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Magazine Giveaway: Threads Issue #159, March 2012

Dec 20, 2011
Article Image

You could win this fabulous issue.

We received our office copies of the latest issue of Threads just yesterday, and I can’t wait to read it. There are so many fabulous articles in this issue; I suspect it will be considered one of the best this year.

You could win a copy of this amazing issue by simply leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Tell us which article appeals most to you. Leave your comment on this post before the deadline—11:59 p.m., December 30—and you could win a copy of this issue. The winner will be randomly selected and announced during the week of January 2nd.

Here are the highlights:
• Couture Construction by Contributing Editor, Susan Khalje
• Modern Machines will tell you about some of the finest sewing machines on the market today
• Artistry by the Strip is an embellishment technique that’s unusual and easy, yet sophisticated and elegant
• Bra-Making Basics will show you how easy it is to make a perfectly fitted bra in no time at all
• Charles James examines distinctive gowns created by this amazing designer
• Sew Frugal will give you tips to save time and money when you sew
• Sewing Spaces That Work visits several professionals and their enviable sewing spaces

And of course, you’ll also find our regular departments:
• Notions
• Tips
• Embellishments
(Perforated Designs by Contributing Editor Kenneth King)
• How Did They Sew That?
• Designer Spotlight
(Babette Pinsky)
• Pattern Review
• Fundamentals
(Easy-to-sew boning)
• A Stitch in Time
• Embroidery Essentials
(Reverse appliqué on leather)
• Reader’s Closet
• Q&A
• Closures
• Back cover

We all have our favorites. What do you think yours will be in this issue?

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  1. dpog December 20th

    Sounds like a great issue, as usual.

  2. spidernola December 20th

    Couture Construction but bra making sounds fun!

  3. brynsea December 20th

    I've taught bra making and fitting for years. I'm always interested to have other views. It's always nice to see the way others layout their sewing rooms, you can get good ideas.

  4. User avater Jen_NYC December 20th

    The "Modern Machines" article caught my eye. I've had the same (excellent) Bernina for 25 years or so, but I've been thinking about what might be the next step. It's more of a day dream than reality right now, but it would be great to learn more about the best new sewing machines!

  5. msjuncos December 20th

    Couture Construction to further my skills. Bra making - is there a chance to have a bra that really fits?? Sounds awesome!

  6. rebeccajay December 20th

    Couture Construction looks good, but I'm sure you'll surprise me as usual with other great info.

  7. lhartup December 20th

    Embroidery essentials, definitely!

  8. User avater WillaMcNeill December 20th

    Threads is always so inspirational.

  9. Lobolita December 20th

    Looks great! I'd love a copy.

  10. TJSEWS December 20th

    Couture construction AND the article about designer Charles James.

  11. User avater CosmicCaro December 20th

    I love this issue! Bra-making sounds very interesting! Couture technique is always an eye opener too! Thanks

  12. bubumama December 20th

    Would like to get my hands on bra making. And to know more about couture construction will be a plus point.
    Love to win a copy.

  13. JennGM December 20th

    Learning a little more on making bras, and also planning a sewing space are the ones that appeal to me.

  14. User avater rleo December 20th

    I have to go with Jenn on this one...I am excited to read the article on bra making basics. I'm sure I will love it and all the other articles. I always do!

  15. User avater Teragram December 20th

    Couture Construction by Susan Khalje. I took a class with her last year and it was amazing!

  16. User avater ShiningStar December 20th

    The information on bra making alone makes this a very interesting issue.

  17. ahearta December 20th

    I've seen some interesting pieces on bra making lately, which is very intriguing to me, but I have to say the article about couture sewing would be the go-to piece for me.

  18. User avater scheffer December 21st

    I'd like to take my skills up a level with the articles on couture construction and bra making, while feeding my creative impulses by reading about a new embellishment technique. The sewing room I set up this past year can still use some fitting out, and why not dream about a new machine? Gosh, what's not to like about this issue???

  19. TalyQu December 21st

    Coutoure construction is something I am curious to find out about.

