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Video: How to Bead a Motif Using a Template

Video Length: 3:25
Produced by: Evamarie Gomez and Judith Neukam; Shot by: Gary Junken

Beautifully beaded motifs can be applied to any garment. This type of embellishment can quickly transform an otherwise uninteresting look to a uniquely distinctive one. Inspired by the 1930s dress featured on the back cover of Threads #169 (October/November 2013), Executive Editor Judith Neukam shares a clever method for stitching a beaded frond in "How Did They Sew That." The star of her technique: a freezer paper template. Watch this quick Threads Essential Techniques video tutorial to see just how easy it is to create a beaded motif using this method.

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Comments (13)

smockerlady smockerlady writes: Thanks yet again Judith for another inspirational video.

Posted: 6:29 am on November 12th

smockerlady smockerlady writes: Thanks yet again Judith for another inspirational video.

Posted: 6:29 am on November 12th

togorose togorose writes: Judith is so great on her presentations, I love watching and learning from her videos. I'm self taught in sewing and I have learned a lot from Threads videos (Judith) and my subscription to the Threads magazine is one of the greatest investments I have made towards my hobby. I love this site, there is on going knowledge to be had here. I've purchased the fitting videos and books and they are all well presented. Thank you Threads!!!
Posted: 4:49 am on February 28th

LuvThreadsMagazine LuvThreadsMagazine writes: Judith could make at-home brain surgery look easy.
Posted: 2:18 pm on December 16th

ELouis ELouis writes: I've been beading for over 20 years and I never knew that freezer paper could be used that way. what a great way to repeat motifs.
Posted: 12:22 am on October 16th

psfws1963 psfws1963 writes: Loved the video demo of the Motif design. I just brought a Husqvarna. It sews as well as embroiders. So I am so excited by any design I can do on my sewing machine.
Posted: 2:22 pm on September 14th

agapantha agapantha writes: In 35+ years as a belly dancer I've sewn zillions of beads and sequins onto costumes. Never used a template; usually make a light chalk sketch to indicate placement then let the design grow on its own.

My best tip is to tie off your thread frequently. Yes, that's a bit of a pain but sooner or later a thread will break and it is better to lose six or eight beads than a whole motif.
Posted: 12:38 am on September 12th

missred4613 missred4613 writes: I am just in awe over how easy she makes this look. I have always wanted to try this but I just never really knew how to go about doing it and she makes it look so darn easy and fast. What an awesome tutorial. Thanks for sharing!!
Posted: 1:07 pm on September 11th

cynsew cynsew writes: This was a wonderful video. I have never done any beading and Judith sure makes me want to give it a try. She does beautiful work and I enjoy all of her videos!
Posted: 8:49 am on September 11th

so4u so4u writes: I am not much into beadwork, but I was mesmerized by the video. I am ready to start some beadwork on my next project.
Thank you Judith.
Posted: 6:29 am on September 11th

Hunny Hunny writes: What a joy. Judith's voice is so clear and soothing and the video instructions are perfect. I was fascinated by the process when I read the printed article, but I prefer video instructions. Thank you.
Posted: 11:53 pm on September 10th

natwill natwill writes: Lovely, absolutely lovely. Judith is such a pleasure to listen to and her instructions were perfect. Thank you!
Posted: 9:59 pm on September 10th

russellgibson russellgibson writes: Judith is a pleasure .
Posted: 4:30 pm on September 10th

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