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Wild Ginger Patternmaking Software

Stitchwitch | Posted in General Discussion on

Has anyone got this software and can you recommend it?


  1. Sewmanysewers | | #1

    I have the Wild Ginger Software Patternmaster Boutique 3 which is the package that gives you  women's garments. Is this the one you refer to?

    If so, I found that once I had the measurements acurate and made the slopers, I had a great fit . With a large bust on a small frame and rounded shoulders I found the fit excellent. You are however limited in the number of styles available but you could do a great wardrobe of clothes in varying styles before you run out of possibilities and even then you can use the pattern editor to change and add and do all sorts of things. I do find the pattern editor a little more challenging to use but there is plenty of help in the online forum.

    Hope this is some help to you.

    1. User avater
      blingy | | #4

      Have you had any computer problems with the Wild Ginger software?  I am considering buying it but I don't want to waste money on something that will only mess up my computer.  I just now tried to do the free download of the Demo Boutique and although I was able to install it on my hard drive I could not start it due to several error messages that came up.  I had to uninstall it.  Then I downloaded the free PDF brochure, that is loaded with problems too and I was not able to open it.  On their website you can click on several highlited words that should open up to another screen and all I got was the infamous Page Not Found.  Since I am not impressed with the free stuff that should make me want to spend my money I am really leary about this whole thing.  Its bad enough that I have spent a fortune on fabrics and patterns that don't fit.  Will this software make patterns for knits as well as wovens? 

      1. tessainGabriola | | #5

        Yes, I have read of people having those problems. If you email WG they will explain how to fix them. I never saw a suggestion to buy a new computer, they are very informed and can help.  

        Actually, this attitude of great  quick help is the soul of their business. So when people email their problems either to the list serve or to the management, they get prompt nice replies.  I am a very satisfied user.


      2. samtowanda | | #6

        I have several Wild Ginger programs. I have never had computer problems with their programs. If you have a anti-virus program, close it first before you download. As someone who has multiple fitting issues, I have found this program to be a saving grace for me. I had stopped sewing out of fitting frustration. I bought the program and now garments fit much better. It doesn't bother me to glue pattern pages together because that takes less time that making changes to tissue patterns. I just bought a new printer, HP9800, which prints out 13x19 pages. I use 11x17 sheets of paper.

        I use this program to draft almost all of my patterns. I love making knit tops using this program.  I will admit that there is a steep learning curve but it is worth hanging in there. I no longer avoid sewing because I need so many pattern changes. The support system with WG can't be beat. They have a forum and there is a Yahoo group that is not associated with the company. Karen works for the company and she is great at responding to emails about fitting issues or problems.

        I can't wait under Jan 7 when their new update comes out. It addresses a lot of the issues that the users have requested. I hope to get snowed in the weekend that it becomes available. NAYY


        1. skirtgirl | | #25

          Hi towanda,

          I'm interested in the discussions you and others have had about patternmaking softwear and just had a few other questions to all of you on this subject. Let me tell you  a few things about my experience so far.

          I've currently got fashioncad softwear from australia.They are very helpful but i do have to wait until the next day for answers to my questions.  You can create anything you want which is why i got it. I wanted full creative freedom and was afraid some of these other programs would have me to boxed in because they had pre-made patterns. I've learned from reading some of the other posts that you can now edit the patterns and that is really good news I have a retail store that I go to market for and also create a small line of my own for. I've been to a two year school for patternmaking and design and have been making my own patterns for years. I always thought a patternmaking program would make things go faster but that learning curve is tough. I don't seem to have the time to learn it and run my business too.I've never really learned to use this program. I may deside to dump this one and go for some of the ones you all have talked about.

          Here are my questions:

          How would you rate a cad system against doing it all with flat pattern making or draping. Is it faster, therefore worth the pain of that evil learning curve?

          Would anyone like to buy this program? I paid about $1,000

          How does one sell a computer program?

          How much are some of these other systems buy the time you buy all the programs you need to design anything you want?

          Would so love to here any comments!



          1. jjgg | | #26

            You will probably get many different answers to your questions.There is a very steep learning curve to CAD software programs for pattern drafting, For commercial use it is probably the answer as it can spit out things faster than drafting by hand once you know the program.I prefer to hand draft most of my stuff, I use the wild ginger software at times, If I am making several bridesmaid dresses all the same style but different body sizes, shapes I can do that. I don't expect a perfect fit - you will never get a perfect fit in any kind of flat pattern it has to be tweaked depending on the fabric etc that you are using. I use the software to get me very close to the fit I want and then pin fit in the muslin.As far as the edit portion of the software goes, it's worthless to me, I can fix in paper much quicker than software and not have to print out and tape together again.I also drape in paper at times. If I can't figures a specific thing out in flat paper, I put the paper on the dress form and do it that way.

          2. skirtgirl | | #27


            thanks for the response to my question.In reading your comments and talking to others I've come to the conclusion it really is just as fast to use my pencil. Either that or find some classes to take. I got it in the first place because I wanted to be able to produce 3 or 4 different designs for my store every  6 mos. I don't have much outside help. Now I'm contenting myself with reusing my patterns season to season with very very minor changes and changing the fabric and then create one really different pattern. so many ideas so few hands.

            sorry it took me so long to get back to threads to read your response. I really do appreciate it.



      3. jjgg | | #7

        HI Blingy,
        I also have several of the wild ginger programs - PMB and Celebrations.I've never had a computer problem with the program, the program occasionally has a problem and will close on me, but I love the program. I use it for my business of sewing for others.

