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Prickly Pear Cactus

This is me, modeling my awesome prickly pear costume (a plant common to Arizona)!
The costume on my dress form, features giant pods, puffy fruits, and lots of prickles (pipe cleaners)!
I started by designing and constructing this dress, green satin, cross front bodice, bubble hem, and pockets! I used my own pattern and design to construct this base dress.
I then constructed 5 padded cactus pods, of bright green fabric and batting. I stitched them together in a circle, added shoulder straps of green satin to match the dress, and a hidden waist strap to keep them on. I also added LOTS of spines (pipe cleaners) for effect. I then added the puffy fruits to the top, using two pink fabrics and lots of stuffing! 
I also constructed a necklace of pink and white fringe trim to represent the white commonly found on Prickly Pear plants. I completed the outfit with hot pink cowgirl boots!
This is me, modeling my awesome prickly pear costume (a plant common to Arizona)!

This is me, modeling my awesome prickly pear costume (a plant common to Arizona)!

I made this costume from scratch, with lots of green and pink fabric! I orginally made this costume for a western themed Halloween party, but found it fit all costume parties! I started by making the green bubble hem dress, from my own design; of course I added pockets because you can't just carry a purse if it doesn't match your costume! I then constructed the main pods, with bright green rayon fabric and batting for thickness; then I stitched and stuffed the fruits and attached them to the pods. I added shoulder straps to wear the pods like a backpack in the back, and added a waist tie to hold up the front pods (they are sewn in a circle to surround me). To finish off the effect, I added dozens of scratchy pipe cleaners to act as cactus spines. I completed the outfit with cowgirl boots which I spray painted pink, a white and pink trim choker to add the effect of the actual plant, which often has spots of white from a common coextisting insect, and pink arm warmers because it's chilly at night!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Tina LaChance

Comments (5)

nickpaul74 nickpaul74 writes: Well Done..
Posted: 11:45 pm on January 4th

JonMaxwell JonMaxwell writes: very beautiful,,,,
Posted: 5:13 am on October 8th

padraicniall padraicniall writes: V Nice indeed
Posted: 5:32 am on May 29th

Dysonste Dysonste writes: amazing dress
Posted: 12:58 pm on May 27th

braidycoutney braidycoutney writes: very nice cool
Posted: 3:14 am on May 26th

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