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Can anyone help find a discussion?

deebee247 | Posted in General Discussion on

I recall a kind of lengthy discussion about sales clerks at Joann’s and

. Frankly, I’m not sure if it was here or on Sewing World. It would have been about 4 to 5 months ago, I think. The reason I am looking for this is because my daughter has worked for both Joann’s and

and she is one of those weird ones that actually does both sewing and crafts. She currently works at Joann’s, to support her college costs, and loves it! I told her about the discussion and she laughed and wanted to see it. Well, my computer/search skills leave much to be desired, and I could not find it, the way I looked for it, either here at Gatherings or SW.  I hope someone remembers this and can tell me where to look.  TIA, Dorothy


  1. User avater
    SYSOP | | #1

    Hello All,

    There was some word filtering going on with this previous message but I believe the store that was being mentioned was Hancocks it should now be O.K.


  2. lindamaries | | #2

    I hope the discussion about the sales clerks was a favorable one. Here in our area, the Joann and Hancock stores are terrific! The people are so-o-o nice in them. Tired, but pleasant. The sale days are the hardest for all of them.

    I think, though, that often stores like Ben Franklin Crafts get overlooked. I know in our area, Ben Franklin Crafts is the only store now that carries the cover-yourself buttons with the gripping teeth to hold the fabric. I absolutely cannot stand the new cover buttons. I think the word should get out to the manufacturers of cover buttons that the new just-hold-it-in-with-pressure buttons

    absolutely stink!

    1. deebee247 | | #3

      Mark, yes I was referring to Hancock's. When I saw that it was rather unusual I was pretty sure I hadn't said anything BAD, so I was relieved to see that it wasn't me!! Thanks.

      Lindamaries, I agree about the cover-yourself buttons, 'they just don't make them like they used to'. The discussion I was thinking about was NOT flattering to the ladies at Joann's and Hancocks. And you are right, it IS very tiring work, mostly unrewarding, and sale days are murder!!! My daughter comes home just dragging. Part of the problem in her case is that there are several new workers and since she is an 'old hand' now she does a little more as far as answering questions, finding items and fabric, straightening up (a never-ending job) and it takes a lot out of you to be pleasant when your feet hurt and your head aches. So, I try to remember all that when I get impatient waiting to be waited on, anywhere.  I do think these fabric/craft stores should try very hard to hire associates that are at least interested in learning what they are trying to sell, but I guess anybody who sews or crafts does it for pleasure or a business so is not interested in earning a pittance for a lot of hard work. Gee, I didn't mean to go on and on! But it felt good to get it out!

      1. essareff | | #4

        Hi,  I do remember quite a discussion about Joann's (nothing about Hancock) within the past six weeks or so.  If I run on to it again, and I will certainly be looking for it, I will let you know where it is


        1. laundry | | #5

          Thanks Rose! I haven't been to Gatherings for a while. Maybe I'll start searching again. Dorothy

          1. essareff | | #6

            Hi DEEBEE,  I found the discussion you were looking for about Joann's.  It is on the Gardenweb's site in the sewing forum.  There are 59 messages posted.  Hope this helps.


          2. laundry | | #7

            Rose...thanks again! But...I'm sorry, I don't understand what the Gardenweb site is. Is it here in Gatherings? Or is it a whole other site? Dorothy

          3. Jean | | #8


            Check it out at that URL. May not be the one you are looking for.

          4. laundry | | #9

            Actually, that site was not the one I was thinking of, but it is certainly interesting! I had not heard of it before. The one I was looking for had to be here at Gatherings or on Sewing World Commons because they were the only two I knew about at the time I saw the topic.

            What is so sad for JoAnn's is that I have not even begun to scratch the surface of sewing forums yet, and at every one that I have seen, there is a JoAnn's bashing!!

            It's interesting that our Regional Sales Manager at work was offered a big deal job at JoAnn's when she graduated from UCLA, but she turned it down, I can't remember why. But I will tell you that if this gal had had anything to do with how the stores looked, they would have been spotless!!!

            I don't have time right now to explore this gardenweb site but I bookmarked it and will go back to it this weekend. Thanks for pointing it out to me!


          5. essareff | | #10

            Hi DeeBee,

            Thanks to Jean you have the URL for the GardenWeb Forums.  It was neglectful of me to not include it in my note.  I apologize.

            My experience with Joann's and with Hancock covers many years.  In the city I moved from about two and a half years ago, I had my choice of 4 Joann's stores and two Hancocks.  All of the Joann's stores were large, light, bright, clean, well organized with courteous, friendly and helpful clerks.  I really enjoyed going to them and I don't remember any time when I couldn't find what I wanted.  The Hancock stores, on the other hand, were messy piles of yardage.  The clerks were snippy and seemed to have the attitude that they wished you hadn't come in even though all you wanted was to have fabric cut and pay for it.  In the area I live now there are 2 Joann's and one Hancock.  The situation is exactly reversed.  I think it must have to do with the management of the region or of the individual stores.  I have shopped Joann's On- Line and have had good luck so far.

            I buy fabric on-line (Fashion Fabrics Club, Fabric.com, Fabric Club.com, etc.).  I have been very satisfied so far.  But, we need brick and mortar fabric stores where we can feel the fabrics, see what's new in fabrics and notions, pick up a spool of thread or a zipper when we need. it.  Let's all continue to support our fabric stores.


          6. laundry | | #12

            Hi again Rose. Do NOT apologize! There must be dozens of sewing forums where this discussion could have taken place, your'e supposed to know all of them? I think not!  Anyway, this gardeweb site looks good.

            Management is the key. and it is not all the store management. At the store where my daughter works, the manager who hired her quit. They brought in a lady who was nice enough but had no management experience. She started letting people go and cutting hours and scheduled so that at times she had no experienced people opening and closing. My daughter is supposed to have 30 hours a week, she was cut down to 16! My dd was terrified because she depends on that jpb for school and living expenses AND she thought that the new manager was going to let her go. It turns out that the new manager's boss had told her to cut down hours, and she was cutting down the wrong people. It got straightened out and someone else does the scheduling now. All is well, dd back to regular hours.

            Another problem that has come up and is not the store management fault, is that THEY (whoever they are) sent dd store TONS of fleece. Their store does not have room to display even half of what was sent to them, so they are having (wonderful for the consumer) sales on cottons and summer-type fabrics that would normally not be on sale for another month or so.

            From my perspective, it is probably 1/3 upper management, 1/3 store management, and 1/3 clerks who were hired as 'bodies', don't know or have any desire to know their product and resent their own lack of knowledge. You know how you get defensive when you know you have not lived up to people's expectations? Or at least I know I do.

            I think Hancock's is the same deal, some good...some bad, and for the same reasons.

            Thanks again Rose and Jean, and anyone else out there who may have looked for this topic. I truly appreciate the time and effort you have  put in on this.


          7. Jean | | #11

            Joanne's is THE fabric store in our area. Pretty much the ONLY one. I have no complaint about any that I have shopped in. JMHO.

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