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Summer Sewing with Linen

There are just two weeks left to share your linen creations and enter to win our Summer Sewing Challenge. Linen is the perfect fabric for summer sewing and your creation could win you the Janome 1100D serger. Share your photos with us in the contest gallery by August 17th to enter the challenge for your chance to win.


Comments (3)

ShooFly ShooFly writes: I am trying to post my entry. It says that it has been posted but it's not actually showing up... any ideas?

thank you!
Posted: 6:50 pm on August 7th

VictoriaNorth VictoriaNorth writes: The problem might be with the actual dimensions of your photo rather than in the file size. The photo needs to be between 400px and 1,200px in width and height in order to upload.
Posted: 10:07 am on August 5th

decoratrice decoratrice writes: I am trying to post my entry photos and am having a problem. My photo file says that my photos are 3-something MB, while the contest instructions say files must be under 4 mb. If MB is megabytes and mb is millibytes, then I will need to go find a 10-year-old to help me solve this. However, there is a 1,000-fold difference in resolution implied here, and it seems to me that reducing it that much would just result in fuzz. Any advice?
Posted: 10:54 am on August 4th

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