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curvy mermaid

I made this costume because the mermaid costume I wanted to buy only went to size 10.I combined a lot of ideas from the internet. Its 2 separate pieces. The top is a steel boned corset in beige .I added pieces of the skirt fabric to make it look like it flows into one piece. Shells from a craft store were sprinkled with holographic glitter. The skirt was made from fabric I bought online. I created a pattern using brown craft paper and cut fabric accordingly. Once the skirt was sewn, I added net mesh to fluff it out so I could walk, and coordinating colors of organza fabric cut into strips to the bottom. I made the two larger fins by creating a pattern, cut sequin and leather using that pattern. I sewed them together and left the top side open and added a piece of cardboard to each to stabilize them. Then I attached the fins.

Pattern or design used: My own design

Comments (11)

Jodi Hicks Jodi Hicks writes: Impressive!!!
Posted: 1:43 am on September 12th

roywong20 roywong20 writes: Nice Suit.
Posted: 2:22 am on August 10th

Dale Mark Dale Mark writes: Good job!!
Posted: 1:28 am on August 1st

janicwilson26 janicwilson26 writes: Great work
Posted: 1:33 am on April 10th

RobertRaff12 RobertRaff12 writes: Great job
Posted: 5:05 am on February 17th

Arthurbrown Arthurbrown writes: nice look
Posted: 4:35 am on January 24th

briggsbeck45 briggsbeck45 writes: Really great effort.....
Posted: 5:24 am on December 30th

briggsbeck45 briggsbeck45 writes: I like your effort
Posted: 5:23 am on December 30th

SewFashionista SewFashionista writes: You did a FABULOUS job! It fits your curves to perfection and the workmanship looks impeccable!!!
Posted: 11:44 am on January 4th

lapark lapark writes: you are so creative! i love it!!
Posted: 5:09 pm on November 25th

Karl79 Karl79 writes: Love it! You look fab!!!
Posted: 9:43 pm on November 3rd

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