  20. sheri55 December 21st

    The whole issue sounds Great! However I can't wait for the tips Love them. This issue I see "The Bra Basics" sounds interesting to me as Iam unable to wear one due to several surgeries and I've been looking for something like this to help me make one that I could wear without hurting Thank you there is One Problem though I have to WAIT SO LONG NOW!!! LOL Thank you for a chance to win.

  21. olgainro December 21st

    Couture Construction would be the most apealing to me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. Mylou2 December 21st

    I discovered Threads two years ago and was very happy to be able this year to receive it at home in France for a few monthes now.
    Every issue is pure pleasure for me, I learn a lot of different thinks about sewing.
    Threads simply stimulate my creativity and let me think about new possibilities .

    as I am preparing my installation as professional for the next monthes , this article about sewing spaces will be for sure a great help

    • Sewing Spaces That Work visits several professionals and their enviable sewing spaces

    I will of course be impatient to have , read and learn from this issue
    best christmas , happy new year

  23. User avater rakijaa December 21st

    Charles James has always been one of my favorite designers. I am really looking forward to seeing a peek inside some of his fabulous gowns. The one book I do own on his work, just isn't enough! He was a master of sculptured couture...

  24. User avater sewold December 21st

    Any issue would be great. I currently read my daughter's issues! Sew Frugal sounds interesting to me - also info about new machines to wish for.

  25. rebekahricker December 21st

    couture construction sounds right up my alley, but I am also intrigued with the idea of bra making.

  26. Sherly_K December 21st

    Sewing spaces that work definitely appeals to me. I'm just starting out and could use some inspiration for all the things that I amass from sewing.

  27. zybet December 21st

    Couture constructions by Susan Khalje, Charles James and sewing spaces.

  28. User avater oregonrose December 21st

    I enjoy every issue of Threads and peruse them again and again. Bra making sounds really interesting but I am looking forward to reading all the articles.

  29. EmSewCrazy December 21st

    Bra making and sewing spaces sound the most interesting. It is always a challenge to keep everything organized for me.

  30. apa076 December 21st

    Threads magazines is my favorite magazine..this issue looks great. I am always looking to learn more about sewing especailly learning to sew a dress.

  31. LauraBolcina December 21st

    Bra-making basics!! Can't wait to read that!

  32. Shaisha December 21st

    Sew Frugal and Bra basics both sound really interesting!

  33. User avater charbroiled December 21st

    I agree with just about everyone - the article on bra making interests me the most. Next on the list would be Sew Frugal. As always I love the "How DID They Sew That" feature.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New (Leap)Year to everyone!

  34. User avater stevndi December 21st

    I am new to Threads and love every page!

  35. Rabia December 22nd

    I can NOT wait to see the Charles James article, the bra-making article, and the Kenneth King article (which are ALWAYS worth seeing). But the WHOLE THING sounds fabulous; I am now jumping up and down in my chair, impatient for January! This isn't idle flattery:Threads REALLY IS the NUMERO UNO sewing mag; there isn't another one out there to equal it.What Rolls-Royce is to cars, Threads is to all the other sewing mags!

  36. 4u2cme December 22nd

    Couture Construction sounds very interesting and the Sewing Spaces. I'd love to have this issue of Threads.

  37. Barbouille December 22nd

    I'm very intrigued by the "Artistry by the Strip" article. Now that I have learned the sewing basics, I like to embellish the things I make with various techniques.

  38. sbsford December 22nd

    Make a bra? I can't imagine! But I could sure use a custom made bra!

  39. sewingfanforever December 22nd

    The two articles that interest me the most are the article on Couture Sewing. There is nothing like a high quality hand finished garment. The article on making your own bras sounds great, too. After being treated for breast cancer, it has been difficult to find bras that fit properly, and making them myself might be the answer.

  40. User avater kvenkat December 22nd

    I learn something from every article in Threads. But the article about bra construction sounds particularily interesting. It is a topic that has always been a mystery to me.

  41. tzipi December 22nd

    Just looking at th efront cover makes me excieted to this this issue of Threads!!! I read and reread Threads and love it!!! Thank you for all of your excellent articles!

