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Video: Two Custom Trims for Your Garments or Home

Video Length: 5:00
Produced by: Gary Junken

with Linda Lee

Using basic materials, simple sewing steps, and a sewing machine, it's surprisingly easy to mimic designer trims for use in your home and wardrobe.

In this video, Linda Lee, author and owner of The Sewing Workshop pattern line, demonstrates, how to make "loopy seam-tape fringe" and "wild yarn trim," as seen in the February/March 2002 issue of Threads magazine (#99, pp. 62-65).

To learn other decorative techniques for your home and wardrobe, check out Linda's books Sewing Stylish Home Projects and Edges and Corners.

Comments (8)

saphire_dance saphire_dance writes: It seems to me that you could use a hairpin lace loom to make the yarn loops if you didn't want to make your own device.
Posted: 1:25 pm on June 23rd

LindaLouise LindaLouise writes: Great ideas, thank you so much!
Posted: 11:43 am on January 25th

harrysmom harrysmom writes: Wow, I can feel my sewing brain expanding every time I read Threads stuff.
Thanx loads
Posted: 7:09 pm on February 26th

quiltlady13 quiltlady13 writes: How nice this is ! Thank you for sharing all the tricks and tips !
Posted: 1:56 am on January 18th

speckles speckles writes: I love this! I am going to share it with my Tuesday night sewing group called the Loose Threads!I am also going to use it to do some things at my house. Thank you for sharing.
Posted: 1:37 pm on March 16th

AZjPeggy AZjPeggy writes: The video answered a question I have had for a long time. I have some of my mother-in-laws sewing things and I just learned how to use the fringer! Of course the video was in greater depth than what my mother-in-law knew about. Thanks
Posted: 12:46 pm on January 31st

Katielynne Katielynne writes: So simple, yet so stylish. I love Linda Lee! Thanks, Threads, for this video!
Posted: 9:24 pm on January 14th

Minnie63 Minnie63 writes: I'm learning so much!
Posted: 12:33 am on December 21st

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