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Hancock to close all Michigan Stores!

Lynnelle | Posted in General Discussion on

I am appealing to Michigan sewers (and anyone else who wants to support Michigan sewers):

Please send a letter/email to the Hancock Fabrics Corporate office in Baldwyn, Mississippi and ask them the reconsider the decision to close all of these stores.  Joann Fabrics is nice, but it is mainly a craft store that sells fabric – not a fabric store.  The quality of material is just not as good as Hancock. 

You can call 877.322.7427 and ask for the Operations Division (Brenda Smith).  I called this afternoon as well as sent an email.

What is happening to this country?  Everything is closing (except Wal-mart, but I digress…I will withhold my anti-Wal-mart comments for another forum…).



  1. sewingkmulkey | | #1

    I hate to bust your bubble but Wal Mart is closing all of its fabric departments!

    Maybe, just maybe, with all the chain closings independents will be encouraged to open fabric stores.  At least we can hope!


    1. fabricholic | | #3

      Our Wal-Marts are like the old five and dime now. We have to have somewhere to pick up a zipper or a spool of thread.Marcy

      1. sewingkmulkey | | #9

        Agree 100% with you Marcy!  Whatever am I to do when I'm sewing at midnight and run out of that particular thread!  It just makes me sick.  We only have one quality fabric store here in the Houston area - High Fashion Fabrics - but it's a 20 mile ride from my house.  I guess I'll be forced to buy more fabric online.


        1. fabricholic | | #10

          I had to drive 20 miles to get to Hancock's anyway. Wal-Mart is about 15 minutes away, if I need emergency thread. I went to the Hancock's that is going to stay open, because I had to be in the area to get my car serviced. I got the Vogue patterns I wanted on sale at 3.99, because the liquidating store is at 50% right now and won't honor those sale coupons. It is an o.k. store, but not as nice as the liquidating one. The liquidated store had just been moved from the main store and it had lots of stuff, not as much room as the old building, but still, lots of stuff. I will miss it. I don't like buying on-line because there is nothing new, same ole, same ole. Also, I have to pay shipping, yuk! I am not good at knowing what weight is bottom weight and which is light weight. I will have to ask this question on Threads.Marcy

          1. sewingkmulkey | | #11

            Not knowing the weight or "hand" of fabrics purchased online is a real problem.  It's hard to tell from some of the descriptions, especially on blends.  I think the only way to know for sure is to order samples but the time involved with that process kills enthusiam!


          2. fabricholic | | #12

            Exactly, and there is more money for shipping. It won't be the same. I have to stay away from the liquidation sale. I have spent too much on fabric and stuff.Marcy

          3. samsmomma | | #13

            I bought some fabric online last month and the price was excellent, but the picture was off..and the description was not very thorough..  I thought it was light blue and when I got it, it was bright turquoise. I can't use that.  I'll keep it cos the shipping to return it would cost what the fabric cost me, but it was very disappointing. I'd much rather see it in person.  We have no Hancock's here, only Joann and Walmart and local quilt shops, so when you want to sew clothing, you're sort of outta luck.. I'm willing to bet if more men or teens sewed clothing, we'd have plenty of fabric stores. When I worked at the fabric shop, I was told by a sales rep that they don't sell much corduroy now because teens have all the buying power and teens don't like corduroy.  nice.

          4. sewingkmulkey | | #14


            I definately feel and understand your fabric pain!


          5. fabricholic | | #15

            Hi Deb,I bought some dark olive on-line, thinking I could make some pretty dress pants. It was way to thin for pants. I will keep it, but I don't know what for, because I can't see making a blouse out of it.Marcy

          6. Cherrypops | | #18


            Would lining the pants help?

            I am thinking of other uses for this thin fabric.


          7. fabricholic | | #19

            It would work probably, but I don't like lined pants and especially during the hot summer. Thanks for the suggestion, though.Marcy

          8. susanna | | #24

            Interesting to find this thread, because I went to the local (Wausau, Wisconsin) Hancock's last week and they too are going out of business. The salespeople said that they THINK the one in Stevens Point is going to remain open.

            So now there will be a Joanns, a quilters shop, and a WalMart...for as long as that lasts. And I too preferred Hancock's.

            Doggone it!

            And good luck to all of us!