  42. jennieMB December 22nd

    I would want to read Couture Construction first.

  43. User avater Kathrynn December 22nd

    The first article that I would like to check out is the Sew Frugal article.

  44. Auset December 22nd

    I love the PatternReview section. Sometimes, I get a fresh look at patterns I may have in my stash or I gain another perspective on a pattern I may have bypassed or overlooked.

  45. createandcovet December 22nd

    Sew Frugal would be great to read! I'm currently unemployed (but looking) and still want to be able to practice and grow my sewing techniques (I'm newer to it all). Keeping the costs down would be great for me so I would love some tips!

  46. kys05 December 23rd

    sewing spaces that works!!!! I am working on my sewingroom, i will love some ideas

  47. ellenjanes December 23rd

    The couture sewing techniques sound fabulous! Can’t wait to read this!

  48. Annie17 December 23rd

    Couture Construction will be the first page I turn to then after that it will be Sew Frugal. I have a subscription but would love a copy to give to some designing students. They are getting all my hardcopies as I now have a CD Rom and saving on space. Threads is for sharing knowledge with our Youth and is not widely seen in Australia.

  49. sweetserenity December 23rd

    While I would be interested in all articles, I would be most interested in Sew Frugal. In these tough times we can all use some help in this area.

  50. CatherineRae December 23rd

    Artistry by the Strip
    This is a technique I have been working on. Can't wait to have some instructions, ideas, and "pictures".
    Thank you.

  51. User avater mermaids_purse December 23rd

    I'd love to learn about bra making! Sounds like an excellent issue :)
    Thank you!

  52. onyx107 December 23rd

    This issue is a must read. I don't believe there's a woman who hasn't had a problem with her bra fitting just right. So, couture and a wonderful bra that actually fits, BRAVO. Also, getting a look at all those wonderful new sewing/embroidery machines that cost almost as much as my first home. We can get a good look and dream about actually owning one. (Dream, dream) Thanks to the tireless staff who work many hours to bring us just what we need and the timing is always right!! Thanks again.

  53. Jahzara December 23rd

    I am so excited to see the article on Bra making. I am looking forward to making bras that fit well, instead of settling into an ill fitting bra. This may just be the way to get the correct fit!!

  54. User avater Sewista December 24th

    Sounds like a fabulous issue but the bra making article will be my first one to read. I really want to learn how to do this and am so glad this is being addressed. Thanks, Threads.

  55. User avater LuvThreadsMagazine December 24th

    Khalje and King are reason enough to buy a copy, everything else is GRAVY!

  56. Megling December 24th

    Sew frugal. I already buy a large portion of my fabric at a local thrift store. While you never know what you may get, I always score. With sewing for grandkids, the better the savings the better

  57. amberelayne December 24th

    I'm still learning so much that Tips is great!

  58. User avater Bryan1977 December 25th

    Ooh, ooh--pick me. I love everything about Threads magazine. And the cover looks sensational!

  59. Lovi December 25th

    I love every section of Threads magazine. Even more while being stationed oversea. I go to the Post Office praying that my issue has arrived. I am like a child at Christmas when I open my box and there it is, my only source to the wonderful techniques, notions and anything new in the sewing world.

  60. TuscanFlower December 25th

    I am very interested in the bra making basics article.

  61. HarlanPNW December 25th

    I bet there will be lots of fun things to try out with the sewing machine I got for this Christmas.
    I would LOVE to make a bra. (I need a new one anyway!)

  62. PenPalAnns December 25th

    I just got a sewing machine for Christmas. I'm excited to see an article on Bra making. That would be "sew" awesome!

  63. ellievyle December 26th

    I've never read a Threads magazine before, but quite a few of the articles look interesting. The bra making one, Sew Frugal, Tips and Fundementals are what I think I would pick it up for. And Charles James' designs are eye catching enough, I would like a peek into his design workflow and sketchbook.

  64. RufusC December 26th

    My better half got me an all singing and dancing sewing machine last year.
    "sew" far I have made 2 coasters. I need all the help I can get, Oh will the Magazine come with a Dictionary I have no idea what half of it means.
    But I will do better this year now Threads is my this years Christmas box!

