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Silk-Ribbon Embroidery by Machine

Photo: Luciana Pampalone

Carolynn Baker shares a fast new approach to traditional embroidery with results that look hand sewn.

Some people will do anything to avoid hand sewing. If you are interested in ribbon embroidery, but not in the fine work of hand stitching, try this technique. With the feed dogs down and the presser foot removed, you can carry the ribbon along the top of the fabric, manipulating its shape by hand, and securing it with tiny machine stitches of invisible nylon thread. In this way, you can imitate many traditional hand-embroidery stitches so well that it's hard to tell the difference. And since silk-ribbon embroidery by machine is quicker than handwork, you won't hesitate to take on embroidery projects that cover large areas of a garment.

From Threads #68

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