      4. dressed2atee | | #8

        I have Celebrations and Boutique and I have not experienced any problems with my computer.  I love the program.  It solves many fitting problems once you get the measurements down.  I saw a lot for others and it has been a tremendous help, expecially with full figured women.

        Visit the website http://www.wildginger.com  There are lots of helpful info there.

        1. barb2cats | | #9

          When you mention full figured women, does this include very 'plus sized' women?

          I'm very interested in the WG software, just haven't researched sufficiently to know if I could use it for myself?

          Thanks, Barb

          1. dressed2atee | | #14

            Hi, yes one prom girl I had was a 54 breast 40 waist and 59 hips!!!!!  The sloper and gown fit perfectly.  You will have to adjust the ease according to the fabric and fit you want.

            Wildginger has marvelous support.  I was having a problem last Sunday night and I sent an e-mail.  I was presently surprised when someone responded and she ended up calling me at home and helped solve the problem.

            I think you will be pleased with it!

          2. barb2cats | | #16

            Thank you. I am glad that WG will provide the flexibility that I need.

            Also, a belated Happy Holidays. Barb

          3. dressed2atee | | #18

            Happy Holidays to you as well.

          4. dressed2atee | | #19

            Here are some pics of gowns done with Wildginger.

          5. barb2cats | | #21

            Oh, wow! Those dresses are simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pix. The 'insides' are as lovely as the outsides! Great work.

            Again, thanks. Barb

        2. denise | | #28

          I am very new to this Wild Ginger concept,  i looked at the web site,  which is the one that most of you have bought to get started.


          1. dressed2atee | | #29


            Because I make formal wear, I purchased Celebrations first and I love it!  I just got the Pattern Master Boutique with the V4 upgrade.  I think you will like it and they have a forum that offers a lot of help and tips.  The customer service is fabulous!

      5. scrubble4 | | #10

        Hi Blingy:  I have had some problems with now software programs with my Vista Business.  I just put those programs on my husband's XP formatted computer which I know is sidestepping the problem. 

        However, I would definitely ask if it is compatible with whatever your computer format is and ask if they will refund if for any reason it doesn't work on your computer. 


      6. Sewmanysewers | | #11

        I have had no computer problems with Wildginger software not even with the demo.

        I suggest you contact them, their support is very good. They respond quickly and give clear instructions.

      7. Sewmanysewers | | #12

        Back again! Sorry, I forgot to reply to your question about knits. Wildginger suggest that you leave out the ease on your seams to get knits to fit well.

        The only thing I found a bit restrictive with the program is that you are limited to certain style combinations. However, the number of combinations is quite extensive.

        If you want to be more creative there is a pattern editor section of the software. I have not mastered this section yet.

        If you want patterns that fit well I do recommend buying it.

        1. User avater
          blingy | | #13

          I did download the software and was on the phone with them due to many error problems.  I had to uninstall it.  I have Windows ME and that is not recommended, however I have been considering buying a new computer, which I did yesterday, however it has Vista, another operating system not recommended by Wild Ginger so I don't know if I will ever get to see it!

          1. Sewmanysewers | | #15

            My new laptop has Vista and I run a copy of Boutique 3 on it. Since my husband retired the desktop is not always free.

            I contacted Wildginger for permission to run two copies and I think (my memory fails me here) they gave me instructions for setting it up with Vista. It certainly runs properly.

            Once again, I would contact them about this. Good luck.

          2. jjgg | | #17

            I think it's in the licensing agreement that you can run it on 2 computers. I have it on both desktop and lap top

  2. Jumala | | #2

    I have the Tailor Made version for men's clothes. It is the same as what the previous poster said. Once the sloper fits you, you can make several diff types of clothes such as shirts, pants, coats, etc. WG has several diff flavors of the basic software.

    Another program I have is Garment Designer by Cochenille?. It does patterns for anybody from infants to large men/women and dolls. One can either use standard sizing such as misses 10 or enter one's dimensions. The program runs on either the Mac or PC.  It can also create knitting instructions. Imagine, putting in one's dimensions and knitting a pair of pants.


    Edited 1/3/2008 1:46 pm ET by Jumala

  3. schobm | | #3

    with wide hips and a small waist, I found the software needed a lot of tweaking to get things to fit properly. Great fun though for someone who has some pattern fitting experience.

  4. kellyinla | | #20

    I'm a newcomer, but can't resist adding my 2 cents about WildGinger.  I've used Pattern Master Boutique for several years and like most of their clients, I love it -- there is indeed a learning curve, and it does take time and more than a little bit of muslin or $1/yard fabric to get patterns just right, but it is SO worth it.  Their customer service is one thing that takes them over the top -- if you have trouble, they'll do whatever it takes to help you make great patterns that fit.  What I haven't seen mentioned here yet is that they have a terrific internet forum, and at least one other online group that is incredibly helpful -- all you have to do is ask.  Wild Ginger has an amazing network of incredibly talented people, all of whom really want to help YOU make clothes that fit.  And, of course, I'm not affiliated in any way. . .

    kelly in la

    1. barb2cats | | #22

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with Wild Ginger. I'm definitely going to buy it, but may wait until after the update.

      I'd hate to begin learning how to use it and then need to relearn within a couple weeks.


      1. kellyinla | | #23

        And that's probably a good idea.  Just remember that if you get frustrated at first (and that's not uncommon, I think), USE the resources available -- the WG staff, the associated online community -- don't be shy in asking for help, these people love to share their considerable expertise.  Happy sewing!


        1. barb2cats | | #24

          Thank you. I'll remember to use the available resources. Barb

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