  65. User avater QueenZ1 December 26th

    My interest is piqued -- "Artistry by the Strip is an embellishment technique that's unusual and easy, yet sophisticated and elegant"

  66. BoldlySewing December 26th

    Bra-making Basics sounds like a good reference article!

  67. User avater purduemom December 27th

    Couture Construction...there is always something to learn from Susan Khalje's articles.

  68. LeeJolliffe December 27th

    Artistry by the Strip sounds really interesting. I have a very old copy of Threads with a lovely waistcoat, embellished with a patchwork strip, I'm wondering if it is similar.

  69. zannebaby December 27th

    Ooooh, I have always loved reading about couture techniques in Threads. I've been an avid collector of each and every issue for years, and I've learned so many new sewing techniques from just reading and looking at the photos and drawings. Now, I have yet another chance to learn, and I'm excited. I am in the beginning stages of RA, so using my hands now, instead of later, is tantamount. Thank you Threads for so many years of pleasure!

  70. mowie1 December 27th

    I just love this site....Thank You So Much....

  71. SewingIsFun4All December 27th

    The Sew Frugal sounds as if it will be of good use.

  72. sews_by_the_sea December 27th

    I love the embellishment articles best. Always a clever way to add a certain "something extra" to ready-made.

  73. BridgetJ December 27th

    I'd like to read the How'd They Sew That article.

  74. scarflady December 27th

    Artistry by the strip sounds right up my alley. Lve to learn new embellishment techniques!

  75. oceansew December 27th

    Sewing Spaces that work, because my son moved out and I'm eyeing his bedroom as a studio for me!

  76. worldtable December 27th

    "Artistry by the strip" will undoubtably be my favorite...I so love to embellish plain clothing! Can't wait to get the issue. Thanks for the contest and the opportunity!

  77. Miminator December 27th

    I can't wait to read the distinctive gowns article! I love seeing how gowns are constructed!!

  78. Miminator December 27th

    I can't wait to read the distinctive gowns article! I love seeing how gowns are constructed!!

  79. pmkurth December 27th

    I would love to win this issue of THREADS!

  80. olifant December 28th

    I am a plus size woman and it is very difficult to buy a bra that fits correctly. I would be very interested in the article on Bra-Making Basics. I even have some fabric in my stach that I bought for that reason but I did not have the nerve to try and make the bra. Maybe this would be a good 2012 project.

  81. closet December 28th

    I am creating my own sewing space in the attic after so many years of sewing in a closet. I've been sewing since I was a child, make summer clothes in the winter and winter clothes in the summer. I would appreciate some tips from the experts on a the perfect sewing space. I look forward to the Sewing Spaces That Work article and would love to win.

  82. Mrs_Smyth December 28th

    I would love to win this issue since there has never been an issue that I haven't learned at least a few things from! I love Threads! It's an addiction! :)

  83. CarissaAnn December 28th

    Threads is always packed full of useful information. I am in the market for a new machine and always relish new couture methods!

  84. hcrsold December 28th

    I love Threads and it is always full of articles of interest to me. But I just moved into a new home and I am setting up my sewing room so that artcle looks like it will be especially important and helpful to me! I can't wait to see it!

  85. lyssatism December 28th

    There are so many great articles to choose from! I love articles that examine haute couture fashion and break down what makes every item distinctive. So I know I will love the article about couture sewing techniques, as well as the article about Charles James' gowns. I am also eager to read about sewing areas that work, as mine has a few problems due to cramped space in the desired room. And I am eager to try to make myself a bra that fits well, and to learn money saving techniques that will give me more money with which to buy fabric! ;-)

  86. putittogether December 28th

    I'm eager to learn what Threads will tell me in regards to bra making; I've heard it is difficult. Threads will explain the process thoroughly step by step. It is like going to school again with each issue.

  87. lvstosew December 28th

    I find all the articles topics very interesting the one i like to read the most would be about Sew Frugal i am very interested in how to save time and money on a project, with this magazine and seeing some of the article headings i would love to have this magazine because it is filled with lots of information that i can read to learn about and but my skills i learned from articles to work.

