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Gosh – I’m good!

JanF | Posted in General Discussion on

I just have to let u all know – I’ve started a blog!!!
I know a lot of u have probably done this already – but 4 me it is a great step forward!!
I think its probably quite naff in most people’s eyes – but I intend to keep it going!
Also trying to set up a site on Etsy – ostensibly to sell stuff I make on – but another way to network!
This isn’t 100% set up yet – but the first day I sell something on it I will certainly let u all know!!
Also daughters selling site = http://greygoat.vox.com/

this is mine http://handbellringer.blogspot.com/

i know its pretty naff now – but watch this space!!
Anyone who already has a blog and would like to add /link to mine – please do so – I would like the interaction!!
You might know how to do this better than me at the mo!

Edited 7/29/2007 11:42 am ET by JanF


  1. User avater
    matzahari | | #1

    nice blog. what does naff mean? precisely

    1. JanF | | #2

      Thank you - naff is a term we use when we want to say that something is not quite as fashionable as you think it is and usually is a little bit "common" or a bit stupid!
      Not sure of a definite explanation because really its a slang word. Trying to think of what an American might say that is similar and all I can see in my mind is Will and Grace making sly, bitchy comments about someone's fashion sense!
      I suppose its when something is just so off the mark that it appears silly!
      Does that make sense?

  2. MargieT | | #3

    I love your blog and it is certainly not naff!  You are also very talented.

    1. JanF | | #5

      Thank you - I will try to keep things updated too! Jan

  3. Cherrypops | | #4

    Well Done Jan!!!!


    1. JanF | | #6

      Thank u - I know I'm going to have to keep it up! - just 1 more thing for me to do - but what the heck!! Jan

  4. Gloriasews | | #7

    By golly, you did do it, Jan!  Good for you!  (& brave).  I love it - it's so you!  Now we'll all be checking it out (besides your comments on these threads - just don't forget about us here).  Where are you going to find time for it all?


    1. JanF | | #8

      Well! - you know that toilet cleaning etc. that u always have to do - its a bit low on my priorities at the moment.
      In fact I can safely say that at the moment "I'm fiddling whilst Rome burns" - if Pete wants to do it - he knows where the cleaner is!
      Off to have coffee with Mum now!

      1. Gloriasews | | #10

        It sounds like you are REALLY enjoying your holiday - good for you!  The variety of your doings is good for your soul, too - don't you feel refreshed already?  You may even decide that France isn't a priority anymore, too, now that you have your blog to keep up. 

        As for the toilet cleaning, hubby probably won't do it as it isn't on his priority list either, unless it becomes unbearable to his own standards, eh?  As we all now about housework, it isn't going to go away - it'll still be there tomorrow if we are so inclined to pursue it, but when you're on a roll, you're on a roll, so the interesting & exciting stuff comes first.

  5. fabricholic | | #9

    I love your blog. The self portrait is my favorite. Drawing was a favorite past time of mine years ago. Your daughter's blog is cool, also. How did you go about starting it? I asked my daughter once and she said that people don't have blogs anymore, they have My Space. I told her that in the sewing world, blogs were very big. I love looking at blogs. You really get a sense of what that person is about. Also, it is a place to keep up with your sewing friends blogs. Great job!


    Edited 7/31/2007 10:17 am by fabricholic

    1. JanF | | #11

      The self - portrait was when I was wearing glasses full time - still persevering with contacts for work - but not 100% successful cos I have to wear varifocal glasses which means 1 contact for reading 1 for long distance(I don't know how this works either)and they warned me it would never be as successful as wearing specs.
      I did the portrait from a sketch I did of myself - from a photo - and then did free-motion embroidery all over it. Never mounted the result - just use it to show kids at school as an idea for using the machines.
      Now i've actually set up a site on etsy to sell my stuff - i have really got to get my act together - no more half finished stuff
      Decided that by 1 September I must have made some stuff purely to sell
      watch this space - if it happens I will definitely have got my a...e in gear....about time too.
      I must add that Kate (DD) is the impetus for the sites. She is one creative girl - but she hides her light under the preverberal(gosh - not sure i've splet that correctly!)bushel. She's just bought me some business cards she's had done - really - cool - small cards printed with pics of stuff she's made - courtesy of someone on ebay I think.
      Ive got to have some.Edited 7/31/2007 5:55 pm ET by JanF and yes - after posting I decided I really should have done a spell check - it is 11 oclock at night.

      Edited 7/31/2007 5:56 pm ET by JanF

      1. fabricholic | | #12

        Talent runs in your family. I wear those contacts, they call it mono-vision here. It works and I think it is cheaper than bifocal contacts. Good luck on your business venture.

        1. JanF | | #15

          Thank u - just getting back into seeing what everyone has to say - before going off again tomorrow for another visit to Lincoln and Sheffield(my husband is from Sheffield - if u ever saw the British film about out of work steelworkers who went into stripping to get a job...oooh spit - I just cant think of the films name - I know Robert Carlyle is in it - he's a favourite of mine...my mind still in holiday mode)
          If u know the film u can imagine my husband's accent when he gets with other Sheffelders. He's becoming a bit "Middle England" now with a hint of the Welsh lilt.
          Now I've had to look lower down to remind me what u said too!
          Oh yes - do u find your vision isn't quite as good with the contacts? I've had so many different types to try I can't decide whether to go back once more and ask if they can get it a little better. They will be sick of seeing me.
          Have u surfed any other people's items for sale on Etsy?
          Some talented people about - mind you I also don't like some things too, but it's difficult to give constructive criticism to budding designers without them thinking I am obviously so old I'm out of touch with modern design.
          Naturally I don't think I am - but I am a little more choosy at 57.

          1. Gloriasews | | #16

            You were just having a senior moment, Jan - the movie was The Full Monty - good movie!


          2. User avater
            Becky-book | | #17

            Senior Moment?  I prefer to call them intellectual interludes! HA


          3. JanF | | #19

            Intellectual Interludes are obviously catching too. As said already - been visiting in Sheffield - hubby's home city - and everyone - but everyone we visited(obviously of a similar age)complained of the same thing. One wife even laughingly saying - let's start at ABC slowly - we'll get there.
            Believe it or not - it cheers me up - it's not just me!

          4. Gloriasews | | #20

            Intellectual interludes, eh?  I like that!  Do you mind if I use it, too?  (Much better than senior moment).  Ha ha!


          5. JanF | | #18

            Oh thanks - been all the way there and back - with hubby who also couldn't remember name of film, so I am glad someone reminded me.
            Sheffield still a great city to visit and I always go there with a bit of a lump in my throat - thinking could I live there now? - but I know it would not be the same - some things you cannot go back to.

  6. DesignandSew | | #13

    I LOVE your self portrait, it's delightful!  Gosh, you are good.

    1. JanF | | #14

      Thank u - but its easier than expected if u take it from a photo youve had taken - trace - then free embroider
      Go on try one
      Good luck Jan

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