          9. fabricholic | | #25

            Should we write to them, asking them to reconsider and open back our favorite stores? Do you think it would do any good?Marcy

          10. AmberE | | #26

            They are closing my Hancock's in Scranton, PA and a staffer told me that only one store would be left open in PA. The store was mobbed last Saturday by bargain seekers, which was heartening to see so many sewers out and about, but sad to know the reason why.

          11. fabricholic | | #27

            It is sad. I know all of the notions they carry. I love the way they bring in new merchandise for the season changes and I will miss all of the basics and the pattern sales. I have so many patterns, because of all these sales. I will never sew them all, but I am hoping that my grand daughter will one day take up sewing.

          12. Cherrypops | | #28

            Hi Amber,

            My Spotlight Store (Fabric/notions/craft) 15mins drive south of me will close on 30 June. This is a very large store and caters to all needs. I have been going there for 10yrs. Mostly serviced by part-timers, age range of the part-time staff is 40-50yrs, these ladies are very sad to be leaving.

            The bargain seekers are coming out... this showed in store yesterday as the news is spreading and signs are up. I feel the same as you 'heartening but sad'. Even though we are oceans apart, we sewers feel the same way. My thoughts are with you and all who are dissapointed in losing their craft stores.


          13. Lynnelle | | #29

            I wrote to Brenda Smith of the Consumer Relations department.  Here is her response:

            Thank you for your interest in Hancock Fabrics and for taking the time tolet us hear from you.We, too, are sorry to have to close your Michigan Hancock Fabric Stores.But, this is the most logical decision for these locations at this time.Our Real Estate Department continually monitors areas of closed stores todetermine future needs.Thank you again for your continued patronage over the years, and we hope tobe able to service your sewing and craft needs with the same value and lowprices at another Hancock Fabric Store or through our Internet Store.Please check our web site at http://www.HancockFabrics.com to learn locationsnearest you, to view the current mailer, and to take advantage of specialdeals offered to Internet Store customers only.Sincerely,HANCOCK FABRICS, INC.Brenda C. SmithCustomer Service

            Hancock has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is liquidating most of its assets to pay off debts.  So, it looks like the end - at least for now.  In SE Michigan, there is Walmart, Joann, and Haberman Fabrics.  I absolutely love Haberman, but it is expensive.  I saw nice cashmere there for 30/yd.  Right now, I just cannot afford that.  I absolutely refuse to shop at Walmart for anything because I am (and have been for a long time) anti-Walmart.  They are the biggest usurpers of power at the expense of their workers and smaller companies.

            I guess when I visit other cities, I will buy fabric then.


  2. fabricholic | | #2

    Don't expect them to honor their flyers, either. I had all of these Vogue patterns I was planning on buying and they said that the store closing does not honor the coupons. The stores that are not closing, does honor them. The one closing is selling their patterns at 50% off, right now. Next week it might be better.

  3. spicegirl | | #4

    Hancock has filed chapter 11 which allows them to reorganize without losing all their cash.  Some stores may re-open if all goes well.  

    I doubt complaining will do any good, unless you want to send them a donation (not serious here).

    Can this be another case of heirs interested in the income, but not the effort?  There certainly isn't any competition around here (south western OH, north central KY & south eastern IN).......

    1. Lynnelle | | #5

      Thank you, Spicegirl.  I went to the website and saw a link regarding their Chapter 11 filing.  I didn't even know they were in that serious of trouble.  I thought the store was yet another victim of our wonderful economy.

      I guess I should have seen this coming when they started selling ready-to-wear items in an attempt to expand their customer base. 

      Joann's just isn't the same.  If the smaller stores focus on sewing more than crafts, then it might be worth it.  Perhaps, as another person said, this will encourage independents to open up fabric shops.

      1. spicegirl | | #7

        Have you visited a Joann Super Store?  It's an hours drive for me, and you really need a list before you go.  After our local dinky little Joann store, the SS is a little overwhelming.  I have bought a few things online from Joann, but prefer to shop in person when possible.  

        1. Lynnelle | | #8

          I have visited a SS and to me it's just an oversized little store.  They carry pretty much the same as the smaller stores.  I have never seen good wool at any Joann store.  It's just sad to see Hancock go.

  4. Crazy K | | #6

    I have to agree with you on the quality of fabric.  I have a JoAnn ETC two miles away but lost our neighborhood Hancock (that was about one mile away.  I would go to Hancock first because of the quality.  I was mad/sad.......all at the same time.....when they closed here.  I still have a couple that I can get to here in the metro so I guess I can't complain when some are losing all of them!

