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Five Sewing Blogs We Love

Jun 05, 2009
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SewChic features great products like this "Fat Quarter" Purse.

There are thousands of great sewing blogs out there. Here are five blogs we love right now (in no particular order), and why we love them.

In 2005, Jessica and Ruth started their sewing blog, where they share their projects, works in progress and favorite patterns. These wonderful ladies go through dozens of patterns, how-to’s and designs each month, and always have great pictures. (If you’re interested, check out Jessica’s Etsy page here)

Sew_Hip Livejournal Community 
Sew_Hip is an open online community full of the newest, most stylish designs. Anyone can post what they’ve made, give tutorials, ask questions about absolutely anything. Posters share their projects, review patterns and talk about their newest ideas. Sew_Hip is also a great way to find online resources. Just post a question and everyone will give you a place to go! 

Behind the Seams 
In 2006, Gigi started chronicling her sewing adventures on her blog. This blog is another great source of inspiration and ideas, as well as a great guide to patterns. Gigi reviews, tests and modifies her patterns, and documents it with pictures so we know exactly how she does it. She also links to a ton of great online fabric stores (though I’m not allowed to buy any more fabric any time soon.)

The Sewing Divas
The Sewing Divas are two adventurous sewers who tackle projects from classic dresses to couture blouses. They’re not afraid to try anything when it comes to sewing. Their blog covers everything from appliqué to menswear, and they explain every little detail with great pictures. 

Six and a Half Stitches
Alison Brookbanks, author of Six And A Half Stitches, put together this blog about her sewing work. Alison does a lot of piecework and patchwork when she creates both small and large projects. This blog takes you through all of the steps to a great project, from fabric to hem, explaining how everything works. Alison has a very artistic eye and her work is amazing.

These are only a few of the sewing blogs out there. Tell us about your favorites!


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  1. LaureJ December 12th

    Sew fun!These are all such great sewing blogs - such an easy way to pick up tips to make sewing easier.

  2. SewCare February 6th

    New Sewing Machine app called DIY Household Sewing Machine on the app store.(.99cents) is fantastic. It show's you how to service, oil the correct parts and clean and maintain the sewing machine. The app is developed by a sewing machine machanic that has been a machanic for 52 years.

  3. brsnyder117 August 15th

    Sadly, the most recent post on Behind the Seams is over a year old. Gigi is apparently too busy to keep a blog right now. But there is loads of good stuff to see there anyway.

  4. PleatPinDrapes August 15th

    Pleat Pins will suspend and pleat a flat drapery panel with no sewing. Because they are screwed into the panels it allows for easy installation and easy removal for cleaning or changing out the panels (could be reversable). Many finishes are available. This is a great DIY for anyone. Check us out at

  5. User avater upcycledcouture August 2nd

    And the site name would help!

  6. User avater upcycledcouture August 2nd

    I have a new blog about green sewing! Coming soon are patterns for upcycling a t-shirt and a pattern for making a reusable grocery bag from olefin that is more durable than store bought bags and will stand up on its own without piping!

  7. User avater sewing4beginners March 18th

    This is awesome... I will definitely have to check these blogs out. My husband and I sat down a couple of months ago as I began to take lessons from a local sewing instructor.

    I was so excited about the new found knowledge I have gained over the past couple of months that I created my own blog to document my journey through my new found hobby.

    I hope everyone will check it out, follow me, and give me some suggestions as I start adding projects to my blog over the coming months.

    Best Wishes,

    Sarah Camp

  8. User avater farragio January 30th

    Great resources! Thank you for providing.

  9. sewdatmamma June 9th

    I am so excited to follow some of these great blogs that are yall favs. Looking at these bogs inspired me to start my own blog(

  10. Owl are everywhere right now! Our sewing studio in Vancouver, BC is offering sewing classes to teach students how to make a stuffed owl in June.
    Loving the bag Sewchic!

  11. 40amus April 27th

    Thanks for sending us to these great blogs. We will be passing them on to our clients at

  12. AaronKocourek April 22nd

    I really enjoy the SewChic and Six and a Half Stitches blogs! Anyone else have any favorite blogs they would like to share? Aaron Kocourek

  13. Buttonmad March 24th
    Handpainted buttons

  14. Buttonmad March 24th

    New to blogging,thrilled to find Threads blog...just wonderful.

    We produce handpainted washable buttons ,giving employment to women in south Africa...our buttons ,giveaway and story can be found on our blog

  15. Pizazz88 March 4th

    We just started our own sewing / embroidery blog yesterday for our business Pizazz88. I work out of our home (a stay-at-home mom) creating the designs, and my husband, when he is not working as a attorney, designs our websites.

    I just learned to sew last year and got my first sewing machine for Christmas. Our business has really taken off and we have been having fun adding new products every week.

    Our specialties are purses and tote bags. I made my first backpack yesterday and love it!

    I am looking for sewing, embroidery, purse-making blogs to follow.

    Happy sewing!


  16. LimogesBoxCollector February 3rd

    What a beautiful blog. Sewing is really a favorite and enjoyable pastime! Those who love sewing, will also love collecting sewing-related collectibles. Please visit to see an old-fashioned Singer Sewing machine with 3 accessories made of porcelain by French Limoges artists, as well as other sewing related collectibles. Thanks again for the blog and all those who love sewing!

  17. PremierSewingCom January 26th

    Sewing machine parts and supplies

    Do you need discounted new and replacement parts for your sewing machine?
    If your need sewing parts, look no further! Premier Sewing features thousands of items for your machine sold online. Parts are sold for all major brands, including Singer, Brother, Viking, Bernina, New Home, Pfaff, and many others. Over 230 part categories display our wide selection of over 5,300 new and replacement sewing parts and supplies. Search sewing parts for your machine by manufacturer, SKU number, part description, or price.

