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Threads Essential Techniques

Threads comes to life with Threads Essential Techniques. In this web-only video series, we show you how to execute some of the must-know techniques, methods, and skills seen in our pages.

Episodes in this Series

Sew a Welt Opening

Watch this quick video tutorial to learn a clever way of sewing a welt opening into a patch pocket without cutting through the body of the garment. The featured jacket was made using Simplicity Threads pattern 1168.

How to Sew and Install a Sleeve Head

Check out this simple and quick way of sewing and adding a sleeve head to any jacket.

How to Make Thread Bars and Chains

Watch to learn how to make thread bars and chains. These delicacies detain wayaward straps, linings and more.

Add Sparkle to Knits

Here are some fun and unique ways to glamorize knits.

How to Sew Knits

Discover the joy of sewing with knits with these easy-to-follow tips and techniques.

Meet Silamide Thread

Learn all about waxed silamide thread and its uses.

How to Sew a Figure-eight Stitch

Watch this video and learn how to sew a figure-eight stitch. This stitch is great for hemming tricky fabrics.

Sew Perfect Collar Points

Achieve well-sewn outside corners, such as collar points, with this great tip.

How to Bind a Sheer Edge

Binding the edges of sheer fabrics is easier than you think with our fast technique.

How to Sew and Press Tucks

Learn how to sew straight tucks and press these delicate folds.

How to Machine-Bead a Design

Watch and learn how easy it is to sew on beads with your sewing machine.

How to Bead a Motif with a Template

Learn how to bead a beautiful motif using a freezer paper template.

How to Sew a Pickstitch

Watch this video to learn how to make the classic pickstitch.

How to Marble Fabric with Shaving Cream

Create beautiful marbled patterns with this simple method.

Burn Testing for Fabric Identification

Learn how to burn fabric and read the ashes to identify some common fiber types.

How to Sew a Blind Hem

Learn how to sew a blind hem on both standard and industrial sewing machines.

How to Serge Seam Allowances

Serging works on nearly any fabric. It trims the seam allowances as it stitches.

How to Sew a French Seam

French seams work best on sheer, lightweight fabrics.

Sew a Stitch and Pink Seam Finish

Learn how to stitch and pink seam allowances with these step-by-step instructions.

Sew Single-Fold Finished Seams

Follow these step-by-step instructions for creating single-fold clean finish seam.

How to Stitch Together Seam Allowances

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a stitched together seam finish.