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Drawstrings that Stretch

submitted by T.C. Ferrito
from Threads #100

As an alterations professional and teacher, I always enjoy the opportunity to take apart my customers' fine garments and discover how the expensive ready-to-wear designers do things. Here is one idea I've come across and adopted: Drawstrings on pants may look as though they're made completely of fabric, but hidden inside that waistline casing the elastic takes over, making a garment more comfortable to wear and also accommodating minor weight changes. To make a partial-elastic drawstring, cut and sew a fabric drawstring 12 inches to 18 inches shorter that the pattern suggests. Cut the finished drawstring in half, and securely sew each cut end to a 12-inch to 18-inch strip of narrow elastic. For more stretch, lengthen the elastic, but don't make it too long, or it will show when you tie the drawstrings.


Comments (2)

iamchet iamchet writes: That's a great idea! I am going to try that on the pj pants I am making for my Granddaughter! Thanks! Jenny
Posted: 5:36 pm on April 2nd

Sassykids Sassykids writes: OH what a great idea. I have a lot of PJ's to make and I'm going to use the this idea instead of just a drawstring.
Thanks for sharing,
Posted: 8:06 am on October 11th

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