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Reader Tip: Cornstarch Paste Makes Bold Marks

Photo: Mike Yamin

This reader-submitted tip was originally featured in Threads #188 (December 2016/January 2017).

I use soap chips or white tailor's chalk to mark most materials, but some stretch jersey I work with will not take the soap or chalk. The marks are so faint I can't see them. As an alternative, I mix cornstarch and water in a glass dish until it is a runny paste (like pancake mix). I dip a fine paintbrush in the solution and start marking. It goes on faintly and dries quickly to a bold white mark. I brush off the mark when I am done. It also wipes off easily with a damp cloth. Whenever I work with dark material, I use this method because the marks show up brighter than anything else I've used.

-Diana Perinacci, Concord, Ohio

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