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A time to sew

lovemycottons | Posted in General Discussion on

I am so excited and have to announce that tomorrow I have the day off from work and have the house all to myself! This is a very rare occasion. I think I will work on my blouse, Vogue pattern 8120  view B. Hopefully, I will be able to get a good portion of it done. (I am a very slow sewer). I figured some of you out there can relate to this.


  1. SAAM | | #1

    I am so jealous! I am spending tomorrow at teacher conferences at my daughter's school. What fabric are you using for your blouse? What color? I'll live vicariously.

    1. lovemycottons | | #5

      It's like a silky rayon and is a wine/burgandy color.

      I completed the bodice. Yahoo!

  2. User avater
    blondie2sew | | #2

    You go Girl!!

    And it is ok to be a slow sewer!!

    I know if it is something I have done over and over again then I am pretty fast because you just know it...

    But if it is something new then that always takes time! Yes Please let us know all the fun stats....color, fabric..

    You will look Gorgeous darlin! And I agree don't answer the phone let the machine get it!! Screen those calls

    ..Sew in your jammies for awhile then get dressed then sew some more.. I would say don't even get dressed but then again you may have to whip out to the fabric store for some reason or another!!

    Enjoy and have a great day

    1. lovemycottons | | #6

      Yes, I agree with you. It is ok to be a slow sewer. I enjoy it more that way. I do not like feeling rushed.  I also like to make the inside as nice as the outside so that takes time too.

      By the way, I had a great day! Didn't clean the house, nor answer the phone. No one knew I was home except hubby.  I completed the bodice in the morning, and quilted on the quilt in the afternoon. 

      1. User avater
        blondie2sew | | #7

        Perfect!!So please make sure you take pictures of your wonderful blouse and then post it in the gallery for us to see.I would love to see all of everyone's projects they have been working on and we have been chatting about up on screen for all the ooohhs and ahhhs!! I am visual and love love love to see others creations and work!! As I know this has been the consensus for a lot of us who are posting hereNow I need a day like yours. I just might have to plan it!!Connie

        1. lovemycottons | | #8

          I don't think I can post a picture since I do not own a digital camera nor a scanner. Sorry

          1. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #9

            Well that is our loss!!I will just imagineThanksConnie

  3. user-167104 | | #3

    Well, today's the 16th, so hopefully your day was used as you planned. I love when I know that I can devote all the time I want to sewing. I work a full time job, but if I didn't I would be sewing. I take a little time here and there when I can get it. I have planned on a Saturday that I'm off for weeks to devote most of the day to sewing, but everytime it doesn't work out that way. I keep hoping to get that day. Hope you got your project done. What a sense of relief and accomplishment when you have to grab time here and there and still are able to complete something.

    Have fun with your project.

    1. fabricholic | | #4

      I know what you mean. I start cleaning early on Saturday morning, have to run errands, wash the dog, the car and then, I am pooped! We should all vow to sew first thing on Saturdays, then maybe, we can get some good sewing time.Marcy

      1. user-167104 | | #10

        exactly. I have said the same thing. "I'll do this, that, laundry, etc, etc., then I will be able to sew. Then I am "able" to, but not physically.

        I agree, and have thought of sewing first, but I do feel guilty so it's hard. We have to balance it somehow, but I feel like I'm missing out when I see all the cool things people get done, and I have been working on something forever.

        We'll work it out somehow. I am getting a serger for my birthday next week. I had to choose this gift because I didn't want DH getting me something don't care to have when I am desparately wanting a serger. Hoping that will help. They promise it will cut time. That's what I need.

        Enjoy your next day of sewing, whenever that is..."mine is Saturday".....yeah right. I say that but I've said that for weeks!


        1. fabricholic | | #11

          Oh wow. That is a great birthday present. What kind are you getting? I just got a Huskylock 936 a couple of months ago. I was worried about changing thread and then Mary told me to take the tension off the thread when I change it, and it is no hassle, at all. I feel like such a dummy, all this time, not thinking of that. Have fun with your present.Marcy

          1. user-167104 | | #12

            thanks. I hope to (have fun with it). I'm competely new to sergers. haven't used them at all, but I guess its time. I can't tell you the exact model, but its a janome. My sewing machine is Janome, so I really looked at those the most, and I think I got a good deal on it, one that you couldn't pass up. Yeah, I'd like to have that big new babylock that does the threading for you, but I couldn't justify the cost when I haven't even used one before. I'm starting out modest, and I've heard lots of people say that they like the simple, older ones just as well as the newer, so I'll try this one, then I may go crazy and not be satisfied with it in a few months after I know SOMETHING about how to use them and go for the biggest, best that I can get. We'll see. Thanks for the tip about threading. I am stressed about how complicated they seem. I feel like a lot of people I know when they see my sewing machine. They just don't know what to do with it. That's how I'll feel with it. Anyway, hopefully I'll figure it out. I'm sure I'll be asking you serger pros some dumb questions, but then hopefully I'll learn. Thanks.



          2. fabricholic | | #13

            I'm not a pro, but there are some here that are. I used to sew the edges of worn out towels and wash clothes just to have something to serge. It is so much fun. I also have a Singer. After I learned how to thread it, it was no big deal. You will probably look at it and say to yourself that it is complicated. I tried threading mine before I watched the video on it. It really helped me, because I remember having trouble at that spot and it all made sense, once I tried on my own. I watched the video first and thought that I just wasn't getting it. It really helps just to jump in there. It either works or it doesn't. I am very visual. You might be just the opposite. Be sure and get some wooly nylon and different threads to try.Marcy

          3. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #14

            I just thought I would jump in about the serger.Yes it is overwhelming at first!! I got mine 2 years ago for Christmas from my honey. I went to my usage classes and then I sat on it for awhile it was scaryAll I can say is the more you play and use it the more you will be comfortable with it! I finally took a class from our Dealer about sergers and we had fun with the stitches and such. That is what it took and the rest is historyI have to say the more you thread and re-thread your machine the easier it gets and I am not quite there but for some of my stitches I don't even have to use my manual any longer!! ha ha haMy manual is my best friend and use it often even now. You darlin will love love love having one!! Connie

          4. miracle worker | | #15

            Boy! it sounds like we all need to take a couple of vacation days and hide in our respective sewing areas.  Just to satisfy that creative urge that gets to us all. 

            I wouldn't even let my husband know I was home :) .

            Hope your blouse turns our great!

          5. MaryinColorado | | #16

            I bet you will love having a serger!  I would feel like my hands were tied without it, they spoil you after awhile.  My favorite serger book is Serger Secrets from Rodale Press.  Very well written with excellent photos and instructions.  Also check out this website for starters: http://www.lindaleeoriginals.com  I also have one of her books.  So now we have another member of this forum with the "urge to surge"  I know you will have great fun with your serger!  Mary

        2. User avater
          Becky-book | | #17

          cutting time... if you regularly finish all your raw seams, then a serger will save time.  But I used to just leave the edges raw so my serger doesn't really save time but it helps me make a better, stronger, more professional looking garment.  Some simple projects are quicker on the serger, like loose fitting knit tops or bottoms.  Hope you enjoy your serger as much as we do ours!!

          Happy Birthday!


          1. user-167104 | | #18

            Thanks to all for your input. It's helped a lot, and I'm sure (I have to wait until Tues) for my serger I will be on with success stories, and questions, questions, questions.

            I'm so looking forward to learning about all it will do, and I'll definately check out the book suggested. I ignored serger instruction from Nancy, or books, but not now. Hope to use it lots and get lots done.

            Thanks again. Will be in touch.


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