  88. Interpretations December 29th

    I can't wait to see and read this issue. Susan Khalje is the best at instructing couture sewing.

  89. pickingtulips December 29th

    I can't wait to read the article on profressional sewing spaces. I am in the process of finishing the basement and my new. Craft/sewing room and would like to see what is out there in space planning. -Tania

  90. Calila December 30th

    The bra-making basics will come in handy. I have done one but cup fitness is an issue. Height of the side to prevent spill over is another concern and I hope this article will help with these areas.

  91. User avater agapantha December 30th

    I make costume bras for belly dancers and look forward to the article on bras.

  92. Taenocat December 30th

    Looks as though there will be a lot of interesting articles there, but if I must pick one, I'd have to go with bra-making basics. The hours of agony I spend in the shops trying to find a bra that fits could be better applied to making one that will.

  93. Power22 December 30th

    I can't wait to read the article on Couture Construction and on Charles James!

  94. KathyJeff December 30th

    I borrowed this magazine from a friend after seeing it at work (I work for the Post Office) it was great and would love to have my own copy.

  95. LorraineF December 30th

    This issue sounds like it's full of wonderful information. There's always something new to learn in every issue! One of these days I'll buy the issues on CD.

  96. meswafford December 30th

    Couture Construction apppeals most to me. I would love to learn how to improve the look of garments both inside and out.

  97. Angie_davie December 30th

    I am most interested in reading about sewing spaces that work. I started sewing again after twenty years away from it. I still don't sew as much as I would like but I figure your article on sewing spaces might inspire me to get off the couch.

  98. CaraAnn December 31st

    After a couple of editions that have really disappointed me, I was about to give up on Threads. This latest one has got me curious.... I love bra construction and am always interested in seeing how others do this (and not many people write about it!) Also the couture section... I am really hoping it will be something special.

  99. faan December 31st

    Bra making is what inspires me.

  100. lmvsews December 31st

    Hi I am very hopeful to find and use all the information in this issue. It sounds so very full of sewing perfection.

  101. User avater stevndi December 31st

    What appeals to me most is the detailed descriptions of tips and patterns

  102. DorieB January 2nd

    I enjoy every aspect of Threads. The piece on professional sewing spaces will be very interesting .I try and combine my vintage clothing collection into my sewing space so it will be fascinating to see how the pros organize their spaces

  103. User avater racu January 7th

    Right now: Bra making, it sounds like fun!

  104. Mommasewer January 21st

    I am so very happy to have the chance to put some focus back on a true love of mine, and that is sewing. I've been doing it since I was 12 y.o. when my oh-so-patient mother took a chance on trying to teach at least one of her 4 girls how to sew. To this day I will call her and ask questions, should I get stuck on a pattern or a certain aspect of a pattern. She was then and remains such a marvel at all of the things she knows about this craft that has kept us so close over all of these years. I just happened upon a Threads magazine in the store one day and when I got it home I read it front to back and literally hated the fact that I had to wait for the next edition. This magazine has more information than I even knew I wanted or needed. I love that it covers a variety of courses affiliated with sewing so as to allow me to branch out and grow in other ways as well. I always loved but would never have ventured into the world of vintage clothing but Threads has shown me that it is possible and not quite as scary as I thought. Thank you for this magazine and I STILL look forward to the next edition!

  105. Lanootle February 28th

    I am loving this site. I am just getting back into sewing and am so happy. I started when I was 12 and continued sewing for my daughters when they were young, but stopped after I started my nursing career. Since getting back into it, I have become so excited and bought a new Bernina recently.
    I had a Viking that I bought new in the 70s and although this machine was still working in 2005, I lost it along with everything I owned during hurricane Katrina. We are back on our feet now and I have 2 machines and a serger. Keep up the wonderful articles which help keep us inspired.
    By the way, I also recently finished watching the Couture Dress on Craftsy by Susan Khalje...what an informative class! My next project is the couture dress done the way she taught and I cannot wait!

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