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My Costumes

Costume for Luke
Another view of Lukes Costume
Costume for Luke

Costume for Luke

Photo: photo taken by me

My Grandson is a huge Star Wars fan and wanted me to make him a star wars costume for halloween, There are no patterns for them so I fashioned that costume myself. I made the main body by making a jumpsuit type outfit with a zipper, the cape was pretty simple, it was a basic cape made using his measurements, then I fashioned a panel on the front with peices of flannel sewn to a joining "vest" peice to look like the front part of a "robot" type costume. He already owned a mask and sword to complete the costume. I fashioned spats to go over his shoes using his shoe size to measure the length of the spats. This is one of my favorite costumes that I have made!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Star Wars

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