as a neckline. Follow along to learn how to create this style of pleated trim.

How to Shape Petersham Ribbon to a Curve

Petersham ribbon's scalloped edges allow it to curve gently. By shaping it to a curve, you can use it to stabilize curved necklines, hems, waistlines and even pocket edges. Follow along to learn how easy it is to make petersham follow a curve.

How to Thread a Twin Needle

Sewing with a twin needle is an easy way to create beautiful embellishments on garments from even the simplest machine stitches. Learn how to set up your sewing machine to use a twin needle.

How to use a Tailor's Board

Pressing is one of the most important aspects of garment sewing. There are many tools to help you achieve well-pressed clothes - one of them is a tailor's board.

How to Fold Knife and Box Pleats

This web extra from "Pleat to Measure," Threads #182, we show you how to use the templates to mark the pleat foldlines, and then how to fold the pleats.

How to Repair a Stray Snip

Discover a creative solution for accidental fabric cuts.

Sew a Hand-rolled Hem

This easy-to-sew hem is perfect for fine and delicate fabrics.

Create Topstitching with Running Stitches

Learn how to use a running stitch as topstitching.

How to Sew Lace Seams

Learn two ways to sew lace seams.

Sew a Welt Opening

Learn a clever way of sewing a welt opening into a patch pocket without cutting through the body of the garment. The featured jacket was made using Simplicity Threads pattern 1168.

How to Sew and Install a Sleeve Head

Check out this simple and quick way of sewing and adding a sleeve head to any jacket.

How to Make Thread Bars and Chains

Watch to learn how to make thread bars and chains. These delicacies detain wayaward straps, linings and more.

Add Sparkle to Knits

Here are some fun and unique ways to glamorize knits.

How to Sew Knits

Discover the joy of sewing with knits with these easy-to-follow tips and techniques.

Meet Silamide Thread

Learn all about waxed silamide thread and its uses.

How to Sew a Figure-eight Stitch

Watch this video and learn how to sew a figure-eight stitch. This stitch is great for hemming tricky fabrics.

Sew Perfect Collar Points

Achieve well-sewn outside corners, such as collar points, with this great tip.

How to Bind a Sheer Edge

Binding the edges of sheer fabrics is easier than you think with our fast technique.

How to Sew and Press Tucks

Learn how to sew straight tucks and press these delicate folds.

How to Machine-Bead a Design

Watch and learn how easy it is to sew on beads with your sewing machine.

How to Bead a Motif with a Template

Learn how to bead a beautiful motif using a freezer paper template.

How to Sew a Pickstitch

Watch this video to learn how to make the classic pickstitch.

How to Marble Fabric with Shaving Cream

Create beautiful marbled patterns with this simple method.

Burn Testing for Fabric Identification

Learn how to burn fabric and read the ashes to identify some common fiber types.

How to Sew a Blind Hem

Learn how to sew a blind hem on both standard and industrial sewing machines.

How to Serge Seam Allowances

Serging works on nearly any fabric. It trims the seam allowances as it stitches.

How to Sew a French Seam

French seams work best on sheer, lightweight fabrics.

Sew a Stitch and Pink Seam Finish

Learn how to stitch and pink seam allowances with these step-by-step instructions.

Sew Single-Fold Finished Seams

Follow these step-by-step instructions for creating single-fold clean finish seam.

Stitch Together Seam Allowances

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a stitched together seam finish.