    Let's hope either they can re-organize or independents see the need and open shops.  I have quilt shops around here, too, but not so much for apparel............

    Sad day.........

  5. cropnstitch | | #16

    I am a newbie, here, but I found that the Hancock Fabrics here in Ft. Collins, Co is closing, too.  I loved this store.  They just started a customer card that would have given 5% off any purchase.  They don't honor that either!  I am really frustrated because they were the only fabric store that really knew what they were doing.  I bought a Janome serger there a couple of weeks ago.  The manager was able to tell me about it and really help me out with it.


  6. autumn | | #17

    Oh, my gosh. I did not realize that ALL the Hancock's were going out of business. I was at the one in Medford, OR a few days ago and was dumb struck to see the GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs. The clerks said that they did not even know of it until they got to work that very morning.  There is a Joanns here but as you all know, it is so "crafty" that there is not room for a lot of great fabric. There are a lot of quilting stores around, but I don't quilt and am not about to start. I am really bummed.  And now I find out (from this forum) that WalMart is also going out of the fabric business. I go to the one just about 10 minutes away for nearly all my thread, zippers, etc.etc.  That means I have to drive 12 miles each way to a Joanns. I don't understand what the problem is.

    1. Lynnelle | | #30

      I called Joann's Customer Service hoping to speak with someone in the corporate office marketing department.  I was able to speak to a very nice lady who informed me that Joann's is looking to attract more sewers back to its stores.  I shared with her my feelings about the Hancock store closures and how Hancock (in my opinion) catered to fashion and home dec sewers whereas Joann's caters to general crafters.

      She told me that the company recently hired a new buyer who has an eye for fashion.  She also stated that the buyer travels frequently to NYC and other countries in search of fabrics to bring to the stores.

      I mentioned that it would be nice if the smaller stores foucsed solely on fabrics and notions.  She responded by saying that there had been discussions with corporate about revising some of the smaller stores (or opening new ones) to focus on sewing.

      We both discussed how the unfortunate Chapter 11 filing of Hancock Fabrics could create a nice pool of consumers for Joann's.  I told her that there are many sewers (myself included) who will miss Hancock for its reasonably priced good fabrics and that Joann's needs to step up their game if they want to lure some of us to its stores.

      After our conversation, I felt confident that we will soon see a change.  I encourage those interested to contact Joann's and share your feelings/ideas.  


      1. cropnstitch | | #31

        Wow!  My sentiments exactly.   I think the "etc." in JoAnn's name really lured a lot of crafters, but turned real sewers off.  I couldn't believe they turned more than half the store into "other crafts".  I love to scrapbook, but the things they carry are not for the serious scrapper.  I would find a few brads or rubber stamps once in a while, but was generally not impressed.  I want the old Hancock back.  I miss them already because the service is horrible now.



  7. rsew | | #20


    I just visited (by chance) the Janesville, Wi., Hancock Fabric Store today-guess what

    it too is closing-only remaining fabric store in the area is Jo Ann's.  I live in Northern,

    Il. and the Hancock Store in Rockford Il is going to remain open.


    1. cropnstitch | | #21

      I heard that there is a Hancock Fabrics in Longmont, CO that will remain open.  That is about 45 min. away.  I am just not happy with the way they did this.  It was so sudden and they have actually marked everything back up to reg. prices and then taken maybe 20% off.  They usually have better prices on their regular sales.

      1. rsew | | #22


        Many of the items I purchased yesterday are now 30% off -

        many of the notions are now 40% off. So I did get some good deals.

        I refuse to go to Wal-mart.  We now have 2 super center stores within a

        5mile radius from each other, and the fabric/craft dept is diminishing!

      2. sewingkmulkey | | #23

        The sudden closings are due to the filing of chapter 11 which is a re-organizing of the company.  They are forced to raise capital to try and survive and these decisions are mandated by judges once the filing is done.  I know this as I've been through a company that filed chapter 11 over seven years ago.  The company is still alive and we feel fortunate to still have jobs. 

        I hope Hancock survives but I also wish independent fabric lovers would take a leap of faith and open quality stores all over the country.  I'm old enough to remember when I could visit "mom and pop" fabric stores and learn so much from the owners and salespeople.  I cherished those stores and miss them dearly.


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