    Did you find what you were searching for? We offer premium customer service just a phone call away. Many parts not displayed on the site can be ordered. Simply ask for Larry at 770-634-6443. Thank you for your business!

  18. stephanie159 January 18th

    Hi, this is the first time I've visited any sewing blog, or any blog for that matter! All of your posts sound so informed and knowledgeable. Can someone help me with a few questions? I'm tackling designing a copy of the "breakfast at Tiffany's" dress for my niece's wedding dress and I'm working with heavier weight poly bridal satin. This is all so new to me! What kind of thread, needles, lining and interfacing would you suggest for this simple sheath dress? Anyone's advice would be DEEPLY appreciated. Thanks!

  19. User avater ExclusiveHerb December 28th

    I am new to blogs. I'm sorry, but I hate to reconstruct any clothing. I helped when I was young in my aunt's tailor shop. We replaced zippers, linings, and pockets to name a few. I don't think I would care to try anything like that again. What do you use the costumes for? Plays, are you members of a guild? Thanks.

  20. HotTinRoof October 15th

    These are great! Has anyone checked out u-handblog? This is an amazing UK blog devoted to the sewing of handbags. Genius!

  21. dizzydezi September 2nd

    Hi ya'll just joined-stitchtheripper : those are my favorites too! Luv reconstruction, costuming

  22. User avater stitchtheripper August 18th

    Hi! I just joined this blog. I sew pretty much everything, however, my passion is making costumes and repurposing clothes. Anyone with the same interests?

  23. Renee10 January 28th

    why is the top fabric always stretching out longer than the bottom when I sew - I end up with the top longer than the bottom piece..

  24. ETAD January 12th

    I'm new to this site, but I was wondering if anyone has attended one of the Education of the Textile Arts shows. I attended the one in California in October. It was so inspiring. There is one coming up in Dallas on February 12-13. They are offering some great classes on sewing, weaving, knitting and embellishments. Check out the website

  25. shmoozy December 11th

    Hi Joyful375. When you are sewing a hem you will do best to have a friend help you mark the bottom of the pants. Otherwise you will have to use a mirror and bend down and stand up straight a lot. If the pant material is washable you can use a piece of soap to mark the bottom of the outside of the pants. Use a piece of dry, hard, soap that is small and has an edge. Soap will wash out of the material easily. You can even wipe the material with a damp cloth and get the soap off. Pick the threads of the old hem out with a seam ripper if you need the material that is folded into the old hem to make at least a one half inch hem. The hem should be big enough to lay flat but never more than 3/4 inch. When you add the amount you want your hem width to be then double that. So, if you want a 1/2 " hem you will mark and cut 1" from the edge so you will have enough space to roll the hem under. It is important that you press the hem after it is rolled and before you sew it. Pressing is done with your iron in a up and down motion not back and forth. Back and forth can stretch the edge. This will cause puckers when you are hemming. Do you know how to do a hem stitch? This is what you need to do. If it is heavy material and you are going to sew over the rolled hem at an inseam or out seam you will need to pound the seam firmly with a hammer before you sew it to flatten it so your needle will go over the seam with out breaking the needle or having the machine bunch the area, wadding a lot of thread.

  26. shmoozy December 11th

    wannasew2: I had to copy those URL's and I will give them a try tomorrow. Thank You

  27. shmoozy December 11th

    jo4: Maybe you could pick up a robe pattern that would be easier and in Simplicity I have seen a costume for shephards and there was a coat that would work for this project too.

  28. shmoozy December 11th

    It is nice to meet like minded people. I love sewing but recently had to do to many other tasks. Now I am ready to sew a storm for Christmas. I have a large amount of fabric to choose from sitting in my garage. I thought I would begin with making one of my 5 daughters a hanging makeup/ toiletries bag to take with her when she travels. I want to place large snaps on the flap style pockets that are made out of clear vinyl. Has anyone ever worked with snaps on vinyl? It is a sturdy grade of vinyl.

  29. gaband November 13th

    Here is another good one.

    It has a pretty good tutorial on making frame purses. It also links to other great sewing sites.

  30. Joyful375 November 2nd

    Hello out there, I am a really a beginner sewer. I want to hem a pair of dress pants that I have, and the current hem, can not be seen on the outside right now. Does anyone have any tips you could share to advise me as to how to create the same hem look. ~Thanks,


  31. joy223 October 28th

    I have just joined, and would like to know if anyone knows of a pattern for a wing back chair. Iknow this will be a challenge, but I'm anxious to try it.


  32. jo4 October 23rd

    I have just joined and would like to know if anyone can help me find a pattern that would help me make a coat for the play "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat'. I am an experiences sewer but do not want to draft a pattern from scratch. I have spent hours just looking on the web but have found nothing yet.
    Any ideas? Suggestions welcome.
    Thanks, jo

  33. User avater CarolfromJnO August 3rd

    this is a delightful bag, can't wait to try this! Thanks.

  34. User avater wannasew2 June 29th

    I have over 40 favorites posted on my sewing blog. Here's a few: (This is a blog. She has her own domain as well).

    Jini @

    Amy #

    Trudy @

    Emily @
    **(She is Trudy's eight year old daughter)**

    Many of my favorites are advanced sewers. They inspire me. I also enjoy reading blogs that cater to the novice--because that's where I am right now. Take care and please visit these blogs!

  35. mbr June 8th

    Thanks for linking to The Sewing Divas! Actually we are 3 now that I have rejoined the group and we hope to have more soon with guest bloggers posting their own special stories. It's exciting!
    ~Mary Beth

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