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Thread Beyond the Sewing Room

Take me out to the ball game.
Who knew that Coats & Clark manufactures the thread used to sew baseballs together?
Take me out to the ball game.

Take me out to the ball game.

Photo: Dan Thornberg

by Deana Tierney and Judith Neukam
excerpted from
Threads #144, p. 35

We were surprised to learn that Coats & Clark makes many more types of thread than the consumer-sewing thread we most readily associate with them. They show up in some of the most unexpected everyday items. In the United States, Coats manufactures industrial garment-sewing threads, special order threads, and unique threads designed for high-liability applications. These threads have scientifically developed coatings to give them strength, inflammability, water-absorption, or heat-resistance capabilities depending on the thread purpose. It’s amazing what a little strand of thread can do! Here are just a few of the many products made of or with Coats thread:

• Air bags
• Baseballs
• Designer Fashions
• Feminine hygiene products
• Fiber optic cables
• Fire-retardant clothing
• Footwear
• Heat-resistant cables
• Mattresses
• Outdoor awnings
• Seat belts
• Sutures

Check out the article "Making Thread" in issue 144, August/September 2009 for the full story on how thread is made and for some great tips on how to pick the right thread for your sewing project.


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