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The Fortuny Jacket is Finished

Photo: Kenneth D. King

In previous series of posts, I shared with you how I constructed the sleeves and handled the facing of this stunning jacket. The Fortuny jacket is now done and has been delivered to its proud owner, Jean.

  Here's a photo of Jean and me in Manhattan. Jean is modeling the new jacket.

I just wanted to show the finishing details of the jacket.

  First is the lining.

The silk used for the lining is a jacquard-patterned necktie silk.

  I wanted to use a pattern of some sort, but not to compete with the fabric. This lining fabric echoed the silver in the print.


Comments (6)

Couture_Academic Couture_Academic writes: Wow...stunning is all I have to say about this! I really like how where the break of the shawl collar juts out a bit instead of folding straight over (hope you know what I mean here), what advantage does this add to the garment?
Posted: 11:34 pm on July 10th

KennethDKing KennethDKing writes: The fabric is block printed by hand in Italy (Venice, actually), on a fine cotton twill. Quite a special fabric.
Posted: 4:39 pm on October 6th

bethatply bethatply writes: is this a brocade fabric for the Fortuny jacket?
I think this a beautiful jacket and would love to own it.
Posted: 9:18 am on October 6th

KennethDKing KennethDKing writes: The link to the blog post where I show this corset is:
Posted: 11:55 am on September 29th

KennethDKing KennethDKing writes: It would indeed! I made a pair of jeans out of some (she was kind enough to get extra so I could!) and with the scraps I did a version of my Edwardian men's corset for evening, which I'll use as a cummerbund.

With the small, odd scraps I made note cards and gift package cards, so as not to waste ANY of the fabric.
Posted: 11:54 am on September 29th

sweetserenity sweetserenity writes: I think this fabric would make a terrific bag.
Posted: 2:02 pm on September 28th

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