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SmartFlix--the NetFlix for All Crafters

A few of the 74 sewing DVDs available at SmartFlix

A few of the 74 sewing DVDs available at SmartFlix

Photo: Courtesy of SmartFlix

Have you ever wished you could watch someone do a challenging sewing technique rather than simply reading about it? SmartFlix can probably help. SmartFlix is much like NetFlix, but their inventory includes only How-To DVDs. You rent the DVDs online; they are sent directly to you and include a free postage-paid return envelope. The available DVD choices cover just about every how-to topic you could imagine, including sewing and other fiber crafts to name just a few. The biggest problem with SmartFlix is that once you watch your first sewing DVD, you'll want to watch them all!  You can use them to perfect so many sewing techniques as well as learn plenty of new ones. I guarantee the DVDs will enrich your sewing knowledge and inspire you to be more creative.

SmartFlix also offers a subscription service called SmartFlix University which includes many options including Sewing University. Once you subscribe, you're asked to select your favorite 3 sewing DVDs which you are permitted to use for up to one full month. When you're done with these 3 DVDs, you can return them for another 3. You continue in this manner until you've watched all of the 74 sewing DVDs that are available, many authored by nationally known sewing teachers such as Sandra Betzina, Peggy Sagers, and Nancy Zieman. It's the opportunity to really improve your sewing expertise.

Here's a suggestion that I find helpful; maybe you will, too. When you rent a sewing DVD for yourself, also rent one that your husband/boyfriend would enjoy (their inventory includes lots of typically male crafts like woodworking), he'll be so interested in trying out new things that he won't notice how much time you're spending sewing!  It works every time. NetFlix also offers gift certificates, so you might want to keep that in mind for holidays and birthdays!

Tell us the name of your favorite sewing DVD or video and why you think it's so invaluable.  If it's not available at SmartFlix, maybe we can suggest they add it to their extensive collection!


Comments (2)

MaddyGranma MaddyGranma writes: I have had good luck with Smart Flix although I question their method of immediately charging your credit card even though their is a 30 day wait for the video. Loved the Islander series!
Posted: 1:37 pm on September 30th

jenbot jenbot writes: My local library carries quite a few of these same dvd's and I have checked them out numerous times and find them invaluable, particularly the Islander Sewing videos. If you're looking for further cost savings, I'd suggest checking your library too.
Posted: 11:35 am on July 9th

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